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Click the name of an Art Installation in the list below to see details about it.

by Robert Bose
SKYLINE is a string of tethered helium balloons that rises up into the sky.

Contact: lostinnny (at) aol (dot) com

Smilodon Fatalias Aerialis (Winged Killer Smile)
by Kimmy Dudek
A rider-ready, skeletal sculpture of a winged (Aerialis) and sabre-toothed tiger (Smilodon Fatalias) hand carved from composite wood commercially made from recycled materials and sub-structured with steel. It asks the question "Would this sabre-toothed cat have survived the La Brea tar pits if it had evolved to have flight at its disposal?", and answers the question "Would you have ridden it?"

Contact: wingedkillersmile (at) gmail (dot) com

Solar System
Very few people have ever seen a true scale model of our Solar System. This project embodies the emptiness of interplanetary space and the wonder of the specks we call planets.

Contact: steve (at) upstill (dot) net

Song of the Sun
The Song of the Sun is a daytime only pyramid shaped sound installation that takes the Sun's rays and turns its light into music. The music is altered by using shadows to change the frequencies. A solar powered theremin resides inside each piece of the Song of the Sun. As participants use their hands or bodies to cast shadows over the solar panel, the frequencies change. People can even create recognizable songs through the use of shadows.

On a dark planet, four billion years ago, a single spark jumpstarted life. Spark expresses the origin, abiogenesis, in a spectacle of carbon-born light and electricity. 800 million candle power emanates from an arc between two burning carbon rods, yielding one of the brightest light sources known to man. This source would blind if not contained, so it is housed in the simplest of manmade structures, a cube. Yet the power that started life fights its containment and erupts into the night for all to enjoy. Let there be light.

Contact: trey (at) onemandown (dot) com

by Moonrock Collective
Jutting stark and black from the barren expanse of the playa, it is something at once familiar and jarringly alien. Tall as two grown men, its dimensions reflect the proportions of the first three integers, squared: 1 by 4 by 9. On approach you notice an undulating hum; a certain low vibration to its touch. As you examine further, the throb grows louder and more varied. Is it trying to communicate something? If so, what? And why? On Saturday night, it burns for you.

Contact: sean (at) snackpalace (dot) com

Sun God
by Alex Botkin
Sun God is a symbol of thanks to the Sun which encouraged our ancestor microbes to stop sucking methane and start consuming chlorophyll generated sugar. That is what made us the creatures we are today. Without it, there would have been nothing to evolve. This statue installation is also a sundial - thereby answering the eternal question on the playa - "Does anybody know what time it is?"

Contact: alexbotkin (at) hotmail (dot) com

Sundial and Chime
A large sundial with a moving dial gives the local time and rings bells every few minutes. The moving dial and bells are powered by small solar panels.

Sun Song
by Sparky Campanella and Elloa Barbour
Sun Song is a twice-daily performance piece that gives welcoming thanks to the sun at dawn and goodbye thanks at dusk. The piece begins 30 minutes prior to dawn and dusk with a procession out to the playa installation. Once there, song mistress extraordinaire Elloa Barbour will lead you in singing this healing Salish chant.

Contact: sparkster (at) yahoo (dot) com

Swashbuckler Sunrise
by Thomas Haan, Mike Dalrymple and Velvet Jones
The Swashbuckler Sunrise is an outpost for pirates, vagabonds, and ne'er-do-wells located along the outer reaches of the playa near the boundary. An ideal place to catch a sunrise, either to start your day or to end it. Come for the sunrise, stay for the revelry.

Contact: thaan (at) bojon (dot) com

Tea Temple
by Mark Holmes, Jon Oda, Jared Bryant and Chime
The Tea Temple is an oasis on the playa harkening back to the caravanserai of ancient days. The inspiration for this structure is an Athanor, or alchemical chamber where elements combine to form new substances greater than the sum of their parts. Our public preparation of tea is itself alchemy--a dance of the five elements to transform inert dried dead leaves and tasteless water into liquid gold that has the capacity to bring clarity and delight to the drinker.

Contact: teatemple (at) pranamaya (dot) com

Temportal 2.1
The Temportal 2.1 is a metal structure designed to transport your consciousness forward or backwards in the evolutionary time line.

