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Plastified Forest
by Chris & Josita
The Forest consists of six large picture displays. They are placed in such a way they can all be viewed at the same time. We added a Tall People's Love Seat so people can sit and enjoy the Forest. Part of the Burning Man experience is Absence; absence of everything one does not bring, barter or gift. The desert environment, while an extreme example of pure nature, is also an absence of nature with which one is more familiar. As the Burning Man community is fueled by filling the void of the big Absence, the Plastified Forest fills the void of familiar greenery. Through the power of the sun and the wind of the nature that is, it brings to life the nature that isn't. The Plastified Forest is a reflection of what could be, created with love, but it can only come to life in the mind of the onlooker. The Plastified Forest needs the community; it cannot exist without. So come drink your visual fill from the source of lush greenery at the Plastified Forest.

URL: www.oliebol.net/bm/bm.htm
Contact: oliebol (at) oliebol (dot) net

Platonic Chamber
by Corndog
In nature, we find patterns, designs and structures that follow geometric archetypes revealing to us form and its vibrational resonance. Symbolic of the inseparable relationship to the whole and its parts, they are a blueprint for the mind, represented by the Platonic Solids. Created using sacred geometry, Platonic Chamber is an interactive percussive sculpture with steel drums, bells, and chimes to be crushed in symphonic melodies. Participants enter into its internal chamber, a life-size snub-dodecahedron, where guttural vibrations reflect in every atom of being. As one participant hands the baton to another, cacophonous jams continue in a perpetual wheel of sound-drawing more participants to seek out and express their very nature.

URL: www.briantortora.com
Contact: nairb (at) briantortora (dot) com

Playa Circle
by Christopher Wunderlich
The alchemical process of working in sacred geometry has been with mankind throughout time immemorial. From the great pyramids of Giza to the Gothic Cathedrals of Europe to fractals, humanity has based some of its most profound creations on the principals that also make up the mathematical structures of pinecones and starfish. Within the last 15 years, mainly in the UK, there have appeared crop circles based on these theories. Many of the designs that have appeared in the fields of England have been manmade, however there are those among them that are beyond human time and skill and cannot be explained by the mortal understanding of reality and physics. During the mid nineties the anomalous appearances of circle forms in the UK started to taper off and sightings of crop circles began to increase around the world. The piece, Playa Circle is a response to the interplanetary circle makers' efforts to awaken humanity to a greater reality. Based in Euclidean geometry and placed on a Fibonacchi spiral location from the center of BRC, Playa Circle is an energetic invitation to the Enlightened Masters to continue to assist in the transformation of all of us from gifted monkeys into multidimensional spacemen.

Contact: daswunder (at) earthlink (dot) net

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Playa Seed
by Christopher Wunderlich
This simple form of driftwood and tumbleweeds reminds us to center ourselves and to connect to our underlying nature. When lit on fire, the seed transforms, unfolding and opening itself and engaging us to open to the same experience in ourselves.

Contact: cindylouwho23 (at) hotmail (dot) com

by Arthur Zwern
Playatech will flood our City with unique and useful collapsible plywood furniture designs. Built by many artists independently, each piece begins as a blank canvas inviting participants to discover the artist inside. Installations include the funded Borg2 Playa Hearth Stop, No Sitting On the Playa, and dozens more places to sit, create, connect, and contemplate, from DPW to the Black Rock Arts Foundation we support. Deeper in the psyche, Playatech challenges the definitions of art, commerce, and non-profit, because it is parody yet so real - an imaginary company raising money and awareness for the arts by turning aggressive brand marketing into an artistic medium. PR filled with irony, double-entendre, pun, and absurd inconsistency simultaneously spoofs consumerism and Burning Man's rules against it. Don't miss our giant 100%-off Labor Day Sale! Only at Playatech's Black Rock Factory Showroom and Outlet Store, located in Burning Silicon Collective.

Contact: arthurz (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

by Justin Wagner and XEFX Productions
A high power argon laser, the Eye of Cerebro, stretches over the playa, guiding participants to this venture into the trinity of the soul. Cerebro, a 10’ Tesla coil producing over a million volts of lightening, strikes Lucidious, its servant. With the sword of light, the black spear, and fluorescent tubes, and with the help of the servants of flame, Lucidious drives away negative forces, removing the illusions of this earth to reveal the grand truth that lies within you.

Contact: Justin (at) xefxproductions (dot) com

Project X
by Bob Marzewski
We’ll know it when we see it. Project X is the result of a study of group effectiveness in the presence of ambiguity. Project members are functioning on a need-to-know basis. Right now, you don’t need to know.

