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1 Tribe... No Brides
Formally 2 Brides and a Tribe. Home of the Feely Box and the Cosmic Cab. Old friends and new come and join us for icy cold drinks, a turn in the Feely Box and a ride on the Cab.

Hometown: Portland, OR
Contact: laurasplaya (at) yahoo (dot) com

12 Penguins Dreaming
12 penguin dream pods await. Allow your inner penguin to rise while you enter into a waking dream state.
Hometown: Aptos, CA
Contact: scott2121 (at) hotmail (dot) com

451 Bookmobile
If the weather is absolutely perfect, or horribly wrong you'll need reading material for the bad parts, that's why I'm here
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Contact: j0hnnyjet (at) mac (dot) com

7 Sins Lounge
Come embrace the heat at the 7 Sins Lounge as the Playa's friendliest little spot returns for a 3rd straight year! Why take a chance on Eternal Damnation when our Church sanctioned "GET OUT OF HELL FREE" cards can save the day! Or take a spin on the 7 Sins Spanking Wheel and pay for you Sins in advance! Day time will be a shaded retreat, with misters, iced drinks, and mellow music to recover from the rigors of the night. Burning Man tattoos and even a refreshing shower may be offered to favored guests and neighbors for the right Sin! As night descends, 7 Sins Lounge hits full stride with an assortment of music and drinks, including the dreaded (and much anticipated) Flaming Blue Phucks! (this year, guaranteed poison free!!!) Remember to start your Sins at 7!
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
URL: http://www.7SinsLounge.org
Contact: rfehlman (at) pacbell (dot) net


Abbyville is a haven for Random Asylum Inmates, folks who want to camp with Asylum but aren't already affiliated with an Asylum Theme Camp. We're like the Island of Misfit Toys, a Lost & Found of disparate far-flung campers from NYC to California to Japan.
Hometown: New York, NY
Contact: aehmann (at) nyc.rr (dot) com

Action Figure Camp
Action Figure Camp is a play space full of toys, games, activities and Barbie porn. Come play with us, but please no children and no bartering.
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: kevinbeals (at) comcast (dot) net

Akashic Depot
Pull your desert worn self into the Akashic Depot and experience rejuvenation beyond imagination. What does "Akashic" refer to, you ask? The "Akashic Records" is a theosophical term referring to an universal filing system which records every occurring thought, word, and action. The records are impressed on a subtle substance called akasha. In Hindu mysticism this akasha is thought to be the primary principle of nature from which the other four natural principles, fire, air, earth, and water, are created. Some indicate the akashic records are similar to a Cosmic or collective consciousness. The records have been referred to by different names including the Cosmic Mind, the Universal Mind, the collective unconscious, or the collective subconscious. Others think the akashic records make clairvoyance and psychic perception possible. It is believed by some that the events recorded upon that akasha can be ascertained or read in certain states of consciousness. Such states of consciousness can be induced by certain stages of sleep, weakness, illness, drugs, and meditation so not only mystics but ordinary people can and do perceive the akashic records. The akashic records are the macrocosm of the individual subconscious mind. Both function similarly, they possess thoughts which are never forgotten. The collective subconscious gathers all thoughts from each subconscious mind which can be read by other subconscious minds. Come see us and access the collective mind through the breath, yoga, craniosacral release or enter the dreamtime using our Hemi-Sync technology system that uses binaural sound frequencies to induce a state of dreaming while remaining awake. Or just stop by and cool off, especially if you have good jokes. Most beautiful shade this side of center camp!
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: eat2live (at) plante-save (dot) com

Alice in Weirder land
Home of the cat and all the adventures it brings, stop on by and ride, ride, ride to somewhere new.
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
URL: http://www.docsloft.com
Contact: doc (at) docsloft (dot) com

Alien Monkey Love Nest
Alien Monkey Love Nest returns for the 458th year on the playa! Come participate on our Alien Monkey Love Stage TM and show your talent, in which you will be rewarded for your participation with our famous pendants. Alien Monkey Love Nest is located at the Area 47 Village.

Alien: From Latin alia, meaning "other". Monkey: simians of descent from people. An advanced creature who really knows where his towel's at. Love: Boat. Exciting and new. Nest: Booty-bed region of the Burning Man bedrock bangy bangy (Brian is no longer allowed near official websites ever again. Our apologies. Re: Management) OK, now you know the basics, here's what we don't-doo and what we do-doo. We don't give beautyful things away just for the sake of giving beautyful things away. We provide a stage for YOU to show off and bring the joy of entertainment to the masses. Oh, we also happen to reward participation in our talent with pretty little trinkets. Kind of like a dangling carrot. If you don't like it, that's cool, just move along and find some other more comfortable way to participate. The fact is that everyone has a talent to share, and it doesn't take much more than the ability to get up on stage and give it a try. Some successfully entertaining talents we've seen in the past include contortionism, nude Irish step dancing, bellydancing to polka accordion music, storytelling, harmony singers and JOKES WE HAVE NOT HEARD BEFORE THAT ARE NOT LAME. (Yes, that's a subjective term. Cope.) Not everyone can spin fire or sing the Swedish national anthem backwards, but there's something I bet, SOMETHING you can do that will make at least one person laugh their ass off – so get up on stage and give it a try! Unless you're a mime - we reserve the right to waste mimes.
Hometown: Seattle, WA
URL: http://www.alienmonkeylove.net/
Contact: jonwtaylor (at) hotmail (dot) com

Alien Nathan's Roadhouse
Alien Nathan's Roadhouse - Black Rock City Brewing Co. - Colorado Drum and Bass_Three distinct camps have unified to offer a nice neighborhood bar and dancehall for the citizens of Black Rock City. Stop in when you are in the area for a libation and some grooves. Schedule is when we feel like being open.

Hometown: Shirley, New York
Contact: rtgadv (at) optonline (dot) net

Alternative Energy Zone village
Welcome citizens of Black Rock! We invite you to learn about enjoying the Playa without the use of stinky diesel or gas generators. Learn solar, wind, and pedal-power for running your wonderful blinky lights. Learn recycling & battery magic. As long as we have space, we invite all of you to camp with us. Look for the giant AEZ sign in the sky to find our village.
Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA
URL: http://www.ae-zone.org
Contact: roger (at) jollyone (dot) com

...and then there's only LOVE.
Throughout our psyche, love is the one constant that bonds us together. Come see the oracle to answer your love and relationship questions; or feel free to express your already-found love in our "Orgy Dome"; and don't forget — We're always open for hugs.
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Contact: jennifersteele69 (at) hotmail (dot) com

about this photo
Angoraphobia: Where Cute and Cuddly go tooooo far! Are you frightened of bunnies and fuzzy sweaters like Uncle Martha used to wear? Perhaps you're concerned playa bunnies will leap into your subconscious and have their way with it? If so, hop on over to Angoraphobia, where we will happily torment and desensitize you as only bunnies can — with ultra-high frequency bunny antics and lovely fuzzy wuzzy sweater procedures!

While you're at it, play Jewel's Hopping Game (everybunny wins), take home an original enamel pendant of BUNNing Man, and get the Man printed on your t-shirt! To overcome your fears, be sure to dress your bunny best, meet at camp and JOIN YOUR FELLOW BUNNIES Thurs at 6pm SHARP to march in the BILLION BUNNY MARCH to protest humanity (HOORAY)! Become one with what you fear and join us as we hop, skip and burrow ourselves inextricably into the very bowels of your psyche!
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: affinity1 (at) aol (dot) com

antronia city of boxen
Remember when you were a kid and got to play in a big cardboard box? Wasn't it one of the best things ever? Antronia is bringing cardboard boxes to the desert this year for your inner child to play in, to decorate, to make into forts, to hide and to seek. the boxes will be open for play Monday-Friday during the day.
Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA
Contact: mark (at) archeon (dot) com

Anonymous Camp
AA, NA, Al-Anon and all other flavors of 12-Step meetings are held here, scheduled and/or impromptu. If the particular meeting you want is not on our schedule board, feel free to write it in and chair it. Anonymous Camp is also a safe place to camp with other Burners in recovery.
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
URL http://www.anonymouscamp.org
Contact: ranger (at) danarchy (dot) org

aka: Beyond the Dead, The Dead Sea, Dark Star, Eyes of the World, Scarlett/Fire @ the Mars Hotel...
Cosmic Charley challenged Tennessee Jed to make up w/ Scarlett Begonia after he caught her w/ Bertha, Sugar Magnolia & Loose Lucy dancin' down on Shakedown St. Jed, you see, was miffed not having been invited to join the girls in the fun. After a good laugh & cry, all tripped over to Black Peter's for a smoke & drink. Later, feeling theiroats, the group hooked up w/ the Lost Sailor who introduced them to some Lazy Lightnin'. By now, fully buzzed, everyone remembered Jack Straw asleep @ camp. Hoping to get home before daylight, thinking they just might still get some sleep tonight, everyone checked into the Brokedown Palace. Jack never knew what he missed. Rumor has it he had too much to dream, last night.
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
URL: http://the-garrison.com
Contact: loryo (at) sonic (dot) net

A Kamp, a Kantina, a Katastrophy, where the world ends every day. The camo clad tribal mercenaries of the end times are joined by despots, neo-sovietki high fashion fascist chic, mad scientists and maniac robots to end the world so YOU don't have to.
Hometown: Carson City, NV
URL: http://www.geocities.com/rx_norman
Contact: 4doobers (at) pyramid (dot) net

Apollo By Day Dionysus By Night
Apollo By Day Dionysus By Night presents
The Listening Circusm an environment dedicated to extraordinary forays into aural and visual perception, consisting of a 60 by 70 foot circus tent equipped with highly a articulate state-of-the-art surround sound system and multi-channel digital video projection. Each 24-hour period will cycle between reflective (conscious) content contrasting with a nighttime concern for ecstatic (subconscious) expression driven by: a continuously changing and autonomously controlled surround sound installation with sounds from the Earth and its living systems; the Theater of Pattern Formation, an aesthetic world of pattern formation, complexity, and chaos that celebrates recent innovations in our understanding of the origins of order and disorder in nature and in mathematics; abstract electronic soundscapes including major historical and recent works from the leading edges of digital music research and sound art; Dance Electronica accompanied by live digital image processing and custom visualizations; vintage animation and film focusing upon work from of the experimental traditions of film, video, digital animation and visual music.
Hometown: Santa Fe, NM
URL: http://www.abddbn.com/burningman/
Contact: blackguard (at) voltaic (dot) com

