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1:11 Sapphire Portal
by Harlan Emil Gruber (AKA Awonsaihu) and the Portal
The Sapphire Portal is an evolutionary interface that provides an environment for personal, planetary and galactic vibrational alignment. It is a 60'diameter, 10' high sky blue dish that has in the center a series of nested geometric forms that relate to the earth's evolving energetic pattern. Once inside, the sloping interior face of the sky blue wall blocks the horizon, and a sky blue floor covering completes the effect of floating in the sky. It also contains the Quasar Wave Transducer sound sculpture that produces low frequency vibrations in the range of brain waves and earth resonance frequencies to activate the experience. There will be Galactivation ceremonies held at sunrise and sunset as well.

Contact: h (at) harlanemil (dot) com

12:12 Emerald Portal
by Harlan Emil Gruber (AKA Awonsaihu) and the Portal
The 12:12 Emerald Portal was originally made for Burning Man 2006 and will be returning for the first time in 2008. It is based on 3-dimensional sacred geometry, heart chakra colors and incorporates the Quasar Wave Transducer, a subsonic nonlinear dynamic analog feedback device. It is made of specially painted plywood and has seating both within the lower area and on a raised central platform. The Outline is a steel tubing version that clearly shows the geometry of the structure and can be climbed on. The intent of these sculptures is to catalyze a personal connection to the Emerald within the participant's heart chakra and to facilitate a connection between participants and to the Earth and Galaxy's energy bodies.

Contact: h (at) harlanemil (dot) com

2,663 Urban Tumbleweeds
by Sheri L Koetting, MSLK Art Collective
In cities, plastic bags are referred to as "urban tumbleweed" because of their omnipresent, weed-like quality. The art installation is a chain made out of 2,663 linked plastic bags collected at drop off stations in NYC collection centers in NYC, representing the number of bags Americans currently consume in 1 second that brings an awareness of our society's mindless over-consumption and its severe environmental impacts. Informative facts and figures are integrated periodically along the chain, providing participants with facts about the consumption of plastic bags, their environmental impact, and what can be done to change and improve the situation.

Contact: sheri (at) mslk (dot) com

Address the Flock
by Rick Hartner
Tell them lies, make promises you can't keep, or just pour your heart out to them and they will listen attentively. It's the American Way! This is your opportunity to address the flock. Imagine a podium with an audience of 300 (all birds) who will hang on to your every word. What an opportunity for those of us needing an audience and outlet for oration!

Contact: rick (at) sittingduckstudio (dot) com

After "Dissipate"
by Christopher Brooks
In 1968, Michael Heizer came to the Black Rock Desert and created "Dissipate", a land art piece consisting of five trenches dug into the playa. Forty years later, "Dissipate" has been recreated by others to foster discussion of art created on the Black Rock Desert before Burning Man.

Contact: cxbrooks (at) gmail (dot) com

by Mary Franck
A central sculpture of a bicycle tree acts as a large MIDI controller to manipulate samples and live sounds. Small boxers with speakers and lights surround it.

Contact: mary_franck (at) yahoo (dot) com

by Austin Appleby
Applecore is a self-contained 8' wide spherical projection system that displays interactive electronic art.

URL: www.flickr.com/photos/26397129@N00/2249728291/
Contact: tanjent (at) gmail (dot) com

Artists All
by Belinda Allen
Artists All is meant to inspire Burning Man attendees that it's not too late to become pARTicipants. It is a flowing lighted memoriam of everyday artists who found a way to create and practice their art before leaving this world and with sound to hear, light to see, textures to touch and text to read, the project will inspire artistically blocked Burner's to become willing to make the time to manifest the art tied up in their minds. Artists All is inspired by "She died with her music in her." a quote from a memoriam a woman requested be put on her gravestone recognizing she postponed creating music until it was too late. An alphabetical location Index to find individual Artists is posted at each end of the installation.

Contact: belinda_allen (at) charter (dot) net

by Hector Topete
Twelve 8 feet tall panels are covered with disposable camera flashbulbs which create flashing patterns of light. Ascension anchors the 3:00 plaza.

