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Flame Dance
by Michael Connor
Flame Dance’ consists of nine vertically mounted fireballs, controlled by two dance pads divided into nine segments. Each of the nine cannons corresponds to one of the nine colored segments on each dance pad. One may set off a single canon--the participants just have to step on the matching color segments on each of the pad. To set off a sequence of cannons the participants must coordinate their movements so they dance on the same color segments. Participants can use their feet, hands, elbows or whatever body part they can. The display will be able to operate in two distinct modes--corporation and single.

Contact: chiefnse (at) yahoo (dot) com

Flaming Joe
by Jacob Seitz (aka Tronafaerie)
This project found its beginning shortly after Burning Man 2006. In a quest to express a unique perspective on the fusion of Burner and Mid-Western/Rocky Mountain cultures, TronaFaerie made a small sketch of The Man atop a horse, using the Wyoming State Symbol, the Bucking Horse and Rider, as the inspiration. Coincidentally, Flaming Joe follows the 2007 theme by exploring the relationship between man and beast, namely beasts of burden, and discovering man's continued expansion with the world. In keeping with the Green Man, the wood used in his construction is 100% post-consumer. meaning wood otherwise destined for the landfill.

Contact: techonm_lover (at) yahoo (dot) com

by Stefan Werner
Large metal sensors in the shape of blades of grass translate the observer's motions into sound waves.

Contact: stefan (at) keindesign (dot) de

Green Gallery
by Jim Kelly
A gallery of canvases awaits participant's environmental drawings and statements.

Contact: burningman (at) dialogworks (dot) com

Have New Thought
by Todd R. Lewis
A mixture of sculpture, lighting and sound creates a physical representation of the human mind and it's capabilities. This piece is dedicated to Marc and Dez to commemorate their ten years of burning down the Man.

Contact: trv (at) rpdesign1 (dot) com

Healing Eye
by Pierre Riche
Healing Eye is an 18' tall metal structure symbolizing the interconnectedness between sacred geometry and the human energy field. An illuminated representation of the caduceus compliments the 7 chakras suggesting the rising of the kundalini energy up the spine to an all seeing eye at the apex of an 11' tall metal pyramid. Copper Clad wings extend from the eye and rise up to the heavens as a triumph over the prison of the mind and union with the divine. A large stainless steel ring is centrally located over the top of the pyramid and rains down a wall of water encircled by two rings of fire suggesting the balance of masculine and feminine in harmony. Fire caps the top of the ring and rises up the wings , serpent heads breathe fire, chakras glow and flash collored light and the all seeing eye projects dream imagery.

Contact: richeart (at) juno (dot) com

Human Petting Zoo
by Paul Parks
A small hexagonal room , dark, soft and fuzzy on the inside and decorated with animal prints on the outside, is perforated with many skirted armholes. People inside cannot see out nor can they see much of other people inside; participants on the outside cannot see in. Insiders and outsiders are restricted to communicating with each other by way of the many armholes provided. Reducing interaction in this way allows participants to experience touch without the many distractions and judgments that come with sight and identity.

Contact: paul (at) paulparks (dot) com

by Gary Stadler
This gigantic inflatable cone is the artist's concept of what it might be like if you were to be inside someone's brain... it is 85 feet in diameter, with a 40 foot diameter sphere inside, filled with a complex neural network of dynamic moving colors, similar to nerves and electrons that light up the physical aspect of the human mind.

Contact: garee (at) heartmagic (dot) com

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Inside Out Psych Ward
by John M. Noble
Two framed doors exist, each on opposite sides of the playa. Looking at such a door while facing towrd the Burning Man area, one sees a sign on the door. The sign indicates that the door belongs to a psychiatric ward, and is an exit sign. On the other side of the same door there is another sign, from the same psychiatric institution, but announcing the entrance. Together, the doors create the borders of a psychiatric institution, but one that is turned inside out.

Contact: john (dot) noble (at) youngnoble (dot) com

Labyrinth 11 Degree
by Heather Conn
A labyrinth, in the nature of the warren at Chartres Cathedral, creates a pagan walkway designed to help walkers find peace while connecting to the earth.

