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Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots
by David Madison
You're walking along the playa thinking about your childhood and how simple it was to be amused. Suddenly, as if a mirage, two robots loom before you. It's Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots, from your youth, but this time they're big enough to knock your block off. You enter the boxing ring and climb into the Blue Bomber, and suddenly you've become an eight foot tall robot fighting machine. Your trusty companion grabs hold of the steering controls outside the ring, while your two combatants gear up in the Red Rocker. The hot arena lights pound down on you while the crowd cheers you on. You hear the bell ring, and the fight is on!

Contact: burningman.com (at) daveola (dot) com

Rock Opera
by Ronnie Nelson
A live exotic electronica performance takes you on a journey from the Depths of Fear to the Heights of Hope, featuring Bhakti Rasa, Cirque performers, Hand Drummers, Dancers and Fire techniques. An art car procession begins at dusk at Center Camp as Fire Cannons and Smoke Rings signal the beginning of the Rock Opera.

URL: www.ColoradoBurningMan.com
Contact: ronnie (at) coloradoburningman (dot) com

by Brian Schmitt
Samara is a large-scale dynamic mobile suspended from a cantilevered arm. The constant motion of the mobile, which is composed of elements of curved molded plywood, is a reflection of the bustling energy of Burning Man. A backrest provides comfort for those who wish to sit and enjoy the sculpture for a spell.

URL: adriftmobiles.com/burningman06.html
Contact: brian (at) adriftmobiles (dot) com

Scrap Eden: A Project of the Black Rock Arts Foundation
by the Black Rock Arts Foundation
Scrap Eden is BRC's first community garden. Participants are encouraged to create 'garden inspired flora and fauna' from recycled and re-purposed materials — which are neither organic, nor moop-tastic — and to bring them to the playa for installation in Scrap Eden. This scrap sculpture garden is centered around a garden shed which serves as the focal point for the BRAF message on playa this year. The shed is a roughly 20' x 20' structure made of reclaimed building materials — salvaged wood, corrugated tin, old doors and other assorted bric-a-brac. The shed is built off-kilter so that it has the appearance of a blown out desert structure long since warped by wind. Small events are planned; banjo pickers pockmark the front porch, extra overalls, a fan, and perhaps some lemonade are on hand, as well as an opportunity to talk about what BRAF is doing.

Contact: hale (at) burningman (dot) com

by Bryan Tedrick
A 17' long kinetic serpent/dragon/fish is made of steel, burnt driftwood, and stones. This 1500 pound behemoth can be spun on its central axis.

Contact: tedrickart (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

by the SoLA Collective
SoLA: Seed of Life Activation. SoLA's illumination depends on participation. Join others to illuminate this 80' array of LED lights in the pattern of the seven interlocking circles that form the Seed of Life.

URL: http://flammablesolid.org/sola/
Contact: solacollective (at) flammablesolid (dot) org

Sound Mine
by Scott Kelley
Ten individual wooden pieces comprise this motion activated sound installation. When participants walk near the wooden cones, sounds are triggered.

Contact: theophious33 (at) aol (dot) com

by Gary Stadler
By night, a gigantic spiralling vortex of colorful lights seems to hang, suspended, in the air.

Contact: gareee (at) heartmagic (dot) com

by Shelly Farnham
This piece exemplifies the idea that the people closest to you are often the most amazing superstars in your life. Five life-sized portraits painted on clear plexiglass stand in a superstar circle, arranged so that over the course of the day their shadows spread across the playa.

URL: www.studioloup.com/superstars/superstars.htm
Contact: shellyhivemind (at) gmail (dot) com

by Michael Taluc
Surf is a wind driven sculpture and ride allowing up to three participants to operate horizontal swings.

Contact: mtaluc (at) yahoo (dot) com

Tea Temple
by Mark Holmes
The Tea Temple is a calm, inclusive gathering point in the middle of the playa for sitting and sharing tea. During the day we are a cool oasis of shade, serving chilled iced tea and providing relief from the sun. At night we serve fresh, high-quality charcoal-smoked oolong tea, often until dawn, to weary travelers.

Contact: stooge (at) pranamaya (dot) com

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Thermic Zombie Lance of Power
by Brooke Terpstra
Fire bores through solid granite, raising the question: What is immutable and what is solid?

Contact: bgt4001 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Tikila Sunrise
by Thomas Haan
A tiki oasis on the far outter reaches of the eastern playa comes to life at sunrise.

Contact: thaan (at) bojon (dot) com

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Tiller Towards Trouble
by Camp Aguamala
A suspended boat with life preservers and oars can be paddled into the future.

Contact: mizshan (at) yahoo (dot) com

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Toaster Boy
by Richard Friedberg
A figure made from commercial bread pans holds a bouquet of flaming flowers and is a musical instrument called a pyrophone. Toaster Boy is MIDI controlled and played with a keyboard or any kind of MIDI device.

Contact: alkymist (at) yahoo (dot) com

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Tower of Triumphant Struggle
by Jordan Tenney
The Tower of Triumphant Struggle represents the desire and will to overcome the fear and entropy that wage a constant war of attrition upon us. This monumental structure acts as a centering point in which we can collect our thoughts, strengthen our resolve, and find the understanding necessary to meet the myriad of challenges confronting each of us. The tower also commemorates those that have bravely faced fear and put their life on the line in the service of others.

