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La Dolce Vita
If Fellini were directing a movie today, the playa would surely be his casting couch. Come lounge at one of our sidewalk cafe tables, nest in a semi-private cabana, enjoy up-tempo and Italo-jazz inspired grooves, get your picture taken for our Hunks of the Vatican or Nuns Gone Wild calendars, or simply relax in the splendor and timelessness that is Roma.

Hometown: West Hollywood, CA
URL: www.dragondebris.com
Contact: john_barry (at) paramount (dot) com

The LAFers are back again, sharing our love of art and painting with the citizens of BRC. Our big playa easels will be up daily with blank canvas waiting for you to help us fill. All are welcome to paint the community pieces, express your hopes and fears. Stop by and "show us your lazy-ass"!

Hometown: Coos Bay, OR
URL: www.artpacific.com/burningfriends.html
Contact: tvl (at) artpacific (dot) com

Lahontan Korps

Hometown: Arcadia, CA
Contact: laevatein(at) yahoo (dot) com

Lake Lahontan Yacht Club
Lake Lahontan Yacht Club is your oasis in the midst of the desert. We know that Lake Lahontan is long gone, but the tropical spirit is alive in this crazy bunch. Come join us for drinks on the end of the pier at sunset. Wear your gaudiest aloha shirt or you shortest grass skirt and come sit in the shade and watch the hot and dusty world pass by. We have all sorts of little surprises this year, so make sure to stop by and check us out.

And yes, Very Bad Santa will be back, crazier than ever on Wednesday evening.
On Thursday afternoon we are helping with the Burning Dragon project.
When were we going to do the body art and the saran wrap dress contest? Maybe i need to pour me another rum drink and get back into that shade to think about it.

Hometown: Shelbyville, TN
URL: www.lakelahontan.org
Contact: curtmc (at) busting-loose (dot) net

Lamplighter L.C.P. aka Workspace
The Labor Congregation Pavilion is where Lamplighters prepare to light the streets of Black Rock City every night of the event! We gather nightly at 5:00 p.m. at the Lamplighter Chapel to clean, prepare and light near 1,000 lamps before we hang them ceremoniously throughout our city. The work takes 2-3 hours each night and we'll use over 1,000 volunteers over the course of the week. Volunteers can participate as few or as many nights as they wish! Bring a friend!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR
URL: /participate/lamplightersvillage.html
Contact: bmlldisco (at) yahoo (dot) com

Lamplighter Village
Lamplighter Village is where the core Lamplighters live. These are folks who make it there business to light the lamps of Black Rock City every single night! Rain or Shine. White Out or No White Out. But you don't have to live in Lamplighter Village to be a Lamplighter ó participants are welcome and encouraged to join the Lamplighters on one, two, or several nights of the festival. This year in BRC there are more lanterns to be lit than ever before and we re going to need more Lamplighters than ever before, and that's the cold hard truth! Come relax in the shade of our lounge, enjoy a little late afternoon misting, or gander at the Man himself from our observation deck. Then join the rest of the robed ones as we head over to our Center Camp Chapel workspace every night at 5:00 p.m. to prep the lanterns for ritualistic distribution throughout the city! Lamplighter Village is HQ for the first major part on the playa. Join us Monday Night at 10 p.m. for the annual "Bring Your OWN Cup" Lamplighter Sangria Soiree, and find out just what goes on under those robes. And if your teeth are feelin' a little loose mid-week and you fear you might be catchin' a case of the ol' scurvy... Come on by for a heapin' healpin' of Hot Sauce's XXX Cajun veggies served up in one of the best Bloody Mary's you'll find on the playa. Yep, Wednesday is the new Sunday AND our Bloody Mary Brunch. Bring your own cup! and make it a big 'un.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR
URL: /participate/lamplightersvillage.html
Contact: bmlldisco (at) yahoo (dot) com

Lance Land/Black Rock Electric
"Lance Land" / Black Rock Electric
We power the playa...

Hometown: Brisbane, CA
Contact: alsolance (at) hughstonengineering (dot) com

Learn the basics of poledance or sexy strip/dance. Come party with us.

Hometown: Grass Valley, CA
Contact: Mark311dc (at) aol (dot) com

Lavender Lounge
The Lavender Lounge will be a place to briefly chill beginning with a cooling lavender mist, then guests will lay on air beds with a lavender eye mask, head vibration massage and further lavender misting. Soothe the dusty soul in the moment and leave the past and future behind.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: gmorgret (at) plantearia (dot) net

Lemuria is a pseudo-spiritual multidimensional dance camp. At Burning Man 2006 Lemuria will be raised with the intention of re-birthing messages of Hope, Oneness, Unity and Acceptance. Once gravitated to pilgrims will enter the Gateway to Lemuria, a portal encoded with sacred symbols. The crystal cave will provide you with a place out of the sun, where you can explore your future inspired by Lemurian wisdom which you will find hidden deep inside.

