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11:11 Diamond Portal Outline
by Harlan Emil Gruber
A 10 foot high steel structure is the shape of the 11:11 Diamond Portal that appeared at Burning Man 2004 and burned at the end of 2005 in the Temple fire. It accompanies the new 12:12 Emerald Portal outline; these Portals are keys to shifting the Earth into the next vibrational dimension utlizing sacred geometry and heart chakra energetics.

Contact: h (at) harlanemil (dot) com

12:12 Emerald Portal
by Harlan Gruber
The 12:12 Emerald Portal is a large inhabitable structure that is a key to the vibrational dimension shift. Based on 3-dimensional sacred geometry, heart chakra energetics and incorporating the Quasar Wave Transducer, a subsonic nonlinear dynamic analog feedback device, the intent of this sculpture is to catalyze a personal connection to the Emerald within the participant’s heart chakra and to facilitate a connection between participants and to the Earth and Galaxy’s energy bodies.

Contact: dknm12 (at) earthlink (dot) net

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2BLEVE (To Believe)
by Nathan Smith
On Friday night about twenty minutes after the shadow of the mountain reaches the man, (just after sun down) this powerful flame effect will take place. Photographers should set their exposure to 1000th of a second at F5.6 at ISO 100 to capture this. Look for two round metal spheres on each side of the walkway between the Man and the Temple. If sufficient fuel is donated (contact the artist) additional events will occur and times will be posted on the spheres.

Contact: nate (at) fire-arts (dot) com

5+0^3#3^93: a luminous circle
by Aaron Ximm
An eerily-illuminated lattitude-corrected scale model Stone Henge is fabricated from the discarded remnants of our present that best speak to our past: desktop PCs.

Contact: ghede (at) well (dot) com

by Ben Weinstein and Wigtown members
Tiny and gigantic, "63" is made up of 62 +1 miniature artworks which together make up one very large sculpture. 62 dioramas, collages, paintings and drawings are sunk in the desert floor, dotting a very large expanse of our earth, in a geometric pattern that continues outward where Black Rock City ends. Each art display, sunk flush with the playa floor is marked with a pinwheel. If you see a pinwheel in the middle of nowhere, please stop and have a look. At 12 O' Clock, beyond the trash fence lies the mysterious 63rd and final artwork.

Contact: weinsteinb (at) mac (dot) com

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Ask Abo
by Mark Gibson
If you're feeling grounded, rational, somewhat enlightened, charismatic, intellectual, sophisticated, or even well-groomed when you're on the playa, then ABO can help you! Using specially developed verbal tools, I can reach into your head and scramble your brains so that you'll walk away completely screwed up and integrated perfectly into BRC society! No more feeling like a social misfit — I can turn you into a well-adjusted derelict in just one intense consoling session!

Contact: gibson (at) snowcrest (dot) net

Bamboo Spire
by Glenn Easley
A 50' tall, slender bamboo spire terminates in a brilliant sparkle of light provided by 32 animated cold cathode lamps.

Contact: glenn (dot) easley (at) gmail (dot) com

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by Michael Light, David Rattray, and Wil Van Hazel
This dynamic light sculpture, made of a long line of blinking white lights suspended from a helium balloon, appears to float in the sky. It's also known as "That's One Tall Fucking Thing."

Bells and Whistles
by Thomas Trower
The trash of yesterday is recycled for the art of tomorrow in this wind-powered, solar-reflected kinetic art piece; a nine foot cube of mirrored clear plastic bottles is topped with Aeolian weather vanes.

Contact: ttrower (at) sunflower (dot) com

by Steve Goodman
A big brightly colored playa sized version of the game Pick-Up-Sticks features 16' sticks.

Contact: steve (at) ancore (dot) com

Boom ba sha
by Troy de Braal
This spontaneous percussive orchestra kit contains a fabulous collection of instruments, and... YOU.