Contact: heckyman (at) mac (dot) com

by Rich Martin
The Avesta is the altar to the Opulent Temple's mission of Sacred Dance. Avesta means "praise" and is associated with Zoroastrianism which, in turn is associated with a cult of fire in Middle Persia. The energy of the creator is represented in Zoroastrianism by fire and the sun which are both enduring, radiant, pure and life sustaining. Zoroastrians usually pray in front of some form of fire (or any source of light).

Contact: sydgris (at) opulenttemple (dot) org

Avocamentum Galactica MkII
by Douglas Ruuska
You cannot go to the Galaxies, so why not let one come to you? Be mesmerized by a stately spinning, double-armed spiral representation of our native stellar whirlpool, where a myriad of thousands of stars in constantly changing hues and patterns. This, coupled with orreric representations of the signs of the Zodiac is appearing nightly on a Playa near you.

Contact: d_ruuska (at) hotmail (dot) com

Baleanea Delubrum
by Danya Parkinson and Joe Bard
The serenity and awe of a whale encounter off the northern California coast is captured in electro-luminescent wire, animated against the darkness of the playa. This solar-powered animation will illuminate every few minutes and will be seen by those who are patiently waiting or are lucky enough to catch a passing glimpse, similar to a real whale encounter. Creating no waste and consuming no resources in the process of creating active art is a step that we feel needs to be addressed in the Burning Man community and the world at large.

Contact: pyrokineticart (at) yahoo (dot) com

by Coyote's Forever
A bar with a dance pole out in the middle of nowhere.

Contact: coyotejff (at) hotmail (dot) com

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Blowing Smoke
by Steven Clark
A golden angel blowing a trumpet stands on a ten foot tower.

Contact: stevensclark (at) earthlink (dot) net

by Tom Seymor
Mesmerizing, creeping. undulating fire suspended over your head.

Contact: westerndevil (at) earthlink (dot) net

Bridge of Fire
by Dana and Kandy Barks
A humble memorial sculpture built in remembrance of Donovan Shayne Barks who jumped to his death from the Golden Gate Bridge on February 13th 2008. It is a small representation of a larger piece to be completed for next year.

Contact: Kandy (at) sonic (dot) net

by Larry Breed
A reliably erratic timekeeping beacon, the flaming tetherball swoops and spirals through the Black Rock night: tick... tick... keeping exact playa time, more or less.

Contact: livember (at) earthlink (dot) net

Cirque de Flambé, the Lost American Dream
by Maque daVis
The Cirque pyro circus shows were born on the playa and will end on the playa, ten years later. Due to a scorched-earth policy of new and old acts, all front row folks need to wear eye protection. One show only will be held on Wednesday, August 27th at 10 PM out in front of the Cirque de Flambé camp.

Contact: maque (at) drizzle (dot) com

by Laurent Martin aka Lowrent the Clown
The COALITION in OPPOSITION to GLOWSTICKS, or C.O.G. for short, is a new unofficial department at Burning Man which registers individuals, with real laminates, to collect and confiscate any and all glowsticks throughout the event. The collected glow sticks will then be burnt in the man burn as a testament to our indulgence, waste and, well, America.

Contact: lowrenttheclown (at) gmail (dot) com

by Starburner
Created by East Coast artist, Starburner, this lifesized vintage 1913 biplane replica, red with silver stars, will be completely consumed by fire on Friday night, with amazing pyrotechnics.

Contact: starburnertheillusionist (at) yahoo (dot) com

Cozmic Drum Cage
by Clyde Casey
A complex array of percussive objects/instruments forms a large interactive sculpture, complete with a 3D American flag and other objects made from trash and found objects. The Drum Cage came to the playa from New Orleans.

Contact: dickiehaskell (at) gmail (dot) com

Digital Sundial
by Werner Krotz-Vogel
In a singular blend of artistry and utility, the digital sundial combines the ancient science of sundials and advances of modern technology with elegant simplicity. Like a digital clock, the digital sundial displays the current time using digits. In the true tradition of all sundials, the device is purely passive - it operates without electricity, and has no moving parts. Instead, the sunlight is cast through two cleverly designed masks in the shape of numbers that show the current time of day.

This unique digital sundial looks like a glass pyramid with a base length of 2ft. As the base is a mirror, the sundial display appears to float amid the glass pyramid. This design was specifically created and crafted for the playa at Burning Man 2008.

