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All Our Relations
by Sharon Strong Armstrong
All our Relations is a prayer spoken by Native American people acknowledging the web of life that connects all beings; an installation of masks, embodying the spirit of that prayer, envisioning a world where we honor the earth as our home. Within a circle, five creatures spiral around five black columns representing the five animal realms: reptile, mammal, insect, bird and fish (lizard, wolf, praying mantis, hawk and salmon). World mythology is rich with stories expressing the belief in a reciprocal relationship between human beings and animals. In the center balances a mobile of the human family: grandmother, mother, father, youth and child. The outer faces look toward the world with open eyes. Inside each mask is the face of the dreamer. What dreams will shape our future?

Contact: sharon (at) gadurkee (dot) com

Altered TV/Sacred Couch
by Ellen Henrici, Robin Robinson, Alan Masaoka
This is the ultimate passive TV experience, reflecting American culture's fixation on its favorite pastime. Participants sit on a couch and view themselves and BRC on a mirrored television screen, leaving them to contemplate our passive lifestyles.

Contact: ehenrici (at) redshift (dot) com

American Dream Automated ATM Machine
by Brad Templeton
An ATM Machine that dispenses special "playa money," satirizes money as the American Dream. Half the money is "reverse money" known as "Gifting certificates." One gives the note along with a (usually non physical) gift, and then the recipient is expected to pass on the note and the gift as well.

Contact: burn (at) mail (dot) 4brad (dot) com

American Dream Catcher
by Noelle Charles and Terry Pratt
The American Dream Catcher is similar to a traditional Native American dream catcher but in a semi-collapsed state. It represents how the pressures of attaining the American Dream have taxed and burdened our entire earth. Embedded in the dream catcher's web are three monitors that show different images of the American Dream and the antithesis of those dreams.

Contact: dangerousgrace (at) earthlink (dot) net

American Dream Home
by Playatech: Black Rock Timeshares
A simple comfortable box exceeding 1/3 of world housing reminds us that a billion humans lack shelter, and two billion yearn for the American Dream: a HOME. In a polluted world with dwindling resources, they can’t have it! Or can they? American Dream Home V2.0A promises the poor a chance to thrive, not struggle to survive. Born and raised in Black Rock City, this prototype dream home is designed to leave no trace on the planet. Made from sustainable/recyclable material for the cost of a laptop, it deploys like a tent, lasts 10+ years, and integrates sustainable heating/cooling/utilities. American Dream Home V2.0A symbolizes a new dream: one truck delivers 100 homes with a pop-up schoolhouse that teaches the 10 Principles, to transform disaster areas into intentional sustainable communities disguised as refugee camps. Just like BRC!

Playatech: Taking the American Dream TO the World, Not FROM It. Live well, give well.

Contact: arthurz (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

American Studies
by Ben Grant
American Studies is a classroom that invites curious exploration, meticulous analysis, playful satire, mad rantings, numb repetition, insightful observation, strident critique, or vigorous defense of the idea of America.

Contact: benjamingrant (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

Americans Can Dream
by Deborah Windham
My bedroom will be recreated on the playa so folks can rest and write in my bedside table.

Contact: drdeb4u (at) hotmail (dot) com

Arbor Animus
by Preston Dane, David Ort and Annie Vainchenker
Arbor Animus, meaning Spirited or Courageous Tree, is a 15-foot-tall, multimedia, fully-interactive, artistic representation of an American Willow tree which evokes the American Dream. On each colored leaf of the tree is an image that represents the actual "American Dream" of a different individual from across this country. Combining figurative painting and sculpture with LED and fiberoptic lighting, this gentle giant provides shade during the day and brilliant lighting effects at night.

URL: www.arboranimus.com
Contact: squiredane (at) gmail (dot) com

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by Philip Raiser, Arthur Rodriguez and Mik Hilldebrand
Babylon is a 100-foot tall tower of dreams, its shimmering sand-colored surface reflecting the images and imagination of the Burning Man community, and the American melting pot beyond. The structure envelops an innovative steel structure in a reflective mesh screen on three sides that will be used throughout the night. On one face of the tower, participants' full-length photos are divided horizontally into thirds and randomly mixed with two other people's photo sections to form a composite. On two other sides, participants, responses to the question, "What is your dream?" will be translated into two random languages and projected onto the full height of the structure. The result will be an evanescent, ever-changing, thought-provoking creation that will reflect the spirit of the American dream.

