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The Burning Man Project includes the year-round production staff for the annual Burning Man event in Nevada's Black Rock Desert, as well as a number of non-profit and volunteer groups that work to propagate the Burning Man culture, ethos and guiding principles out in the world, year-round.

Through concerted efforts in a wide variety of endeavors, these groups embody Burning Man's Ten Principles: radical inclusion, gifting, decommodification, radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, communal effort, civic responsibility, leaving no trace, participation and immediacy.

Beyond the Orange Trash Fence

We euphemistically refer to our year-round activities as efforts "Beyond the Orange Trash Fence," referencing the physical border of Black Rock City, the home of the Burning Man event. It is the Burning Man Project's intention to create and foster organizations that take the skills developed, lessons learned and ethical concepts honed at Burning Man out into the real world in order to improve people's lives, and make our world a better place.


The Burning Man Project's mission is to facilitate and extend the culture that has issued from the Burning Man event into a larger world by providing infrastructural tools and frameworks that will allow people to apply the Ten Principles in many communities and spheres of endeavor.

Burning Man is represented year-round on five continents around the globe by a plethora of dedicated Regional Contacts. Find your local group!

The non-profit Black Rock Arts Foundation works to bring the art and spirit of Burning Man back home and into our daily lives, through public art, community and civic participation. Learn more.

Black Rock solar is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that builds low or no cost solar power in underserved communities, while teaching people how to install renewable energy. Learn more.

BWB facilitates volunteers interested in taking Burning Man principles from the playa out in the world by gifting their time and talents to help others and better our world. Get involved!