Contact: jordan10e (at) hotmail (dot) com

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by Jennifer Knott
A 10' silver pylon contains an interactive record of human history and experience, and documentation of human enlightenment.

Contact: jennifer (at) netcaffeine (dot) com

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Tree of Wishes
by Sutton Family
Pouches of wishing dust hang from a golden tree.

Contact: ken-terrie (at) comcast (dot) net

True Mirror Palace
by John Walter
The True Mirror Palace comes again to the playa to show you yourself as you actually are - without the distorting effects of right/left reversal. Here's a chance to confront one of the most fearful questions of all time, "Who am I?" or perhaps the second most fearful, "What do other people see when they look at me?

Contact: jwalter (at) truemirror (dot) com

Truth or Beer
by Carla Swanson
In a world of hope and fear, if you're not searching for the truth, you're searching for a beer.

Contact: carla (at) stayhuman (dot) org

Tsalagi Prayer Fire IV
by Kandy Barks
Darkness was unleashed when the ancient fire was lost and the light of Creation was brushed aside. God was invented and words divided the tribes of earth. Religions, traditions and cultures became the only illumination for the spirit and in the cold, dark centuries of industry and destruction the spirit has withered. But travelers from an unknown star beyond the Pleiades foretold a time when the fire would come back to the people. That time is coming. Here you may feed the fire with the artifacts of every tradition and burn the symbols of every nation as you become fuel for the new fire as the Old World burns.

Contact: Kandy (at) sonic (dot) net

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Vibrating Laser Balls Organ
by Yeoidya Vardi
400 electronically controlled golf balls circulate through an arrangement of rails. Electronic relays release the balls which fall onto drums, bounce, and hit aluminum pipes which create music. Lasers project onto mirrors assembled on the aluminum pipes, projecting the laser organ onto a screen.

Votive to Memory
by Mitch Tukkimaki
An eight foot cubic structure provides a place to reflect on the past as we remember it.

Contact: Super_insane (at) hotmail (dot) com

Web of Dreams
by clayton k allred
The Web of Dreams physically manifests the symbol of interconnectedness through a multi-sensory, interactive environment installation. In the Web, every thought, action, movement and sound is translated into a visual resonance that vibrationally activates a radial wave stimulus to all participants. The Web of Dreams allows people to choose shifting perspectives in order to create different realities. The Web of Dreams will ask people to temporarily suspend their fears and to explore the possibilities of altering perceptions.

URL: webofdreams.home.comcast.net
Contact: astrostring (at) yahoo (dot) com

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What Peace?
by Michael Nolan
A 6 feet high pop gore installation about war and peace in the form of fibreglass sculpture of a hand making a peace sign, but with its index fingers cut off just above the first knuckles. From here the sculpture will intermittently squirt a red, blood like organic dye into the air.

Contact: mikey (at) tsubi (dot) com

Who are you Now?
by Michael Emery
Near a rectangular mirror with a human figure cut out from its center stands a mirrored human figure.

Contact: mlko111 (at) comcast (dot) net

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WigWam in the Wig Garden
by Karl Banks
Rising out of the dust is a strangely skeletal profile. Like an angler fish, the bright light that has attracted the participant dangles in front of the entrance to the Council Circle. Inside, the four elements are combined with a connection to the playa, the sound of dripping water, the flapping of the wind and the blazing light of LED-contained fire. Inside one finds others sitting in a circle, contemplating the barest necessities of life inside the beautifully fabric wrapped skeleton of the beast.

Contact: karl (at) earthsustainable (dot) org

Window into the Future
by Melissa Wilson
A traditional swing set frame fashioned from cedar beams supports a 5' x 9' handcrafted stained glass window. On either side of the window are two swings, combining the symbolic reverence of stained glass with the nostalgic playfulness of the swing set.

Contact: Melissa (at) goneoffdeep (dot) com

Wishing Pyramids
by Hannah Thiem and Liza Vitale
Four pyramid structures combine buddhist, spiritual and ancient practices and beliefs. These structures honor the six syllable chant Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum (the jewel in the lotus of the heart) as well as hold sacred the 4 elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Contact: hannahthiem (at) hotmail (dot) com

Without Geometry there is no Point
by Jim Stephan
This collection of geometric constructions in rough natural wood slats features diamonds, snowballs, snowflakes and a pine tree.

Contact: jim_stamper (at) mail (dot) com

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X Marks the Spot
by Greg Whitehead
Flush in the surface of the playa is a trap door marked with an X. Lifting the door revealsl a shallow hole containing a box that holds the treasure of the pirates of Camp Nose Fish; anyone taking the pirate's treasure withou leaving something in exchange will be cursed.

URL: www.cabernet.com/xmarksthespot.html
Contact: grw (at) cabernet (dot) com

The Youniversal Trust Project
by Farhad Mohit
An 11 foot high, illuminated plexiglass pyramid, with a 100 sq. ft base, has the dimensions of the Masonic pyramid found on the dollar bill. The pyramid tempts visitors to indulge their material desires, trusting that their sense of universal connectedness will make them abstain from personal wants in order to sustain a more hopeful vision for the future of mankind.

Contact: farhad4play (at) gmail (dot) com

You've Got Big Balls
by Tim Hockin
Nothing beats a night of billiards and drinks with friends.

Contact: thockin (at) hockin (dot) org