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Vancouver And Seattle Together is an international collaboration of theme camps from the North Wet District.

Hometown: Renton, WA
Contact: m.gove (at) comcast (dot) net

Velvet Soulmine
A cozy, chill space with small scale interactive art projects, body painting by Jody, a seam busting Vodka party (8 years running), all in a plush, warm, womb-like environment. For 2005 we are adding daily "unconscious" down time and high consciousness therapy sessions/dream interpretation. We haul it out from the ATL and try to share a little southern hospitality and unqualified psychoanalysis with our playa neighbors.
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Contact: kdlpaint (at) yahoo (dot) com

Vertical Camp
Come see the future of Black Rock City. At Vertical Camp we answer the age-old question — "What happens when BRC runs out of space?" The answer is simple — We go Vertical! In the age of suburban sprawl, come breathe the fresh air of dense urban living at its finest. And as if that weren't enough, we've got yoga too — daily classes around 2pm. Come by for a more precise schedule.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: erobbins (at) gordondev (dot) com

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Camp
Come be refreshed with yummy caffeinated drinks! Hang out in our shaded bamboo grove while you enjoy your authentic Vietnamese Iced Coffee hot or cold.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: http://www.noeboys.net/vicc
Contact: jim (at) noeboys (dot) net

Vogon Sake Bar
The Vogon's Sake Bar at the End of the Universe — Where the Damaged Come to Marinate! After last year's incredibly successful installation, the Vogons bring their Sake Bar back to Black Rock Desert for more dust-encrusted social lubrication. Join the Camp Of Luxurious Disappointment in the long held tradition of pouring for others. Kampai!
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: http://www.vogon42.com/
Contact: panic (at) vogon42 (dot) com

Voodoo shooting gallery
We have blowguns, darts and voodoo dolls: Go ahead take aim at family, friends, the ex, Larry Harvey, whatever.
Hometown: Portland, OR
Contact: timemcavoy (at) hotmail (dot) com

Vortex Casino — CarnEvil Terror
Vortex Casino and Carn'Evil Adventure is the most unique experience you will ever have. Come join us in a fun adult Casino where anything can happen, and play our completely unique games for points and awards. Then, if you qualify with enough points, and have the nerve, attempt a journey into the dark, mysterious Underworld of Minions, Reapers, The Demon, and more.

For each Carn'Evil challenge you accomplish, you are awarded with a Laminated Badge Key. Your challenge? To recieve the Master Key and return to the living. Do you have what it takes to make it? We'll see...
Hometown: North Las Vegas, NV
Contact: dna (at) haven2006 (dot) com

VW Bus Camp
VW Bus Camp welcomes all Burning Man participants arriving in a VW Bus or other amazing and personal camping vehicle to join us, now in our 8th year. Visit us and experience a unique Burning Man community, one that can only be delivered to you from experienced burners in a VW Bus!
Hometown: Tucson, AZ
URL: http://www.vwbuscamp.com
Contact: campmaster (at) vwbuscamp (dot) com


Wake 'n' Reik(i)
Spend a few minutes each day with us, at Wake 'n' Reik(i). As you've spent your nights and days in the multitudinous glory and challenges of the Playa, join us for some re-balancing and reset your mind, body, soul, and emotions.

15 minutes to a more peaceful you...
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: joiboy7 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Waking Grounds
Waking Grounds is a haven that bridges the waking and dream worlds — a space for building community connections, sharing simple breakfast fare, and enjoying imaginative entertainment.
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
URL: http://wakinggrounds.blogspot.com/
Contact: dan (dot) steinbock (at) gmail (dot) com

Portrait project — fascinating portraits taken of people answering the question "why do you do what you do?" in beautiful, old-fashioned black-and-white instant photos that will be displayed in a "gallery" during the week, with the prints given to portraitees at the end of the week and the negatives posted at wdydwyd.com.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: http://www.wdydwyd.com/
Contact: hope (at) gdeifell (dot) com

Whiskey and Whores Saloon
The Legendary Whiskey and Whores Saloon returns to inebriate, titillate and fascinate. We got whiskey, we got whores, what else do you want. For a redneck bar it is the coolest little speakeasy on the playa.

The name says it all. Get your whiskey. Join the whores. Dance on the bar. Be entertained. Be entertaining.
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
URL: http://asylumvillage.com/whiskeyandwhores/
Contact: decognito (at) bellsouth (dot) net

White Dragon Noodle Bar
Come to the noodle bar for noodles, movies and games.
Hometown: Washington, DC
Contact: poe (at) slackworks (dot) com

Having more fun than you since 2004!
Wheeeee!Villle will once again become the home in the dust for the 3playa community, a virtual group that spans the globe loosely disorganized around it's own fecund bulletin board interaction. Many of the denizens have been conversing together online for years, while others have only recently begun adding their contributions to the sparkling stream. During the year, board traffic leads, via no clearly specified process, to frequent opportunities for face-to-face messing about (often involving drinks, hot tubs, and usuallyfire) among different combinations of folks. Between rounds, this community of imaginary playamates recognizes that a Burning Man village is our annual excuse to summon the largest number of us to come out and play.

