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1000 Watt Smile
by Ted Werth
Glowing and blinking in millions of colors and patterns, the 1000 Watt Smile is an LED light installation that seeks only to transfer itself onto the faces of others. Being beautiful is simple, you just have to smile.

Contact: tejawe (at) injenius (dot) com

2:22 Amethyst Portal
by Awonsaihu and the Portal Collective
The Amethyst Portal is an indigo colored 17 foot high stellated dodecahedron constructed of plywood, wood and steel with an open interior space accessible to participants to experience the Portal and to interact in other group activities. Housed within the stellated dodecahedron is the the Quasar Wave Transducer: a subsonic non-linear dynamic analog feedback device sound sculpture that produces frequencies in the range of the Earth’s Schumann resonance and human brain waves to activate the Portal experience. The Amethyst Portal is colored indigo to relate to the brow or third eye chakra and the geometry follows the forms incorporated in the previous Diamond, Emerald and Sapphire Portals.

Contact: h (at) harlanemil (dot) com

2009 BRC Playa Portraits
by Owen A Kelly
In 2008, the year Burning Man's Theme was the "American Dream," Polaroid announced their stop of production - the last chapter of the American made medium. Combining Polariod with the this year's theme, the installation consists of portraits identifying with the 'social tapestry' of Black Rock City on Type-55 Polaroid. The 4x5" portraits display BRC's dynamic reflection and positivity towards creative representation.

Each participant receives the original Polaroid within moments. With the last finite stock of Type-55, Playa Portraits also honors the rolling art of Mutant Vehicles with the "Evolution" of the project as it is a gigantic Polaroid Booth intended for Mutant Vehicles of both daytime and nighttime breeds.

Contact: owen (at) owenakelly (dot) com

2009 Black Rock City Street Signs
by the DPW Sign Shop
The DPW Sign Shop began this season on July 6 and the crew works straight through til the day before the event, installing all the city's signs. We had a great time making ths year's Gate Road signs a bit more visually entertaining as well. See if you can spot the sperms!

This years' alphabetic signs are embellished with graphic interpretations of the words.

Bam Bam: Adapt, Fossil
Stan: Extinct, Genome
ddd: Evolution
After 5: Hominid
Jedi: DNA, Biology
Tiny Vinyl: Jurassic, Chaos, Lineage
Abby: Inherit
Scirpus: Kinship

The Esplanade signs are all "exotic" cells and are a team effort, assisted by Hormel, Rooster and Not It. The circle road around Center Camp, Evolution, also has an added "dimension" this year!

by Interpretive Arson
Two concentric rings. The inner ring detects movement and translates it into fire exploding up from the ground on the outer ring.

Contact: info (at) interpretivearson (dot) com

3E-ROI aka. Exponential Evolution aka. Horny for Progress
by Charlie Brinson
The 3E-ROI project charts the evolution from sticks and stones to alloys and polymers. Standing 50 feet long, 25 feet high and incorporating dynamic light, sound, and video elements, this sculpture embodies the path of Extrasomatic Evolution and Energy Return on Invested, mimicking the exponential curves associated with our explosive growth in population and technology.

Extrasomatic evolution is progress in technology and culture-evolution outside of our bodies. Advancements in technology yield increased energy efficiency, which in turn allows technology to advance further. The endpoint to this feedback loop is unclear.

The aim of 3E-ROI is to provoke the participant to consider how rapid growth might be contributing to overpopulation, over-consumption of energy, and domineering attitudes towards our environment. In a time of environmental crisis, its important to know of where we've been, where we are, and where we're going. 3E-ROI prompts the question: what's next in human evolution?

Contact: charliebrinson (at) gmail (dot) com

A Fluke of Evolvies
by Robin Fitzpatrick Borgers and Anders Whealdon
Evolvies are little creatures making their own evolutionary way through the universe, or perhaps a parallel universe. This fluke (group name for evolvies traveling together) is running with the wind over the flora whilst utilizing the metal-petal-flower-power to reach their destination.