URL: www.babylonartproject.com
Contact: phillip (at) raiser (dot) com

Bat Country
by Gwen Fisher and Paul Brown
Bat Country is 21’ tall four-sided tetrahedron built with 384 aluminum baseball bats, 130 twelve-inch softballs and 2000 pounds of steel. Each edge of the structure measures 26’ in distance. Mathematically, Bat Country is an example of a third-generation Sierpinski Tetrahedron. As participants explore the piece, the view changes in dramatic and unexpected ways; one remarkable feature of a Sierpinski Tetrahedron is just how different it appears from different points of view. The construction materials are chosen because baseball remains first in the famous trinity (with Mom and apple pie) that so memorably defines the American Dream.

URL: batcountry.liquid.net
Contact: gwenbeads (at) charter (dot) net or pbrown (at) sbcontrols (dot) com

Black Rock Stadium
by Dean C. Stahman
Black Rock Stadium is a a mini-ballpark where kids can come to live out a dream. Stepping up to the plate with organ music, crowds cheering/jeering, and a thorny announcer can unsettle most. Hang in there, watch the pitchers' delivery and whack it! Teams of 2 get a chance to field and then hit. Scoring will win you a box of Cracker Jacks.

Contact: Bambino1426 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Bootstrapped Dream: A Wobbly House of Cards
by Baba O'Baba & Associates
A suspended cowboy boot threaded by two cables holds the Dream together; lines of playing cards form the walls and roof, each card spinning independently.

This installation — spinning tribal casino cards on a frame of (oil-based) PVC-pipe bending with every gust of wind — doesn’t inspire confidence any more than the US housing market, or the democratization of Iraq. Yet, as the Bootstrapped Dream sways with the playa winds, sturdier than it might appear, we might contemplate whether the American Dream is truly out of reach; whether the framework of Market Forces will continue correcting, without the intervention of a not-so-invisible hand, on a not-so-invisible man. Or woman. Is the Bootstrap sufficient to keep the House of Cards from collapsing?

Contact: baba (at) washingtonbikelaw (dot) com

Burn Your Television
by Rachel Kadner
This grouping of mosaic TV's comes from my desire to turn something perverse into something beautiful. TV is the American Dream gone wrong. It is the ultimate vehicle for distilling, thwarting, and tainting information, pushing us into a world of consumerism and corporate sponsorship while keeping us away from who we really are and where we want to go. By adding stained glass mosaics to working TV screens, I give people the opportunity to re-experience the TV. Instead of mindlessly staring into commercials and shows that play to the lowest common denominator, you will have the opportunity to watch the dancing images of light and movement behind glass art, inviting the imagination to play instead of telling it how to think.

Contact: stingray500 (at) hotmail (dot) com

by Deb Culmer and David Van Brink
In 1939, our Fores brought forth on this continent a New Nation. It arose shining from the surface, its geometries embracing the race that celebrated it. Thrusting upward, the Trylon draws the eyes forward while the Perisphere asks them to rest. Our Fores had a vision of a new kind of city, aglow with promise: Democracity. Nestled in the globe of the Perisphere, is this city long deserted, or yet to be inhabited?

Contact: poly (at) omino (dot) com

Dream Quilt
by Sandra McBride
The Dream Quilt, like many Americana quilts of yesteryear, is a collaborative group project. The steel patches, designed and cut by 27 different people, are stitched together and represent the connecting of individuals into a cohesive community. The shadows, cast by the images within the patches, create a dreamy visage. Visitors can pivot and tilt the steel quilt to receive the sun and wheel the nearby bed to take the shadow, or use the patch shadows and trace a tattoo, decorating your body to carry pieces of the dream with you across the playa.

Contact: jump4s (at) comcast (dot) net

Drowning in the American Dream
by Patrick Plummer
A blackened pool represents the fears and delusions the American advertising industry uses to manipiulate consumers. Nearby, the seven sins of television lead the charge with a hypnotic 24-hour bombardment. We are all drowning in the American dream of consumptio. CAUTION: No lifeguard on duty. Danger of drowning.