Contact: hconn (at) dccnet (dot) com

Lahontan Dreams
by Leslie Fitzpatrick
Rising from the dry bed of Lake Lahontan, the ghosts of the watery past emerge to take flight into the blue of the sky once reflected in the waters of the great lake. Winds help them soar free and relive those days of the far past.

Contact: lafitzpatrick (at) cox (dot) net

Lavash for the masses
by Pooang Nori
A hand-made ceramic Tonir will be used to cook Lavash bread following the traditional methods of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran, and Turkey. The bread will be shared freely.

Contact: pnori (at) ucla (dot) edu

Light Dust
by Bill Softky
At night, an upward-shining cylinder of laser light illuminates the wind-borne playa dust as an ever-moving, speckled canvas; the dust itself is the display.

Contact: drbill (at) softky (dot) com

Light Harps
by Jen Lewen
The harps are three separate but unified light instruments. Each night the harps slowly begin to glow. Burners walking and moving within the beams create sound; each beam is a pallet of different sounds including musical tones, atmospheric and meditative rhythms, and sampled whispers of recorded voices whispering their own dreams.

Contact: purchasej (at) blueink (dot) com

Lumia Grande
by David Blizard
The colorful abstract ethereal forms that are created by Lumia Grande fixate participants; some claim to simply enjoy the different shapes and color, while others insist on seeing glimpses of hyper-realistic images with a spiritual connection of divine importance. The one thing that most viewers seem to have in common is being perplexed by how this device works and what is behind the large 4x8 plexi-glass panel.

Contact: daveblizard (at) gmail (dot) com

by Mark Woloschuk
manIC is an interactive sound and light organ that explores synergistic relationships and group dynamics through conflict and cooperation.

Contact: mark (at) bullettrainmedia (dot) com

Mini Wacky Putt-Putt
by Scott G.G Haller
Three holes of putting fun await on the Playa. Can a Playa Player reach Nirvana -- and make a hole-in-one -- under the peaceful gaze of the Buddha? Can one master a rough of many surfaces to sink a ball before the laughing snakes? And can a brave and patient putter meet the challenge of passing the dimpled orb through the snoring mouth of a snoozing dragon and nudge it into the final cup?

Contact: ScottGGH (at) aol (dot) com

Mood Swing
by Steve Ramseur
A 16 foot tall tripod suspends two swings configured as a compound pendulum. A vantage point on top provides perspective, though it takes effort to reach.

Contact: swr (at) peak (dot) org

Native Ways Nexis
by Veranda Haddon
Placed at the edge of the playa upon the axis-mundi facing east to incorporate a ceremonial celebration of our beginnings and ends, this Tipi tells the mythical story of a shaman's journey.

Contact: Vernoporch (at) hotmail (dot) com

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New Day Warwolf Trebuchet
by DA Dominic Tinio
Trebuchet (noun) • A large gravity powered sling-like catapult used during sieges in the Middle Ages to fling heavy objects at high speeds toward enemy fortifications.

The Fuck Shit Up Show! Starring the New Day Warwolf Trebuchet! Made possible by your folks at Team Amerika and DPW Playa Restoration! A 25ft tall, all-steel, modern interpretation of a medieval catapult hurls heavy and absurdly ludicrous objects across the playa at high speeds in low orbit for a smash landing! Witness the small but efficient, undefeated DPW Playa Restoration Crew race against time to the crash site, armed with magnet sweepers, rakes, and shovels, to Leave No Trace in 7 minutes or less! Witness the New Day Warwolf fuck shit up again! Witness DPW Playa Restoration Leave No Trace again! What kind of heavy and absurdly ludicrous objects ,do you ask? How about a flaming piano for starters? Come for the Fuck Shit Up... stay for the cheerleaders! Show starts at Twilight ‘O clock and ends at Dark:30 on the open playa.

