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1:11 Sapphire Portal
by Harlan Emil Gruber
The Sapphire Portal is an evolutionary interface that provides an environment for personal and planetary transformation. It is a 60’diameter, 10’ high sky blue dish that has in the center a series of nested geometric forms that relate to the earth's evolving energetic pattern. Once inside, the sloping interior face of the sky blue wall blocks the horizon, and a sky blue floor covering completes the effect of floating in the sky. It also contains the Quasar Wave Transducer sound sculpture that produces low frequency vibrations in the range of brain waves and earth resonance frequencies.

Contact: h (at) harlanemil (dot) com

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1000 Yard Tour of the Solar System
by Tom Teitge
This replica of the solar system traverses the deep playa.

4-Alarm Fire
by Audry Snyder
There is a lot of fire out on the playa; 4-Alarm Fire is going to make some noise about it.

Contact: audreysnyder (at) gmail (dot) com

Ambient Dream Garden
by Maxim Abelev
The Ambient Dream Garden is a place where dream stories are kept, planted by dreamers from around the world, nourished by endless continuous streams of ambient soundscapes, to be encountered and enjoyed by wanderers on the playa. Visitors are welcome to come in, relax and listen, but tread lightly – your visit will not go unnoticed.

Contact: kovrov (at) yahoo (dot) com

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Anamorphic Nine-Pointed Star
by Julia Schumacher
This anamorphic nine-pointed star stretches out in front of the reaching arms of the Body Temple and challenges the viewer to discover the vantage point that will reveal the star in its equal proportions. The framework of the star will be filled at sunrise by participants with hundreds of hand-crafted ceramic flowers, and the framework will be set aflame in a lighting ceremony every night at sundown. The star and the activating elements within and surrounding the framework of the star pay homage to Nature and to the Cosmos. The collaboration of all elements speaks of unity in diversity and of the mutually supportive relationship that is necessary to balance both Humanity and Mother Nature.

Contact: eaushyne (at) hotmail (dot) com

Angel of the Apocalypse Head
by Flaming Lotus Girls
This large wood-burning fireplace is made out of plate steel, cut into the shape of a very large bird head.

Contact: mizpoon (at) burningart (dot) com

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Astor Place Imagined
by Corey Mervis and crew
2,678 miles from New York City is Astor Place, complete with a subway entrance, newspaper boxes, and the Cube. This space leverages the principles of the Livable Streets movement in the hopes of inspiring change in public spaces.

Contact: ladymerv (at) flyingpan (dot) com

by Mark E. Gibson
If you’re green with envy, or a little green behind the ears, or even green from something you ate or drank on the playa, then you need a psyche-at-trick counseling session with ABO the Great. His Wisdomness is available to verbally restructure your overly evolved mammalian brain. He is thereby re-establishing your inner connection to your true simple nature--like a lobotomy, only sexier!

Contact: gibson (at) snowcrest (dot) net

by Kermit Franzier
The man is a metal statue that flies upwards; in his hand he carries a chalice that holds his heart and soul, representing his finest aspirations and ideals. He touches, but does not grasp the orb, a brilliantly swirling mass which hangs above him. The orb is the object of all his efforts, yet he is supremely satisfied with the sacrifice of his humanity demanded by his goal's attainment.

Contact: slkc (at) silkycity (dot) net

Audio Caisson
by Paul Scriver
Evoking our submersion in the everyday soundscape that enfolds us, Audio Caisson attempts to place the participant in direct relationship with sounds piped into its enclosed environment like air into a caisson. The experience of the piece can be passive – a place to listen to sounds without interference from visual distraction – or active – with the participation of at least two people – one to perform sounds outside around the small microphonic version of the dome, the other to listen inside the large dome. This second way of interacting with the piece is intended to draw attention to the laws of cause and effect.

Contact: paulscriver (at) earthlink (dot) net

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Bizarro Saguaro
by Robert Kilpatrick
These fire breathing, heat and light emitting cacti throw sparks and colored fire as they burn, satisfying our need for light, heat warmth and community. They are created from discarded Harley Davidson exhaust mufflers.

Contact: rigger108 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Black Rock Totems and Bells
by Byron Chell
Downed trees from Oregon recycle to the Black Rock Desert to watch over the Burning Man Community.

