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3rd Dementia
by Nathan Ashlock
An unexpected funhouse mirror of the psyche, set far off near the perimeter, contains three groups of characters, all equidistant from each other and from the Dizzying Device. The significance of three has been prominent throughout time and the participant will search for meaning among every trinity running through their head, whether it be the past, present and future, or the three parts of the psyche — the Id, the Ego and the SuperEgo. Here you will encounter all three.

Contact: n_ashlock (at) mac (dot) com

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Air Your Emotions
by pherz
"Air Your Emotions" displays four sculpted faces depicting the basic emotions that define us as human. Out from the open shared head flows a multitude of streaming color rays of thoughts, feelings, and emotions drifting to the heavens.

Contact: pherz2 (at) charter (dot) net

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Altared States
by Vanessa Santersiero

Radiant Atmospheres and lighting/visuals co-horts, Coil, reach into the realm of the lucid dreamstate to midwife a kinetic vision of "Altared States." Lighting the darkest corridors of your cerebrum, projecting our own imagery onto your thoughts, and celebrating with you the ephemeral and transitory place of the sacred, we bring you excitable, euphoric, fantastic transitional states of the psyche.

Contact: vanessa (at) radiantatmospheres (dot) com

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"Ask Abo" Psyche-At-Trick Counseling Center
by Mark Gibson
At this free walk- or crawl-in clinic, Abo (The Black Rock Desert Aborigine) offers his wisdom to Burners seeking guidance in dealing with life's sensitive issues, like reversals of frontal lobotomies, workaholism, assorted sexual dysfunctions, chakra misalignment, (creating the miraculous disappearance of) obnoxious in-laws, bilocation, funophobia, the search for the Charmed quark, lesdyxia, bed wetting, and athlete's foot of the brain.

Contact: Gibson (at) snowcrest (dot) net

Atrocity Warehouse
by Jeffrey Nelson
Lose yourself in the fascinating world of human stupidity. The first of its kind, Atrocity Warehouse is a monument to apathy and aggression, to violence and vanity, and serves as a soothing balm to those who'd rather not think too much. Browsing among the artifacts of brutality and ignorance, the mind shuts down, sliding easily into a state of conformity and indifference.

Contact: jnelsonic (at) earthlink (dot) net

Brain Dead
by D'Andre
A brain with a cross driven into it reflects the growing threat of the Christian Fascists, who would suppress critical thinking, diversity and art.

Contact: d_andre (at) myway (dot) com

Burn Your Fear
by Deitmar Eckell
The idea was triggered by C.G. Jung's theory of the collective unconscious. In our collective unconscious there are many different archetypes of fear and all over the world there were many rituals to fight these fears (witch burns, etc). The objective of this interactive installation is to transform these rituals into the language of the new millenium and to visualize ("burn") these fears collectively with the instruments of modern media, in a collective experience of "screaming yourself free of fear".

Contact: dieteck (at) gmx (dot) de

DiMethyl Temple
by Rob Newell and Carey Thompson
DiMethylTemple is a galactivation sanctuary housing interdimensional art that is guarded by a fearsome creature of the psyche. It is inspired by the functional gateways of temples found throughout the ancient world. One passes through the menacing jaws of the threshold, and enters the protected inner sanctum where holomorphic visions envelop the participant.

Contact: rob (at) cosmosisdesigns (dot) com and carey2012 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Doorway to Selfless Reflection
by Kevin Chinoy
Across the darkness of the playa, in the distance is a solitary frame of light, the Doorway to Selfless Reflection. As one approaches and directly confronts the piece, one finds a door, framed by light, with a single mirror covering its face. However, instead of seeing one's own reflection in the mirror, individuals find that the doorway appears to lead into an unknown abyss, an infinite tunnel leading to an unknown end. This pathway is opened on either side of the door.

Contact: kevin (dot) chinoy (dot) wg97 (at) wharton (dot) upenn (dot) edu

Dream Fragments
by Chris Sturgess
Squares of painted cloth are hung from a triangular array of 10’ high poles. From the side the cloths appear to be random, but at certain vantage points images are visible, formed from the mosaic of cloths.

This simple visual puzzle also creates a logic puzzle, defined by the haiku:

Dreamtime elements
Assemble in your vision;
One part comes later.

Contact: chris (at) consensys (dot) com

Dream House
by Britton Holland
A seven foot tall wooden house sits alone, backed by a small stand of willow. Windows on all sides invite examination of the varied and numerous rooms, glowing from within. These rooms are filled with the dream visualizations of a collaborative group of people from around the country. During the event, participants are also invited to share their dreams in a journal. The Dream House will be set aflame, burning away into the night.