The Arch
by Richard Akers
A Ceramic Arch depicts the passage of time.

Contact: richard (at) richardakers (dot) com

The BikeOasis
by Michael V. Yates
Bicycles make their way across the playa and enter in to a circuit where their motion provides the energy to raise water into a central fountain.

Contact: phyxx (at) comcast (dot) net

The Buddha Bunny
by Animus Arts Collective
THE BUDDHA BUNNY is a 20 foot tall meditating rabbit, sitting in full-lotus position. The project focuses on the intesection of the evolution of biology and the evolution of consciousness. How is it something can evolve from a single-celled organism to a being with moral fiber and spiritual faith? Running up the Bunny’s body are light sources corresponding to the chakras of the body. As the week evolves, the rabbit "spiritually evolves, and a new chakra lights up each night of the week. On Thursday, in tandem with the BILLION BUNNY MARCH, the final chakra will be lit, at which point The Buddha Bunny will reach "Enlightenment" and burst into light. Thursday at sundown there will be an enlightenment ceremony at The Buddha Bunny, complete with high theatrics, performance, and a dazzling light show!

URL: www.animusart.com

The Burning Itch
by Maque daVis
A sculpture with nightly fire and pyro.

Contact: maque (at) drizzle (dot) com

The Care Factor Nil Maze
by Simon Edwards
A maze, made of walls built in a similar way to the Burning Man perimeter fence that you can see through and see where you need to get to, just not how.

The Chaotick
by Larry Breed
A reliably erratic timekeeping beacon, the flaming tetherball swoops and spirals through the Black Rock night: tick... tick... keeping exact playa time, more or less.

Contact: ember (at) burningman (dot) com

The Cycle of Social Evolution
by Kate Johnson
Take a spin on the Social Evolution Game! Societies evolve in a series of cycles, beginning with Freedom, followed by Administration, which deteriorates into Bureaucracy, eventually resulting in Revolution. Take a few minutes and add your comments to the Social Evolution Journal.

Contact: gypsypitcrew (at) clearwire (dot) net

The Everything: a Modular Collaboratory
by Jordan Walker, Lachlan Grey and Mercury in America
"The Everything" is a modular collaboratory. Unfolding from a rolling trailer, the Everything seeks to foster what the artist Joseph Beuys describes as "permanent conference". Initiating a social sculpture around what it means to be truly human, the Everything functions as a "soul battery" absorbing the questions and deeds of its participants.

An onboard flowform purifies and revitalizes participant's water and functions as an example of sacred, aesthetic, technology. Believing that the future is now, its creators invite an embodied study of anthroposophy - the wisdom of the human being. Beyond discussion and dialogue, the everything grants the space to experience what it is that we are meant to become - what wants to be born out of human freedom and earnest striving.

Contact: Mercuryinfo (at) newformsproject (dot) org

The Evolutionary Demise
by David and Brenda Jasiewicz
Something didn’t go quite as Darwin expected, or did it? All good things must come to an end, and that includes us. The trinity of towering infernos is now the serpent’s home among the human remains. Forged from steel and lit with fire, these three towers will light the night of our post apocalyptic existence if we are lucky enough to survive.

Contact: david (at) trickconcepts (dot) com

The Evolution of Language
by Charles Keatts
The Evolution of Language is a collection of lighted found windows incorporating text from Darwin's Origin of Species. The text is transformed into modern/postmodern poetry/experimental text to reflect the evolution of language, how we view words, science, light, and visions of the present evolving into the future.

Contact: keatts (at) gmail (dot) com

The Gap
by Mik Phipps
The act of transformation - such as the evolution of a flower from a bud, an animal from the egg or by which any living organism has acquired the characteristics which distinguish it through a gradual unfolding of successive events - involves many steps. The Gap is a bridge that represents the link between the three most important steps in evolution: Origin, Adapation, Outcome.

