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Below is a partial list of those who worked on active projects for Burning Man 2003. Teams are listed by functional areas. If you feel your name may be missing, please let us know.

Dave Thornton (Thorny)
Kathy Stahl
Tim Foster
Andie Grace

Archive - Art, images, videos
Marian Goodell, Manager
Christine Kristen (LadyBee)

Art Exhibitions
Christine Kristen (LadyBee), Curator

Art Theme: Beyond Belief
Larry Harvey, Project Director
Christine Kristen (LadyBee), Curator

Artery (On-Site Art Placement Team)
Crimson Rose
Scott McKeown
Mandy Tilles
Marie Lou Galgani
Vince D'Onofrio
Roger Ripps
Jacques Teisen
Chris Michell
Damian Peters
Zack Darling
Steve Boswell
Jeremy Crandell
Steve Boverie
Ari Levenfeld
Quasi O'Shea
Chris Ripps
Michael Flores
Diane Mulligan
Leif Bansner
Kelly Durkin
Jim Cook
Kevin Wiley

Black Rock City Gas Works (propane)

Rob (Riger) Killpatric
Darrell Z
Gas Hole
Thresa (T) Engle

Black Rock Gazette Newspaper
Michael Durgavich (Durgy), Publisher
Mitchell Martin, Editor in Chief
Saffronlee, Kate Forster, Vaughn Something, Managing Editors
Rick Jones (WeeGee), Minister of Photography
Bob Meyers (Blue Collar Bob), Technomad, Raines Cohen, Todd, I.T.
Larry Breed (Ember), Copy and Proof Editor
Nina Ruchirat (Playa Nazi), Writer, Editor
Ed Ingraham (Edge), Webmaster
Sarah Sevilla (Sunburn Sarah), Operations and Support
Angie Zmijewski, Lead Designer
Peter Orsi, Blynda Barnett, Jools, Production Angels
Francis Wenderlich, Images, and other good stuff
Shameless Dani Price, Distribution Captain
John Sankey, Distribution, Operations
Myssterry, Walter, Graphics
Suzanne Zalev (Enigma), Writer, Fellow Gypsy
Degala, Writer, City Desk
Dean Jordan (PaperBoy), Disrep
Rick Kinnaird (RickBoy), Writer / DisRep
Bequi Mari, Illustrator
Dardara, Illustrator
Bryce PixMan, Photography, I.T
Garthzilla, Photography
Jay Bender (Jota), Writer/Photographer
David Peterman, the PlayaChicken Channeller
Hank Sosnowski, Writer
Alexandra Davies (Ali Baba), Writer, City Desk
Editrix Abby, Production
Paperboy, Disrep
Garwood Nichol, Writer
Lady Merv, Writer
FoolJ, Writer
Poseidon Rex, Ace Reporter
Sean Savage (Capn Sean), Writer/Image Wrangler/Instigator
John O.Keefe (jonno), Writer
Steve Iddings, (Water Log Moans), Writer
LadyBee, Writer/Image Facilitator
Ginger Petunia, Writer/Ranch liaison
Princess 2-Ply, Editor
Smaze, Writer, Union Rep
Lord Fouffypanz, Writer
Zac Bolan (ZMan), Photog/Production/All around good guy
Dave Barry (db), Photographer, Head Inspiration
Dave Silver, Image Wrangler
Julie Upton (Princess Jewels), Deal Closer, Ponchos
Rubia, Talent
Susie Sims-Fletcher, Editor
Darren Joy, Editor
Peg Oberste, Graphic Designer
Danger Ranger, Advice and counsel
Jim Graham (Ronjon), Spatial Benefactor, Media Mogul
Action Girl, Girl of Action
Larry Harvey, Founder, Good Ideas
Marian Goodell (Maid Marian), Mistress of Communications
All those folks who helped whose name we did not get