Contact: evolvies (at) yahoo (dot) com

Altars to the Four Directions
by Kristen Miller, Erin Hampson, Rob Hampson and Dan Ertman
The boundaries of space where Burning Man is held is like a medicine wheel with the cardinal points of the wheel being North, South, East, West. Together these points of the Wheel represent the inner and outer cycles of life. The center, the Man, symbolizes the meeting point between the visible and invisible realms.

Altars to the Four Directions honors the four directions. East - an altar honors winged beings, a woven archway and place to sit and meditate on the rising sun. South - a structure with ancient runes and symbols pointing into the air towards the sun. West - representing water and the magical beings of the ocean. North - honoring our elders is an altar made of an eclectic blend of wood, rock and natural objects honoring Mother Earth.

Contact: kristenita (at) yahoo (dot) com

American (R)Evolution
by Nic DeMuth
Welcome to the American (R)Evolution

Contact: nic (dot) demuth (at) gmail (dot) com

Another Green World
by Richard Aplin
Another green world, hanging in space, the planet surface teeming with glowing life that evolves from dusk till dawn...

Contact: drtune (at) anothergreenworld (dot) info

by Keith "Flipit" Privett
A puzzle of pictures and three-letter words traces the evolution from "APE" to "MAN" in an extended chain of one letter "mutations", with many more unnamed creatures on the path in between.

Contact: apetoman (at) keithprivett (dot) com

Armada is a modular performance-sculpture composed of multiple pink and orange inflatable sculptures mounted on three different mutant vehicles: Cuddlefish on Disorient Dex, Bracelet and Droplet on their respective eponymous vehicles. Each piece radically transforms the shape of the vehicle that it is mounted on and is self-activated by the owners of the vehicles who will take them on deep playa adventures, day and night. When the vehicles unite, Armada becomes an environment which is more than the sum of its parts.

by Richard Bliss and Art Army
ARTe I FACE is an exploration center of facial interface - with the Playa, with each other, with the stars and the cosmos.

Contact: broadgroup30 (at) yahoo (dot) com

As We Thunk (in Earlier Times)
by Rupert "Project Boy" Hart with Brad Grossman
Imagine someone cut your head down the middle of your nose into two halves. As you look into one of the halves, you would expect to see a brain, tongue etc, wouldn't you? Wrong! Throw away everything you read in biology textbooks. They are all wrong. In reality, inside your head are mechanical creatures having fun at your expense.

In this robotic sculpture are mechanical manikins with computer-controlled motors at their joints that make them move in a sequence; part determined by software, and part influenced by spectator.

Contact: rupert (at) ruperthart (dot) com

A Tree Named Desire
by Rob Leaman
A white tree rises from the flat dusty playa. It is leafless and bare except for the lanterns hanging from its branches. A Tree Named Desire is inspired by evolution. The paper and cardboard were once trees. Evolution comes full circle as matter returns to its original shape.

Contact: robl2k (at) hotmail (dot) com

Avocamentum Galactica, Mk III
by Douglas Ruuska and Josh Krueger
In the deep playa at night there are two separate sources of light - the eternal points of light in the sky and the temporary lights of our earthbound creation. One of these temporary points of light captures the cosmos and represents it on a human scale. This piece manifests our celestial birthplace; our galaxy, the Milky Way. Welcome home.

Contact: d_Ruuska (at) hotmail (dot) com

by Brandin Roat, Timothy Leung and Sergio Ramirez
A monumental artifact designed to be an outpost and beacon for the Burning Man Festival. Made primarily from abandoned wooden shipping pallets, the structure takes commonly utilized items and reinterprets their structural nature to form a vertical habitat.

Contact: BurningBabel (at) gmail (dot) com

by James Beauchamp
Balance - Playing with the illusion of reality.

Contact: jbeauchamp2005 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Bat Country
by Gwen Fisher and Paul Brown
Bat Country is a 21 ft tall tetrahedron built with 384 aluminum baseball bats and 130 twelve-inch softballs and steel. It weighs about a ton. It is an adult sized jungle gym designed to be climbed on. Each edge of the structure measures 26 ft in distance.