Contact: mikphipps (at) hotmail (dot) com

The Garden and Grotto of Manifest Destiny
by Randy Polumbo
In this reinvention of nature, the garden occupies a space of approximately 30’ x 30'. Elements of the installation are illuminated day and night and videos are installed into the inner sanctum of the shipping container, punctured with baby bottle nipples cast out of recycled glass. The surrounding garden’s techno-organic LED illuminated flowers are composed of solar panels as petals forming a whorl around a medusa thatch of stamens made out of softly glowing and vibrating sex toys, artificially mimicking the two primary activities of flowers--photosynthesis and sex.

Darwin’s theories of evolution and natural selection are both visually and symbolically embedded within The Garden and Grotto of Manifest Destiny. Polumbo uses flowers as a means to tell a story of human desire, domestication, gender, domination, mutation, exploration and survival of the fittest. Its bright colors and glowing lights seduces and intrigues viewers by flirting, arousing, and hinting at sexual ecstasy, while reflecting on more somber issues of human propagation vs. plant propagation and the grotesquery of human behavior and the fragility of life.

Contact: randy (at) polumbo (dot) com

The Lighthouse Project 2.0
by Greg Boes, Gina Limon, Ray sykes, Loran Thomas and Jensen Hastings
A Lighthouse serves as a beacon to all Black Rock City.

The Massive Storage Container
Just as the fantastic American Dream Home hexayurt example showed last year, this year the Massive Storage Container shows how to engineer a better, greener, less difficult burn. Come see a prototype of a Massive Storage container, where you keep your burner and camp gear when not at Black Rock City, and which acts as a kitchen, shower, wardrobe and pantry when you are on playa. Free plans available online, which you can modify at will.

Contact: massive (at) massivestorage (dot) com

The Mudpire Strikes Back
by Graham McLeod and Max Poyton
THE MUDPIRE STRIKES BACK is essentially a 15 foot tall metal daddy long legs spider being over taken by a wave of human sized mudmen. There are about 15 mudmen coming out of the playa in various places and in varying levels of submersion. They are climbing atop one another in an effort to overwhelm the metal monstrosity that attempts to defend itself using it's superior size and lasers. The spider is lit using a series of LEDs along its joints and on the ground surrounding it. Some of the mudmen appear to move, but one can't be sure. Perhaps there are people in suits or, more likely, the sculpture is coming alive!

Contact: Gcloudmax (at) gmail (dot) com

The Nest of Recollection
by Matthew Schultz and Kevan Christiaens
The Nest of Recollection is a multi-part structure dedicated to the evolution of man, the evolution of the environment and the evolution of a person from child to adult. The Nest is 16 ft wide and built from childhood memories, wagons, action figures and broken hearts. The collage of sculptures covering the nest invokes all of the joys and pains of childhood. The experiences that shape an innocent child into a complex adult.

The Nest sits on the remnance of a once mighty tree. Cut for progress the tree is still imposing at 17 ft tall. The tree clings to existence telling the world it will not go quietly. Inside the tree is a small room dedicated to the Bird-Man, the creator of the nest. How did the Bird-Man evolve. Was it natural, or a perversion of science?

Contact: mrschultz (at) gmail (dot) com

The Next
by Karl Saliter and Samantha Saliter
The Next is an eight-foot long dollar bill made of stones. Housed in a large box made of steel rods, the dollar bill seems to float.

This piece embodies the idea of evolving through perception in a culture driven by money. The large and very tangible stones in the shape of a huge dollar bill appear solid, and are, on closer inspection, anything but. Much of the dollar bill is composed of negative space. The spaces between the stones belie the apparent solidity of the dollar.

Contact: karl (at) karlsaliter (dot) com

The One
by Hippie Tim
Behold the illuminating light of The One.

Contact: fuzzy.dude (at) gmail (dot) com

The Only Way Out Is In
by Monica Gonzalez, Stacey Feldman, Noaa Bujanover and Brian Rutkowski
The Only Way Out Is In. A labyrinth does not go astray like a maze, it has twist and turns, sometimes long and convoluted changing directions leading to a center and then out again, you only have to go on, a labyrinth can symbolize the evolution of life itself... Symbolically, and sometimes actually, you are taking back out into the world that which you have received.

Contact: Daisygirlmg (at) gmail (dot) com

The Point of Evolution
by Mark Svendsen
The Point of Evolution represents the moment where major change happens.
Webbing lines represent all the paths coming together leading up to the point of evolution. The stone pendant represents a major turning point for mankind.