Black Rock Rangers
Robert E. Smith (Bob), Officer of the Day
Wally Bomgards (Odwally), Shift Leader
Shirley Brown (Twistedcat), Echelon Team
Jen Bacon (Tarmac), Mentor Team
Justin Bryant (Bustin), Shift Leader
Stephen Creaser (Gondaff), R & R Team
Chuck Hannahan (Foxpaw), Dirt Ranger
Carol Rice (Hedgehawg), Dirt Ranger
Maryellen Burdwood (Dirt Witch), Officer of the Day
Dan Brazelton (Bunny), Shift Leader
Jewelz Cody (Grits), DMV Manager
Mark Harder (splinter), Mentoring Team
Lanny Shay (Longshot), Mentoring Team
Jim Vanosdell (Dragon), Ranger At Large
Jason Ducommum (Haggis), Echelon Team
Russ Raymond (Badger), Shift Leader
Chaz Perry (Jinx), Officer of the Day
David Gerrignianii (Beavis), Dirt Ranger
Alexandria Volk (Blackswan), CIT Ranger
Kenny Uyeda (Cool 68), Shift Leader
Sheri Monoz (Darth Vegan), Echelon Team
Zac Bolan (Disco), Dirt Ranger
Cynthia Rusczyk (Feline), Dirt Ranger
Michael Theblack (Crow), Officer of the Day
John Ahuna (Longpig), Mentoring Team
Joe Grant (Molten Joe), Shift Leader
Jan Moon (MicroDot), Dirt Ranger
Eric Apple (Sasquatch), Dirt Ranger
Aron Addison (Friday), Echelon Team
Curtis Hutchinson (Stargazer), Dirt Ranger
Daniel Harklein (Tipidan), Dirt Ranger
E. C. Reed (Zeitgeist), Shift Leader
Brian Yaras (Uaberguber), Dirt Ranger
Ames Conway (Toecutter), Dirt Ranger
Bill Clearlake (Rigged), Shift Leader
Marcus Cleary (Digger), Shift Leader
Dinoir Wolf (SilentWolf), R & R Team
Britta Garcia (Lula2lips), Echelon
Tricia Smith (Aspen), Dirt Ranger
Geoff Morris (Riffraff), Dirt Ranger
Tyler Sterkel (Scamper), Dirt Ranger
Vincent Rice (Agent), Dirt Ranger
Kristen Berg (Answergirl), Dirt Ranger
Steve Fisher (Billy Raked), R & R Team
Gina Roccanova (Binky), Dirt Ranger
J.Mia Land (Myarani), Echelon Team
Michael Sattler (Mickey), Dirt Ranger
Greg Miller (SeaDog), Officer of the Day

Box Office
David Thornton, manager
Joe Stillwater
Rachel Errington
Sara Sims
Scott Nelson
Tim Turner
Tony Day
Will Davies

Burning Man Information Radio: BMIR
Carmen Mauk, Project Manager
Garry Greth, Operations Manager
Eric Myers, Programming
Mark McVeety
Painter Carl
Jon Griffith
Sunburn Sarah
Walt Ehresman

The Burning Man Journal Newsletter
LLarry Harvey, Editor
David Talley, Proofreader
Surferbetty, Art Director
the Nurse, Production Manager & Photo Editor
Ladybee, Photo Editor
Surferbetty, Photo Editor
Swordfish, Photo Editor
Marian Goodell, Department manager

Contributing Writers: Jessica Bobier, Larry Harvey, Andie Grace, Maid Marian, Darryl Van Rhey, Stephanie Selig, Society for Experimental Art and Learning, Gary Taylor, Liz Weber

Bus Depot
Fred Whitman, Manager
Kathe Jo Morton, Assistant Manager
Jim Wierzba
Denny Smith
Brian Boarts
Victor Holman
Tristan Kohlkorst
Ed and Joanne Flores
Dan Freitag

Camparctica/Ice Sales
Dana Harrison (BizBabe), Sr. Staff Figurehead
Jesse Jones (Dr Jones), General Manager
Xandra Green (Ice Queen), Operations Manager, Volunteer Coordinator
Barbara McLean (Bare), Shift Manager
Brian Boyne (Tempus Thales), Shift Manager
Colby Bradley (Homeboy), Shift Manager
Jamie Oastler (RealDoll Jamie), Shift Manager