Contact: bobmarzewski (at) yahoo (dot) com

Reflective Shade
by Jallen Rix
A dome covered inside and out with laser discs reflects both the sun and yourself.

Contact: jallen (at) rixartz (dot) com

Sense of Direction
by Ake Grunditz
A stainless steel weather vane contains images symbolizing our four senses as well as a long spinning arm and a spinning spiral.

Contact: grunditz (at) alamedanet (dot) net

by Jason Guy
Created for the deep playa, Sentinels is composed of two biomorphic steel "pinwheels." Each sentinel is made of 11 40"x4" steel rectangles which are hinged at the center. Restricted hinging allows for continual subtle motion in either light breeze or high wind. One of these structures has been allowed to rust over the past year; the other is made of new steel. Each has been coated with oil to catch the playa's dust. Positioned perpendicular to the north-south meridian, and set 30 feet apart these sentinels mark the space in between as a place of playful contemplation for witnessing the rising and setting of the sun.

Contact: jasonguy2004 (at) yahoo (dot) com

$hooting $tar
by $tarburner
A series of wooden stars stacked on each other forms a twisting, spiraling mass, illuminated from the inside and rotating on an electric motor.

Contact: starburner1 (at) yahoo (dot) com

by Jay Faustini
For those who want to let everyone know what's on their mind, a soap box has been provided courtesy of the Black Rock Soap Company.

Contact: jay (at) tseme (dot) com

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by Ebba Peterson
A shade structure contains a selection of musical instruments made entirely of salvaged materials, all tuned to a D scale, which participants are welcome to play. These include tenor and soprano bells, a gender (gamelan instrument), pvc sulings (indonesian flutes), pachinko machine bells, musical rocks and various drums. Instructions for the instruments and for improv games are provided, as well as staff paper for anyone who would like to compose music.

Contact: ebtide (at) ucsc (dot) edu

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Spinning Ladies
by Annie Hallatt
The Spinning Ladies is a 15 foot high wind activated kinetic sculpture built of steel, aluminum sheet, woven copper wire and copper sheet, colored with interactive chemicals. With this installation, I am honoring my mother Beth Reid Hallatt, a modern dancer who passed over during the 2004 burn. The Playa is my collaborator, providing rich and varied light (and dark) and powerful wind which spins the four Ladies, each with a different face and a long arm which scoops the wind and invokes the Spinning Dance.

URL: www.masquearrayed.com
Contact: masques (at) mindspring (dot) com

by Gary Stadler
Spiraire is a 10'-15' shaft parallel to the ground, rotating, with many arms sticking out of it from one end to the other, each with a brilliantly changing color LED at the end. Long arms are at one end and they get shorter as they progress toward the other end .As the shaft spins, the LED's at the ends of the arms trace out beautifully colored and changing circles in mid air .Viewed from either end, it all comes together in a lovely 3-D spiral of color, alive and brilliant.

Contact: gareee (at) heartmagic (dot) com

Starfuckers Coffee
by S. Gibson
A semi-portable Crappucino stand with comfortable sofas and umbrellas is found at the far edge of the deep playa.

URL: www.sgibson.com/burningman/
Contact: burningman (at) sgibson (dot) com

Subject to No Limitation
by Selina Hafir
This painting has four viewing surfaces that describe how infinite time, space and cycles are. This piece becomes more interactive when the viewer needs to wipe clean the plexiglass surface to view the painting.

Contact: dnnhopper (at) yahoo (dot) com

Sunrise Saloon
by Thomas Haan
The Sunrise Saloon serves as a mini-gateway to the stunning sunrises that begin on the far eastern edges of the playa and conjures up the great watering holes found in the wild west. By day, this makeshift structure is reminiscent of what one might find in an abaondoned ghost town. But this fixture comes to life as the sun begins to rise...

Contact: thaan (at) bojon (dot) com

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by Thomas Trower
Mirrors and mylar spin in the wind, reflecting the light.

Contact: ttrower (at) sunflower (dot) com

Swingers Spin Playa Tri-Pis
by Nelson Lacey
At least three tripod style tipis and a hammock are combined with a small swing for restful shade and viewing the Op art lines.

Contact: artbylacey (at) hotmail (dot) com

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Synapse Misfire
by Janine Miller-Fritz
Fiber optics spring out of the top of a six-foot monolith covered with a mosaic of broken mirror and industrial metal, imbedded with programmed rice lights. Participants activate the light sequences by moving wheels and gears attached to the monolith. "Technology dressed up in an evening gown."