Contact: studio30bymark (at) yahoo (dot) com

The Pool
by Jen Lewin
The Pool is an environment of giant concentric circles created from interactive, wireless circular pads. By entering The Pool, participants enter a world where play and collaborative movement can create a cascading effect of swirling light and color. By adding and subtracting light, individuals and groups of people interact with The Pool in profound ways. The interaction varies dramatically depending on the number of individuals involved. This dynamic interaction between individuals and The Pool creates environments ranging from curious and playful with few participants, to energetic and competitive with many participants.

Like a giant game of light “ping pong,” the Pool has users running and jumping, adding, bouncing, and colliding their lights. Dive In.

Contact: info (at) blueink (dot) com

The Prometheus Cube
by Michael LaHood
The Prometheus Cube creates an environment that allows participants to connect with themselves and others in an instinctually human way. From the outside, the installation looks like a simple eight foot crate with an entrance. Inside is a smaller two foot cube projecting fire imagery, along with an audio system that has a fire and nature soundtrack. Every 15 minutes or so, a random modern myth, story, or song is played over the audio system.

Contact: mike (at) lahoodproductions (dot) com

The Red Arrow Project
by Christian Cerrito and Jennifer Fisher
The Red Arrow Project is a set of 20 kites flown by a group of random participants. Each kite has a giant red arrow pointing in a different direction. When the kites are flown simultaneously they create a field of red arrows in the sky that suggest new paths of exploration and are a reminder to stop, consider your direction, and potentially head somewhere new. The kites, which are four foot x four foot nylon hexagons with graphic red arrows attached, will be launched by a group of team members but can easily be passed to other people as they walk by and participate in the project.

Contact: zonxs7 (at) gmail (dot) com

The Red Door
by Mindy Drewes
THE RED DOOR... Its meaning? Well, thats for you to decide. Maybe The Red Door is the entrance to another world, asking you to let go of all you know to be true? Maybe The Red Door is there to "Welcome you home" as many feel they are at Burning Man? Maybe the Red Door is supposed to be a reminder of the red light district in Amsterdam? Maybe a game show prize is located right behind the door? Or, just maybe, it's literally just a Red door deep in the open Playa?

No one will tell you because, afterall, isn't that exactly what art at Burning Man is supposed to do: Make you think?

by Mike Gibson
THE SPINNING MUSIC WINDMILL is a low-to-no tech windmill/fence (20ft long 6ft high) created as a memorial for dead music mediums.

The project features dozens of (wind-driven) spinning records, cd's, cassettes, DAT's, reel-to-reels, wax cylinders, and 8-track tapes. There will be a central doorway made out of 42 individually spinning 8-track tapes. By day it will catch and reflect a lot of sunlight and cast constantly shifting kinetic shadows. At night it will be lit up by a series of solar powered outdoor lights.

Contact: itsgoodtobemike (at) gmail (dot) com

by Jon Morris, Ana Luiza - Constantino, Karen Fuhrman, Bill Mullholland, Gwyn Larson and Rose Mallare
An "interactive slope of evolution", "the decent of man," or "The Wedge Metaphor, attributed to Phillip E. Johnson, is that of a metal wedge splitting a log and represents using an aggressive public relations program to create an opening for the supernatural in the public’s understanding of science." The Wedge is a synthetic grass lawn that ascends to a sunrise/sunset lookout providing a shade structure lounge underneath.

The structure.

The interior area underneath the wedge, a shade zone for lounging, viewing art, and performance.

A cozy lounge at the interior base of the slope.


The area surrounding the wedge.

Contact: thewedge09 (at) gmail (dot) com

Time for Money
by Roth Hall
Parking is at a premium here. Pay the meter if you would like some time. Don't forget to take your coins back.

Contact: rothhall (at) hotmail (dot) com

[Time Love Memory]
by Stefano Corazza
Literary art at the edge of the playa, [Time Love Memory] is the place in the middle of the desert where thoughts converge from time-space into a few everlasting lines of ink. All the writings are gathered daily and published after Burning Man.