Center Camp Café
Dana Harrison (BizBabe), Cheerleader, Coach, Cat-herder
Jesse Jones (Dr. Jones), General Manager
Rebecca Throne (Nimbus), Volunteer Community Manager and Mistress of Signs
Michaela McCormick (Kala), Coffee Shop Volunteer Coordinator
Marcia Crosby, Art, Décor, and Lighting Manager
Marie Gerrard, Décor Volunteer Coordinator
Nicole Maron (Technopatra), Decor Project Manager
Bonnie Schneider (Bonnie Blaze), Artist Liaison
John Kelly (Apollo), Lighting Coordinator
Taran Ramage (Casual-T), Sound Manager
Tom Kapanka (Spanky), Performance Coordinator, Jack-of-all-trades
Tim Leather (Timba), Sound Tech
Michael Viscuso (Alchemist), Sound Tech
Dave Schaye (PoBoy), Spoken Word Coordinator
Kelly-Ann Callahan (KA, Kabuzz), Spoken Word MC
Heather Gallagher (CameraGirl), Café Documentrix, Tech Team Liaison, Media Liaison
$teven Ra$pa, Regionals Night Producer & Western States Regionals Night Host
Glynda Cotton, On-playa Volunteer Wrangler, Good Witch
Tisha Sloan, On-playa Volunteer Wrangler
Joe Schwann (Joe the Builder), Café Village Stud
Damon Woudenberg (Mr. Pink), Café Ops & Equipment, Muddy Waters Squadron Leader
Sean McCormick (Numbers), Shift Manager
Tonda Fuller, Shift Manager
Moira Knowland, Shift Manager
Rachel Clein (Wednesday), Shift Manager
Alex Carvidi, Shift Manager
Matthew Harman (Aristotle), Shift Manager
Jessie Brown (Glow), Shift Manager
Asraiya Deyo (Outlaw), Shift Manager
Grahame Ainsley, Shift Manager
Paula Jayne Treadway, Café Beautification Coordinator

...and many dedicated Coffee Shop volunteers too numerous to name, but enormously appreciated by all!

Commissary - onsite staff food services
Dana Harrison (Bizbabe), Project Manager
Michael Jansen(Catfish), Executive Chef
Patrick Skiffington(Junior), Chef
Gabriel Parks, Chef
Joseph Nackman, Chef
Vickie Gallant, (Orange Crush), Information Control
Kim Young (Young'n), Communication Liaison
Elizabeth Jackson (Miss Handler), Madame d'hotel
Alicia York (Parisbaby), To Go Manager and Lifesaver
Ezra Croft (Zig Zag), Best Boy
Michelle Wise (Dallas), Chef
Normal, Breakfast Queen
Andy Tannehill (Andyman), Chef
Andrew Woods (Handy Andy), Chef
Josh Zelenka ('ernthang), Cook, Rookie of the Year
Janice McKenzie-Legerwood, Cook
Simon Duffy (the Don), Security/bartender
Becky Workman (Bex), Queen of Paper and Pogs
Paul Jachim (Paul Munster) and Kate Kelch (Kate Munster), 3rd shift heroes
Andrea (Pito), 3rd shift
Robert Van Keuren III (Rockette Bob), Front of House
Cameron Hall, Cook
Michelle Laplante, Prep
Veronica McGivney, Cook
Tym Simpson (El Mano), Ticket Puncher/DPW liason
Noah Casey (Miss Clairol), Decorative Object
Woodruff Burley (Xeno), Example to Us All
Rolf Evan Cunningham, Stellar Volunteer
Cassidy Meijer, Stellar Volunteer
Diarmaid Horkan (Do Mo'), Prep, all around great guy
Elisa Forgelman, Volunteer
John Davies, Volunteer
Scott Stephenson (Soup Spoon), Backup Breakfast Dude
Zachary Fittipaldi (Tapeworm), Prep
Molly Starkovich (Braisin), Prep and Kitchen Cheerleader
Scott Gibson (Penguin) - Pog maker and dish washer extraordinaire

Community Services
Harley K. Dubois, Manager
Becky Workman, Assistant Manager

Construction of the Man
Larry Harvey, Project Director and Chief Designer
Dave Carr, Director of Construction and Erection
Smoke Daddy, Neon Artist
Dale Scott, Lead Carpenter