Contact: bodi (at) icehouse (dot) net

Tea Temple
by Mark Holmes
The Tea Temple is a space dedicated to the preparation and offering of sacred tea as a celebration of and service to humanity. The inspiration for this structure is an Athanor, or alchemical chamber where elements combine to form new substances greater than the sum of their parts. Preparing tea itself is alchemy in that the preparation is a dance of the five elements to transform inert dried dead leaves and tasteless water into liquid gold that has the capacity to bring clarity and delight to the drinker. The Tea Temple's structure as a tent consciously pays homage to those tea houses of ancient times: temporary structures for travelers temporarily in the same place and time on the road of life. Such was the case along the thoroughfare of tea traders on the Silk Road, which joined the Middle East to the entire Asian continent from India to China. Along these paths of desire, where goods, spices and herbs flowed, true global culture thrived as a confluence of ethnicities and spiritual traditions. As such we hope to be such a waystation for travelers, a cup to hold the warmth of humanity.

Contact: stooge (at) pranamaya (dot) com

Tears of Fire
by Janine Miller-Fritz
Four 5' foot round steel upright discs, containing erotic poetry, are backlit by fire.

Contact: bodi (at) icehouse (dot) net

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Temple of Brianetics
by Brian Carlson
An 18 1/2' diameter musical sphere strung with piano wire can be accessed by climbing its playing platform.

Tiny Creature
by Erica Clement
A small creature has come to the playa to pay homage to its 'God'. This creature comes from a distant galaxy and is like no other animal found on earth - disturbing yet cute.

URL: http://www.infinitesector.org/tinycreature.htm
Contact: hotmamarico (at) yahoo (dot) com

Tsalagi Prayer Fire III
by Kandy Banks
Darkness was unleashed when the ancient fire was lost and the light of Creation was brushed aside.God was invented and words divided the tribes of earth.Religions, traditions and cultures became the only illumination for the spirit and in the cold, dark centuries of industry and destruction, the spirit has withered.But travelers from an unknown star beyond the Pleiades foretold of a time when the fire would come back to the people.That time is now.Come participate in the celebration of the new fire.Bring the icons of your religion. Find every word of truth written in books.Come feed the fire with the artifacts of every tradition and burn the symbols of every nation.Become the fuel for the new fire as the Old World burns. Nu wa do he ya du.

Contact: Moonfire (at) sonic (dot) net

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Twilight Anima Rising
by Mardi Storm
The playa surface itself emerges taking shape into a monstrous nine-foot high unicorn of mud and dirt, with stained-glass eyes shining with the eternal light of universal power and knowing. The unicorn is a subconscious symbol of Truth, with the power to heal all ills in the world with its Purity. The Unicorn's horn has been sought after, literally and figuratively, for thousands of years by humankind, as the panacea for the world's evils and the cure for all illnesses. This unicorn seems to be not living up to the world's expectations; be wary of its perilous horn.

Contact: stormy (at) mardistorm (dot) com

by Fabian Myerr, Switzerland
The UFO is an inflatable art installation. Participants can enter the UFO and play with an interactive LED light display.

URL: http://fabelabs.com/ufo2/
Contact: fmeier (at) gmail (dot) com

Union Built Boxes
by Nick Ray
Two or three antique railroad battery containers function as a sound installation, a wood fired pottery kiln, and a burn barrel.

Contact: rayzone7 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Whirlwind Fire Barrel
by John Ricker
The shape of this fire barrel mimics the dust devils on the playa. Tubing passes through its fire pit, which causes hot air jets to shoot out the open ends of the tubes, which may be tuned to produce different sounds depending on the intensity of the fire.

Contact: jricker (at) meltguns (dot) com

Woodpusher's Gambit
by Marianna Ferris
A human scale chess set features pawns standing approximately 3 feet tall, with the king and queen standing at around 5.5 feet. The pieces are made of steel with other metals, paint, LEDs and some EL wire as embellishment, and they stand on a 16' square plywood chess board.

URL: www.curple.com/chess/
Contact: burningman (at) mariannaland (dot) com

by Mary Decker
Zenbrella is a place to stop for rest, conversation and/or meditation; a refreshing whiff of green out in the deep playa. A discarded patio umbrella is born again as a magical tree attached to a park bench, painted green and decorated with patterns of ferns and bamboo.

URL: www.vwbuscamp.com
Contact: billmaryd (at) comcast (dot) net

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