Contact: wkrotz (at) web (dot) de

by Michael Krolczyk
This reflective space is built from large paintings inspired by considering our ideal community and day to day life.

URL: www.michaelkrolczyk.com/dreamroom/dreamroom.pdf
Contact: wayward (at) michaelkrolczyk (dot) com

East Black Rock
by David Brandt
East Black Rock, the outskirts of town, Population Zero.

Contact: dblonghair (at) mac (dot) com

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by Greg Whitehead
A featureless pedestal stands at the center of a cacophony of invisible voices, the echoes of visitors past... and present. Echo will record, mix together, and play back messages left during the week in a continuous loop.

by Andres Amador & Ember DeQuincy
The viewer encounters a painting on the playa that stretches for several hundred feet (don't worry- the dye biodegrades within days, if not sooner, and is used at the BMan airport). From the ground the design appears abstract, but after the event, from satellite images, the larger pattern of an organic organism clustered, extending, expanding, and growing appears.

URL: docs.google.com/Doc?id=dcwcdnwj_151dg3gxmfm
Contact: burningman (at) andresamador (dot) net

Faraday Construction
by John Porter
The Faraday Construction is a set of self-supporting, nested copper polyhedra, creating a transition from an environment awash in invasive electromagnetic noise to an area of electromagnetic sanctuary and privacy.

Contact: jdporter (at) ix (dot) netcom (dot) com

Flamethrower Shooting Gallery
by Matisse Enzer
Modelled after a county fair-style shooting gallery, this provides a new twist on a long-standing American tradition and pokes gentle fun at the American fascination with firearms and personal power, as well as the Burning Man fascination with fire and radical self expression, by allowing and encouraging participants to literally play with fire and shoot things.

Contact: matisse (at) matisse (dot) net

Fucking Jerks Thermal Lance
by Vince Brown
The F.J.T.L. will set fire to items considered non-flammable. See rocks become lava and steel on fire.

Contact: unrulia (at) yahoo (dot) com

Future Office Supplies
by Amanda McCormick
Walking across the hot, dry desert you suddenly see glimpses of green in the distance. Is it real? A mirage? Drawing closer, you find a small oasis of flowering desert plants. You decide to stay a moment and take in the beauty of nature before this small piece follows the way of the fields and forests and ends up simply a pencil on someone's desk.

Contact: dizzyravine (at) yahoo (dot) com

by Stefan Werner, Uli Klumpp, Camp Tabula Rasa
Gort is a circle of six metal grids serving as antennas that allow a number of participants to play spooky spherical sounds reminiscent of 1950s early science fiction movies by moving around those antennas.

Contact: stefan (at) keindesign (dot) de

The Grapestem
by Ben Zero
The Grapestem is an attempt to recreate the randomness and beauty of a nearly-consumed bunch of grapes in stainless steel. Installed between Center Camp and the Man in 2007, this year The Grapestem will have an augmented structure and the addition of seven lit 'grapes' that will change red, white and blue in color from evening to evening.

Contact: zero (at) stobor (dot) com

The Green Shoes, Camerascope + Teleidescope
by The Green Shoes: Sean O'Donoghue (aka Seano), The Camerascope and The Teleidoscope: Deep Heaven Camp
'The Green Shoes' is a light pulsing, interactive soundscape. Participants pass through an aural veil of Tibetan bells and a heartbeat and are detected by motion sensors within a field of hundreds of pulse-luminous shoes. As each pair of shoes is approached, it lights and glows for several moments, and a sound begins to play. Walking through the field of shoes one creates a unique personal light and sound expression. The trail of each participant remains glowing for a few moments, then fades, until touched off by another movement.

Each installation in this ongoing piece is created to address a specific person or place that could benefit from the introduction of a positive intention and is the embodiment of compassion within in the American Dream.

Contact: mjellis (at) footlooseforaays (dot) com

The Gyre Cleanup Project
by Sundance Owen
This art piece was inspired to bring awareness to the North Pacific Gyre, also known as The Garbage Patch.