Department of Public Works (DPW)
Will Roger (Mr. Klean), DPW Chief of Staff
Flynn Mauthe (Bobby Wayne), DPW Director of Operations
Tony Perez (Coyote), DPW Site Manager
Ada Chester (Dago Bay), DPW Operations Manager
Rod Garrett (Ram Rod), City Designer
Mathew Ebert (Metric), Work Ranch Manager
Bill Carson (BC), Groundskeeper & Ranch Tech Support
Bob Stahl (Billy Bob), DPW-BRC Website Manager & Special Projects
Michael Burdiss (BubbleGique), Saafety Coordinator
Simon, Café Construction Manager
Michele Ravera (Ginger Petunia), Gerlach Office Manager
Matt Morgan (HazMatt), Bookkeeping/Purchasing Mgr./Porta-Pottie Liaison
Scott Beers (Bruka), Run Coordinator
Robert Barnes (Easy Bob), Runner
Dove Dingman (Mad Bonnie), Receiving Manager
Lizzy Edwards, Purchasing Manager
Jeff Thomas (Dr. Fuckoffski), DPW Commissary Manager
Erin MacCool (Playground), Volunteer & Labor Coordinator
Rivka Gross (Phoenix), Dispatch Manager
Travis Stone (DJ Blankit), Transportation Manager
Craig Erickson (DPW Dogg), Heavy Equipment Manager & Lead Mechanic
Andrew Sano (Raveboy Walter), Lighthouse Construction Manager
Michael Yates (Phyxx), Arctica Construction Manager
Caleb Schaber, Shade Construction Manager
Marty Walker, Spire Construction Specialist
Michael Carpenter (Tex), Special Projects
Melissa Striker (DeMilitia), Metal Shop Manager
Jonathan Honneyman, Sign Shop Manager
Lissa Shoun (Tiger-Tiger), Airport Manager
Heather Deyo (Outlaw), Fence Manager
Carl Copek (Chief), Tent Master
John Compney (Feral), Fuel Master
Miles Hunsberger, Line Sweep Manager
Lance Hughston, Chief Electrician
Ralph Guerra (PlumbLoco), Chief Plumber
Michael Schafer (Rest Stop Buddy), Chief Golf Cart Mechanic
Wayne Mack (Daddy Mac), First Camp Construction Manager
Tim Simpson (El Mano), Playa Commissary Logistics Manager
Eric Close (Mr. E), Nevada Compliance Manager

There are more than 100 names in addition to these listed that worked just as hard. While it's too many to list, they don't go unappreciated.

Design Team
Jess Bobier, Print Production Manager
David Addis
Steven Bissinger
Hugh D'Andrade
Jules Ellingson
Nigel French
Betsy Lyon
Dave Marr
Christie Nanawa
Vick Olds
Petrina Robins
Steve Schecter
Lisa Stuart
Jack Taylor

DMV (Department of Mutant Vehicles)
Jewelz Cody (Grits), BRC-DMV Manager
JulieBob, Right Hand & Evil Twin
Lil P, Left Hand, Training & Word Wrangler
Johnnie Royale, Technical Genius
Steve Pi, Keepin' it Real-Guy
Argyre Patras, Inspector of Flames & Such
Michael Wolf, Volunteer Coordinator
Spidey Luv aka Parker Woodruff, Artist in Residence
Ali Hawxhurst
Banana Pancake
Berlin Jessica
Bruna Lamy
Capt. Plumbean
Chef Juke
Debbie Schwartz
Greeter Dan
Liquor Pig
Little Iodine
Miss Conduct
Molly Breivis
Purple Koosh aka Kirsten Berry
Ron Meiners
Skary Sherri
Suzun Hughes
Wendor aka Chuck Gladu

Earth Guardians
Harley K. Dubois, Manager
Karina O'Connor, Project Manager
Mark Giannuzzi, Volunteer Coordinator and Auric Consultant
Mike Pruente, Camp Contractor and Manager and Master Jerky and Malt Beverage Chef
Tony Guerra, Structural Designer and Mover of Heavy Things
Larry Breed, LNT Master and Pyrotechnic Consultant
Freddy Osterhagen, Hot Springs Patrol Leader
Nancy Abodeely, LNT Tour Coordinator
Ray Bruman, Finder of Lost Things
Andy Baker, Nature Walk Coordinator and Birdman of PlayaLand
Josiah Clark, Activities Director and Purveyor of Magnificent Entertainment
Sara Ainsworth, Lead Crusader
Tim Kendorski, Artist

