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Angel of Death
by Deborah Windham
According to the ancient Aztecs, fear of Death must be faced and once this is done, all fear fades and hope is true. When you peer into the box in this sculpture, your face morphs into a very old person's face and you see yourself when you are old — a percursor to death.

Contact: doctorherman (at) hotmail (dot) com

A Picture of Hope and Fear
by Sara Miller
Twenty six spinning picture frames contain images of hope or fear on one side, and a reflective surface on the other, so participants may view images of themselves interspersed with hopes and fears.

Contact: sarah_lucy_miller (at) yahoo (dot) com

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by Michael Tscheu
A five tall bear displays a poem about confronting personal fear.

Contact: mtscheu (at) accessbee (dot) com

Behind the Signs of Hope and Fear
by Siu Ming Leung and Paul Garber
The letters in the words 'hope' and 'fear' may appear arbitrary at first glance, but these letters have journeyed from afar, losing bits and pieces of their imagistic origins along the way. Has the dust finally settled, leaving us with an alphabet destined to remain eternally 'as is'? Perhaps a closer look at each letter will let us trace back to the original impulses that began their descent first into images, then later into signs. We also look at how lines in the Chinese ideograms retain elements of the experience of hope and fear. Drawing on the ephemeral material of sand, we invite all signs and symbols of the ancient past and distant future to converge right here, right now in our infinite bodies, the eternal crossroads where hope and fear are forever getting down.

Contact: 4soluna (at) gmail (dot) com

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Better Living Through Chemistry?
by Ellen Beckman
Hope or Fear? Are pharmaceuticals friend or foe? Are doctors so used to writing prescriptions that they may not be seeing a person any more? Better Living through Chemistry? is a meditation on the hundreds of pharmacy bottles generated for one person in the last 4 years and the effect all those synthetic chemicals have on the natural body. The artist, who has been on various drug regimens since she was 18 for a kaleidoscope of immune disorders — where her overactive immune system attacks her own organs — wonders what it would be like to be free of pill bottles, doctor’s appointments, blood tests, poking, prodding, and insurance companies. She hopes, however, that she is never forced to find out...

Contact: ellen (dot) beckmann (at) prodigy (dot) net

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Bifurcation Station
by Mark Saunto
A lamppost at the crossroads of hope and fear divides into two branches, one reaching towards the light, and one towards the dark places that produce only shriveled fruit. Participants are asked to share memories of the germ of a decision they made which affected their lives; now is a good time to be aware of how our thoughs lead to the actions we choose.

Contact: avantgardeners (at) earthlink (dot) com

by Jeremy William
The Birdcage as an introspection as to the meaning of 'Free Will'. This open-ended question has many paths: biblical, determinism, Newton’s Clockwork Universe, Quantum Mechanics, Government. The Birdcage is an opportunity to frame these threads and others, and to allow the individuals to create and to contribute to something bigger than the sum of its parts.

Contact: sinflrobot (at) gmail (dot) com

Black Rock City Spaceport
by Nic Valle
The Black Rock City Spaceport is a 12' x 24' mural painted on canvas incorporating classic trompe l'oeil techniques. See the future of The Playa! This mural is located at the BRC Airport.

Contact: buzzcut2000 (at) mindspring (dot) com

by Mathew Gerlick
THe DINOhomieta is a giant interactive dinosaur made from recycled and found objects, which gives you a chance to radiate your feelings about dinosaurs — their noises, their movements and more. The DINOHomieta exhibits mutant traits caused by global radiation, toxic water sources, and genetic mixing with other organisms.

Contact: mgerlick (at) gmail (dot) com

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Doorway to the Future
by Kevin Chinoy, Dodge Meadows and Carlton Babbs
As burners approach this solitary frame of light, they find a door, framed by lights, with a single mirror covering its face. Instead of seeing one's own reflection in the mirror, the individuals see that the doorway appears to lead into an unknown abyss, an infinite tunnel leading to an unknown end, into the future. By exploring further, they find that the back of the piece is a chalkboard, beckoning visitors to articulate their own fears and hopes for the future.