Mathematically, Bat Country is an example of a third-generation Sierpinski tetrahedron. As participants explore the piece, the view changes in dramatic and unexpected ways: One remarkable feature of a Sierpinski Tetrahedron is just how different it appears from different points of view.

Contact: batcountry (at) liquid (dot) net

Beggar's Spire
by Jason Wright
Beggar's Spire evolves as an outgrowth of a mind sifting through the detritus of everyday life. Primarily constructed from recycled fragments of artwork, the spire's form results from an intuitive refitting of scrap material - the accumulated fragments of past artistic expressions acting as the DNA of this current manifestation.

Contact: jason (at) swipple (dot) com

Box of Time: From Bones to Barbie
by Deborah Colotti
Clotheslines, market umbrellas and other open structures are each covered and dripping with bones. Included are bone-like cultural objects, plant skeletons, and bones and shells of land and water animals. Baby doll and Barbie doll parts, both large and small, are mixed in with the bones. On the structures the bones and dolls sway and clatter in the breeze, on the ground a boney croquet game is available to play.

Life is constantly shifting, giving us surprising contrasts. Animal bones and plant bones are artifacts of life once lived, now decaying. Various parts of dolls - the human distortions of evolution - are the undecaying projections of lives never lived. All are bound together in the paradox of things which once held life but are now dead, and something always dead but attempting to represent life.

Contact: deborah (at) dcolotti (dot) com

by Kate Raudenbush
Water is a substance from which all life on Earth emerged. It is our life force. Yet the course of human evolution is putting the future of water at risk. Braindrop is a meditation space the shape of a 17-foot tall laser-cut steel swirling water drop. It is created to bring awareness to the element of water on our planet and itas vital importance to our evolutionary balance.

URL: www.kateraudenbush.com
Contact: kate (at) kateraudenbush (dot) com

Burner Module
by Mark Phillips and Kirsten Woods
The Burner Module is a Lunar Module replica designed to take time lapse photos, up to a day at a time without the need of human help. Deep Cycle Batteries & inverters inside the module, connected to a video camera, and charged by a solar panel, allow the module to be placed at different locations for time lapse of art/event.

Contact: markphi85 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Burning Sky Skydiving Night Jump with Pyro Display
by Ken Jobsky
A kinetic pyro display 2000 ft above the playa.

Contact: info (at) burningsky (dot) org

Change Machine
by Bobnoxious
Evolution happens within
All who enter, emerge evolved.

Contact: sumatopopi (at) aol (dot) com

by Laura Brannan
From a distance it appears to be simple flags blowing in the winds of Black Rock City. But if you were able to view it from above a message would appear. Inspired by works from Yoko Ono and Christo, Christo-Ono is an interactive message for positive thoughts and actions.

Clamp Plant (a.k.a. Treevolution)
by Seth Familian
Clamp Plant (aka Treevolution) is an evolving organism--a plantlike structure comprised of spring clamps mimicing the binary patterns of growth found in nature. During the day its aluminum limbs shine under sunlight. At night they glow under blacklight. And at all times they change and grow, as people on the playa shape and nurture it with their creativity.

Contact: familian (at) mac (dot) com

Cnidaria Psychozoa
by Griffin and Lumina
After millions of years without change, the jellyfish has finally evolved. Leaving the comfort of the open sea, Cnidaria Psychozoa has adapted to life in the desert. She stands proud and tall, welcoming in citizens of Black Rock City to frolic in her tentacles. At night, she comes alive with colorful lights.

Contact: griffin (at) psychozoa (dot) com

Collaborative Mandalas
by Andrew "Teppy" Tepper
After taking a brief personality survey, artists are directed toward one of several rotating easels, each containing an unfinished mandala - a radially symmetrical drawing. Each artist adds a bit to the mandala indicated by their survey results. Mandala canvases will be changed periodically - will all those done by "thinking" types look similar? "Feeling" types?

Contact: teppy (at) egenesis (dot) com

Convergent Evolution
by Matt Bell
Convergent Evolution discovers the underlying similarities between cultures across the world and how ideas have spread yet evolved to suit the local environment. Pairs of photos from different parts of the world are projected onto a screen, as interesting connections are found and evolved based on natural selection as provided by viewer feedback.