Emergency Services Department
Joseph Pred, Emergency Services Operations Chief

Markus Bennett, Morale and Logistics Agent
Tom Price, Press Information Officer
Steve Schecter, Patch Design
Bryce Wolfson, Scheduling Coordinator

Greg Stramback, Dispatch Administrative Chief
Damon LaRose, Dispatch Operations Chief
Charles Armstrong, Technical and Logistics Chief
Dave Spencer, Dispatch Captain & Communications Technician
Liam Pervisky, Dispatch Captain & Communications Technician
Nevin Cheung, Dispatch Captain & CAD Manager
Rudy Gonzalez, Training Captain
Jeremy Coe, Reserve Dispatch Captain, Electrician
Dave Banez, Communications Technician
Bill Wiltschko, Communications Technician
Bill Harvey, Communications Technician
Gordon Burke, Hardware Engineer Consultant
Mike Aquino, Hardware Engineer Consultant

Anna Duffy, CIT Coordinator

Russ Kane, Fire Branch Chief
David Barr, Deputy Planning Chief
Hugh Kane, Deputy Technical Operations and Training Chief
Ben Thompson, Deputy Operations Chief
Ted Simpson, Asst. Chief of Operations
Michael Sutcliffe, Equipment Captain
Travis Roberts, Fire Branch Medical Supervisor
Ron Martinez, Fire Branch Medical Supervisor

Tracy McDowell, Administrative Chief
Kate Gonnella-RN, Clinical Chief
Andy Buehrle, Medical Station Coordinator
Mike Sullivan, Medical Supervisor
Marc Nelson-MD, Medical Supervisor
Diane Matthews-RN, Medical Supervisor
Seth Schrenzel-LVN, Medical Supervisor
Scott Lofgren, Squad Coordinator
Steve Schecter, Pre-event logistics

Wally Bomgaars (odwally), manager
Andrew Birklid (Tumbleweed), operations supervisor
Phil Teller (Captain Conundrum), shift supervisor and volunteer rustler
Linda Teller (Peach), shift supervisor and flagging goddess
Chelsea Teller (Evacado), shift supervisor
Karie Switzer (Cruise Control Sallie), team support
Geoffrey Morris (Riff Raff), flagging and team support
Indigo Silver (Darlin'), volunteer support
Sailor, patron saint of flagging
Neal Gran, web site guru

There are many other people who put in a lot of hard work. A special thanks to all the flaggers, and to everyone who helped make the departure out a Black Rock City a pleasant one!

General Administration
Crimson Rose, Administration Manager & Fire Pyrotectress
Marian Goodell, Business Manager
Robert Brownstein, Tax Accountant and Business Consultant
David Thornton, Bean Counter
Kathy Stahl, Bookeeper
Tim Foster, Assistant Bookeeper
Becky Workman (bex), Goto Girl, Office Busy Body
Andie Grace (ActionGrl), Communications Dept. Rock Star, Girl of Action
Joy Orabella, Office Goddess, Hotline Questions
Frog, Participant Services, Ticket Schlepping, Memorabilia Shipping, Animal Registration and Animal Emergency Services on the playa
Holly Kreuter, Tech Equipment Purchasing
The Nurse, Print Production

Harley Dubois, Community Services Manager
Abdullah, Meta
Bob Parker (Dragon), On Playa Volunteer Coordinator/Trainer
Chad Blankenship (The Chad), Meta
Dan Zieber (Squirrel), Meta
Dave Bernosky (WD40) Web site support
Evan Arkush (Crash), Assistant Volunteer Coordinator, Meta
Jan Boone (Blondie), Volunteer Coord and Greeters Camp Coordinator
Mike Hogan (Noodlenose), Assistant Volunteer Coordinator
Mio Cohen, Meta
Neo, Meta
Scott Plastsky (Scotto) Extranet Liason
Steve Barney (Chakraman), Meta
Susan Bernosky (sweetthang), Project Manager
William Sommers, (Grundoon), Meta
All Wonderful Leads/Trannys 30+
All Greeters 300+
All the Rockin' Theme Camps that Greeted

Harley K. Dubois, Manager

Kim Bassett (Kimbro), Operations
Brien Burroughs, Village Architect
John Brecht (jaybee), Lucifer Truck Project Manager
Brandon Chamblee (Dad) Village Construction
Sandra Rado (Dayzee)
Terry Schoop (Retro), Volunteer Coordinator
Tim Turner (Broken Arrow)
Steve White (Mr. Mist'r)
Doug Wolens (Dougo), Operations