Contact: aplummer (at) ix (dot) netcom (dot) com

Eyes Wide Open Iraq War Memorial
by KennyBlunt & Danielle Thorburn
The Eyes Wide Open Iraq War Memorial uses combat boots to remember the soldiers who have been killed in the current war. A photo book shows pictures of each fallen soldier.

Contact: kennyisblunt (at) gmail (dot) com

Garage Sale
by Elena Duchovny
The cycle of the ultimate American Dream goes something like this: we buy a house, we fill it with stuff, then we fill it with more stuff, and then some of the old stuff has to go! Garage Sale! Likewise with our minds - we fill them with stuff, then we fill them with more stuff... ever wish you could just have a garage sale for all the useless stuff inside your head?

Contact: e_dukh (at) hotmail (dot) com

Garden and Grotto of Manifest Destiny
by Randy Polumbo
A flower field comprised of bizarre satellite-shaped blossoms gathered around and inside a modified shipping container lures the viewer into a grotto. These techno-organic LED illuminated flowers with solar panel petals and stamens are made of softly glowing sex toys. Moored in the desert, this modified container, punctured with baby bottle nipples cast out of recycled glass amid a pollination frenzy of solar flowers, creates a soft glowing subconscious garden. Visitors become pollinators, tempted by the glass nipples to penetrate the grotto. Once inside the dark vessel, the viewer is confronted with resonant imagery: a video in the shape of America with phalli ejaculating over the country’s borders, reiterating provocative and bittersweet ideals of pollination, expansion, and manifest destiny within the confines of the American Dream.

Contact: randy (at) 3-dcon (dot) com

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House of War
by Dan Webster
Wouldn't it be wonderful if your new home perfectly reflected you and what you believe? Your core values are the foundation for your life and what you most want to pass on to your growing children. If your world view supports America as a superpower that has an obligation to police the planet, then you will be right at home in your new House of War. The House of War exemplifies the new American culture of "Endless War:" The War on Terror, The War Against Islam, The War Against Privacy; these are the neighborhoods you belong in. The House of War is the new American dream home.

Contact: danbwebster (at) cox (dot) net

"I Have a Dream"
by Dave and Jeanete Monachello
An el-wire animated portrait of Dr. King's "I Have a Dream Speech", this animated sculpture is powered by custom electronics that drive its lighting and action, and English language phoneme which enables the sculpture to "speak" any phrase.

Contact: jeanette (dot) monachello (at) xerox (dot) com or david (dot) monachello (at) nortelgov (dot) com

Iron Native
by Tiahaar Kurtheru McKenzie
The Iron Native merges forms and symbols of early America with materials of the contemporary America to remind us of those who were here before. It also invokes the magic of the heptagon and 7 pointed faery star to bring the earth energy of fire and heat to those who gather around its hearth at night.

Contact: palominomale (at) yahoo (dot) com

Let Freedom Ring
by Byron Chell
A colorful ten foot tall American Eagle totem stands over several red, white and blue bells meant to be played by those wandering the playa.

Contact: bbchell (at) earthlink (dot) net

Little Pool on the Playa
by Maria Grasso, Conrad Smart and Gianna Smart
The suburban American Dream - a shag swimming pool - becomes a pause for reflection.

Contact: mpghh (at) aol (dot) com

Live Free or Die – Death is Not the Worst of Evils
by Michael Bushman
"Live Free or Die – Death is Not the Worst of Evils" is an interactive art piece representing what it means to Live Free and demonstrating the potential repercussions of failing to follow that imperative.

Contact: michael_bushman (at) hotmail (dot) com

about this photo
by Daniela Ardizzone
The old american dream, the miner's dream, meets the new american dream: the Burning Man.

An old miner digs a hole from the underground and finally comes back to the surface, thinking to have found some treasure. In total estatic surprise, he instead finds himself in the middle of the playa, between crazy mutant vehicles, incredible art, a spectacle of lights,music and the fires of the 21st century.

Contact: werockvenice (at) gmail (dot) com

Mitford Machine
by Kathryn Williamson
The Mitford Machine honors Jessica Mitford, the muckraking San Francisco Bay Area journalist who wrote The American Way of Death. This seminal book exposed how the entrepreneurial American funeral industry fleeces the bereaved at their most vulnerable moment. The Mitford Machine is a coffin that bombards an occupant with advertising - namely, television commercials.