Contact: sunflowerrobots (at) gmail (dot) com

by Mitch Brost, Chip Jarman, Tyler Grasholm and Tobias Toleman
Scenario: August 24, 2009.
Another monolith has mysteriously appeared in the Black Rock Desert. Its purpose is unknown. A team has been assembled to investigate an RF field that appears to be emanating from within the structure. The site has been designated, TMA-3.

August 31, 2009.
The monolithic structure, standing about 18 ft. above the desert playa, is cordoned off by a perimeter of yellow caution tape. Within the perimeter, participants and members of the TMA-3 team are working at a small work station monitoring the transmission. The RF signal has been deciphered and TMA-3 is now sending its message to the playa and beyond. The message appears to be of human voices enumerating the human DNA sequence. It is believed this message is announcing that the human race has unlocked the secrets of the human genome – another possible advancement in the evolution of the human race.

URL: www.burningmanzeroseven.com
Contact: tma3 (at) burningmanzeroseven (dot) com

Tower of Emergence
by Jordan Tenney
The Tower of Emergence is a wood architectural sculpture that reaches nearly 60' into the sky and is much like a stylized flower which has broken through a huge crack in the barren desert floor. This towering new species is a symbol of the processes of creation and formation that are occurring in and around us at all times, a never-ending process of becoming. How are we to emerge? What will we do to reorganize the scattered ashes of that which has past and fallen? What will we become as individuals, peoples, cultures, species, and as a world?

Contact: towerofemergence (at) gmail (dot) com

Transport Your Head: A Time Safari
by Logan, jD and the Projekteers Group
Send your mind through time, while leaving your body safely in The Present. Each one of these giant Portathyst Geode sculptures has a head-sized hole. Inside, participants find themselves surrounded with creatures and sounds from Earth's distant past, from surly eurypterids to hungry saurians. We guarantee all heads will make the return trip, though it may be in a changed state!
URL: projekteers.austeja.com/

Tree of Time
by Lucas Jones and Friends
This 'tree-like' figure is a representation of Dawin's graphs that represent evolution by way of natural selection. Some branches continue while others die out. Such is the nature of struggle for existence, where Earth creatures must adapt to their surroundings as necessary.

This figure exemplifies the necessary compatibility between creature and environment, the inward and outward scopes of evolution. Each branch also represents one of the five kingdoms: Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae and Animalia. And the five branches also represent the five digits of the hand, one of the principle functions in the evolution of humankind. Participation is strongly encouraged.

Contact: mnismud (at) yahoo (dot) com and uninfected (at) hotmail (dot) com

by Mark Piers
In this geostarkness the emergent convert becomes an elaborate copse. This place devoid of trees, this jungle know of wildwood puzzle, from earth to tree and evolved tree to earth transformed, and has become an unfolding weald of transformation thicket: become part of the tubewoods process. O.K. hundreds of cardboard tubes, forest maze chill.

Contact: markpiers (dot) artist (at) gmail (dot) com

unsung, undone, resung, reborn
by Seven Rexx
Life is everywhere. It's growing out of the playa, forming into a tree. The tree twists as life often does, and begins to take shape as a pregnant woman. In her womb she bears a green glowing heart. Evolution embodies change, destruction, and growth. Hence, she will burn at the end of the week depicting finality, surprise, and the endless phoenix experience.

Contact: sevenofbrc (at) gmail (dot) com

Vishnu's Dream
by Joe Arnold and Deedee Hampton
Evolution had to have a begining. In the Hindu tradition, the god Vishnu reclines on a bed formed by a thousand headed cobra, and dreams the Universe into being, a lotus blossoming from his navel. In the art installation "Vishnu's Dream," a ring of cobras frame scenes from evolution and supports a lotus flower above. Inside the sculpture, swirling images of Burning Man (the event) are melded with images of participants, symbolically representing the evolution of Burning Man and the Burners themselves.

Contact: mail (at) vishnusdream (dot) info

by Tony Deifell
"wdydwyd?" is a worldwide community art project to answer "why do you do what you do?" by incorporating text in an image. The project started at Burning Man in 2004 and spread to other groups across the world. It is a simple question, but not always so simple to answer.