Luke Babcock
Brien Burroughs
Christopher Blush (Blushy)
Gerardo Cabrera (Big G)
Brandon Chamblee (Dad)
Acacia Coast
Ryan Cook
Francisco Cortez (Frank)
Bigfoot Goforth (Foot)
Brent Heyning (Bent)
James Hodges (Mingo-Mango)
Rico Thunder
Doug Wolens (Dougo)

Kim Bassett (Kimbro)
John Brecht (jaybee)
Nick Grainger (Disco)
Errin Norlie (Beaker)
Annabelle Port
David Stern-Gottfried
Andy Tannehill
Erinn Tillman
Ian Turner (eze)
Tim Turner (Broken Arrow)
David Williams (Tool Pirate)
Steve White (Mr. Mist'r)
Becky Workman (Bex)
Tony (Day-Glo), Procession Leader, Incantation Bellower
Jim Ripsch (Camp Dog), Construction and Maintenance Guru
Mark Hanson, (Noah Count) Scavenger, Pillow Master
(Reno Dave) Miller, Master Kitchen Advisor
ErinAshleigh Wehmeyer (Mom), NW Robe Party Hostess
Erin Gael Chambers, Piazza Installation
Nick Grainger (Disco), Piazza Installation, Lounge Décor
(Billy Bob) Harrington, Piazza Installation

Sandra Rado (Dayzee)
Raquel Sochaczewski
Robert Sweeny
The Illuminated Fools

Sandra Rado (Dayzee)
ErinAshleigh Wehmeyer (Mom)
Lauren Christos
Sue Giffin
Kate Johnson
Naomi Simonaitis
Termeh Yeghiazarian

...and all the LL villagers, and all the LL volunteers from all over BRC!

Dave Rankine, Reno-based legal counsel
Marian Goodell, Mistress of Communication
Andie Grace, Staff Liaison
Terry Gross aka Lightning
Kent Klaudt
Phil Stripling
David Cutler (Thunder)
Others under cover

Chris Maxson, Lead Locksmith
David Ditzler, Lockout Team
Jared Barnes, Lockout Team
Joe Salisbury, Lockout Team
Kat Marineau, Lockout Team Info
Anna & Josh, Lockout Team Info

Media Relations/Media Mecca
Marian Goodell (Maid Marian), Mistress of Communications
Andie Grace (ActionGrl), Staff Liaison, Team Captain
Jim Graham (ronjon), Media Team Operations Manager
Edith Alderette, Media Ho
Breanna Alexander, Media Ho
Yomi Ayeni (Yoms), European Media Liaison, Team Captain
Jess Bobier (The Nurse), Team Captain
Paul Boutin, Media Wrangler
Stephanie Bradley (BoPeep), Team Captain
Summer Burkes (Summer), DPW Liaison, Media Ho, Bartender extraordinaire
Ben Carlson, Media Wrangler
Matthew Carson, Media Wrangler, Mecca IT Manager
Laura Casey, Team Captain
Connie Champagne (Miss Champagne), Media Ho
Katherine Chen, Media Ho
John Cornwell, Team Captain
Molly Ditmore (Mollygolightly), Team Captain
Margot Duane (Wicked Kitty), Media Ho
Fiona (Venus Jones) Essa, Ho Emeritus
Penelope Favor, Media Wrangler
Cabe Franklin, Media Wrangler
Jody Franklin, Media Wrangler
Danielle French (Miss Scarlett), Media Ho
Mike Fusello (GoMonk), Press Kit designer
Lee Gilmore (Double Agent Lee), Academic Liason
Jenna Gold (Goldilox), Media Wrangler
Chris Gullett, Media Wrangler
Roxanne Graham (Fauna), Media Ho, Team Trainer, BAPA (Bad-Ass Personal Assistant)
Polly Harrold, Media Wrangler
Karie Henderson (Liberator), Documentation Team, Art Liaison
Dennis Hinkamp (Flackmaster-D), Team Captain
Jodie Kahn, Team Captain
Buffy Kwok, Media Wrangler
Cory Mervis-Bocskor (Lady Merv), Media Ho
Alex Nicholson (OctaBootee), Team Captain
Christina Noren, Media Wrangler
Dan O'Day (Agent Two), Media Ho
Tom Price (Thumper), Ranger Liaison, Media Ho
Steven Raspa (Seven), Ambassador to the Media, Idea Man Extraordinaire
Steve Ratti (RATTI!), Media Ho
Suzie Robertson (Virtual Suzie), Media Ho
Taylor Root, Media Wrangler
Jeff Schwartz, Media Wrangler
Jenny Slafkofsky, Media Wrangler
Paul Spinrad, Media Wrangler
Katie Stradwick, Media Wrangler