Contact: kevin (dot) chinoy (dot) wg97 (at) wharton (dot) upenn (dot) edu

Everyone's Future
by Doug Kaufman
We all have a common future. All of our hopes and fears cannot prevent the inevitable... so we come to the playa to be among our family, to expand our consciousness, to open up, and to love. A clear plexiglas table surrounded by mirrors allows us to see the present. Moving onto the table and peering down, seeeing more reflected images surrounded by funeral wreaths will open up your heart and mind to the inevitable future. Being at Burning Man allows you to look at the future without fear

Contact: dk112nm (at) earthlink (dot) net

Eye on the Future
by John Lockwood
Eye on the Future is a hypnotic, mesmerizing, reflective conglomeration of concentrically organized, wind driven CD's and a few chimes. Best viewed from 200 to 300 feet, it reflects the light of the city and that of its own making plus the light of the sun by day or of the Man by night, via strategically placed gimbaled mounted mirrors.

Contact: savebats (at) adelphia (dot) net

Eyes Wide Open
by Sheilah Flaucher
A long pathway of marching combat boots leads to a huge pile of civilian shoes with photo albums of the deceased rising out of the rubble. Street lamps illuminate the site and slowly deteriorate as the shoes move closer to the mass grave, with a soundtrack that begins the march with hope and patriotism and slowly morphs into a grotesque and somber dirge, representing the soldiers' disillusionment and confusion

Contact: bluntbman (at) gmail (dot) com

Fallopian Tube
by Scott Bair
With the hope of a new beginning life enters. We all have fears of what the outcome of our creation will be, in the end all that matters is that we created something at all.

Contact: scott (at) carmichaelwd (dot) org

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by Paul Gregor
Fear and false security have caged freedom and liberty. A caged figure and multiple security cameras are symbols of how an over-active, misguided protection against losing freedom and liberty can itself be a thief. The future hope of liberty is lost to Feardom.

Contact: stelablu (at) ix (dot) netcom (dot) com

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Fifth Element
by Mark Gandolfo and Greg Gardella
The 5th Element is an installation made up of four 7’ metal, sculptural forms, each with a television mounted in the base. The structures are made using hot rivets which are emblematic of the common forms of steel construction during the early days of the industrial revolution — a visible manifestation and aesthetic of a time gone by. The counterpoint to this past aesthetic is the television at the base of each structure which serves as a symbol of a range of time in modernity. Above each television hangs a large, heavy, dangerous, industrial object. The precarious positions of the objects above the televisions serve as a metaphor for modern humanity’s propensity for being its own worst enemy. The video images on each of the televisions are of the four Aristotelean elements; earth, air, water and fire and were shot on the Black Rock Desert during different seasons of the year.

URL: www.unr.edu/edtech/5thelement/5thelementhopefear.htm
Contact: gagardella (at) gmail (dot) com

Finis Tere
by Zach Morris
FINIS TERE is both an installation and the destination site of a large-scale interactive performance piece, where Burning Man participants create a pilgrimage through Black Rock City, into the deep playa to a symbolic "world's end." The piece draws inspiration from an ancient pilgrimage trail where travelers walked to Finis Terre's sacred place believed to be the end of the earth. While there, travelers contemplated the end of the known world and then burned their pilgrimage clothes in order to begin a new journey homeward. The installation site and performance (which will occur near sundown on Thursday and Friday) offer burners an opportunity to reflect on ideas of death, rebirth, the end of time, the end of the known and the beginning of the unknown, and if they choose, transmute paper messages with hopes, fears, and dreams into fire by placing them in an altar-like burn barrel.

Contact: morriszachary (at) hotmail (dot) com

Fink, Inc.
by J.J. Holoubek
For those who know the value-added importance and opportunities of following the rules, Fink, Inc. deploys the ubiquitous comfort and security deliverables you require in an unharnessed world of user-centric infomediaries. Fink Inc.'s integrated suite of next-generation products and services transforms chaotic action-points into incentivized scalable compliance. Our intuitively engineered partnerships and viral models both exploit and enable your safety, protection and peace of mind.

Contact: sqrdcrcl2000 (at) yahoo (dot) com

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