Hometown: Vancouver, BC
URL: lemuria.parallels.ca
Contact: m.gove (at) comcast (dot) net

Lhasa 2012
Our vision for the future in the year 2012, is to have the exiled Tibetans return to their capital in Lhasa. Lhasa 2012 will represent the celebration that ensues after this return; moreover it's a universal symbol for the end of repression and segregation amongst the human family and a good reason to come and dance to some of the funkiest DJ's on the west coast!

Hometown: Davis, CA
Contact: soundvibe2000 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Limbo camp hosts a purgatory theme, harmonously balancing hellish and heavenly aspects. A shady oasis complete with furniture and plenty of visual stimulation. Limbo camp will host parties and events throughout the festval and provide a comforable refuge for the weary playa contemplative with drawing, chill tunes and good company.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: uninfected (at) hotmail (dot) com

Lost Colony
19th Century French and British colonialism meets the year 2525: intergalactic can-can dancers armed with tasers take prisoners, while Alan Quartermain look-a-likes, don their jet packs to explore the outer boundaries of the playa.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.colonyofthelost.com
Contact: purejezebel (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

Love Army HQ
Love Army is Black Rock's first "Theme Cult" - a brash experiment in decentralized viral participation.

Members sign-up online, camp where they want and carry out independent missions at Burning Man. The idea was unleashed in 2005 to liberate everyone left in the dust by traditional theme camps - commitment-wary virgins, drama-weary veterans, time-strapped volunteers - in short anyone wanting to be part of a hypercool collective without having live with them for a week.

Strangely in tune with "Hope and Fear: The Future", this open source model has the potential to (r)evolutionize participation as we know it. And that's where the Love Army Theme Cult comes in. Why "Love"? Because it rocks. Why "Army"? Because we want to re-purpose it for non-death stuff that rocks... like love. Plus camouflage, missions and code words are hot. Remember, this isn't just about being a part of a wicked-awesome-most-fun-ever theme concept, but also representing blissed-out Love, which we hope you think is worthwhile.

You can participate in Love Army for a quick strike or a full tour of duty. All we ask is that you:
1. EMBRACE OUR GOAL. Spread Love by any means necessary.
2. TAKE ON A MISSION. Missions are available at our Tribe site (http://tribes.tribe.net/lovearmy2006), at our Burning Man and/or you can create your own.
3. WEAR THE COLORS. Our official uniform colors are pink and green. However, regardless of costume, when on missions, every soldier must wear the special Love Army Identi-fire.
There will be a Love Army HQ. But don't be mistaken, this is not a theme camp. The vast majority of soldiers will be scattered throughout the dusty ether that is Black Rock. HQ will essentially be our group's ongoing Theme Mission – a camo and neon incarnation of the website. This is where we will hand out the Love Army Identi-fires, dog tags and enlist new recruits.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
URL: www.lovearmy.org
Contact: greg (at) evilcreative (dot) com

Love Puddle Camp
The love puddle camp is an interactive, hands-on expression of love and community. The love Puddle Camp will be providing open "themed" community twister games for groups up to 50 people. Some of the themes will be, 3-D Twister, bi-curious twister, meet a new friend twister, drunken twister and many, many permutations of the above.

Hometown: Mountain View, CA
Contact: john (at) jcottle (dot) com

Luna Sanctuary
Retreat to Luna Sanctuary for a place to reflect, feel spiritual, or just chill. Norse runes and lunar icons engage the eyes. Dynamically generated sounds range from ambient and downtempo up to progressive and sophisticated, subtle psychedelic trance throughout the evening. Dance if you like, but gently, please.

Hometown: Glendale, CA
URL: dusk.org/adam/burn/
Contact: hiro (at) dusk (dot) org

Lustre is celebrating the yin and yang of Hope and Fear this year in all sorts of marvelous ways. Party at the Astral Lounge (and get some Astral-ology vibes for The Future while you're there). Don't miss the little-black-dress party, this year with a decidedly goth aura. Or, depending on your mood, chill at the Tazii tent - and bask in the cool warmth of gold banners floating overhead, sprinkling your Lustreous body with all sorts of The Future vibes.

Feeling hopeful? Fearful? We are too! And we'll be posting our very own highly scientific mood barometer every day - with cool ways that you, too, can be a part of this grand experiment we call The Future. Stop by for a Lusterous hope-hug to make your day shimmer. Our glitter palette is at your disposal - choose your color based on your own feelings of hope versus fear!

Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Contact: s.hatch (at) conveyinc (dot) com