Performance Safety Team for Fire, Flame Effect, Pyro
Crimson Rose, Performance Director for Fire, Flame Effect, Pyro
Dimitri Timohovich, Nevada State Licensed Pyro
Maque Da Vis, Pyro Consultant
Russ Kane, Fire Branch Chief
Dave X, Flame Effects Consultant
Argyre Patras, Flame Effects Consultant
Daniel Walsh, Flame Effects Consultant
Caitlin Hazen (Safetybitch), Flame Effects Consultant
Wally Glenn, Flame Effects Consultant

Placement (Theme Camps & Villages)
Harley K. Dubois, Theme Camp Manager
Holly Kreuter (Satellite), Theme Camp Coordinatrix and Delta Sector
Eric Pouyoul, Village Coordinator and Beta Sector
Dan Weller, Gamma Quadrant
Scott Beers, Alpha Quadrant
Rachel Ruster, Center Camp
Sasha Magee, Wings
Lisa Hoffman, Map design
Davis Addis (Scout), Man about Town and map consultant
Tony Guerra, Man about Town
Mike Fusello (Gomonk),Theme Game Coordinator
Dave Gallat, Wheelchair Coordinator
Dominique Hatt, Support Services
Kimber Moore, Ports and Plazas

Planning Department
Rod Garrett, City Designer
Tony Guerra, Architectural Drafting
Ian Kelso, Engineering consultant
Bob Stahl, Construction Expert
Zhahai Stuart, Programmer

Playa Info
Harley K. Dubois, Director
Rob Oliver, Playa Info Manager
Kelly White (Stella), Volunteer Coordinator and Assistant Manager
Bob Shilling (Bobalou), Assistant Manager
Megan Beachler (Sacred Flame), Playa Info Manager Emeritus
Robert Brownstein (Sheik), Lead
Greg Carter, Lead
Raines Cohen, Lead and Info Evangelist
Alexandra Davies (Ali Baba), Infomaniac
Michael Favor (Burning Michael), Lead and Digital Directory Manager
Rebecca Johnson (Mushroom), Infomaniac
Nana Kirk, Infomaniac
Dea Nelson, Infomaniac
Kathy Nimmo (Burning Kathy), Infomaniac
Fred Sanchez (Tool), Lead
Snow, Infomaniac
Ian Starr (Bliss), Infomaniac and Volunteer Coordinator Emeritus
Lexie Tillotson (Hothead), Infomaniac
David Zinn (Buf), Lead

Recycle Camp
Harley K. Dubois, Manager
Paul Schreer (MrBlue), Project Manager
Dave Wellhauser (Lovehandles), Volunteer Coordinator
Simon Hagger (Cap'n Crush), God of recycling, Spiritual Advisor
Rebecca Lippert (Sugarbunni), Mistress of Rejuvination
Nigel Walker (Cyclopath), Chief Bike Mechanic, Chief Pyro

Special Events
Crimson Rose, Special Events Director
Steven Raspa, Special Events Producer & Media Relations
Joegh Bullock, Special Events Producer
Frog, Flambe Lounge Volunteer Wrangler
Mark Petrakis, Audio-Visual Management
Scott McKeown, Production and Volunteer Coordination
Shevaun Gallant, Production and Volunteer Coordination
Justin Katz, Production Assistance
Bernal, Production Assistance