A Gyre is a natural occurring vortex of winds and currents rotating in a clock wise direction where plastic and other debris accumulates in the center. The Gyre is in an area larger than Texas and sea life is mistaking plastic for food, so the Pacific Gyre is literarily choking the life out of the sea.

The piece is part of the Environmental Cleanup Coalition that has the following missions: To Clean up the North Pacific Gyre, to Restore the ocean to optimal health and to Replenish the oceans food production.

Contact: maui_diver (at) hotmail (dot) com

by Gary Stadler
Harmony is a structure based on the graceful sacred geometry of the curved lines of the twelve petaled lotus; it is extremely graceful and beautiful. Within this sacred space, burners may play any one of six Ombasses, custom-made stringed instruments tuned in harmony with each other; the sounds produced range from those of the sitar or cello, to the siren cries and groans of whale songs or the mystical emanations of deep space.

URL: www.heartmagic.com/harmony2.1.html
Contact: garee (at) heartmagic (dot) com

by Donivan Fox
Icos One is a partial icosahedron (a convex regular polyhedron composed of twenty triangular faces) with only fifteen faces showing. Five of the vertices contain motion sensors which "activate" the Icos as participants walk up to it at night. Ten of the faces have a small movable triangular panel that can be pulled out and rotated in one of three orientations. As the panel is rotated, the face colors change. Once a pre-defined mathematical color pattern is reached, the Icos reacts with a light show and audio consisting of pre-recorded ambient playa sounds, short speeches related to the American Dream, and off-beat songs played at a reasonable volume.

URL: web.mac.com/donivanf/Site/Icos_One.html
Contact: mekevorka (at) gmail (dot) com

I Heart Lamp
by Blue Lake Iron Works - Joel 'Fatboy' Brown, Mark 'F St' Whitman, Spike Foster, Tisha 'Mortisha' Sloan
'I Heart Lamp' is a super-size sculpture of grandma's living room floor lamp. More than 30 feet tall, the lamp sits on the playa as a reminder of the cushy living rooms that are the American Dream for the mainstream, but with a twist to fit other dreams. Made from a scavenged Douglas Fir pole and recycled box pipe and lumber, this lamp, besides being surrealistically large, does not contain an electric light bulb. This lamp is lit by a propane fire cannon that turns on the same way the light would… when someone pulls the chain hanging from under the lampshade almost 20 feet in the air.

Contact: tisha (at) inferknow (dot) org

I'm a Criminal in your Prayers
by nanni.ji a.k.a. nike Schroeder
Inspired by covers of the Playboy Magazine, participants are invited to lie on the padded ground beneath a shadestructure where, into the roof, a collection of lifesized portraits of nude women are sewn with thread onto a canvas. The installation plays with the feminine connotations of a woman being a sexual object through the images and of her role as a housewife by using sewing as the art medium. The artist will be present to hand stitch the outline of the participants onto the ground piece, so that their silhouettes will create a second art piece over the duration of the Burning Man Festival. Shadows of people coming and leaving are collected.

Contact: nanni (dot) ji (at) gmail (dot) com

by I. Lord and H. King
Utilizing a mix of internal, external and incidental lighting sources, the assemblage of raw lenses bends and warps perspective. Images and colors race through this clear installation.

Contact: ianclord (at) gmail (dot) com

Light Dust II
by Bill Softky
A cone of laser light, aimed from the vertex down toward the Playa, creates a shimmering, sparkling, moving air-borne amoeba pattern as dust tossed up by passers-by floats through the sheet of light. Every handful of dust tossed aloft creates a new and evanescent shape in the air.

Contact: drbill (at) softky (dot) com

by Pippin A.E. Wigglesworth-Weider
The Lighthouse is a wooden framework standing eleven meters tall. On top it emits a friendly revolving light for the playa people. It may be seen as a reference for navigation, or just as warmth for soul. The Lighthouse shall guide burning ships through the salt flats into a harbor of serenity.

Contact: pippinweider (at) gmail (dot) com

by Jen Upchurch sponsored by Circle Arts Organization
LIPS=Love is four giant lips coming out of the earth. Each set of lips represents a different dream. There are four themes, one for each lip. American Beauty Lips: painted like the American Flag. Pucker Up Lips: giant lips coming out to kiss you. Showing the Love Lips: journey of people across the world kissing. Community Kissing Lips: an interactive sculpture.