Contact: pal (at) cs (dot) stanford (dot) edu

Native American Temple
by Ronald Cincinnati
The Native American Temple embodies a convergence of history, architecture and spirituality at a crossroads where indigenous cultures confront the American Dream.

The teepee and the log cabin homestead are simultaneously evoked by a sculpture of stacked lumber rising and twisting from the ground. Sunlight filters through the open framing to throw patterns of shadows on the desert floor. Material, form, and space harmonize to shape a transcendental sanctum for contemplation and reconciliation. The Native American Temple convokes the divergent aspirations of conflicting societies at a moment in our collective past when new world Manifest Destiny confronted the ancient ways of life of Native Americans.

Contact: peppascroni (at) comcast (dot) net

by Moonrock Collective
The Desert Oasis Townhomes are the latest residential development by the Moonrock Collective Real Estate Company. Nestled between the beautiful Jackson and Calico Mountain ranges in the great expanse of the playa, these exclusive 240 modern townhomes command sweeping views of Gerlach, Empire, and beyond. Experience the highest standard that modern construction has to offer in the quiet community of 40°46'20"N 119°12'49"W. The Desert Oasis Townhomes are not only a great investment but a charming place to live out your years. Starting in the low 400's.

Contact: sean (at) snackpalace (dot) com

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Obsessive Consumption
by Joan O'Bannon
A nine-foot tall "drinking bird" lowers his head (mechanically) and drinks from an over-sized oil barrel, then bobs upright, repeating this sequence perpetually. He suffers from "obsessive consumption" and "conspicuous compulsion". The bird represents a part of the American Dream carried to excess; he believes he is entitled to all the oil he can consume, a dipsomaniac truly addicted to a diminishing world supply of oil, hopelessly and helplessly drinking and bobbing and seemingly unable to stop himself.

Contact: tdobannon (at) yahoo (dot) com

Photo Booth/Voting Booth
by Elizabeth Leidy and Marianna Ludensky
This booth allows the community to individually share their opinions and ideas in a personal interview with the artists, before entering a photo booth where they can pose however they'd like. This art piece will creates conversation, connections, and a variety of beautiful portraits connected to personal anecdotes. Some of the questions presented relate to this years theme and how participants see America contributing to the world.

Contact: eleidy (at) udel (dot) edu

Playa Estates
by Christine McCaull
Welcome to Playa Estates, Black Rock City's very own gated community. Enter through a perfectly trimmed facade and discover, in statistics and images, the world within- what secret lives are lived within the America Home? This commentary invites you to consider how order, ego, perfectionism, safety, isolation, celebration, consumption, and social ranking fit into the Amercian Dream.

Contact: xtinemccaull (at) hotmail (dot) com

Pyramid Scheme
by Taylor Kohn
Pyramid Scheme is a totem of the trappings of materialism in the American Dream of "Manifest Destiny". Reflect on the hiearchy of trickle down economics, multiple level marketing, and messages like get rich quick off the back of others, Enter and inquire within about real "wealth".

Contact: taylorkohn (at) msn (dot) com

Rags to Riches
by Mik Phipps
"Rags to Riches" kits available; first come first serve.

Contact: mikphipps (at) hotmail (dot) com

Reality BMTV
by Richard Wells
A TV screen is the heart of a dark and cozy family room; this optical illusion can only be viewed from a certain angle. Through the television screen we can see the outside world and those who are present in the landscape. The idea of 15 minutes of fame, a popular American Dream, is realized through reality TV.

URL: richwells.weebly.com/
Contact: richwells (at) mac (dot) com

Redwood Resurrection
by Daniel Dancer
The creation of the American empire and pursuit of the American dream has resulted in the deforestation of 95% of this country's old growth forests. Only a remnant remains and much of that is still in danger of being cut. To call attention to this issue, an Art For the Sky team will create a life-size version of an old growth redwood tree made entirely of human bodies... naked for the trunk and roots... and clothed, (preferably green or dark colors) for the branches. An enactment of the cutting of this tree will result in the tree of people smashing to the ground, where everyone will lay sprawled about and still as if dead. Among "the dead", fire dancers, drummers and flute players will emerge to enchant the fallen tree back up to life and it's original shape. Dancers will form a protective oval ring at the base, encircling the giant tree... lights will come on in the branches, birds will sing and then the entire tree will dance.