This is Arctica, where Ice is solid.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: marcia (at) burningman (dot) com

Area 47
Welcome to Area 47! We are a collective of Seattle theme camps — Flight to Mars, Space Virgins, Alien Monkey Love Nest, and Vague. Participate in our lab experiments, designed to transform your psyche.
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact:fauxfaux (at) flight2mars (dot) com

Art Car Camp
A line up of awesome art cars from all across the country in a parking lot line up Burning Man style. Deemed weird and wacky at home, but celebrated here, these art cars are modified permanently and are driven on a daily basis in the communities from which they hail.
Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Contact: excentrix (at) aol (dot) com

The Artery is your playa headquarters for ART! This is where artists check in, get mapped, and get help with their projects. Artery volunteers will answer all your art questions. You can view a large map of the art on the playa, see displays, find out how to help artists, and drop off Material Culture here.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.burningman.com/installations/artery.html
Contact: ladybee (at) burningman (dot) com

Ascension Tribe
Ascension Tribe is a sacred, sensual place for ritual and workshops that elevate the energies of the soul: psyche (mind), pneuma (spirit), and soma (body). Now in our third year on the playa, we offer seminars and practice in Tantric encounter, sacred sexual massage for women and men, energy work, qigong, dynamic meditation, as well as rituals and rites of ascension, and fun, erotic, and spiritual programs like Pole Dance Revolution and Storytime Shisha — all in our beautiful dome, designed with all five senses in mind. All adult participants are welcome.
Hometown: Putnam Valley, NY
URL: http://www.ascensiontribe.com
Contact: jay (at) metatronics (dot) net

Ashram Galactica
Your Home Away from Home Away from Home
Opening on the site of a 5000-year-old monastery, the Grand Hotel at Ashram Galactica sets a new standard for hotel and conference facilities in the Black Rock City Metropolitan Area. Plan an overnight stay in one of our four luxurious suites, enjoy a crisp cocktail at the world-famous Twilight Bar, play Quantum Croquet on the lush hotel grounds, or relax with one of our renowned Nepalese aromatherapy massages at the Poshram Spa. Our well-informed and obsequious concierge will be only too happy to book a room or advise the weary traveler of the many sights, sounds and sensations the city has to offer.
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
URL: http://www.ashramgalactica.com
Contact: info (at) matteddy (dot) com

Astral Headwash
Good day dirty dwellers We have a pleasure for you... we will be washing hair in the desert again this year Come visit us with your happy spirits, your smiling faces and your dirty hair and we'll do our best to make you feel like you're in heaven. We ask that you share with us something... something that makes BM such a special place — That could be a story, a song, a dance, a turn at washing someone else's hair, a goodie, a little shoulder work for our hard worked muscles, a little humor or a little love =) And of course, we can't exist without your H2O contributions, so bring some for yourself and a little more to share.

We'll see you Monday - Friday noon - 4 PM. Remember, we are limited with how much we can wash, so come early to make sure you get wet with us.
Hometown: Lafayette, CP
Contact: Meydenbauer (at) yahoo (dot) com

Astral Vortex
The Astral Vortex will challenge your psyche with an inspiring mix of funk and cocktails, all brought to you via the Mobile Groove Bomb (MGB.) The MGB will drop the funkiest, get down, feel-good funk on unsuspecting (perhaps expecting?) citizens of Black Rock City.
Hometown: Portland, OR
Contact: tanya (at) zumach (dot) com

AstroPups Psychedelicatessen
Welcome to the AstroPups Psychedelicatessen! For the 5th year in arow, the AstroPups bring you the hottest Pups on the playa! Withspecial events all week long, you'll have plenty of opportunities forall of your Puppy Dreams to be caught and analyzed. Step into ourDoctor's office and explore your inner Puppy with the help of trainedprofessionals, who have spent years studying the Psyche of the DogMind.
The AstroPups Psychedelicatessen is a village camp located in the Avalon Synapse Station. Join us for fun events throughout the week:

PUPPY DREAMS: Wednesday at 8pm
What do Puppies Dream? Come join the AstroPups at our Psychedelicatessen and get in touch with your inner Puppy. Those whotruly dream as Puppies will be given Pocket Puppy Dream Catchers toexplore not only their dreams, but all of the Puppies that dream on the playa. Our AstroPups Labs Psychoanalysts will interpret your dreams and make sure that you have a Therapy Dog to remedy whateverails your Puppy Psyche.

BEST IN SHOW: Thursday at 4pm
The Best In Show is right here in Black Rock City! Come to our BestInShow Fashion Show and walk your dog (or yourself!) around the ring. Our panel of Judges will be looking for the Best Use of Fun Fur, BestPoise on the Runway, and Most Lickable. Forget the Westminster KennelClub – the best dogs in the world are on the Playa!

Join the Pups at the hottest gay club on the playa – the PsychedelicPuppy Lounge! The AstroPups Psychedelicatessen will have the hottestguys on the playa, and we'll have contests to help weed out the purebreeds from the mutts. The winner of our "Bare Your Bone" contestwill receive a special prize! Our therapists from the AstroPups Labs will be on hand to delve deep into your psyche to find your inner Puppy. We'll have movies andmusic to drive the demons from yoursoul, and for those of you that have troublesome inner demons, we'll have "Inner Demon Wrestling". Come join us for an event that willsurely be talked about for years to come!

PUPPY HEAVEN: Saturday at 2pm
It's been a rough week on the playa? Come visit the AstroPups and get your tummy rubbed in Puppy Heaven. The Psychedelicatessen will be open for all playa-weary travelers ready dream away those dusty trails. Our Scientists from the AstroPups Labs will be on hand to check you over and prescribe the right medicine to get you ready for the night ahead. All Dream Catchers will be returning with the dreams that they caught over the week, and sharing their stories with everyone. Special cool drinks and chill treats will be available for all dogs that come our way.
Hometown: New York, NY
URL: www.astropups.com
Contact: pupmaster (at) astropups (dot) com

Asylum Village
Asylum Village is an interactive playground for the mind that also serves to house wayward New Yorkers and their friends who have wandered out to the desert. Insanity is encouraged, straight jackets optional.
Hometown: NewYork, NY
Contact: brokenbear (at) gmail (dot) net

Audrey's Brain Wash & Set
"We make you think you're beautiful!"

Do you still believe that Saddam had WMDs?
Do you think the Escalade would be perfect if it only had a little more chrome?
Aren't you just thrilled that Tom proposed to Katie?

Well, Girl... You need to wash that spam right out of your head!

Whether you need a psychic trim or a mental makeover, come to Audrey's Brain Wash & Set, where you enter looking hag and exit feeling fab!

Our trained asstheticians will diagnose your mental maladies, reverse your psychic setbacks, and foil your gloom into highlights. Muss your doo in a Freudian slip and fall? No problem! In no time, we'll have you looking and feeling Jung-er than springtime!

How, you ask? How not!

During the day, our chill ambience will calm your jangled nerves while we massage your gnarled ganglia, soothe your arid sinuses, lather away the broken dreams, and gently blow your teary eyes dry. At night, we pull out the stops, teasing your senses and curling your synapses with music, light, and dance.

So come on over to Audrey's - your one-stop beauty bar for the brain. Oh, and leave your insecurities - and inhibitions - at the door.

You'll be glad you id.
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: jeffkennedy (at) adelphia (dot) net

Automatic Subconscious
Carefully peel back the surface of your mind
expose and explore your subconscious
[or explore ours instead]
exploration facilitated by: performance [aerial and otherwise], public space, stilter (and stilt-free) bars, elevation, sculpture, untrained professionals...
Hometown: Somerville, MA
Contact: iamh2o (at) gmail (dot) net

Avalon Synapse Station
Six neural pathways converge at the legendary Avalon Synapse Station, an impulse-ive village of all things sultry, sweet, and spinning. At this island paradise in the desert, experience the allure of Quixote's cabaret, cleanse your soul at Camp Stella's Whoopie Party, and have your subconscious explored by the dream analysts of AstroPups. Fire up those neuromuscular junctions making and spinning poi with the Fairyland Fairies and Temple of Poi flow artists. And when that desert thirst kicks in, Vietnamese Iced Coffee Camp has just the antidote.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: http://www.noeboys.net/avalon
Contact: ebutens (at) itsa.ucsf (dot) edu


Bad Advice Bear
The furry, fun-loving purveyors of the ridiculously insane
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Contact: natemanic (at) yahoo (dot) com

Bad Idea Theater
Bad Idea Theater is back on the playa for 2005! Your libation station in the desert with potent potables and all purpose beverages to quench your thirst. Once again we're hosting Boot Liqour FM radio, music for saddle weary drunkards. And introducing the Bad Idea Theater Multiplex (with new daytime screenings). Serving the playa's need for your favorite cult, psychotronic and just plain bad movie needs. For those who have no idea what that means check out http://www.badideatheater.com/movie_faq.html Stop by for a drink, a conversation, or to feast your eyes upon some truly horrendous cinema. Be on the look out for the Bad Idea Theater medicine show rumored to be popping up spontaneously on the playa!
Hometown: Garden Grove, CA
URL: http://www.badideatheater.com/
Contact: Mike (at) badideatheater (dot) com

Baggage Check
Do you have some baggage you'd like to get rid of? Perhaps a fear of committment? Or close-mindedness to new ideas? Don't carry it around all week. Come check it in with us and we'll take care of it for you. Bitter over an unrequitted love? No problem, check that baggage in with us and feel light and free! Who knows, you might even forget to pick up that baggage when you leave! Warning, unclaimed baggage will be burned Sunday night (see us for details on when and where). Open 24 hours a day!
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact: peter (at) gencon (dot) com

Remember the fast-food playhouses as a child that you were never allowed to set foot in because your parents wouldn't eat rainforest beef? Ever thought they should have those big BALL arenas for adults? Find your inner child psyche at BALL (Briliant el portAliens Loving Life) Camp. Enter BALL arena and let your true eight year old self jump, dive, crawl, swim, bury itself with us.
Hometown: El Portal, CA
Contact: maskedjz (at) netzero (dot) com

Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro
For the sixth year in a row, be sure and visit "The Friendliest Concentration Camp On The Playa": Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro where not only do we put the Barbie into barbeque, but we serve up award-winning cabernet sauvignon and Otter Pops to any citizen of Black Rock City so inclined to drop by our little slice of paradise on the playa. This year we have nearly 1000 Barbies being led to their demise, and we certainly could use your help, so please come on by, have some wine, and say hello to the Barbiebarians, some of the sickest bastards on the playa. We will be prominently located in the village of Wheeeeee!ville and, as always, a splendid time is guaranteed for all. Unless your name is Barbie.
Hometown: Newcastle, CA
URL: james.jacoby (at) agedwards (dot) com

Bearded Child Film Festival
The ignominiously strange have converged in a single place and time to present the ostracized world of REAL underground experimental film. That time and place is here and now... popcorn will be served. The Bearded Child ~~ five years in the making ~~
Hometown: Reno, NV
URL: http://www.beardedchild.com
Contact: obsidiansky (at) gmail (dot) com

"Inside the dome, doctors jump out and determine if you are an 'Insane Burner', and if so, administer a variety of imaginative cures including the ElectroBrain Helmet, fabulous concoctions, therapeutic regimes and torturer... I mean hospitality. The doctors, nurses and staff will be waiting."
Hometown: Austin, TX
Contact: Jim1flash (at) aol (dot) com

Bicycle Refreshment Unit (BRU)
A mobile refreshment stand offering a space to get out of the sun, and enjoy the refreshment of tasty (non-alcoholic) beverages and "inspired" tea-leaf readings.
Hometown: Portland, OR
Contact: drewelow (at) easystreet (dot) com

Birds of Playadise
Visit the Birds of Playadise Zen Garden & Art Car "Service" Center. Good for your body, your mind, and your mutant vehicle. We offer a lush, natural chill space with several meditation stations for all who come by. We also provide ultra-light maintenance for art cars, their drivers, and riders - neck massages, window cleaning, air for your tires, and more...
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: tyronus (at) hotmail (dot) com

BlackLight Aquarium - Dreamscape
Mistress Platapussy's fuzzy wet dreams Dam Bar and the Pyramids of Psyche: Take an adventure through the paths of higher-conscience to the fuzzy abyss of the subconscious with a strong Martini at hand.

Over the years, The Blacklight Aquarium campmates have journeyed to Burning Man for a myriad of reasons. Ever present within our group dynamic has been a struggle to find balance with the sides of our collective 'camp-Psyche.' This year our camp has decided to embrace this struggle for balance and invite other Burning Man participants to join in the mayhem and/or share their personal insights for balance or not, as they choose:) Our camp will create a symbolic 'bridge' between two sides of our Psyche, bringing together the path of higher consciousness and the Fuzzy path of our subconscious. Entering our camp, inhabitants of BRC will step through the mind altering Pyramids which will be adorned by symbols of sacred geometries and other symbols which demonstrate the shape of our evolving consciousness. Led by lights around the pyramids they will be drawn to the Zenith of our camp: Lookin' for a view to a thrill? For your eyes only? Well, you only live once, so grab your martini glass and spy on what Mistress Platypussy is shakin' and stirrin' up for you. Shhhh, it's top secret, so be careful not to blow your cover Go deep incognito at the Dam Beaver Bar where our dreamy hostess whips up more than stiff cocktails and the Blacklight Aquarium's finest and furriest agents await you with live entertainment, beaver shots and otter madness. C'mon and gopher it, the only thing you have to lose is your mind. Mistress Platypussy has put her industrious beavers to work to build that "Dam Bar"! Where all your fuzzy wet dreams come..well, where you'll be able to have a nice stiff drink and enjoy a cuddly and awesome crew. This atmosphere will present a non-judgmental and all around cozy environment for discourse and drinkage alike... blending our Psyches as if one giant margarita:)
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: http://www.blaqua.com/projects/dreamscape.htm
Contact: maya_z00 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Black-Rock Animul Reasurch Farm
The Black-Rock Animul Reasurch Farm's mission is to experiment on wayword animuls developing proseedures to moodify behavooral patterns. We willdispunse concoctions derived from ancient secrets deep on the bayou to change your animul mind... With open mind, then head out to the playa to wander the Eyes Wide Open Labyrinth...
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: klausthepd (at) hotmail (dot) com

Big Craps for Little Hands
Gambling itself is a desert form, inhuman, uncultured, initiatory, a challenge to the natural economy of value, a crazed activity on the fringes of exchange. - Jean Baudrillard

God does not play dice with the universe. - Albert Einstein

Gods dice always have a lucky roll. Sophocles

Shamans sticks. Throwing bones. Rolling dice. Hazard, knucklebones, craps.
The worlds oldest game, writ large. The back-alley obsession of kings, commoners and fools, on a superhuman scale.
Bring only what you can lose. Chase the point and hate the snake. Respect the boxman and tip the stick, lest you run afoul of the house, and blow the precious little nut that you have. All we ask is the shirt off your back. All we offer is the faint hope of a desert-hot hand.
The table is yours.
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Contact: dancatalano (at) gmail (dot) com

Big Puffy Yellow Camp
There will be a Full Moon this year on the playa!!! Visit BPYC during the day and play with our theramin or give Big Puffy a hug! By night we will shed light, as a beacon, upon all of those seeking.
Hometown: Isle Of Palms, SC
Contact: dwills730 (at) aol (dot) com

Luminous beings are we, the Bioluminati. Worthy participants in our Quest will be initiated in the deeper mysteries of the mind.

Last year the Bioluminati Quest took you, the most intrepid of Blackrock Citizens, on an epic journey to the furthest corners of the map in order to solve puzzles and challenges incorporating multiple interactive art installations on the playa and in our Camp. You visited with The Beholder and followed his (nether) gaze to Moonrise. You made sacrifices for your Faith and gazed through The Window of Your Assumptions. You collected keys and glyphs and secret wisdom in order to unlock the Seven Vaults of Heaven. This year, although you may all start your journeys far away the focus is inward to the small — yet infinite — reaches of the mind. Your quest will be to gather secrets that will help you delve into the deepest layers of the Psyche.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: http://www.bioluminati.org
Contact: andrew (at) sulli (dot) org

Black Rock Arts Foundation
The Black Rock Arts Foundation is dedicated to bringing interactive art — art which is participatory and civic in scope — to places other than Black Rock City. As the non-profit arm of Burning Man, the Black Rock Arts Foundation runs an annual grant cycle which funds projects in communitites throughout the country, and beyond.
This year the Foundation's camp will feature art from at least one of the 2005 grantees as an example of the kinds of projects we are working to bring to the default world. Members from the Board of Directors and the artist himself will be present throughout the week to entertain questions and spawn ideas.

If you'd like to volunteer at the Black Rock Arts Foundation camp this year on the playa, send an email to info (at) blackrockarts (dot) org.
If the Foundation sounds like a neat thing, and you would like to learn more, visit us at www.blackrockarts.org
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: http://www.blackrockarts.org
Contact: hale (at) burningman (dot) com

Black Rock Beacon
The Black Rock Beacon. The Playa's only daily newspaper. Got a story to tell or great photos of current events come see us! Volunteers always welcome, new writers, editors and photogs always welcome. We NEED PAPER Deliverer's! Participate, have fun delivering the Playa's only daily paper going door to door meeting all walks of life forms and some that slither and fly. For details step up to our City Desk in front of the Black Rock Beacon's spacious Howeird Condo. (Its really just a shack but dont tell Howeird that.). Join the crew for coffee in the morning or just shoot the breeze in the evening as the paper goes to press. Crew meetings start at 10AM, so if you'd like to join in come on down!
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
URL: http://www.blackrockbeacon.org/
Contact: atomiclens (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

Black Rock Body Art Guild
3rd year of decorating the bodies of Black Rock City. We offer Airbrush body painting, paint brush, henna, latex and magic marker. It all works at the Body Art Guild. We provide a space for visiting artists to do their magic on the folks in our waiting area. Bring your own equipment, clean up your mess. (Please contact us before arriving on the playa).

Friday, Critical Tits Special, Two-for-one!
Hometown: Vancouver, WA
Contact: Bert (at) SandSculpt (dot) com

Black Rock Bookmobile
We are the Black Rock Bookmobile were reading is "fun for the mental" or is that fundamental? You can come to us or we may find you. Our route is touring the city to see the sites in no particular order. We have a covered reading room where you can read or lounge with a play area for smaller children and often serve snacks and drinks. We play and have fun, stamping your book(s) and/or you. Come and join the fun. The Librarians.
Hometown: Washoe Valley
Contact: triaxrolin777 (at) aol (dot) com

Black Rock Boutique
The Black Rock Boutique is back and better than ever! Visit the boutique and let our fashionistas assist you in unleashing your wildest playa persona, through our fabulous selection of costumes, our new beautification station, and daily costume strut on our runway. Feel free to bring by your wild clothing donations and help others stay fab on the playa!
Hometown: Portland, OR
URL: http://www.blackrockboutique.com
Contact: bikelovezara (at) msn (dot) com

Black Rock Cemetery
Wander through our graveyard and secure your eternal resting place in the "Black Rock Cemetery of the Deceased & Derranged". As you gaze into the eyes of the dearly departed on our "Gallery Wall of the Dead & Dysfunctional", you may find yourself among them. Be prepared to accept your mortal fate, confess your sins, and be scentenced to raom Black Rock as the walking dead. (The "Mortician's Closet Costume Exchange" is on hand to help outfit you for the inevitable afterlife.)... And they all died happily ever after.
Hometown: Fresno, CA
Contact: hugahappyhippy (at) yahoo (dot) com

Black Rock City Hardware Shoppe
We are the Black Rock City Municipal Hardware Shoppe. We have tools, materials, and people to help you when you are in need when things break.
What will we have? We'll have hand and power tools. Some we'll use and some we'll lend to you for you to use. We'll have some building materials such as various nails, stakes, rope, screws, nuts, bolts, etc. We'll have glue, staples, epoxy, wire, and various other materials that may be used to fix or jerry rig a solution to your problem. We'll have a place to keep track of other camps surplus and needed building materials. So when they run into trouble with supplies for building their theme camps, they can find out if anybody has what they need. We'll have people ready and willing to help you with your problem. If we can't fix it or suggest somebody else who can, we'll have whiskey to help you forget your troubles. Most of all, we'll have duct tape, the single most powerful tool known to man. Capable of fixing anything when used in the hands of true believer..
Hometown: Seattle, WA
URL: http://www.brchardware.org/
Contact:marc17 (at) painandgreed (dot) org

Black Rock City Post Office
The BRCPO is committed to providing community service through performance art.
Hometown: Boise, ID
URL: http://www.brcpo.com
Contact: brcpomanagers (at) yahoo (dot) com