URL: http://blikum.com/burningman2005/dreamhouse/
Contact: britton (at) burningman (dot) com

Dream Portal Number 5 and Dream of the Fire God
by Nicholas Valle
These murals are located at the BRC Airport and Media Mecca, respectively.

Contact: buzzcut2000 (at) mindspring (dot) com

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Existential T.P. TeePee and The Big Book of Existential Crap
by Abigail Gallup
Here you are allowed to contemplate your state of being in BRC and to release your epiphanies, thought, ideas, and brain movements into the universe. This process of evacuation serves as a means of mental cleansing and will help to keep your mind running smoothly and regularly. Please visit as often as you feel necessary to maintain a healthy flow. Existential dumps are recommended daily- but we know that every-other-day or twice-a-day dumps are still considered normal and healthy.

Contact: abigailgallup (at) hotmail (dot) com

Giving Head
by John Schultz
Foam heads will be given out to participants to decorate and will then be displayed on a rotating platform.

Contact: iccubus (at) cox (dot) net

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Graveyard of Unconsciousness
by Roberta Artman
This graveyard is a cathartic study from a non-religious woman who has found ironically, that the actions that have threatened her survival (both her own actions, and those of others) are represented in the Seven Deadly Sins of Catholic law. This piece is timely due to the current condition of the catholic church. On a more personal note, it captures the journey toward a more conscious existence and an effort to define personal morality and ethics. The catholic laws were originally designed to curb "non-ethical" or "non-survival" actions. The laws in their original intentionality are offered for consideration. "Know thyself". The human capacity for self-delusion is nearly limitless.

Contact: scissorgrrrl (at) yahoo (dot) com

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Head Games
by Lisa Beerntsen and Tony Spiers
This participatory mixed media painting was created by the Easel Park Sketchers of Graton, CA.

Contact: fallguy (at) sonic (dot) net

by Saul Melman
'HERE/THERE' is a sculpture comprised of two white wooden boxes (4' l x 4' w x 2' h) positioned 30 feet from one another. The top of each box is open. One box has the word 'HERE' printed on each of its four sides and the other box has the word 'THERE' printed on it. The 'HERE' box contains 700 lbs of white sugar and a gleaming shovel which provides the viewer a means to transport the sugar from one box to the other. This sculpture addresses the idea of the purposefulness of our pursuits.

URL: saulmelman.com
Contact: saulmelman (at) earthlink (dot) net

I Am of Two Minds
by Stuart Sands
"I am of Two Minds" will feature a pair of brains mounted on pedestals verbalizing what they are really thinking. One brain represents the subconscious while the other represents the conscious. Like all good brains, they will glow as they speak.

Contact: stuartsands (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

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The Ladder
by Mark Griffen and Lloyd Aspinwall
The Ladder is a statement of Ascendancy, representing the movement of consciousness from one plane to another. Made of welded aluminum and steel cables, it reaches a height of 108 feet or 11 stories, straight up. The Ladder, which could be seen from all points on the playa, was climbed by 400 people during the event.

Contact: hrdlght (at) charter (dot) net

by Damian Janssen
L.I.L.O. stands for Looking In, Looking Out. A cube of faces features an optical illusion which transforms the faces from concave to convex. They appear to follow the participant wherever they go. Both male and female faces are illuminated by solar charged lighting for a startling effect. An erie peek in and out of the entity's mind. Their offspring, The Pikes of Paranoia can also be experienced at Apokiliptika Theme Camp.

URL: http://www.mutantvehicle.com/paranoia_pikes.htm
Contact: sinktrap (at) charter (dot) net

Mind's Eye
by Kramer
This window to the soul of the playa is a suspension of disbelief, a floating vision, the great OZ of the desert. By day the Mind's Eye sleeps. By night, it awakens to lure you into the darkness.

Contact: kramer (at) djkramer (dot) com

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by Stefan Babchuk

Television: the most powerful medium ever invented by the human race; our obsession and dependence on it are extreme. Television content is produced by corporate interests whose only purpose is to separate us from our hard earned money... yet we watch on. Individuals use television willingly to tune out and "turn their minds off" which opens the flood gates to the psyche, now a fertile field ready for the planting of unoriginal ideas and consumer dreamscapes.

Contact: sadchuk (at) hotmail (dot) com

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