Contact: mattkim99 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Cosmic Continuum
by John Lockwood and Mark Maxwell
Cosmic Continuum is a 140 foot long darkened tunnel which represents the evolution of life on Earth from the Big Bang 13.6 billion years ago to the present day at Burning Man. Each ten foot section is designed by one or two camp members to artistically describe the progression of life from billions to millions to thousands to hundreds of years, until a 12 foot long ramp portrays the most recent day at Burning Man, and ends with a slide back onto the playa.

Contact: saveabat (at) adelphia (dot) net

by Rich Wells
The installation focuses on the striking image of Charles Darwin in his later years, as he struggles with his faith and beliefs. To some he is viewed as an iconic creator within ‘The Evolution Theory’, to others he a creator of intense controversy. In contrast to the way he is scrutinized from opposing viewpoints, the installation only evolves into a complete image from one perspective.

Contact: richwells (at) mac (dot) com

Crespi of the Desert
A performance will result in a large painting on a supporting material laid on the ground. A video projection will be screened during the night.

Contact: info (at) riccardocrespi (dot) com

Crow Mother
by Dan Glass
Crow Mother is a large-scale version of a Hopi Indian kachina doll, the carved figures that represent the various Hopi deities and spirits. It is a memorial to my mother, Judith Anne Collins, who loved Native American art, and died on Christmas Eve, 2006. It's made from her leftover possessions - furniture, decorative items, clothing, and other things that I couldn't sell, but didn't want to just throw away. She was great at giving people meaningful gifts, and one of the funniest women who ever lived.

Contact: recombust (at) gmail (dot) com

Crystal Station
Crystal Station is an intimate place of respite for those exploring the outer reaches of the deep playa. The pyramidal shelter provides daytime shade; at night, the glowing crystal inside illuminates a peaceful space for contemplation and meditation.

Contact: mfb2k2 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Darwin On The Pot
by David Cagan
Darwin On The Pot is a façade of portapottys that by itself existing, invites distant participants with its familiarity, but upon arrival places them in a surreal state of disbelief, and then upon closer inspection directs them to the closest actual potty. It is about coming face to face, in urgency, with what we expect, and having it be nothing of the sort, inciting positive changes in how we learn to adapt and manage the unexpected, and sometimes unwelcome uncertainties in life. These are the situations that grow us most as individuals, and as a species.

Dear You,
Dear You, is a project where people write letters to people or even abstract ideas, confessing, reveling, or sharing something they have always wanted to say.

Participants can express feelings in a place where they can quietly and privately write a letter that may be 100 pages or one sentence. Participants can express something that they have always wanted to say to someone, anyone, even themselves and by writing these letters people may feel a release, and by reading the letters of others, they will find something that resonates.

Contact: lilyboughtwood (at) gmail (dot) com

Directed Panspermia
by Francisco Teng and Owen Hayes
Directed Panspermia (di-rek-tid p?n-spûr'm?-?) n.
Delivered to Earth by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization, the playa is the birthplace of evolving organisms. A nutrient rich placenta births creatures that quickly evolve to thrive and then mingle with the participants of Burning Man.

Diver UP!
by Victor Spinelli
A giant black and white photograph of a topless woman holding a Mark IV deep sea diving helmet, the project appears to be rising from the desert floor. We evolved from the sea and the playa is an ancient sea bed.

Contact: Spinelli (at) VictorSpinelli (dot) com

Doors of Perception
A series of "doors" approximately 4 x 8 feet painted using Trompe l'oeil techniques are placed around the Airport area.

Contact: buzzcut2000 (at) speakeasy (dot) net

Dust City Diner
by Dave Cole, Michael Brown, Susy Struble, Michael Guigliotto and Jenny Desmond
Dust City Diner is a mobile diner that will appear in different deep-playa locations every night, from dusk 'till dawn, to serve great coffee and a variety of special, daily foods for those who will sit, read the paper, smoke and enjoy the company of a random group of weary travelers.