Contact: dancer (at) artforthesky (dot) com

by Kim Chee
A giving back of sorts, Reservation represents Black Rock Desert land repatriation for territory stolen by the US Government years ago - a superb example of the gift economy in action!

Contact: producebuyer (at) hotmail (dot) com

Self Evidence
by Robert Bengtson, Jonathan Weisblatt, Caroline Warner, Clay and Shannon Cahoon, Audree Halasz, et al
A circle of twelve life-size plaster molds of seated adult females, with an empty space for participant participation, completing the circle. The figures, tattooed with the U.S. Constitution, each represent one superimposed word/concept to which she Pledges her Allegiance. From the 13th position a path leads through the circle into a tipi, topped by a waving original American flag, with a circle of 13 stars, where soundscape recordings are played. The participant is invited to enter the tipi to deepen his/her commmitment in specific ways to actively participating in — and thus ensuring the vitality of — our living democracy.

Contact: jonathan (at) oneselfportrait (dot) com

Shadow of Freedom
by Bob Henderson
America Started as a good idea. What happened? Our freedoms are slowly being stripped, our actions monitored, and our minds are being told how to think! It's time to destroy this progression to make room for a rebirth of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

Contact: bob (at) 8thstreet (dot) com

Table for One
by Mark Mindrup
The POW/MIA memorial is a representation and rememberance of soldiers and sailors who have been lost and the families that are still waiting for their return.

Contact: mark (dot) mindrup (at) navy (dot) mil

The Choice
by Matthew Welter
A huge, wooden Statue of Liberty, still in progress, rises with its lofty scaffolding; bold as ever but changed! A Liberty for the new era... Invited to rise, one climbs three stories to share one's own stories...to somehow affect the cause of Liberty. Back on the ground is a still-huge-but-smaller Liberty, displayed proudly on a stump pedestal--she’s clad in burnt, charred, glorious textures. Then one sees a chiseled poem…mysterious, haunting, challenging, like a riddle plunging deep, with its haughty dare--to journey to some public stage, to finally make a stand before humanity and cast an historic vote; one vote only: Order or Anarchy!!!

Contact: timeless (dot) sculptures (at) gmail (dot) com

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The $hrine
by Lukku
The $hrine is a structure that incarnates the American dollar. Three golden dollar signs reflect the sun by day, and at night shine out across the playa. The $hrine is participatory, and the interior features stickered sentiments sent from collaborators the world over. The $hrine will burn on Friday, sending all sorts of funky financial karma into the ether.

Contact: albain (at) gmail (dot) com

Third World View
by Kirk Marcroft
This sociopolitical art piece shows how the third world views the American Dream.

Contact: wookie0 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Trash Fence
by Bob Noxious
A large American Indian tipi is adorned with every nation’s flag, Old Glory flying high above the rest. Every dream is as individualistic as the dreamer, however, the collective dreams of Americans contain a common element: freedom. Freedom is not without sacrifice; for every freedom realized another is given up. The tipi and all its flags will be burned, but two unadorned tipis will remain, at one with the spirit of native Americans, where freedom is not sacrifice.

Contact: rfclarkson (at) aol (dot) com

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U.S. Nuclear Test Images 1945-1962 Greatest Achievement/Greatest Horror
by Douglas Robertson
A ceramic and glass exploration of America's above ground nuclear test images. Reflections on the byproducts of our achievements.

Contact: playasnowflake (at) gmail (dot) com

Visual Oasis
by Todd Pinkham
A 32’ geodesic dome is clad with colorful images — from the iconography of presidents and monuments to the fantasy of flying saucers and fictitious heroes — which swirl and intersect, creating strange connections and interrelations of truth and myth.

Contact: PINKHAM (at) cup (dot) edu

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Welcome to Fabulous Black Rock City
by Steve Roper
America's dream city has always been Las Vegas, Nevada. The sign that welcomes visitors to that city has been "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas," created in 1952. Today, America's favorite festival is Burning Man, and the sign that will welcome all the loyal burners back to the playa is "Welcome to Fabulous Black Rock City".

Contact: sgr_pa (at) yahoo (dot) com