Black Rock Int'Nat'l Burner Hostel
Playa Home of the World-Famous, New-and-Improved, Black Rock International Burner Hostel, in Sparks, Nevada. Also, the drop-off and pick-up location for participants in the Reno-to-Playa Rideshare Project.
Hometown: Sparks, NV
URL: http://www.blackrockburnerhostel.com
Contact: bribh2005 (at) prodigy (dot) net

Black Rock JCC
The Jewish calendar, liturgy and Torah are guides fro us as we go through our pysco-spritual journeys and slough through the mud of consciousness, sub-consciousness and un-consciousness. Sabbath services and pot-luck, midnight meditations and other experiences will be our vehicles for exploration. All are welcome regardless of affiliation or Jewish knowledge/experience.
Hometown: Oak Park, IL
URL: http://www.metatronics.net/burn/
Contact: fools_folly (at) yahoo (dot) com

Black Rock Rangers HQ
Black Rock Rangers (not a theme camp). Riding the edge of chaos, jumping thru flaming bureaucratic hoops, and making reasonable excuses for your behavior since 1992. Expect change, and please feel free to get over it. No fun will be permitted.
Hometown: Santa Cruz, NV
URL: http://rangers.burningman.com
Contact: crow (at) burningman (dot) com

Black Rock Roller Disco
Once again the Black Rock Rollers will be in the house at Burning Man 2005. It will be our great pleasure to present to you the Black Rock Roller Disco. Come get your skate groove on as we bring the Golden Gate Park skate scene to the playa in 2005. D. Miles, the "GodFather of Skating" will be playing the old school funk and roller disco beats 24/7 with the Naked Skate on Friday night. This year we will have a wedding on the rink as two of our burner skaters will do the permanant hook up thang. We'll haveskates, but if you have some, BRING THEM!!!
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: CAblader (at) pacbell (dot) net

Black Rock Spatial Delivery
BLACK ROCK SPATIAL DELIVERY! Bike messengers to the Playa since 1999.

Hop on your bike and join our team of interactive deliverators - for an hour or for a week - delivering Postcards, Persons, Parcels and other imPonderables back and forth across the playa. Best way ever to see the city, or to get a message to that elusive buddy's little sister from Detroit...

To send a message/postcard/parcel/imPonderable, put it in our camp dropbox, flag down a passing deliverator, or page us on radio channel 3.14.

To become a volunteer deliverator, drop on by! Training sessions as needed each morning - elevenish. Bring your bike, a great attitude, and plenty of water. No special equipment required, though GMRS or FRS (Channel 3.14) walkie talkies will be put to good use.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
URL: http://www.ziptie.org/brsd/
Contact: Karen (at) jaxom (dot) com

Black Rock University at DeNile
Black Rock University is the theme camp for those interested in a unique education on the playa. BRU's faculty, Board of Regents and great student body seek to optimize the Fun Factor in the Fun = Time X Creativity / Work E-Quation. The BRU community will draw the most promising, most creative candidates for its Summer Quarter. The Hippo-Campus of BRU blends 1) Residence Life Pods, 2) Learning Labs, 3) The Fighting Dust Flamingos' Polo Grounds, and 4) the "Dining/Party Commons." Students and Faculty collaborate to find new ways to make learning fun. The decentralized structure of the University encourages academic freedom; Departments include f-untraditional education such as Human Performance and Staging, Gender Dynamics,School of Fine Arts,Freudian Psychology, and Philosophy and Physical Education. Student programs we offer enhance hippo-campus life: BRU Fighting Dust Flamingos Bike Polo Team, BRU Flying Protest Squad, Homecoming Festival Committee Spring Broke 2005, BRU Glee Club, Fratority Toga Mixers, The Great Pseudo-Smokeout, Community Teach-Ins, Fine Arts Gallery Shows and Human Performance Discussion Sessions, Report Card Delivery and Nightly Community Field Trips. Go team! Go BRU!
Hometown: Takoma Park, MD
URL: http://tinyurl.com/9hycd
Contact: wendyclupper (at) yahoo (dot) com

about this photo
Blue Oasis
A quiet place of shade and rest for citzens to relax and enjoy the great parade passing by. Each evening movies will be presented from our DVD library. Subjects range from big name feature films, cult movies and true art collectables.
Hometown: Concord, CA
Contact: tjt (at) zdata (dot) com

Bone Thru Nose Modern Primitive
Trot out those great looking Septum Tusks you Modern Primitives out there and get ready for a Journey back to the Jungle at Dr. Mogamboo O'Boogie's Bone Through Nose Modern Primitive Tribal Dance Theme Camp. Join us for Tribal Circle Dance Performances and Workshops, Tribal Headress and Costume Workshops, a Modern Primitive Parade to Center Camp and the Burning Bush Ritual out on the Playa.
Hometown: Port Townsend, WA
URL: http://boneinnosetribe.com
Contact: witchdoctor (at) cablespeed (dot) com

Borrachos Y Bicicletas
Borrachos Y Bicicletas returns to Black Rock City for its 6th straight year of keeping burner's bicycles rolling right. We are also the home port for the Black Rock City Bike Rickshaw Fleet, and have added welding to the services we are able to perform.
Hometown: Concord, CA
URL: http://www.borrachosybicicletas.org
Contact: ctp (at) borrachosybicicletas (dot) org

Brain Damaged Cockroach Camp
Descend into the mind of a stranger, and you become the man you have entered. You have joined his thoughts, you have become his madness. And in the man, the madness is his, and the madness is you. Welcome to the World of Permanent Brain Damage, by Richard Forman. Let Cockroach Theatre infest your mind with the musings of a man's head put on display. The story explores the modern mind of man, and his apparent disconnect from a society in which he feels misunderstood. Show will last approx 45 minutes.
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
URL: http://www.cockroachtheatre.com
Contact: william.adamson (at) cockroachtheatre (dot) com

Brand UR Ass, Ghoti
Camp Brand UR Ass, Ghoti will stimulate your entire being, from your mind through your ass. Start by baring that cheeky butt at the hitching post and get a special brand, kiss, or blow job. Do we need to tie you down to keep you quiet? If so, you'd better bare your mind at the Black Rock Psychotherapy Office of SUPERTHERAPIST. Need more? See Sister Mary Motown but don't expect an easy penance. Ghoti (pr. "Fish") is the space to express yourself through palindromes, homonyms, crosswords, poem completion, nasty synonyms, and much more. Write it all down, following in the clever footsteps of the Black Rock community. With all the stimulation you'll get at Camp Brand UR Ass, Ghoti, you'll have to relieve yourself at the Peep Show. Y'all come, so we can play with you.
Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: jstrauss (at) unr (dot) edu

BRC Animal Control
BRC Animal Control will make collections of those pesky playa creatures who are running free causing disturbances to camps, streets and/or persons of the City. These captured animals will be documented and tagged for scientific research and easy recognition. Some animals may need to be spayed/neutered or given shots. Our trained staff will use the latest in animal reform practices to allow these potentially dangerous animals the chance to be reintroduced to life on the playa. If our staff concludes that an animal has achieved reformed status they will be released and may have the opportunity to be adopted by/auctioned to a responsible Black Rock City citizen.
Hometown: Seattle, WA
URL: http://www.brcac.com
Contact: catcabalo (at) hotmail (dot) com

Bubble Bar
Return to your misspent youth at the Bubble Bar camp,only this time with a frosty alcoholic beverage in hand. Play giant Operation, ask questions of the future of the 21 foot wide Giant Magic 8-ball, and have a cocktail at the Bubble Bar lounge.
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
URL: http://www.oof.org/bubbles
Contact: davidburkhart (at) earthlink (dot) net

Bumping Buddha, Llama Tribe
The Bumping Buddha from Tahoe and the Llama Tribe from Santa Barbara are getting toghether to ceate the sickest spot on the Playa.
Hometown: Tahoe City, CA
URL: http://bumpingbuddha.tribe.net
Contact: roquetomatis (at) hotmail (dot) com

Bunny Bunz Construction Camp
This is a camp where you will be able to visit to view bunnie's bunz and maybe show off your own. Also with the world and its contents always being under construction, this camp will be a loverly place to hang out with fellows who are as well going through constructions of life whether it be moving to a new home or starting a new job or maybe just not doing anything at all, it will be just for you for what ever you want.
Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: mightymaximam (at) aol (dot) com

Burningman Bus Depot
The Burningman Bus Depot provides a shuttle bus to Gerlach and the Empire Store. This service should be reserved for situations of desperation, or at least dire need. Our Bus Depot Ticket Booth Volunteers can answer questions regarding availability of services in town. This service is provided during daytime hours from Wednesday through Saturday.
Hometown: Ojai, CA
URL: www.burningman.com/participate/bus.html
Contact: theowl (at) west (dot) net

Burning Bread
Making bread with our wood-fired brick oven, playa style!
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: http://www.burningbread2005.com/
Contact: rhwang (at) bigpanda (dot) com

Burning Men Present: Audrey's Brain Wash & Set
Audrey's Brain Wash & Set "We make you think you're beautiful!" Do you still believe that Saddam had WMDs? Do you think the Escalade would be perfect if it only had a little more chrome? Aren't you just thrilled that Tom proposed to Katie? Well, Girl... You need to wash that spam right out of your head! Whether you need a psychic trim or a mental makeover, come to Audrey's Brain Wash & Set, where you enter looking hag and exit feeling fab! Our trained asstheticians will diagnose your mental maladies, reverse your psychic setbacks, and foil your gloom into highlights. Muss your doo in a Freudian slip and fall? No problem! In no time, we'll have you looking and feeling Jung-er than springtime! How, you ask? How not! During the day, our chill ambience will calm your jangled nerves while we massage your gnarled ganglia, soothe your arid sinuses, lather away the broken dreams, and gently blow your teary eyes dry. At night, we pull out the stops, teasing your senses and curling your synapses with music, light, and dance. So come on over to Audrey's - your one-stop beauty bar for the brain. Oh, and leave your insecurities - and inhibitions - at the door. You'll be glad you id.
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: jeffkennedy (at) adelphia (doty) net

Burning Mug
Come get your morning coffee fix at Burning Mug. Come anytime, and hang out in our shade and meet other burners!
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Contact: nirvana_853 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Burning Silicon Collective Camp
Burning Silicon Collective (BSC) Camp is a radically inclusive camp with most members residing in Silicon Valley. Visit Burning Silicon Camp for a morning tea, an afternoon drink, or a late night gathering at the 5 Elements Pavilion, Mannequin Bar, Way Temple Bar, Temple of Tea or Playatech Factory Showroom. If you live in Silicon Valley or just love those who do, stop by Friday at sundown for our First Friday potluck at the 5 Elements Pavilion.
Hometown: San Jose, CA
URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CampatBM/
Contact: glimmerkz (at) yahoo (dot) com

Skydiving, parachuting, aerial photography, aerial art and observation rides are BurningSkys way of bringing the experience of BurningMan in the 3rd dimension to the citizens of Black Rock City.
Please visit us near 5:30 and Ego and enter the lottery for an observer ride and the most amazing view of Black Rock City anyone could ever imagine.
Hometown: W. Hollywood, CA
URL: http://www.burningsky.org/
Contact: magicmrk (at) pacbell (dot) net

Burning Tribe
From the Eyes of Gawd and around the TerraSphere the tribe returns to the playa for your entertainment.
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: glla (at) juno (dot) com

Burnstream Court
Do you gape when you see a shiny aluminum streamlined RV on the road? Does the name "Airstream" summon images of retro-coolness and camping at the same time? Please stop by Burnstream Court, the trailer park in the suburbs of Black Rock City, to see Airstreams from every decade since the 50's. Join us for cocktails, trailer tours and trailer park culture, complete with pink flamingoes and croquet!