Contact: dustcitydiner (at) gmail (dot) com

East Black Rock
by David Brandt
Deep playa = East Black Rock

Contact: dblonghair (at) hotmail (dot) com

Endangered Species
by Sharon Strong (Armstrong)
In the evolution of life on earth we are at a critical choosing place. We humans, supposedly the most evolved of creatures, have the capacity to make decisions that affect the survival of most life forms on earth.

"Endangered Species" is an installation of masks. Following an "S" shaped path, six black cylinders standing ten feet high, snake thirty feet across the Black Rock Desert. An endangered animal spirals around each of the columns, representing one endangered creature from each of five realms: reptile, bird, fish, arachnid, and mammal. Specifically: the Blue-tailed Mole Skink, Puerto Rican Broad-winged Hawk, Sockeye Salmon, Kauai Cave Wolf Spider and Gray Wolf.

The sixth column is an integral part of this "work in process" as Black Rock City artists make their own plaster gauze life masks and hang them on the last column, representing our boundless potential to support life and the enormity of our responsibility.

Equilibrium Evolution
An intricate structure of individual elements, balanced on one another to create the symbolic representation of community, Equilibrium Evolution is individual visions brought together by circumstance to create a cohesive structure of philosophy based in play, work, individuality, and interconnectedness.

The structure rises as an entity of individuals with the Playa as its foundation of art and community. At the same time, the Playa pushes and tests these same structures. With conscious intent, we place ourselves upon the altar that is Black Rock City. As a Creative Act, we emerge from our separateness to converge as a cohesive whole to briefly stand in unison. We thrust ourselves up from the cracked dryness of our daily environments to become an oasis of nourishment to ourselves and one another. Our gift to you and ourselves is our Equilibrium and our Evolution.

Eve's Evolving Flame
by Audie Wiley
Eve is a woman who has embraced Darwin's evolution. She is created as a slow continuous creature evolving into a complex life form. There are many theories on how Eve arrived on this earth but no matter how she blossomed, Eve embraces all that she encounters, regardless of their theories or demeanor, and Eve loves all and shows her tolerance for all by burning an exterior flame for all to love.

evolved perspective
The project is a three dimensional cube structure composed of four side panels of triple exposed photographs of the human body printed on galvanized steel. The photographs challenge one's view of the human body and hopefully lead one to an evolved perspective of the human form.

Contact: geneabarnes (at) geneabarnes (dot) com

Evolving to Bootiesattva : Zome Mani Padme Zome
by Patricia Algara, Rob Bell and Zachary Rutz
The spiral is the most ancient symbol found on every civilized continent.

The spiral of nature, art, mathematics - a constant form at all scales revolving around itself, ever evolving upward towards syntropy, synergy, life, consciousness and enlightenment. The duality of the spiral embodies the cyclical nature of birth and rebirth and the escape there from.

On the Playa, enter the Zome Mani Padme Zome and begin the evolutionary journey; the cycle or birth and rebirth thru a spiral labyrinth of luminarias ever evolving inwards, ever evolving upwards, sometimes setback but ultimately finding the sacred lotus zome at the center - the Bootiesattva. A sacred space where experiences happen.

Contact: patriciaalgara (at) yahoo (dot) com

Evolution of Black Rock City
This wall contains 11 high-resolution 360 degree photos of Black Rock City from 1998 to 2008, showing how the city, its camps and its art have changed through time.

Contact: btm (at) templetons (dot) com

Evolution Reaching for Balance
Evolution Reaching for Balance, as a part of "The Tangled Bank", from earth to sky demonstrates how everything is connected and reverberates energy with everything around it. The piece speaks for the new Awakening of Cooperation not competition. It addresses evolution of balance and harmony of vibration through out the Universe. By reaching for "Balance With Evolution" the project prompts a person to ponder the questions, what are we as humans, how do we fit or why do we fit? What is our impact to the environment, what are we as life here, including the spiritual and the physical; where did life come from, how does it occur? How can we as life continue to adapt and develop and how our awareness continues to evolve. Are we in control of our own evolution and the evolution of this planet called earth?