Contact: redjen10 (at) hotmail (dot) com

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Mala Leche
by William Potvin
This gigantic milk carton is a call to awareness of the disappearances and murder of women in Juarez, Mexico, just across the U.S. border town of El Paso, Texas. The majority of women were workers employed by American factories in Juarez.

Contact: dalabil (at) gmail (dot) com

Optical Illusions with PVC Pipe
by Ken Lindstrom
Optical Illusions Sculpture Art created with PVC pipe.

Contact: spiritmountain (at) qwest (dot) net

Optic Sunbrella
by Mark Svendsen
122 strips of nylon webbing are anchored to the playa, forming a nautilus shape.

by Garrett Lisi
The Oracle answers any question — prepare your question wisely. This installation consists of a manned white booth, similar in nature to Lucy's psychology booth from the Peanuts cartoon, with two chairs. The Oracle, sitting in the booth, answers all questions.

URL: sifter.org/~aglisi/stuff/oracle.jpg
Contact: gar (at) lisi (dot) com

Pacific Hell Playa Phone
by Brad Templeton
A Phone Booth which provides free phone calls around the world, sits on the playa or is mounted on a wagon to be mobile, connects Burners with the default world for an emotional moment.

Contact: burn (at) mail (dot) 4brad (dot) com

Panoramic Wall of History
by Brad Templeton
A wall with giant photographs (some over 20 feet long) depicting 10 years of Burning Man history, displays full 360 degree panoramas of all of Black Rock City.

Contact: burn (at) mail (dot) 4brad (dot) com

by Rob Buchholz
Perhaps is a 34' tall stainless steel and mosaic sculpture of a vase of daisies.

Contact: burninghombre (at) yahoo (dot) com

Permanent Transient Beings
by Ben Melchiors, Ben Cober, Krys Ptasinski, Cat Dayger, Peter Schuster, and Mike Turner
A field of 45 white flags anchored to the playa billow in the constant wind, spread apart, always in motion, yet simultaneously changing direction in sync with every shift of the wind. This community of individual human beings shift, change and move all over the globe, battered by world forces, transient but in search of permanence.

Contact: bmelchio (at) gmail (dot) com

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Phase One Data Collection
by The M.F. AdmiralCumulonnimbus
"At this place, at this moment of time, all mankind is us, whether we like it or not." - Samuel Beckett Phase One: Data Collection is a repository site with 5 locations located throughout Black Rock City which utilize different methods of thought extraction. It is here that thoughts can be recorded and archived for future use in this multi-phased, multi-year project.

This is only the beginning.

Contact: admiralcumulonnimbus (at) hotmail (dot) com

by Andres Amador & Ember DeQuincy
A glowing curtain, a 3-dimensional optical art Pattern, feels ephemeral, like living light. As you get near it you see that it is made up of an assemblage of hanging shapes moving with the breeze, shifting and changing colors and shapes. It consists of simple materials that combine to create a powerful effect, a reflection of the nature of our experience of the material world - it’s all about perspective.

URL: docs.google.com/Doc?id=dcwcdnwj_147d8dbv46d
Contact: burningman (at) andresamador (dot) net

by Sasha Leitman and Michael St. Clair
Playgrounds are classic icons of the official American Dream, and classic thought control devices. By messing up the idea of a playground, PlaySoundGround subverts the relationship between architecture and authority.

PlaySoundGround is an adult-sized playground that is also a musical instrument. It consists of three large pieces: a merry-go-round, a slide, and a teeter-totter. These pieces are equipped with sensors that convert the motion of play into music. The installation provides an arena for chaotic improvisations, synesthetic experiences and pointless fun.

A variety of smaller acoustic instrument-toys built into the slide support structure more traditional musical practices into the environment and directly address American material culture.

Contact: MPSprocket (at) gmail (dot) com

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Play Tag
by Nelson Lacey
Play Tag is a life-size steel sculpture depicting The Grim Reaper wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

Contact: artbylacey (at) hotmail (dot) com

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Power Grid
by Kathy D'Onofrio
Power Grid is a self service human energy grid re-vitalization station utilizing rose quartz and black toumaline from Farad, Nevada. There are four bays absorbing strength from the North, South, East and West.