Contact: contact (at) wdydwyd (dot) com

by Quentin Davis
"Spores", from 2008, has evolved and is blooming with 13ft. flowers of light constructed from recycled plastic water jugs. Pods made entirely of playa clay and waste water spring directly from the playa surface. These strange life forms provide a tranquil oasis for playa travelers both day and night.

Contact: weeds (at) quentini (dot) com

We Evolve
by Clare Thwaites
We Evolve gives many shapshots into 'society', how we know it and a lot that the general population does not know. We Evolve illustrates and explains the evolution of military occupation, healthcare, culture, climate and many other topics.

Contact: clare (at) intelligentaudio (dot) net

What Where When
by Frank Cincoine and Rainer Rupanner
Social, geographic, visual and audio interactive information tree/waystation.

Whine of the winds
by Thomas E Trower
A collection of sounding weathervanes.

Contact: ttrower (at) sunflower (dot) com

Witness Pavilion
by Weyaka Cassero
A beautiful 10x10 15 ft tall booth with a golden Russian mushroom dome that is brightly lit with the words VALIDATION across it beckons you to "come one and all you magnificent and magical beings! Come and have your light mirrored and reflected back to you through spoken word! Come and be validated by bright joyous beings at our validation booth!"

The booth is painted in silver, gold, orange and magenta with sweet swirly abstract designs around the diameters of the structure and blue gems signifying communication through spoken word. Words spoken to you with great reverence, honor and joy of the perfect being you are right now! Participants are greeted by smiling, happy excited people who validate and ticket and send you on your way feeling witnessed and loved, with a beautiful ticket around your lovely neck to share with anyone, or no one, the choice is yours!

Contact: Weyaka (at) todaystara (dot) com

y=1/4sin(Pi x/3.08) / Homeostatic Self Portrait
by Michael Emery
The footprint of this sculpture graphs three periods of a sine wave onto the playa surface. Viewed from the side, one encounters the rise of this curve as an eighteen foot long, seven foot tall undulating mirrored wall. Moving along the length of this wall, the viewer's reflection fractalizes and ripples in 30,000 small cut mirrors creating a kaleidoscopic self-portrait. Though apparently haphazard, this shifting self-reference is, in fact, driven by the directional selection of the viewers movement and constrained always within the homeostasis of the sine curve. Assuming the premise that all one ever encounters is the projection of mind, the viewer might question the shape of reality, and the nature of "I" in his or her own evolving consciousness.

Contact: miko111 (at) comcast (dot) net

by Douglas Kaufman
YOU ARE NOW is a 24' diameter, 8' tall sculpture made from steel tubing and plexiglass mirror with three 12' arms radiating out from the center at 120 degrees to each other. Since the past is viewed with altered memories and the future is projected with desires, the NOW is the defining moment of our personal evolution and for the majority of us, it is the only evolution that we truly participate in and are able to comprehend!

Participants walking up to the six sided mirror see themselves as they are at this moment. They can see where they have been... Black Rock City, the playa, the art... the 24 foot footprint allows no hiding from reality and all is reflected back to the viewer. The moment of individual perception will always be existent!

Contact: dl112nm (at) earthlink (dot) net

Zen Biscuit
by Alex McLean, (a.k.a. pixiemeat)
Inspired by David Best's 2007 Temple of Forgiveness, the artist hopes to conjure an image of symmetry imbued with references to a Buddhist "mon" or temple gate. Designed as a tower of linear themes, the base -- composed of an unadulterated tree trunk -- might safely represent primal Earth. The doughnut of technology, in the middle, with its lights and computer motherboard skin, is us, here, mankind in present day. The rusted swooping "mon" atop it all might be our elegant future. Except for the tree, 100% recycled.

Contact: dirthippie (at) gmail (dot) com

Zoetrope "Evolution of Man"
by Steve Roper
"Zoetrope Evolution" is an replication of the early Phenakistoscope Cinema, invented in 1834. The Origins of 'Persistence of Vision' or 'Retention of Image' - the phenomena which, it is often noted can be used to explain how motion pictures work and can be traced back to experiments by Newton. This is art also traces the evolution of Cinema. Come give it a spin!

Contact: sgr_1 (at) hotmail (dot) com