Contact: troydebraal (at) cox (dot) net

BRC Public Educational & Historical Plaque Project
by Kevin Raich
Inspired by historical landmark/scenic point signs that are common in front of such sites as the Grand Canyon, the BRC Plaques highlight both major and minor points of interest on the playa, offering a bit of actual history and a bit of "so-called" history. These points of interest range from the Man itself to Center Camp, to a theme camp, to the spot where Eric Tucker lit his banjo on fire while his girlfriend hula-hooped upside down in 1991.

Contact: kevin_raich (at) yahoo (dot) com

Bright Ideas
by Bob Mustacich
A dome covered in fishnet sports strips of colored fabric; inside the dome, fabric strips with written sayings and quotations regarding hope, fear and the future hang down. Visitors are welcome to take a cloth strip if a particular message speaks to them.

Contact: bob (at) mustacich (dot) com

Burning Bra
by Amy Stabler
This symbol of both the whimsy and seriousness of gender issues represents the hopes and fears of women as we reflect on our bodies, and the freedom or lack thereof we have over them. Today we face a national environment in which we may lose the right to choose. Some of our sisters in other nations face strict mandates from men about how they may dress in public. At Burning Man we are blessed to live in a society in which women are free and safe to dress, and undress, as they please. The Burning Bra also pays tribute to the power of the breast: home of the heart, muse, object of desire, site of female power, and source of life.

Contact: astabler (at) ix (dot) netcom (dot) com

Butterfly Effect
by Berlsey Farber
In the deep playa, a tiny butterfly rests on a branch. The butterfly effect theorizes that when a butterfly flaps its wings, it affects the weather on the other side of the world. When you turn a little crank, the butterfly flaps its wings and you feel the vibrations emanate across the empty playa.

by Larry Breed
A reliably erratic timekeeping beacon, the flaming tetherball swoops and spirals through the Black Rock night: tick... tick... keeping exact playa time, more or less.

Contact: livember (at) earthlink (dot) net

Cleu Labyrinth
by Emma Cornell
Etched in the playa, the Cleu Labyrinth is a kinesthetic meditation on the rhythmic interconnections of our universal origins, a unique way to ground our fears of extinction by affirming our hopes for At-Onement. The Cleu Labyrinth creates a space for walking meditation anytime — from stillness at dawn to dancing and drumming at sunset and beyond.

Contact: emma (dot) cornell (at) gmail (dot) com

by Greg deGouveia
A series of three outlined metal cubes rotate independently within a larger outlined cube.

Contact: gdugs (at) hotmail (dot) com

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Daughter of Icarus
by David Gelfand
A neo-mythical creature begins where greek mythology left off; therefore it is a continuation of our ancestors, hence a living mythology. This piece is about learning from hard lessons, becoming stronger from mistakes, and creating beauty, blessings...

Contact: david (at) davidgelfand (dot) com

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
by Alan Hubbard
Each of the three different sections of this structure explores a different aspect of our lives and the varying nature of the decisions we make at different periods of our lives. The structure itself physically forces people to adopt the postures of the separate stages of life, to recollect or imagine the mental state of each period of life, and to explore both their own decisions and the decisions of their fellow burners.

URL: www.decisionsx3.com
Contact: desert_roamer_uk (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

Desert Carillon
by Tiahaar Kurtheru C. McKenzie
A rectangular frame of wood and metal houses a rack of tubular bells tuned to the musical scale that hang in back with a rudimentary keyboard in front. The keys are linked to hammers that strike the bells. Desert travelers who wander by can make their own music. The instrument is rugged and basic but with potential for glorious sounds.

Contact: palominomale (at) yahoo (dot) com

Divali — Festival of Lights
by Chad Deal
Divali is a presentation of fire spinners and pyrotechnics combined with a local DJ that interprets the seven chakras through dance, used as a system of symbology to facilitate human spirituality.

Contact: squirtguncasanova (at) hotmail (dot) com

Doors of Perspective
by Paul Ramirez
Similar to Salvador Dali's use of exaggerated or forced perspective, this piece consists of a series of three working doors. The largest door (24"x 39"), is spaced 150' from the medium door, (15"x 24)", which is 92' from the smallest, (9"x15)". The doors take up a total of 242' in a straight line. The sizing and spacing of these doors creates a forced perpective, making them appear to span a much greater distance than they actually do.