Contact: kathygirl (at) ltol (dot) com

Primary Colors
by Anne Henderson
This is a vision of unity, co-existence and peace. When the wind blows, figures appear to blend and merge together to create something new. The shapes, while having a humanistic feel, symbolize anything that comes together during adversity.

Contact: gypsymaia (at) aol (dot) com and jwalm93942 (at) aol (dot) com

Primordial Fish Project
by Bobby Bacon
The Primordial Fish appears from an aerial view as a fossil imprint on the desert floor. The frame, in the shape of a fish skeleton, is flat black. When seen from above, the frame overshadows the polished body sections, and the viewer believes that only an eroded image exists. From ground level, however, the viewer realizes the fish has a striking three-dimensional character. The polished body sections that absorb the sunlight and reflect the desert, sky and passing spectators, become obvious. The frame itself almost disappears from a side angle, giving the impression of a colossal fish suspended in air.

Contact: bobbybacon (at) mac (dot) com

Prayers for Peace
by Jan DeLano, Wendell DeLano & Brendan Riordan
Similar to the idea of a Tibetan prayer wheel but in the form of a triangle, this sculpture will collect prayers from the playa. By spinning the peace triangle, the prayer energy will go out into the Universe and manifest.

Contact: jan (at) delanoconsulting (dot) com

by Tarn T. Schley
Sacred heart and the chairs of love fire art.

Contact: tarnschley (at) gmail (dot) com

Rembrane to Play
by Calli Beck
A large, membrane-like shade structure contains a gigantic Scrabble board.

Contact: callibug (at) gmail (dot) com

Remote Location
by Vulgaricus Gasket
A small wooden shack in the middle of nowhere is covered with remote controls that provide remote access for shelter inside. The project will be close to the trash fence, camouflaged, and will not concern itself with what you think. It's only purpose will be to observe YOU.

Contact: vulgaricus (at) yahoo (dot) com

Rock Opera - In My Dream
by Ronnie Nelson
The Rock Opera takes place on and around a Mayan Step Pyramid; it is a highly interactive art piece that promotes community, art, love & introspection. Pyramidal shapes of wood will be within reach to inspire one to write their dreams, hopes and wishes, which will be burned with the pyramid. This live exotic electronica event, with spectacular pyrotechnics & flame effects, features over 150 fire performers, belly dancers, circus performers, stilt walkers, drummers, and dancers.

On Friday, a Mutant Vehicle procession starts at Center Camp at sunset, followed by a 9PM performance and burn.

URL: www.TheRockOpera.net
Contact: ronnie (at) coloradoburningman (dot) com

by Robert Bose
SKYLINE is a kinetic balloon sculpture composed of multiple lines of helium filled balloons that reach out into the sky.

Contact: lostinnny (at) aol (dot) com

Shark Fins
by Oleg Lobykin
Shark fins is a representative image based on a stereotype of fear and danger. The shiny metallic surface is a sign of today's highly technological and complex world and is a consideration of the physical impact of progress on nature. There is both fear and danger in how man uses (abuses) planet Earth.

Contact: lobykin (at) bigfoot (dot) com

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Snow Dance
by Gary M. Raydon
A forest of skis rises from the Playa. In the confusion, a pathway emerges. At the end of the path, a clearing with benches. In the center of the clearing, a lone pair of skis, crossed, stand alone. A helmet hangs from the tips, boots resting on the ground, a memorial to a fallen friend.

Contact: graydon (at) cableone (dot) net

by Alex Nolan and Justin Grant
SOL is a groundbreaking piece of kinetic art, pushing the limits of sound, vision and motion in art. The sculpture is a nearly 25' tall robot, sensing the location and motion of nearby observers to track them with a highly directional sound system. The work is powered by an array of solar panels, drawing energy the sun to fuel its sensory output.

Contact: Justintruett (at) gmail (dot) com

Sound Cave
by Tyson Ayers
When one enters this small room built of piano parts, the strings on the walls capture the sounds the person emits and echoes them back for long periods of time. This resonance creates a space that evokes meditative reflection or childlike exuberance.