We have a trailer trash philosophy; you can talk trash, eat trash and look like trash; just don't dump moop or we'll be screamin at ya. We're all about Airstreams of all vintages and retroness. Our goal is to chill, travel and be neighborly. Many of our Burnstreamers travel across the country to attend this gathering. We'll be hosting a cocktail party/brew bash trailer tour *(BYOB!)* replete with movies. Well also be playing daily croquet games and hosting a polishing demo with Qs&As on obscure Airstream topics. Stop by anytime and visit us. The events will be listed beside our ultra cool neon sign.

Who knows what wild animals Chris will be riding or grilling... *and you're welcome to grill with us, too (BYOM!)
Hometown: Chicago, IL
URL: http://www.batmo.com/burnstream
Contact: burnstream (at) caravanlist (dot) com


Camp 101
Camp 101 hosts ambient music performances and chill-out events throughout the week.
Hometown: Boston, MA
Contact: kovrov (at) yahoo (dot) com

Camp Amazon
Camp Amazon will be back on the playa again this year. Dedicated to warrior women and fighting femmes, we will have an obstacle course, training circle at dusk, and various workshops throughout the week.
Hometown: Las Cruces, NM
URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/campamazon/
Contact: glamazonwarrior (at) yahoo (dot) com

Camp Arachnid
Camp Arachnid — we're back, bigger and better than ever! As in previous years, we will be providing daily workshops in rope bondage in a comfortable, newbie-friendly environment. We supply the instruction; rope to practice with; and a large, comfy dome. We will be expanding our classes to cover other elements of sensual power exchange, and more advanced ropework. We also plan a play party. Look for the complete list in the Playa events calendar in July, and on our website. Please show up early for classes, our dome holds about 60 people and almost every class draws more people than that. All levels welcome, curious to jaded. (Also, please note our classes are a 'no photo' zone.)
Hometown: South San Francisco, CA
URL: http://www.sffetish.com/arachnid/
Contact: lynx (at) subversively (dot) com

Camp Better Days
Camp Better Days featuring the unique Better Days Rest Home for the very, very nervous. Come by and enjoy the comfort and shade, and have a nice cup of coffee. Join us in a review of the metaphysics of aging with our very own, old, old, Doctor Atomic. Check out the Diabetic Food Triangle... Once you arrive, you may never leave... For information, please contact Saint Anna Banana Earth Orbit with any questions or comments...
Hometown: Cool, CA
Contact:amrennert (at) yahoo (dot) com

Camp Cacti
Got sunburn? Got dry skin? Got playa foot? Come down to the lavish and luxurious Camp cacti, and relax in our cactus garden as we rub you down with Sonoma county's finest fresh Aloe Vera...
Hometown: Santarosa, CA
Contact:joebiggidybob (at) yahoo (dot) com

Camp Cancer
Camp Cancer! A lovely place for burners with cancer to just be and have a cocktail or two that isn't chemo!
Hometown: Cupertino, CA
Contact: orpheanwarbler (at) yahoo (dot) com

Camp DreamWeaver
Interactive dream camp where burners can record their dreams inside a dream chamber, tell their dreams to a dream tender and have them woven into the collective experience of Black Rock City. Look for a posting of a chakra journey to happen thursday night.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: lakshmirising (at) yahoo (dot) com

Campers Against Rapid Deceleration
Rapid Decleration is the cause of most deaths in the world. This camp proselytes against rapid deceleration to save lives. If you do have to move fast, slow down slow. It's stopping too fast that gets you into trouble. Don't launch projectiles that could potentially stop too fast in someone else's body. Don't accelerate a vehicle that cannot be stopped. By the way, who took the name crooked halo? That is my name, I have it for some very good reasons, and I'm going to find you for taking it from me. I have it on my ranger badge, you imposter. Don't worry though. We'll talk about it and no projectiles will have to rapidly decelerate...
Hometown: Tujunga, CA
Contact: crookedhalo (at) yourmom (dot) com

Still paying tribute to our favorite word, since 1996. We've built the world's largest f-word, and we'd like to invite any and all friends, family, fornicators, and copulators (you know who you are) to help us celebrate our 10th year. Free hot dogs and balloons for the kids!
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: patthegiant (at) earthlink (dot) net

Camp Gallavant
We are the creators of the (Mutant Vehicle) S.S. Nevada and we Gallavant across the playa spreading fun and adventure wherever we go! When you visit us at our home port (Camp Gallavant), you'll find that we love to share our booty with all our fellow Black Rock denizens!
Hometown: Sparks, NV
Contact: RICKSAX1 (at) aol (dot) com

Camp Giggle-Belly
No frills, nothing fancy... just bring your belly and come prepared to laugh until your cheeks hurt and you're buckling over in uncontrollable hysterics.
Hometown: New York, NY
Contact: amourence (at) yahoo (dot) com

Camp Glass
The glass equivalent of Recycle Camp. Have you ever noticed how the only non-crap beers available in aluminum cans are Corona and Heineken? Gets kind of old having to spoil the time of your life with cans of Bud Light, all inthe name of MOOP avoidance. We're the solution! Drop off your empty glass bottles (not just beer, but liquor too) at Camp Glass and we will wash them, strip labels, sort them, crush them, and melt them into Burning-Man-shaped glass necklaces for you and your friends to wear. Depending on how much $$$ we have, we may also have the glorious minimalist strains of composer Philip Glass cranked during your visit.
Hometown: Sterling, MA
Contact: owen.cunningham (at) fmr (dot) com

Camp I Am
Camp I Am is a synergy of an eclectic bunch of camps, including: The Embassy, OBOP, DOTA, BRAS, Tuna Guys, Save the Man, and more!
Hometown: Eugene, OR
Contact: clif (at) eugeneweb (dot) com

Camp Jonestown and Creepy Guy
Camp Jonestown returns to save your souls, help you pass into eternal peace and deliver sweet, delicious death. Camp Jonestown is also available for marriages and commitment ceremonies with real, live Reverends on board. This year we are also partnered with "Camp Creepy Guy," which will have a podium for Creepy Guy sightings, personal admissions of creepiness, confessions, and photo postings. We will also deliver Creepy Guy reenactment theatre and certification of creepiness. So if you see a Creepy Guy or are a Creepy Guy come rat them out. We will love to have you!
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: kauterio (at) yahoo (dot) com

Camp Klepto
Camp Klepto is celebrating its fourth year on the playa and we are going all out in order to celebrate it. We are building a new and larger (and more stable) dome, add a tea-house and will expand the bar. Yes we will be throwing our parties, playing reggea/dub/soul and funk during the daytime and and soulful funky house / breaks at night (line-ups TBA). As usual Black Rock City United will organize at least two pick-up soccer games (see calendar & gazette for kick off times) and our annual giant kickball game before the burn, also known as bunny ball! We realize that it's all about participating so drop by Camp Klepto and play some soccer with us, drop by for a cup of tea or dance with us till sunrise. See you all on the playa!
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: ghofwegen (at) hotmail (dot) com

Camp Narcissism
It's all about ME: Camp Narcissism is a place where participants come face to face with themselves in our wall of mirrors and our roaming mirrored bus, and are encouraged to see themselves for the beautiful, creative souls they truly are. We invite all to stop by to fall in love with themselves, and to take that love from the unconscious to the conscious part of their psyche.
Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
Contact: jujusma (at) xmission (dot) com

Camp Ninja Burger
Ninja Burger, guaranteed delivery in 30 minutes or less, or we commit sepuku! How many food chains do YOU know of that have the Dim-Mak Death Touch? NO PIRATES OR SAMURAI!!! Open daily.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: http://www.ninjaburger.com
Contact: lysithea_tracer (at) yahoo (dot) com

Camp Papillon (Camp Butterfly)
Camp Papillon celebrates the three phases of the mind: the conscious as the caterpillar, the subconscious as the cacoon and the unconscious enlightenment of the butterfly. The interactive art of the caterpillar will allow the participant to venture through its intestines. Mid-week, Burningman participants will aid in the metamorphoses of the butterfly, and (hopefully) the butterfly will take flight and loom over the camp for the rest of Burningman.
Hometown: Chestertown, MD
Contact: megmorris (at) princetheatre (dot) org

Camp PeePot
Insightful burners know that a peepot in the tent is worth a row of porta-potties down the street, especially at 4am, when you awaken from your playa dreams to discover that you are really truly at Burning Man. Join us in creating your own custom peepot, and learn why we're all about "PeePots helping People".
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Contact:sfritz2994 (at) aol (dot) com

Camp Power Exchange
Camp Power Exchange is a small but elite group of people dedicated to providing infra-structure to theme camps. Ok we dont have any toys, but come party with us anyway.
Hometown: New York, NY
Contact: Andreas1120 (at) gmail (dot) com

