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Outrage: The Skullpture
by Phil Nott
Outrage is a protest against human-caused extinctions and our own fear of extinction. A central spine atttaches to a flaming screaming skull; five animal skulls radiate from the central spine on spiralling tubes. Each skull breathes fire and and screams its fear of extinction.

Contact: pnott (at) birdpop (dot) org

Phoenix and the Man
by Wayne and Lawanda Putivitr
The phoenix is a descendant of the great mythical creature who arose from it's fiery death to assist mankind in sending messages to the higher powers. As life forms do, the Phoenix has evolved. The new Phoenix carries humanity itself to deliver its own dreams and hopes for the future.

Contact: lilbear1250 (at) aol (dot) com

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Pinnacle of Now
by Tim Gray
The Pinnacle of Now is a collaborative installation featuring a 14' tall decorated steel tower surrounded by wooden poles, mirrors, steel cutouts, and other objects, all representing the goal of finding peace by climbing out of our attachment to hopes and fears and becoming present in this moment. Using handholds and footholds you can climb up the outside of the tower to a peaceful bench located 8 feet up inside of the Pinnacle, where you are encouraged to relax into nowness. The lower portions of the Pinnacle and the surrounding objects represent hopes, fears, and other things that pull us away from Now, whereas the upper portions represent Now and the peace that we find when we remain in the present moment.

Contact: eltigre (at) charter (dot) net

PlayaVision 2006- Fire and Water
by Patrick and Jennifer Herz
PlayaVision is an interactive art deco theater representing hope, through a tranquil moonlit mountain lake; and fear, through a burning forest fire. The two screens and art deco structure enclose a backlighting mechanism that is participant driven by a bicycle powered generator.

Contact: pherz2 (at) charter (dot) net

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Relations of Production
by D'Andre Teeter
An arm holding a modern electronic device reaches up from within a pile of human bones, provoking thought on the historical global basis of wealth and technology.

Contact: d_andre (at) myway (dot) com

Sugar Cube
by David Wilson
A 20x20x20 white structure, raised three feet above the playa surface, features three levels, two open sides, white exterior accent lighting and a rooftop observation platform. Entering through a set of open stairs, and then using ladders to access the mezzanine and rooftop levels, participants are able to explore and create art on the walls and other surfaces. Designed by an architect and a structural engineer, this building employs a revolutionary new construction technique that has many applications for eco-friendly housing and shelter solutions

Contact: daw99 (at) pacbell (dot) net

Temple of Light
by the Seattle Memorial Temple Crew
The Seattle Memorial Temple Project is an all-volunteer effort borne out of the desire to honor the victims of the Capitol Hill shooting on March 25th, 2006, when six young members of our community were taken before the gunman took his own life. In their memory, we have created a temporary art installation in the form of a beautiful temple. Its purpose will be to provide a sacred space in which to grieve, to reflect, to leave messages and memorabilia, to connect with others and to celebrate life. Whether the grief being processed is related to this incident or to any other loss, all are welcome.

URL: www.seattlememorialtemple.org/index.php/Design
Contact: amaniellen (at) gmail (dot) com

Tree of Hope/Tree of Fear
Two trees, one with one hundred light sabers as branches, and one with a Tesla coil, represent the Burning Man theme and the theme of Star Wars: a long, long time ago in a galaxy far away...

Contact: hib (at) kcd (dot) com

Twilight Zone
by Dan Apodaca
Who better describes hope and fear than Rod Serling?

Contact: rdrash0102 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Underground Public Library
by Spy Emerson
In the future, technology totally eclipses tradition, and books fade into obsolesence. The tactile word becomes a black-market trade found in renegade libraries existing under highway overpasses and other dark corners. Printed along an underground railroad of free photocopiers, a series of satirical books that smack of new world sarcasm and uncomfortable perversions are available here. The library’s catalog includes multiple copies of the adult themed children's books "Bartholomew the Beaver", "We love Ding Dongs" and "The little red Caboose", the fine art collage books "Every good sandwich begins with Butt" and "That pope gets Around", and "living well is the best revenge" and "the immoralist", all authored by Spygirl. The library does not employ the Dewey decimal system, and ID is not required to borrow a book, only the promise to pass it along to someone else. The books include return postage and should be mailed back to the library after the event.

URL: www.spygirlfriday.co
Contact: spyisfly (at) yahoo (dot) com

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VooDoo Baptismus
by Bobbie Pires
Voodoo Baptismus is a participatory lifesize Voodoo doll of George W. Bush. A white cotton devil is housed in a simple wooden structure, well-stocked with appropriate voodoo implements. The doll will become progressively bristled and tethered as participants alter the piece.

Contact: bobbie (at) holonet (dot) net

by Steve Roper
"W" has got himself in a jam - Hope or Fear, you vote!

Contact: sgr_pa (at) yahoo (dot) com

Watts Up, Bach?
by Chris Weitz
This aural tribute to Buddhist teacher Alan Watts (1915-1973) and composer Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) is set within the context of vernacular Mongolian architecture. A lattice-walled Mongolian yurt contains a circular rug on which to sit and contemplate audio recordings of Alan Watts' lectures and the music of Bach. In this sanctuary, boulevardiers of the playa may sit and contemplate the vanity of hope and fear within the grand unity of the cosmos.

Contact: dooma (at) sekretagents (dot) com

What Remains...
by Chris Meyer
This installation is intended to provoke thought about life and death AND hope and fear as they are used as motivators for war. 2,600 crosses represent the American soldiers killed in the Iraq war so far, each with a photo, name, age, home town and cause of death. The crosses are displayed in chronological order of the death they represent in this war that has lasted since March of 2003.

Window to the Future
by Nic Valle
A 10' x 16' mural on canvas using classic trompe l'oeil techniques provides a glimpse of a hopeful tomorrow, and is located at Media Mecca.

Contact: buzzcut2000 (at) mindspring (dot) com

Wishing Star
by Wayne Sayer
In the distance on the playa shimmer flashes of light; as you approach you see a constellation of stars reflecting different colors, spinning, and dancing around a large wooden center star. Join the dance, with the blinding sun reflections during the day or the twinkling sparkle in the night. These are the wishing stars; write down your wish and let it be part of this shining collection of hope — then release it to the heavens when the stars burn with the Temple of Hope.

Contact: wsayer (at) usit (dot) net