Contact: firebrandart (at) yahoo (dot) com

Spike's Funeral Pyre
by Dan DeLong
Take all the pieces of the dark den of iniquity known as Spike's Vampire Bar; assemble into a fantastic shrine, a towering alter to its infernal wickedness and a tribute to all those depraved souls who found joyous and infinitely sinful love within it's malevolent and unholy confines; add flame; reduce to ash; cry; move on; wonder what happens next?

Contact: deathvalleydog (at) comcast (dot) net

Spinal Space
by Rebecca Nase
As participants step inside Spinal Space, the space surrounding them changes as the lines of the sculpture cut the atmosphere into different shapes. The piece is an internal space where one can still interact with the world around them and is also reminiscent of playground equipment, monkey bars, and maypoles. Sometimes we forget that we used to be kids, it's okay to remember.

Contact: beckaboodle (at) hotmail (dot) com

by Quentin Davis
Dome shaped pods springing directly from the playa surface made entirely of playa clay and waste water. LED's illuminate the spores at night.

Contact: quentin (at) quentini (dot) com

by Serge GASC
The Sprinkle'N Dust is a shell shaped shelter with a fountain in the center that offers an interactive, cool, green and relaxing environment. Participants can share water and fill the shell and activate a natural air conditioning system that creates an oasis in the heat of the playa or they can share just a little water to maintain the dripping system that sustains plants inside the shelter. Thirsty participants can get cool drinking water at the fountain while resting in the lounge.

Contact: maskgasc (at) gmail (dot) com

about this photo
by Nicholas Herman
The Stargazer is a physical representation of how people reconcile their individuality in the midst of infinite space and time. Looking up through the middle of the 25' structure, one beholds 5 columns that form a star. One's individual experience depends upon the interaction of people outside who work together to turn a wheel that is connected to a two person carousel.

Contact: skitnik20 (at) gmail (dot) com

Story Oasis
by Benjamin Simpson
A collection of desks, chairs, typewriters, pens, pencils and paper is placed on the playa, waiting for stories to be told, poems to be written, and prose to be concocted.

URL: storyoasis.com/
Contact: ben (at) hodomania (dot) com

The Tea Temple
by Mark Holmes and Jon Oda
The Tea Temple is a place of peace and fine tea, served in the midst of chaos and dust on the Playa. It is a custom tent inspired by the shelters on the Silk and Salt trading routes of Asia, and informed by Tibetan Buddhist art and philosophy.

Contact: mh (at) pranamaya (dot) com

by David Talkin & Anthony Applewhite
A colorful, people-powered whirligig uses collaborative movement to spin a giant teetotum, generating much laughter, strong abdominal muscles, and enough electricity to light the piece by night.

Contact: dtalkin (at) gmail (dot) com

Temple of Community
by Lancelot Smith and Rue Morgue
The Temple of Community is a thirty-foot-high rendition of an origami crane. Encircling this central figure are individual, unique renditions of smaller cranes created by other theme camps. The expansive Gateway to the Future archway welcomes visitors into this circle.

The crane is a strong, graceful and beautiful bird. In Japanese, Chinese, and Korean tradition, the bird is a majestic symbol of longevity, happiness, and wisdom. It is said that a person who folds 1,000 cranes will be granted his or her greatest wish. On the playa, the crane symbolizes the act of letting go – of people, places, feelings, ideas – making wishes, discovering hope, finding peace, and building the wisdom, happiness and longevity of a community that is united in this experience. Anyone can participate with this piece, leaving notes, inscriptions and mementos. When the cranes are set ablaze, may all wishes come true.

Contact: socallegalvideo (at) yahoo (dot) com

by Jim Abrams
The Tetrion is a tremendous representation of the pieces from the original Tetris game.

Contact: bm07 (at) jimabrams (dot) com

The End
by Bob Marzewski
Twenty foot tall 3D letters held in place by ropes laden with Tibetan-style flags on which participants can write what they see coming to an end. THE END is located at the end of the playa and will burn at the end of the event.

Contact: bobmarzewski (at) yahoo (dot) com

The Mind's Shrine
by Shawn Phillips and John Furey
At the Mind's Shrine, participants learn how their minds drive their perception of the world around them, their motivations and choices, their interactions with others, and even their core beliefs. Together, they participate in letting go of their ego's attachments to their personal identities and beliefs, as they learn to respect and value the perspectives and beliefs of others.