Campo Alegre
They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. We welcome you all to come into our garden of eyeballs, as we peer into the innermost parts of the psyche at Campo Alegre. During the day, we invite you to take part in Masked/Unmasked. We recognize that the self is a beautiful and ever-changing collection of actions and ideas. We ask you to bare yourself, inside and out and to take up another self as we photograph you in a different physical mask. When night falls, we dig deeper in to the sexual subconscious in Motel 616. On the the playa, many of us long to make a physical and spiritual connection with a special person or persons. And yet many of us cannot find a comfortable place for that _expression. We invite you and your partner to put on a fluffy, white robe and step into a refreshing, clean space. Think of it as a secluded, oasis in the desert where you are free to express your deep connection on the bed or anywhere else you desire in the Motel. Shadows gives substance to your inner fantasies, as a soft light shines on you so your movements are projected on the outside of the tent. After all, we all like to watch too.
Hometown: Chicago, IL
URL: http://www.campoalegre.org
Contact: xxjefe (at) yahoo (dot) com

Camp Orange
Dig if you will this picture, a world submersed in ORANGE. No Exceptions, No ORANGE, No Entry. Orange will be provided if you don't have your own.
Hometown: Renton, WA
Contact: m.gove (at) comcast (dot) net

Camp Root
Camp Root-Proudly rootin down since 1998. CALLING ALL SKATERS: Come skate the RootBreaka half-pipe. CALLING ALL BURNERS: Come enjoy the freshest sub funk bass beats, and the infamous ROOT hospitality.
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: bartek (at) rootabreaka (dot) com

Camp Self Conscious
Got a hairy back? Dress got wrinkles? Where is your self centered? Feeling self-conscious? We can measure. And magnify? Therapize? Exorcise?
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: burningman (at) dialogworks (dot) com

Camp Skullfuck
We are a collective of men and women who enjoy cranial fornication in all its various forms. Come and experience a Skullfuck!
Hometown: Stanford, CA
URL: http://www.campskullfuck.com
Contact: linkfitz (at) gmail (dot) com

Camp Stella
We are a diverse group from far and wide who have agreed to experience Burning Man clean and sober for the duration of the event. Some of us are active in AA and other 12 step programs - others are not. The bottom line is that we're Burning Clean.

The "Queers, Plain Crackpots & Fallen Women Group" will host an open AA meeting every day at 3:00 PM. All are welcome to attend.
Also, don't miss our "Plain Ordinary Whoopee Party." Avalon Village.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: http://www.campstella.org
Contact: jeffersonmccarley (at) yahoo (dot) com

Come wander the canals, museums, and districts of Campsterdam!
Hometown: Incline Village, NV
Contact: dan (at) campsterdam (dot) com

Camp Stimulation
Get Stimulated!
Come get your stimulation in the form of the best damn cup-o-joe on the playa. Why walk to Center Camp when we have everything you need? By popular demand, we're brining back our 2002 camp in bigger and better form. Come by in the morning for coffee, tea, and a place to chill out and tell your stories from the night before. Then come again in the late afternoon before you head out for evening playa fun.
Hometown: Santa Clara, CA
URL: http://goe.tribe.net/
Contact: jersey_jeff (at) yahoo (dot) com

Camp Stupid
Spreading the stupidity to a camp near you.
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Contact: danny (at) bootyhouse (dot) org

Camp Videogasm
Camp Videogasm - A Multimedia Explosion - featuring independent / experimental video, interactive computer graphics, and live video art on our two screens, nightly at Snowflake Village. If you are a video artist with a short subject video you’d like to show, contact Early Poppycock at www.videogasm.com/burningman/2005
Hometown: Woodhaven, MI
URL: http://www.videogasm.com/burningman
Contact: epoppycock (at) comcast (dot) net

Camp Wabi
Explore the pshycological power of Myth and Story by joining us at Camp Wabi and contributing your own stories.
Hometown: Mercer Island, WA
Contact: wjahncke (at) stanford (dot) edu

Camp Want It
We provide a display of binaural and bivisual frequencies aimed at awakening the subconscious locked inside. Coupled with innovative DJs we are sure to make your genitals throb. Imagine Corey Haim and Corey Feldman reunited for another great film. Dont miss out on our sushi feed extravaganza Wednesday evening. Explore the subconscious while conscious and hopefully after a night of revelry... become unconscious.
Hometown: Portland, OR
URL: http://www.wantit.org
Contact: hlbm (at) hotmail (dot) com

Camp Withering Tights
Withering Tights is a haven for tired bodies to renew and revitalize through spirit consciousness and stretch. Gently guided morning movement will encourage sleepy bodies to awaken to a new day with evening movementgeared toward revitalizing and energizing for the night ahead. Led by aging dancers with a need to stretch each day, Withering Tights will provide an oasis to those with that same need.
Those wishing to participate in our morning and evening guided stretchs are asked to bring a towel, blanket or yoga mat. However, those wishing to simply lie down on the desert floor without benefit of an added surface may do so gleefully.
Witering Tights will be easy to find simply by looking for the plethoraof colorful tights blowing blissfully through the air.
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
URL: http://www.choozientertainment.com
Contact: suzanne (at) choozientertainment (dot) com

Cat Herder's Union, Local 451
Come play in the cat box!
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: tracy (at) stilton (dot) com

Celtic Friendship Tree
A dynamic visual space with a 15 foot nouveau-Celtic Friendship Tree_
Hometown: Beresford Street, Dublin
Contact: keithoreilly (at) yahoo (dot) com

Chain of Thought Video Experiment
Part chain letter, part sociological inquiry, part reality TV confessional, the Chain of Thought Video Experiment will provide a random survey of Blackrock consciousness circa 2005. 20 playa-roaming video cameras invite burners to "share 30 seconds of a thought, theory, dream, concept, fantasy, or meditation: where you are in your head at this moment," and then pass it on; when the tape is full, return to our camp, where wewill have a screening dome for watching returned tapes and one stationary video camera available 24-7 to catch the thoughts and dreams of passersby.
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: oceana (at) pollenmedia (dot) com

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Chamber of Questionable Actions
We have a skateboard halfpipe and live rock and roll. Adult beverage consumption is recommended and will be provided for those that seek such a thrill. Participation in the story telling booth is also encouraged. Skateboards will be provided, but you can ride whatever you brought-so long as it will not damage the riding surface. Please come and visit us. We'll make you laugh.
Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: fecefeliac (at) yahoo (dot) com

Cheese Id Camp
Join the cultish kurds of The Whey. You will never be the same again. A camp devoted to Grill and Chill in the whey hours of the morning. (when we feel like it) The Black Rock Diner will be serving grilled cheese sandwiches, Mac and Cheese, and other comfort foods to our late night brethren between midnight and dawn. A 50's style diner offering late night snacks and a chill space for those that are coming home from a night on the playa.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: http://www.satinlounge.com/shikantaza
Contact: shikantaza7 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Cheeze and Lemonade
Cheese & Lemonade Camp. Remember when you were a kid, in the front yard, mom was jammin out to Seals and Crofts in the kitchen, you and your friends at your lemonade stand in the front-yard, hot summer sun, sugar rush, sticky clothes, sticky faces, sticky fingers. And how fun was it when the dog licked it off you? And you all ended up naked running through the sprinklers. And strange Mr Diggles next door. What was his deal anyway? Now kids, this is your grand opportunity to reach deep back into your, PSYCHE.. The sticky, pink part, where you will find the same kids (us), the same cheesy music, the same sticky fingers. And yes, WE’RE jammin out to Seals and Crofts. And Journey! And Peter Frampton! Note for the historically uneducated: cheesy music pairs perfectly with boozy lemonade. Yes, booze and lemonade. So pop on by, hang in our front yard, play in our back-yard, Or just pour lemonade all over yourself and dance in the sunshine. If you’re a lucky dog, some stranger might come on by and offer you a bath. Looking forward to a little afternoon delight.
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Contact: tatteru (at) yahoo (dot) com

Chi Chi's Panocharama
In addition to Breast Exams this year we offer: Tasteful Coiffeurs For Your Personal Kitten. Jaguallero, LFGGS (Licensed Female Gentile Grooming Specialist) offers several new styles including the brand new BRC Butch, the traditional Bald Eagle and the perennial favorite Baghdad Café. All of these along with several variations of the Butterfly; the most famous of course being the Mariposa. Relax in our quiet salon with an iced tea or chilled Chardonnay and treat yourself to an all new “DOâ€Ω or just a tune-up to your current fashion statement. Your partner will love you for it.
Hometown: Los Gatos, CA
URL: http://www.jaguallero.com
Contact: jaguallero (at) yahoo (dot) com

Children of Chaos
The Children of Chaos will be spreading disorganization and joy throughout Black Rock City through unscheduled guerrilla theater events. We could appear any time and any place. We will also lead the parade of the Golden Tribe on Wednesday afternoon, assembling at 4:30 and starting our gold parade at 5:00. Put on your best gold costumes and join us.
Hometown: Portland, OR
URL: http://home.comcast.net/~imstevens/chaos_camp.html
Contact: victor.j.stevens (at) kpchr (dot) org

The Chillonia camp's mission is simple: we want to create a relaxing space to share with each other and our visitors. We will base our efforts on the motif of the mythological turtle, who feels at home no matter where he goes. The primary structure in our camp, a domed turtle, will serve as the nexus of our activities. Within its comforting walls, we will provide liquid refreshment to our visitors at any hour of the day or night. We will do our best to make sure that everyone we meet feels as relaxed and comfortable in our camp as they do in their favorite neighborhood bar.
Hometown: Cambridge, MA
URL: http://www.chillonia.org
Contact: ann (at) ximian (dot) com

Cirque Berzerk
Welcome to Cirque Berzerk!
This is the circus for the Misled, the Misunderstood and the generally Maladjusted.
The clowns are running the asylum. When THIS show roles into town, hide your children (unless they're really deformed, then by gosh we want 'em!).

Just admit it, we've all wanted to run away to join the circus. From the psychotic to the despotic to the idiotic, we're ALL part of the show here - we want to see you perform YOUR contortion act as our aerial acrobats swirl above your head.

See death defying feats.
Hear the twisted beats.
Feel the fire's heat.
But our clowns are not so sweet.