Contact: danieljames (at) gorge (dot) net

Evolution Scarf
The Evolution Scarf is an interactive and evolutionary art piece. A scarf is created for "The Man" by the participation of passers-by. Anything that can be knitted, woven, crocheted, sewn or even tied-on is added on and shows each person's unique contribution as well as represents how we are all connected. Each day the scarf will grow longer and more beautiful!

Contact: evolutionscarf (at) gmail (dot) com

Extra Body Parts
by Jango
Extra Body Parts is a chance to become part of something greater than oneself. (R)evolve and give of yourself to this experiment.

Contact: jango (at) velocity7 (dot) com

Eyes Wide Open Iraq War Memorial: An Evolution?
by KennyBlunt
Combat boots form a large circle. At the center, a low podium houses the Book of the Fallen which honors all of the U.S. soldiers that have been killed in the Iraq War since it began in 2003.

Feedback Loop
Feedback Loop ponders the origin of the drive for evolutionary consciousness.

Three bamboo poles, four inches wide and eight feet tall, form a pyramid. Hemp rope holds them secure and also winds up each pole, forming a double helix. Inside this pyramid are planted ceramic mushrooms.

Along with Bombay Dub Orchestra and later Cheb i Sabbah, a reading of the poem "Feedback Loop" discusses how humans and certain plants co-evolve and how a Darwinian survival feedback loop causes an invevitable escalation of consciousness upward toward the infinite.

Contact: john (dot) noble (at) youngnoble (dot) com

Figura Paradigmatica
This mesmerizing light-sound sculpture is an interactive and continuously changing formation of painted threads interwoven and illuminated by blacklight. It creates an illusion of Time and Evolution as an hourglas shape, and soft music played through the lucent strings bring it to life with exquisite vibration creating stunning viual effects. Participants are complelled to come close and add their own ripples and light to the dance.

Two bases of the project interpenentrate is a nod to Cusanus; the two bases being Unitas and Alteritas. In these, all other opposites are contained: God and the Void, Light and Darkness, Possibility and Reality, Universal and Particular, Male and Female.

Contact: kali (dot) mcevoy (at) yahoo (dot) com

Fireside Chat
A welcoming fire surrounded by couches and easy chairs awaits the inspired evolutionary discussions of burners.

by Mister Jellyfish
Fluffer trolls the outer reaches of Black Rock City to bring a familiar comfort and interactive hypnotic trance, "doggy style". A customized audio message and hypnotic spiral in Fluffer's mouth prepare you for an experience most sublime... Hidden inside the dog's head on a strange tricycle, a clothes dryer is utilized to fluff your furry playa coat and leave you dazed, softened, and daisy fresh.

Contact: sinktrap (at) charter (dot) net

Flutter Tunnel
by Bland Hoke, Bryan Carpenter, Avery Resor, Hallie Sales and Steve Rainier
Flutter Tunnel is a 1000 foot long series of 100 steel arches that create an undulating slinky space. The project addresses the temporary nature of art installations, using borrowed, salvaged and waste materials. Additionally, Flutter Tunnel uses solar powered flashlights to illuminate it during the night. The flashlights will be donated to an organization in Uganda to assist in education and enterprise. Flutter Tunnel is a socially responsible installation which creates zero waste.

Flutter Tunnel is a contemplative space through which to journey. It encapsulates, isolates and broadens the scope of spacial ideologies.

Contact: fluttertunnel (at) gmail (dot) com

From Tyranny to Tolerance
by Lisa Genasci
Raped and impregnated by the religions of the world, Mother Earth awakens from this “tyranny over the minds of man” and gives birth to tolerance. As always, Mother Earth evolves.

Contact: lgenasci (at) gmail (dot) com

Galaxy on a Stick
by Jonathan Smith and Dominique Reboul
A garden? A weird garden. Perhaps it isn't a garden! Are they animal or vegetable? Are these pods that then become adults or are they a separate species? When the wind blows through them they speak. At night time they communicate with light. Apparently they understand each other.

Contact: galaxyonastick (at) fetchaphrase (dot) com

by Carla Aspenberg
Ghosts is an installation consisting of hundreds of small, white, cast plastic fish that appear to be moving together as a group. The piece evokes feelings of environmental disaster and questions the direction our society is progressing towards.

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