Contact: shawnrif (at) mac (dot) com

Theremin Project
by Joel Hobbie
The theremin project is an interactive sculpture that blends organic forms with industrial machine elements. Using theremin circuits viewers control an array of colored LEDs inside the organic elements of the sculpture.

Contact: joelhobbie (at) mac (dot) com

Time for a Timetable
by Bill Neely
The Sun gives heat and life to our planet. "Time for a Timetable" is a large sundial that is designed specifically for Burning Man and that will keep accurate time for the week. The history of the current Iraq conflict will be incorporated into the timepiece, peace being the operative word.

Contact: neely (at) nfo (dot) edu

Torii Gate Wind Chimes
by Dave Keller
A 9' Tori Gate made with 4 X 6 timbers has a carving of the Burning Man on the upper cross beam and a carving of Buddha eyes on the lower cross beam. Hanging from the lower beam is a 7' homemade wind chime along with two smaller wind chimes and two sets of flags, one set representing different religions of the world and the other depicting the word "Peace" in many languages. The piece also houses small carvings from Nepal and Peru and is lit at night with blue-green e-l wire.

This installation represents the hope for peaceful coexistence of all of the world's religions and it also shows the great freedom of art expression we have in this country; as we are allowed to create any art piece in the US without fear of arrest or persecution.

Contact: davekeller (at) micron (dot) com

Über Lite-Brite
by Jason Eppink
Über Lite-Brite is an interactive, collaborative light sculpture for visual conversation and self-expression. Anyone can interact with the sculpture by adding or rearranging colorful UV-reactive plastic pegs on the black light back-lit surface. With more than 13,000 peg holes spanning 96 square feet over 4 sides, Über Lite-Brite creates a large community space for creativity by accommodating more than a dozen interactions at once.

Over the course of a week, the sculpture will evolve as participants temporarily claim ownership over sections of the finite canvas, in the process selecting which previous efforts to destroy and which to preserve. Lighted text, images, and abstract shapes will emerge and disappear, overlap and overlay, ebb and flow, until nothing but memories and photographs exist of the ephemeral experience.

Contact: jason (dot) eppink (at) gmail (dot) com

by Christine Kurjan
The human-scale View-Mistr accommodates three visitors, offering misty stereographic images and a light water spray to visualize yourself in a cool, watery spot. The 8-foot-high / 8-foot-wide, lightweight construction of fabric, poles, and simple pump-sprayer-catchment system incorporates three viewing ports, each of a different style : old-fashioned stereoscope, rolling-flipcard-animation, and Fisher-Price view master.

Interaction is encouraged : a 3-foot-long actuating lever pumps a fine mist onto the viewers. Viewable scenes include misty places (jungle, sea front), rain-scenes on the playa, phantasmagoric images (large reptile slavering on you, shower scene), and images that allow the playa to show through.

Contact: momentov (at) gmail (dot) com

by Alaska Piper & Jonathan Crandall
The Wasteland is made up of small recycled cartridges from a chemistry analyzer. The cartridges once held slides that were dispensed for chemistry tests in a medical laboratory, which threw away thousands of these #6 recyclable cartridges every year. The artist lives in New Mexico, where they don’t recycle #6 plastic, so they’ll be used in this sculpture and recycled on the way home.

Contact: AlaskaJPiper (at) yahoo (dot) com

We Come in Peace!
by Adam Ebel
A group of hive-mind-like alien's from Mars crash land their silver spaceship onto a strange planet (i.e. the playa). This planet is alive and the people who inhabit it are brimming with excitement and possibilities. Every evening at dusk, the alien's leave their ship to try and communicate using an interactive polyphonic sound set from various sound producing instruments and their natural voices. What do they want? To form a report with the surrounding creatures. To learn about and explore this strange new planet… and teach them about their homeworld.

Contact: adamebel (at) gmail (dot) com

Whale Skeleton
by Adam Baer
The Whale Skeleton is a sculpture made of recycled materials that calls attention to species extinction and the pollution of the biosphere.

Contact: spacebaer (at) gmail (dot) com