Nudity vs Sexuality
by Rich Chrono
Designed to stimulate discussion about the distinction between nudity and sexuality, this project features a series of photos of male and female body parts and then asks the viewer if they are offended by the sight of this flesh and if so, why.. It then lists one or more places in the world where the display of this piece of flesh is a crime and what the punishment is. The ultimate intention of this exhibit is to leave the viewer in the inquiry of why we interpret the sight of some parts of our flesh as vulgar and/or sexual and others not. Prior to exiting the enclosure there is a small area that will be staffed at certain times of the week where guests can have their favorite body part photographed, emailed to them after the event, and, if they request, posted on a website that will be created around this theme.

Contact: photos (at) slackmedia (dot) net

Oz Zone
by Jamie Mott
Welcome to OZZONE, with poppies at the gateway of Oz, and a yellow brick road that leads to the Tree of Life "There's No Place Like Home red gardening shoes. Visitors may click their heels three times and make a wish for themselves and for the world: Brain, Heart, Courage and Home (all things asked of the great Wizard) -- elements we possess all along. Glenda and The Wicked Witch will interact with the Visitors as is evident: We are not in Kansas anymore.

Contact: mottjamie (at) hotmail (dot) com

Pachamama's Recycling Program
by Judd Schiffman
Pachamama's Recycling Program is a 12 foot high, eight feet long mural depicting the cycles that occur in life on earth. Pachamama is the Quechua word for "mother earth." Mother Earth's recycling program consists of time in the womb, birth, life, love, suffering, death, and after-life. Each aspect of life gives rise to another, and in this way, they are all intertwined.

URL: www.gatelessgatedesigns.org
Contact: jschiffman (at) prescott (dot) edu

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by Kevin Walsh and Jon Oxford
Protruding Plywood Puzzles for People Participating on the Playa.

Contact: kevin.walsh (at) mechnique (dot) com

by Trey Watkins
Enormous replicas of children's letter blocks are spaced around the playa, arranged in such a way that if viewed from the proper perspective they will all line up and appear to be the same size. From this one spot you will be able to read the message of the cubes.

Contact: trey (at) onemandown (dot) com

Phreaky Phurnaces: The Pyrobelisk and The Green Can
by Colin Cherot
Alchemical Furnaces, The Pyrobelisk and The Green Can, roam the playa serving those in need of pyromorphic transformation. Offerings of sacrifice and redemption are fed to the furnaces, igniting our creativity, helping us transform ourselves, and showing us how to change our destructive ways.

Contact: ccherot (at) sonic (dot) net

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Playa Dogs
by Bryan Hayman
Seven dogs made of recycled metal surround a doghouse and a fire hydrant. Woof!

Contact: bhayman (at) peakpeak (dot) com

Playa Message Service
by Hillary T.
The playa hears us. A large ear embedded in the earth records messages and sends them back six months into the future. Participant broadcasts are echoed with love, via e-mail. What will these preserved time capsules sound like on the other side of the sun?

Contact: eulita (at) gmail (dot) com

Playa Painting
by Andreas Amador
From the ground this painting looks like a series of lines and curves; from above A large flower is revealed. The painting is done directly onto the surface of the playa using Burning Man approved water dye.

Contact: burningman (at) andresamador (dot) net

Playa Ruins
by Quentin Davis
Playa ruins is vernacular architecture for tiny ancient people. Made from the materials at hand, playa and water, these tiny people built a grand edifice which has withstood this harsh desert for eons. Standing five feet tall, it was a Herculean task for these tiny people who stood no more than 3" tall.

Contact: quentin (at) quentini (dot) com

by Deniz Kurtel
1100 pinwheels made of mylar and glow-in-the-dark paper flash in the sun; the light can be seen from across the playa. The pinwheels charge from the sun during the day and glow throughout the night, resembling bioluminescence. Standing at the center of the plerion, one experiences an intense audio-visual representation of the wind. Inspired by the meaning of its name, Plerion is "a pulsar wind nebula" of pinwheels.

Contact: contact (at) denizkurtel (dot) com

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