Technical Team (network, database, web)
Aaron Brashears
Andie Grace
Ben Newman
Ben Sutherland
Bill Carson
Bill Keller
Bradley Green
Brian Behlendorf
Caitlin Hazen (Safetybitch)
Carla Detchon
Chris Brick
Curtis Kline
Dan Kalafus
Darin Wilson
Dave Bayer
Dave Marr
Dave Wolfang-Kimball
Dave Laplante
David Mitchell
DJ (Dave) Vinokur
Dori Mondon
Ed Ellsworth
Eddie Codell
Edward Le Coteur
Emily Hierstein
Eric Waterman
Fiona Essa
George Hill
Glen Mehn
Glenn Meader
Greg Sutter
Haunani Pao
Holly Kreuter
James Farrell
James Home
James Marshall
Jay Bain
Jessica Steinmetz
Jeremy Crandell
Joan Hutchings
Joe Kewekordes (Justjoe)
John Adams
John Stauffacher
Jonathan Elliot (Sadman)
Leah Marcus
Kat Delurgio
Lissa Shoun
Marian Goodell
Matthew Beckwith
Matt Peterson
Matthew Falzone
Matt Sorenti
Matt Wagner
Michael Holden
Michael Kennet
Michael Kupeitz
Michael Michael
Monica Senter
Nicole Maron
Paul Gutoski
Raines Cohen
Randal Smith
Rob Miller
Robin Macpherson
Sally Vedros
Scott Bodarky
Stan Campbell
Tim Strickland
Todd Reed
Tom Kapanka
Victoria Curley

Aaron Brashears
Bradley Green
Ed Ellsworth
Edward Le Coteur
James Marshall
Joe Kewekordes (Justjoe)
John Adams
Mark McGee
Michael Kupeitz
Michael Michael
Paul Gutoski
Raines Cohen
Rick Morbey
Rob Miller
Robin Macpherson

Rob Miller (Ra)
Aaron Brashears (Phoenix)
Bradley Green
Kim Basset (Kimhe)
Kim Norlen (Kimshe)
Nicole Maron (Technopatra)
Raines Cohen
Joe Kewekordes (Justjoe)
Scott Bodarky
Taran Ramage
Tom Kapanka (Spanky)

Brian Behlendorf
Chris Brick
Dave Bayer
Edward Le Coteur
Glen Mehn
Greg Sutter
Matisse Enzer
Matt Peterson
Rob Miller (Ra)
Tom Kapanka (Spanky)

Andie Grace
Andrew Nelson (Red Tux)
Ben Carlson
Britton Holland
Caitlin Hazen (Safetybitch)
Catherine Hicks (Star)
Dan Kalafus (Monkeyboy)
Dave Laplante (Hovering)
Dave Marr
Debbie Torgan
Dusty Hawthorn
Duy Thai
Emily Hierstein (Sparkle)
Evren Cakir (Edub)
Garry Greth (Softie Softerson)
Haunani Pao
Heather Gallagher (Camera Girl)
Ian (Bliss) Starr
Jamison Wieser
Jane Gribben
Jason Chinn
John Mosbaugh
Matthew Beckwith (GG)
Paul Gutowski
Paul Madoff
Paul Sundling (WebDaddy)
Peter Durand
Nicole Maron (Technopatra)
Rob Miller (Ra)
Ron Meiners
Sally Vedros
Scott Platsky (Scotto)
Tom Kapanka (Spanky)

Video Documentation Team
Karie Henderson (The Liberator), Team Lead
Pam Satterthwaite (Pazam), Team Assistant
Jeff Massoll, Production Assistant
Frank Scales, Assistant Editor
Maurizio Benazzo (Mr. Blue), video shooter
Steven Bradford, video shooter
Craig Duff (Celt), video shooter
Bill Frank, sound editer
John Geertsen (Lucky One), video shooter
Hugh Keenan, video shooter
Marc Lucero (Lucifer), video shooter
Glenn McElhose (Predicut), video shooter
Bob Warkentin (Nobob), video shooter

Harley K. Dubois, HR Amazon
Molly Tirpak Sterkel (SafetyG), Volunteer Program Manager
Lucy Runkel (Tulip), Volunteer Coordinator
Kelly Saturdo (Swervegirl), Volunteer Coordinator
Lisa Arhontes (Megalisa), Volunteer Coordinator
Becky Workman (Bex), Volunteer Coordinator
John Nettle (Horse), Volunteer Coordinator
Brett Bowman (ChickenHead), Volunteer Coordinator

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2002 Support Staff