Come one, come all to the big top of the bizarre,
Cirque Berzerk

Cirque Berzerk, a Dark 1920's Punk damaged Vaudevillian Circus, hosts it's Extravaganza Wednesday night and Friday night featuring performers from Cirque Du Soleil, Mutaytor and bizarre acts we've kidnapped from the dark underbelly of America. DJ's, performers and psychotic clowns every night.
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
URL: http://www.cirqueberzerk.com
Contact: nukepicnic (at) mindspring (dot) com

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Cirque de Flambe
See the fires of your soul reflected in the frantic clowns of the playa, smell the roasting humor, see the bright flash of the cyclone, feel the heat of the sirens of flame, Late night shows on Wed, Thurs, and possibly Friday. Garden of Pyro on late Sunday night.
Hometown: Seattle, WA
URL: http://www.cirquedeflambe.com
Contact: maque (at) drizzle (dot) com



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Citrus Camp
Welcome to Citrus Camp - it's citrus-tastic! Camp Citrus provides friendly chill space and chilly beverages to our hot and dusty fellow burners. Stop by in the heat of the afternoon, spin the Wheel O' Drinks, and quench your thirst with a Poon Tang, a Sunny G, or our favorite - the Blue Loo. Hang around to enjoy our house DJ's spinning mellow tunes to go with your drink. Visit the small Psychic Dome for a mystical experience.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: keylime (at) citruscamp (dot) org

Clan Destino
Clan Destino's Renegade pyro-freaks take the PyroBarCar to the Playa with the Aerial Tripod in tow. Join the menagerie for a cold vodka energy drink while the sexy circus kittens turn aerial feats. The devil in you will move to the colossal beat of our three-ringed circus. Backat the camp find respite from the elements in the Red Fur Silver Streak Lounge.
Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
URL: http://www.theclandestino.org
Contact: siobhan (at) theclandestino (dot) org

Clevian Circularity
Located within Snowflake Village. Visit our Antigravity Dome where objects and ideas fload freely around the room. Confront your psyche as an interviewee on the Lance Miller Show. Gratify your libido at our Tuesday and Wednesday Speed Dating sessions at 8 pm.
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Contact: eric (at) clevian (dot) com

Club Verboten
Your home of retro avant-garde music, Club Verboten returns to offer a host of dance parties that in another time and space would be considered "cutting edge". Our comfortable tent and furnishings offer the BRC citizen many delights which we hope you will find time to explore.
Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: Contact: thunter885 (at) aol (dot) com

We all have secrets - come confess yours and receive absolution, but only after performing Bingo penance! We'll provide friendly priests and nuns, and the pope may even lie in state if he has the time. If you're lacking in sins, not to worry - space, and games (Spin the Cross, anyone?), will be available to ensure you have something worth confessing.
Hometown: New York, NY
Contact: Contact: alison (dot) monahan (at) gmail (dot) com

Comfort & Joy
Restore your body and lift your spirits at Comfort & Joy, where you can play in our enchanting immersive art installations, relax in one of our domes, soothe your playa-foot at our pedicure salon, come down gently in our Afterglow Lounge, and meet your neighbors at any of our many events.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: http://www.klodhopper.com/joy
Contact: kitten (at) klodhopper (dot) com

Conscious Craving
The goal of Conscious Craving is to contribute the spiritual quality of Burning Man by creating a sacred, reverent space for spiritual practices including yoga classes, meditation sessions and Kirtan chant with live musicians. Our camp will be open to any willing participants and we invite both beginners and practiced experts to join in our daily events.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: isasitis (at) uchicago (dot) edu

Contact Camp
... a nexus for exploring the art of contact improvisation. Come for daily classes in contact improv and related arts (contemplative movement, authentic movement, contact yoga, etc), as well as contact jams(open space for investigation/practice/play), labs, or just hanging out with others interested in the possibilities of contact. All are invited to come play, whatever experience level, body type, or ability.

Contact Improvisation — a 33 year old body-based art, a physical investigation of the possibilities of bodies moving through contact weight, structure, momentum, balance and off-balance, falling, touch, forces, physics, skin, muscle, and bone are our starting places, and from there our curiosities take us where they will. We experiment, observe, take risks, play. While the investigation can move to many different places it has a reference point in observation of physics in motion, bodies in contact, and delight in the unknown. As a practice, Contact is flexible, taking on whatever forms the curiosity of the practitioners discover together- athletic and wild, quiet and meditative, play, study, meeting, a kind of non-competitive wrestling or moving bodywork. The pleasure of contact comes of this active investigation.
Hometown: Seattle, WA
URL: http://www.toishou.org/ContactCamp.html
Contact: karlfrost (at) hotmail (dot) com

The Contraptionists will host a shaded communal space with sitting area including The Nebula Lounge with Smoothies and Snow cones with several adjacent structures which will provide a number of public interactive services such as the Kitty Trim by the Bushwhacker, Desert Art temporary tattoos, The Sewing Stop, Midnite Golf , Interactive art, and other "Must See/Must Do" attractions... See our web site at www.Contraptionists.Com for more information .
Hometown: Boulder, CO
URL: http://www.Contraptionists.com
Contact: Daniel (at) TDA3 (dot) com

An oasis in the desert, open every afternoon and early evening. CoolTown is a fully misted community shade structure to chill, rest, relax, socialize, or work on el-wire or electrical art and equipment. For the industrious or curious we have tools, soldering equipment, expertise and some supplies to assist with construction or repair of your el-wire or other electrical/electronic project.
Hometown: Orangevale, CA
Contact: gary.logan (at) hp (dot) com

AChewy Chunky Beats - Music You Can Eat!
Hometown: Menlo Park, CA
Contact: soleil_marley (at) yahoo (dot) com

Crash Land Inn
Where weary spce travelers can sip a little sauce and spin a yarn about their journeys. Located in the oddest part of Black Rock City.
Hometown: Oakland, CA
URL: http://www.crashland.org
Contact: upstid (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

Crazy Canadian Cosmic Cats
C4 returns to the playa for it's second year. Come explore the inner workings of the cosmic cat. Sample a beverage, or strap yourself in to the dream projector.
Hometown: Ottawa, ON
Contact: ottawa (at) burningman (dot) com

Crazy Dante's Used Soul Emporium
Come on down to Dante's and trade in your worthless old soul towards purchase price of a Brand New Previously Owned Celebrity Soul! Arrive in that jalopy you've had all your life, roll off the lot in the latest luxury model. No refunds.
Hometown: Oakland, CA
URL: http://dante.etuttle.com
Contact: sierramurphree (at) gmail (dot) com

Cuddle Princess Island
Take away all the chairs and coolers, pile on all the sleeping bags and pillows into the middle, and climb on! *Everyone* wins at Cuddle Princess Island. Our island will be new and improved, with more soft and fuzzy loveliness. This year the cuddle princesses will team up with Space Madness Conspiracy: Mad Geniuses of the Kosmic Freakdom and Sideshow Gallery. Here we HUG. This is our tradition. This our rebellion. This will be our revolution. GET YO' FREAK ON!
Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Contact: jlargman (at) hotmail (dot) com

Cuddle Puddle
Join us for the art of casual touch and acceptance of intimacy between friends. Grow and heal. Melt in to our cuddle puddle.
Hometown: Chandler, AZ
URL: http://www.water-brother.com
Contact: mike (at) nudeinaz (dot) com

Cypress Lounge
The Cypress Lounge is back for the thrid year in a row offering cocktails, and bingo games. Stop by for game times, then come play bingo with us and win fabulous prizes while you enjoy a cold drink.
Hometown: Marina, CA
URL: http://www.cypresslounge.com/burningman.html
Contact: griffin (at) cypresslounge (dot) com


Damn Fucking Texans Texas Embassy
The Damn Fucking Texans return to BRC in 05 to continue our tradition of Texas hospitality, generosity, and interactivity with our fellow citizens. DFT will open an official Texas Embassy to further relations with the world’s Freak Central and bring accents, tastes, and other memories of home to Texas expatriates and visitors alike. The Texas Embassy will be headquartered in the Lone Star Bar, and all expat, present, honorary, visiting, and future Texans are asked to come trace your personal path from Texas to BRC.
Hometown: Houston, TX
Contact: Kevin (at) 3jane (dot) net

Death Guild Thunderdome
Death Guild Thunderdome, a glorious arena of foam-covered carnage, wherein the smallest of grudge matches are settled by a combination of bungees, elevation and foam-covered weapons in front of teeming hordes who crave spectacle. Battle to the grinding strains of industrial music and to the cheers of black clad amazons aroused by bloodlust.
Hometown: Alameda, CA
URL: http://www.deathguildthunderdome.com
Contact: diva (at) ideology (dot) com

Deep Heaven: Heart of the Psyche
Deep Heaven invites BRC citizens to *Go Deep* 24/7 and visit our oasis for the open heart, where we explore intimacy, movement and improv playshops, blessing rituals, fortune telling, burner-button making, art activities, and play. Just look for our rotating heart mirror and "You Are Here", our Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious backdrops for photography.
Hometown: San Rafael, CA
URL: http://www.graphicondesign.com/deepheaven
Contact: h.karr (at) comcast (dot) net

DeMaTerial once survived for six weeks in the desert on nothing more than eleven pounds of baklava and the morning dew collected from our camel's hair. DMT never complains about the cold weather, even when its nipples are uncomfortably erect. Our deft floral arrangements have earned us fame in international botany circles. If you stroll by our camp our licensing bureau will grant you a license for... Private Nudity, Smurf Hunting, Procreation Vampire Slaying, Widget Fiddling, Cow Tipping, and several others. We also love Sangria.
Hometown: Cambridge , MA
Contact: wheatgrass (at) gmail (dot) com

Department of Tethered Aviation
Department of Tethered Aviation is all about kites! Come fly with us on Thursday @4:20PM for our annual Burning Man Kite Festival. Last year we brought you the fabulous Mylar kites on the Sunday night Temple Burn. This year we promise to have many more airbourne surprises! Come by for free kites to fly (or burn) all week.
Hometown: San Geronimo, CA
URL: http://www.dotarocks.net
Contact: tristank (at) mac (dot) com

Desires and Inhibitions
Long day on the playa, need a place to chill? Stop by Desires and Inibitions to let your mind unwind. The air conditioning and mellow tunes will make your day. Need a little action? Try an airbrush tattoo or a take a lap on our gigantic slip n' slide.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: ando (at) andomation (dot) com

Camp Dickelodeon - Looking for a place to strut your stuff? Or maybe you just wanna see others in prime strut? Head on over to Camp Dickelodeon but leave your shame and dignity back at home.
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Contact: tntdesign (at) aol (dot) com

different theme every day
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: alexamonkey (at) hotmail (dot) com