Wheeeee!villle is the result. It is our collective gift to the Black Rock City, a place to share our passions, including drinks and fire, with whatever BRCitizens happen to wander by. Theme camps within the village will lure in unsuspecting dustmonkeys and enthrall them in a number of highly varied, moderately disturbed ways:

Smite Camp returns for its mumbleth year to once-again deliver playa justice on a stick. And croquet.

Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro brings back the sick-not-funny art of the friendliest concentration camp on the playa.

DonutLove serving beverages and keeping cool under the Big-Ass Tent.

Dreamtime weaves stories and word play, beer and sauruses into a fantastic fabric of perpetually renewed possibility drinking, spanking, mask-making and storytelling.

antronia providing cardboard boxen so that you can build a fort for your own inner child.

Playa Air Layover Lounge Breakfast by Jane Eric, evening airport lounge cocktail hour by Cap'n Pesky.

Loose Nuts gathers a jumbled collection of probably 50-60 wildly interactive individuals to bring life to the spaces between the other camps. Tom will bring back his shady rest and bar, offering drinks and massage. Downunderstan will drink with you, sing with you, spank you, but are not bringing the koalas this time. stu will be caffeinating the neighborhood. Come plot and scheme to take over the world at Surlystan and drink vast amounts of arabic coffee. Velvet and Ronnie will be sitting in a tree. Xan will besupervising activities involving kielbasa and pierogies. Zephryus will position his mobile DPW drink donation site within the friendly confines.
Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA
URL: http://dreamtime.bluedream.com/wiki/index.php/wheeville05
Contact: mark (at) archeon (dot) com

Wild Animal Sanctuary Space
Come to Wild Animal Sanctuary Space to howl at the moon and let loose your primal scream. Domestic or barnyard animals will be asked to demonstrate their wild nature or risk being eaten.
Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Contact: erin (at) cassandraq (dot) com

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Winking Lotus
Winking Lotus, we're the people behind the wink, the Burning Man theme camp with the golden stupa. Guided by our illustrious ringmaster, the Oracle of Teaz, we delight our guests with opulence and acts of unanticipated hospitality. In our slightly wry, but reverent, interpretation of a Southeast Asian temple (our golden stupa), we provide space for grounding and personal healing. Come relax with a warm cup of tea, receive guidance from the Oracle and his puppets, enjoy yoga, fire arts and musical performance, or dance like a sacred monkey to what might be the most hypnotic and high quality sound at Black Rock City.
Hometown: San Jose, CA
URL: http://www.winkinglotus.com
Contact: clayton (at) mac (dot) com

Our goal is to create a grounded, safe, sacred place within the fabulous chaos that is the BRC Playa. With minimal effort, we will support and empower our Tribe, and allow from for relaxation and photosynthesis.
We will be actively and creatively recharging our bodies and souls through yoga, meditation, music making, tea sharing, and storytelling. BRC citizens will be welcome into this space to interact on such a level with powerful art and visionaries; we seek to communicate with our tribe and explore the shift that is so necessary for our culture to make in order to evolve and survive.
Hometown: Portland, OR
Contact: loafaery (at) gmail (dot) com

World Domination Headquarters
We may provide a window to your origins...

...or to your end.
The Streets of Black Rock City will flow with the blood of the Non-Believers.
Hometown: Santa Monica, CA
URL: http://yourreality.org/bb/WDHQ.html
Contact: lovcat (at) yourreality (dot) org



Yorgasmic - Orgasmic yoga. Every breath is a celebration of life and a joyous gathering in honor of Sharyn's 40th year of Yorgasm!
Hometown: Venice, CA
URL: http://www.chatarea.com/fysche.m2824636
Contact: superstarfysche (at) hotmail (dot) com

You Are That Pig
You Are That Pig presents: Nightmares and Dreamscapes! Wander into our dreamland and share in our nightmares and fantasies. Have a nightcap in the Pigaloo (mmm, cold beer), or rest beneath origami cranes with a spot o' tea, and record music in the world of Dream. Recline beneath the Tree of Drifting Thoughts in Nightmare, or shoot a game of playa pool at the bar...
Hometown: San Mateo, CA
URL: http://groups-beta.google.com/group/You-Are-That-Pig?hl=en
Contact: brian_herbek (at) yahoo (dot) com


Zaphod presents the Infinite Improbability Root Beer Saloon and the Zaphod StarCastle. Participants of all flavors are welcome to visit the StarCastle, powered by the riddle of the Cathartic Vortex and surrounded by a mysterious Improbability Field in geosynchronous orbit 0 feet off the playa surface.
Hometown: Gresham, OR
URL: http://www.zaphodburns2005.org
Contact: gatt (at) juggerbot (dot) com

Let your artistic unconscious take hold in our Zen Rock garden, mediate in the shade, or honor the four elements, directions, and gifts of Psyche; Dance, Music, Technology, and Literature at the Temple of Psyche. Create a personalized card for tsunami survivors which will be delivered to affected regions on the one year anniversary of the tragedy.
Hometown: Seattle, WA
URL: http://www.funksion.org/zenplicity/
Contact: longheyer (at) hotmail (dot) com


Hometown: Rocklin, CA
Contact: spike (at) spikezerbo (dot) com

Experience the world of spirit animals as the mediums of the Zü channel their wisdom. The Zü hosts a fun environment of animal-themed activities all week long.
Hometown: Seattle, WA
URL: http://www.blackrockcityzu.com
Contact: katedrummond77 (at) hotmail (dot) com