Contact: paulramirez (at) lycos (dot) com

Dora's Boxen
by Daniel James, Jon Pemos and the "Because We Can"
This large golden chest which travels around the playa can be entered through its keyhole.

Contact: d (at) djames (dot) org

Ebu the Destroyer
by Don Gray
A 6' welded steel scorpion creeps across the playa.

Contact: don (at) gradient (dot) org

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by Troy Sandal and David Gerton
The Echo is a simple machine that uses what many now take as standards in our daily life to turn back time by 24 hours. We attach a camcorder to a DVR which in turn is plugged into a TV. The DVR is playing but with a 24 hour delay. Actors can record any kind of message they want but will only be able to retrieve it 24 hours later. Once and only once; the meaning of this project is reflected in just that.

Contact: troysandal (at) gmail (dot) com

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El Diablo
by Jack Schroll
A military jet turbine has been modified to project colored flames, enhanced with a liquid propane accumulator, high into the night sky, nightly.

Contact: gt350jack (at) aol (dot) com

Electric Geckos
by Todd Reed
Two 4' geckos sport LED lights and glowing eyeballs.

Contact: todd (at) infoasis (dot) com

Ephemeral Graffiti Wall
by Jonathan Mayer
Attached to this 40' long wall painted with glow in the dark paints are various "spray paint cans," which are actually ultraviolet lamps. Burners interact with the wall by scrawling on it in light, leaving messages that gradually fade back into the background glow.

URL: bmwiki.tekno.us/index.php/Graffiti_Wall
Contact: jonathan (dot) mayer (at) gmail (dot) com

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Fear is in the Mind
by Daniel Muller
A deep playa structure contains a hanging burnable (replaceable) object which can be manipulated by means of a pulley or by hand. The structure is made entirely of wood.

URL: www.lowerbottom.com/BM/index.html
Contact: dmullerd (at) yahoo (dot) com

Fireflies on the Playa (with apologies to Yayoi Kusama)
by Ben Adair
From the outside, "Fireflies on the Playa" is an unremarkable, barely noticeable big, gray, wooden box, measuring eight feet on a side. Lit simply by four light trees (one on each corner), this windowless, doorless box seems at first glance the opposite of everything else at Burning Man: dull, boring, and closed off. But those who investigate further notice a faint red glow coming from somewhere inside. A hidden door lies close to the ground, forcing those who enter to crawl through a small hatch and into a completely new reality — infinity itself...

Contact: benjaminadair (at) mac (dot) com

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Fire Vortex
by Nate Smith
Intrepid performers sculpt fire into ephemeral wisps and twisting, towering tornados.

Contact: davidellsworth (at) mindspring (dot) com

Flaming Zen Garden
by Wally Glenn
Mysterious blue flames flicker on the surface of a container of sand. The sand can be raked and manipulated to produce different patterns of flame.

Contact: wally (at) gwally (dot) com

by Jeffery Levine
The body of this steel flower is a fire cauldron on which food may be grilled. It is intended as a gathering place for people in the cold hours before dawn and provides sustainance, in the form of grilled foods, once the sun has risen.

Follow me
by Vincent Rovitelli
Four touch sensitive switches at various elevations are mounted on curved arms that extend up from the playa in a diamond layout. Standing inside the four arms you look out and see four objects that illuminate and sound off in random patterns. Its the participants' part to figure out which touch pad goes with which object and to try to play "follow the leader".

Contact: ssakcaj77 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Glowing Mushrooms
by Ray Mayberry
Fourteen glowing mushrooms are arranged in a ring.

Contact: raymay (at) creaturesoul (dot) com

Hate Street Spam
Teaching the public how to fight back legally against ugly and illegal advertising on public property, this installation features The CAUSS story of sign "sharking" for the beautification of our towns, cities and wide open spaces.

Contact: afink (at) rmi (dot) net

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