Contact: bbchell (at) earthlink (dot) net

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Blinkin' Donut
by Fabian Meier
This large, elevated inflated nylon donut contains 72 RGB LED elements, each individually controlled, resulting in a rainbow pattern that circles slowly around. This installation had its premiere at Nowhere 2007, the regional burn in Spain. The complete installation will be transported by plane from Switzerland.

Contact: fmeier (at) gmail (dot) com

by Rob Darman
A kinetic light sculpture in the guise of a playground-style merry-go-round featured 2500watts of LED’s to delight, amuse and disorient. It is as much fun to watch from afar as it is to get on and ride.

Contact: robdarman (at) yahoo (dot) com

Body Temple
by Miranda Rose
This temple’s shape is inspired by the human body, specifically in a yoga pose called Guru Pranam: the forehead, the center of intuition and wisdom, is on the ground. Inner wisdom unites with the wisdom that runs through the earth, and the individual’s connection with the community of life on this planet explodes with color and vision. Daily Reiki, tantra, meditation, shamanism, kabbalah, and healing art sessions will be held.

Contact: miranda (at) mirandarose (dot) com

Burning Sky WindSock Art
by Rachel Kanowski
This wind direction indicator turns into creative moving art that also serves pilots, skydivers or any burner wanting to watch the winds shift. 30 feet above the playa, a 3 foot wide, 10 foot long eel with teeth is seen chasing a skydiver across the sky. It will serve all burners as an artistic display of what the skydivers are doing 13,000 feet above the city, and as a visual indicator for those in the sky wanting to plan their landing patterns as the winds shift throughout the day.

Contact: rak9500 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Call to Prayer
by David King
This project adds to the playa one of the central icons of Islam – The Call to Prayer. The focal point is a 16 foot tower, positioned due east from the Man, from which is broadcast the Call to Prayer via solar powered megaphones and sound system. At the base an interior prayer/chill space is outfitted with prayer rugs and pillows. The project does not presume an intimate knowledge of Islam and recognizes that while all structured religions have their issues and faults, the original focus of Islam and other religions, is to connect man with their spirituality and God. In today’s political context it may be valuable to help demystify the “other”, and we hope this project encourages dialog about spirituality, organized religion, and Islam.

Contact: daviddking (at) yahoo (dot) com

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Canary in a Post Box
by Kristin Jung
A tall, bright green post towers up into the bright blue sky. Sitting atop it, like some sort of sadistic postman’s dream come true, is a mailbox. Attached to its side is a bright crimson flag with markings you've never seen before, vaguely stars-and-stripey, but designed as if Betsy Ross was drunk and color blind when she made it. A sign on the post at eye level states "Free Postage from the BRCPO for any mail you can manage to jam in the box. Good Luck!"

Contact: kjung (at) spiritone (dot) com

by Larry Breed
A reliably erratic timekeeping beacon, with a flaming tetherball, keeps exact playa time, more or less.

Contact: livember (at) earthlink (dot) net

Chi & Onward
by Ruth Kneass
Chi is a carved yule marble form, a symbol of new life & growth. Onward is a stand of nine perserved agave plant spears, and a poem about hope.

Contact: kneass (at) hotmail (dot) com

Cleu Labyrinth
by Emma Cornell
The intertwining circles of the Cleu labyrinth represent the miraculous synchronicities of Consciousness, Life, Earth, and Universe. These circles, ranging from 60 to 12 feet in diameter, are raked into the playa so that participants can follow the winding paths to find their own experience of At-Onement.

URL: www.cleu.org
Contact: emma.cornell (at) gmail (dot) com

by Melaney Giselle Castillo
Regardless of one’s beliefs or culture, we are all one. The teachings and tools offered here are sacred, here to liberate us from the belief that we live in a dualistic reality of suppression and fear. Once we break loose from the illusion of these chains, which hold us back from our greatest potential and each other, we are truly free, and continually learn to live in harmony. In this space, we truly co-exist.

Contact: melannyc (at) yahoo (dot) com

CycloVision - A 3D Projector Novelty
by Richard Hofer
Imagine a projector where images are not the stuff of illusion but created in actual 3D space - does such a fantastic device exist? A team of three professional engineers designed this project; their artistic vision is to bring a new kind of novelty projector to world. Using advanced brushless motor control and LED technologies, dozens of microprocessors and programmable logic chips, CycloVision brings to life, for the first time ever, a whirlwind of images and animation formed in true 3D space.