Dilated Peoples
Give yourself a reprieve from the scorching desert sun and indulge in a soothing treatment of refreshing eye drops, cucumber slices and a cooling gel-pack. Enjoy a meditative lavender-scented eye pillow while listening to our chill music, surrounded by the enchanting, healing powers of Dilated Peoples.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: creatusmail-orders (at) yahoo (dot) com

dirtnap camp
Dirtnap camp is back with a new twist on celebrating the final journey, featuring 2 suicidal American authors and their substantial bodies of work.
Observe: The Hunter S. Hemmingway suicide note contest.
What were these guys thinking when they contracted lead poisoning? You get to speculate what was percolating through their subconcious, unconcious and concious thoughts by combining both of their writing styles to craft a likely last look into the lost lives of these literary lions. So dust off those long forgotten volumes in the attic, visit the library or book store and bone up on these larger than life journalists. The winning entry (awarded each day wednesday through saturday) will receive a six pack of premium brew. We will be awaiting your participation at Dirtnap camp, where inspiration, desperation and plagiarism are equal partners in the creative process. Let us be your dirtnap to the tomes of the stars.
Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: bmta14 (at) charter (dot) net/

Disco Head Fixers
Come get your fix of the best beats on the Playa. Late night and early morning deep house sets are our speciality.
Hometown: Portland, OR
Contact: mattestarr (at) yahoo (dot) com

Tighter and Brighter in 2005.
Encounter conscious Di5orienters on Main Street.
Navigate subconsciously on the Di5orient Express.
Reflect unconsciously in the Chairs.
Welcome to Di5orient!
Hometown: New York, NY
URL: http://www.disorient.com
Contact: the.eye (at) disorient (dot) com

Diva Boot Camp
Diva Boot Camp is inspired by the days of old vaudevill and circus. Catch variety shows daily, hang out in the Hammock domes, or see the bird's eye view from the top of our giant boot.
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Contact: thedandylyon (at) yahoo (dot) com

THE place to get your Mutant Vehicle and Handicap Vehicle License.
Contact: odwally (at) burningman (dot) com

Shall I tell you about Your Mother? She will reside at DonutLove this year. Visit Her and receive catharsis. Face your fears, purge your anxieties, repair your emotional dissonance, by taking in and becoming one with your conflict. Allow Your Mother to nurse you back to health. Re-enter Her womb to begin your therapy. Come to DonutLove...Your Mother is waiting.
Hometown: Elk Grove, CA
URL: http://www.donutlove.com/
Contact: lovemonkey2k1 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Dragon's Den
Dragons Den, the place on the playa to get a henna tattoo. While you wait, you can chill in one of the two domes with a misting fan or spin poi or hoop under the shade provided which is all gonna be in the shape of the dragons head. Once you come in, you never leave the same person!
Hometown: New York, NY
Contact: iamtony1 (at) gmail (dot) com

Dr. Carl's House of Head Shrinkin'
Stop on by. Relax on our very comfy couch and take a mental load off as you discuss any and all of your thoughts, experiences or dreams with a certified human or human like apparatus that is sure to offer something in the way of advice or comfort. Need some visual self analysis? Create your own Rorschach! Well display them on the Wallof Rorschach, creating a pallette of psycho-artistic-self-help!
Hometown: West Hollywood, CA
Contact: vaughn (at) vaughnhannon (dot) com

DREAM CAMP is home base for "The Dreamer" sculpture, by Pepe Ozan. A ritual processional at sunset to light the Kundalini Cauldron within the head will occur every evening. Dream visionary workshops daily on sustainable green community building, raw foods, 7th mystery school "DNA GATE" activations, Sound vibrational healing and lucid dreaming TBA.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: http://www.giamind.com
Contact: dreamkacher (at) gmail (dot) com

Dream Theatre
Dream Theatre has afternoon dream discussion groups, to explore the possible meanings of our remembered somnambulous journeys - these gatherings are offered Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, with a tentative meeting on Friday in the mid-afternoon from 3-4:30p.m., as a way to commune in the hot portion of the day, and to dive into the energy of the Playa, where dreams can take on a distinctly more expressive form. We are also creating space for spontaneous movement, spoken word, and theatre performance, and participants are invited to bring dream-inspired art.
Hometown: Emeryville, CA
Contact: stormy (at) mardistorm (dot) com

Dreamtime Dew
During the day we will make masks. When it's dark we will burn them. You may imbue them with whatever mystico/magico/spiritual mumbo jumbo YOU feel is appropriate, or not; after all it's your mask. There will be pretty paints, cloth and other non-moopy decorations to make the mask look scary or lovely or sexy. We'll be doing other stuff as well, including drinking, telling tall tales, spankings, costume fashion shows, impromtu political rants and vast outpourings of love. At some point two of us will get married and there will be some sort of ceremony with masks, symbolizing identities, partnerships and stuff.
Hometown: Santa Fe, NM
Contact: blyslv (at) yahoo (dot) com

Dream Tree
Sheltered beneath the expansive and welcoming canopy of our magical tree, come explore your dream world with us.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: http://www.DreamTree.us
Contact: strecho (at) juno (dot) com

DUSTFISH comes to the Playa once again for THE POWER, GLORY, AND BEAUTY OF LOVE...and, YOUR PSYCHE! This will definately be the best year ever! More Live Music, Dancing, lots MORE!!! DUSTFISH LOVES YOU!
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: http://www.dustfish.com
Contact: assliquor (at) hotmail (dot) com


Easel Park
Easel Park is a large-scale art project. The Park consists of twelve easels which are over fourteen feet tall. Each easel holds a "canvas" which is 12 feet by 8 feet. These canvasses provide large-scale medium for artists who wish to work mural size. Some canvasses will be done prior to the event, and some during the event. Artists are encouraged to apply for painting space. The Park will also host smaller art, light shows, and has a live music stage.
Hometown: Sebastopol, CA
Contact: playafiction (at) yahoo (dot) com

Earth Guardian Western Pavilion
We're trying to inspire you to appreciate the Black Rock environment and embrace Leave No Trace by focusing our collective artistic, technical and spiritual energy to protect our beloved playa. Hug the ground and go beyond no trace and leave positive traces (and no MOOP!) on the land. This year we're setting up an authentic 1840's - 50's pioneer emigrant camp to celebrate the Black Rock's National Historic Trails. There will be participants in authentic clothes from the period and they will remain in 1st person character, living at the encampment through the event. Join us for daily activities including: yoga, MOOPing, nature walks and restoration, hot spring patrols and LNT and camp of the day crusading. Classes and many kids activities (Thursday morning Covered Wagon ride) as well! Rest by the water bar and expand your mind with our enviromental library and movies when the day's LNT activities are done.
Hometown: Incline Village, NV
Contact: karinaoc (at) earthlink (dot) net

Earth Tribe
Earth Tribe is the indoor Bio Village we call home. The intention of the village is stated in the name. Tribe is a group of people that takes care of each other. One day all the beings of the earth will realize that all separation is illusion and we will be one Earth Tribe. The village consists of 150 members from 13 countries. Together we will access the grid and build electric rainbow bridges of energy around the planet.

Our planet is a goddess we must respect her. Earth tribe strives to be as green as possible with our playa experience and LEAVE NO TRACE. Our generators and art bus run off of Biodiesel and we are fazing to solar for next year. We utilize a community kitchen as to minimize the amount of packaging consumed at the burn. Our domes are also temperature controlled by environmentally friendly Natural AC units called Swamp coolers and heated at night with propane. But most important of all we are here to peak our existence and enjoy Burningman together ; ) Live the Dream - Earth Tribe
Hometown: Eugene, OR
Contact: Mattie_Mataus (at) hotmail (dot) com

Elation Station
Elation Station will provide shade from the sun. A chill location where fine tunes may be heard, conversations will be ensue, and mad scientists will manifest an amazing mess. We will both hand out fresh thirst quenching lemonade and provide bodies with a much needed sun-block application station. Play with us, shade with us, and join us under the astral tortous as we take relaxation to the next level. Chillin like villains ya'll!
Hometown: New York, NY
Contact: lerato425 (at) gmail (dot) com

El Circo
Art is a ritual burning: the fruit of awareness: the desire to hold the world mouth to mouth. Based on the premise that we are all native to this place of wild enchantment. Imagine a dream — enacted.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: http://www.elcirco.org
Contact: mattydowlen (at) yahoo (dot) com

Electra FM
Electra FM 89.9 Returns to the Playa for our 6th year on the air. This year we are located in Black Rock City with "Burning Silicon". Tune in and hear an eclectic array of music and comment. Theme camps, villages, artists and wishing to make announcements about events on the playa are welcome to stop in.
Hometown: Tucson, AZ
URL: http://www.radio-electra.com
Contact: arizona-regional (at) comcast (dot) net

Emergency Svcs. Station 9 Camp
Emergency Services Station 9 Camp is a loose collective of BurningMan Emergency Services Department personnel, families and friends. This camp also hosts the Emergency Services Department Medical Staion 9.
Hometown: Rocklin, CA
Contact:seth_schrenzel (at) burningman (dot) com

Energy Riders of Aromatherapy Love
Energy Riders of Aromatherapy Love invite you to come by in the HEAT of the day and change your Psyche through the power of Aromatherapy, we have lots of shade with lots of coool scented mist. Don't forget to come get your SCENT ON befor cruzin the playa. Our Camp is open to all, we love to touch all harts with the delicitness of mist as we move the Energy with the power of a river. Welcome to all at all times.
Hometown: Carbonedale, CO
Contact: redfox4242 (at) hotmail (dot) com

ESD Comm Center
This space houses the Communications Center for Burning Man.
Hometown: Rocklin, CA
Contact: seth_schrenzel (at) burningman (dot) com

ESD Station 5
This space houses our contract Fire vendor's offices and is the place that they will work out of
Hometown: Rocklin, CA
Contact: seth_schrenzel (at) burningman (dot) com

We take the UN out UNCONSCIOUS. Espresso served early mornings; Open when we get up for an hour or two. BYO cup, we don't have any to go. NAKED ESPRESSO — no foo-foo froth, mocha, frappa, crappa, soy, latte drinks, just the real stuff. Stop by, say hi, have some of the last legal high.
Hometown: Vancouver, WA
Contact: brucepam (at) pacifier (dot) com

Euphoria Playaground
We seek release and transformation through the simple acts of play and intimate human interaction. We invite you to come play on our swing sets and other fun playaground implements. Among other surprises, we also offer ample shade, good company, and a wide variety of music to keep your playa-boogie going strong all week long.
Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
Contact: jordan10e (at) hotmail (dot) com