Contact: richard (at) castlecreations (dot) com

Damsel Fly
by Bryan Tedrick
Damsel Fly is a 30' steel and wood sculpture. It is kinetic, complete with a seat between the eyes for those who wish to ride.

Contact: Tedrickart (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

Dance of the Elements
by Marie Little Wolf
Dancing and painting:there is a synergy created during the process of painting the naked dancer with the painter and dancer both moving. The emotional energy is caught on canvas and displayed during the week as the canvases are filled.

Contact: mwolf (at) snowcrest (dot) net

by Greg Whitehead
A yellow triangular pyramid topped with a flashing red strobe stands alone in the deep playa. The sides of the pyramid are marked with hazard signs: radiation, biohazard and toxic. When approached, the pyramid emits a verbal warning "Danger - Stand Back" and then (at closer range) a klaxon sounds.

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by Tavis Gustafson
An octagonal fishtank on its side contains a dichroic glass mobile.

Dorge Yantra
by Napalm Dragon
Yantra literally means loom, instrument or machine. In actual practice, a yantra is a symbolic representation of aspects of divinity, an interlocking matrix of geometric figures, circles, triangles and floral patterns that form fractal patterns of elegance and beauty. Yantras function as revelatory symbols of cosmic truths; they are said to represent a map of both the universe and an individual's mind or consciousness. The Dorge destroys all kinds of ignorance, and it is indestructible. When worn as a pendant, it reminds the wearer, and the viewer, of the supreme indestructibility of knowledge.

Contact: NapalmDragon (at) gmail (dot) com

Dust to Dust
by Rick Roelke
This continuously evolving sculptural piece is composed of human torsos cast from the playa itself. Each morning and evening a new torso is cast. But the work is not as much about the birth of each new torso, but about its return to the earth. In its completion the true sculptural process will be created from the wind, the sun, and the elements, as they slowly reclaim the piece.

Contact: Burningman (at) roelke (dot) org

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by Felonius Asparagus
These three pods provide shelter at the trash fence.

Contact: felasp (at) felonius (dot) org

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by Aaron Goldsmith
A man holds his own head overhead, and a hand emerges from his neck, where his head should be.

Empress Rosa's Wedding Chapel
by Paula Jo Povilaitis
This piece is a special pink and rose tent for lovely weddings, as well as a chill space for daily and nightly passers-by. Also, a fabulous "Kissing Dance" with wax lips will be held outside the space during the week.

Contact: pjpovilaitis (at) hotmail (dot) com

Eyes Wide Open Iraq War Memorial
by Sheila Flaucher
A photo album commemorates every U.S. soldier lost in the current war. A large pile of combat boots and civilian shoes represents these lives as well as all other civilian and military lives lost on all sides of the conflict.

Contact: bluntbman (at) gmail (dot) com

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by Nicole Banowetz and Noah Sodano
Twelve 2' tall cardboard oil wells wrapped in plastic, as if they have been reclaimed or cocooned, form a grid on the playa.

Contact: mosesgoat (at) mac (dot) com

Fink, Inc.
by JJ Holoubek
For those who know the value-added importance and opportunities of following the rules, Fink, Inc. deploys the ubiquitous comfort and security deliverables you require in an unharnessed world of user-centric infomediaries.

Contact: sqrdcrcl2000 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Fireflies on the Playa (with apologies to Yayoi Kusama)
by Ben Adair
From the outside, "Fireflies on the Playa" is an unremarkable, big, black box, measuring eight feet on a side and lit simply by four, small, light trees (one on each corner). But those who investigate further notice a faint red glow coming from somewhere inside. A hidden door invites participants to crawl through a small hatch and into a completely new reality.

Contact: benjaminadair (at) mac (dot) com

Fire Spinner
by Anton Viditz-Ward
Fire Spinner is 14' tall windmill like metal sculptor that spins on a horizontal axis, with 2 basket filled with wood, paper of dried compost that will be on fire.

Contact: antonviditzward (at) hotmail (dot) com

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