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100 Red Balls
by Mara Harris
Imagine: the release of 100 red balls across a seemingly barren Nevada desert floor... 100 red balls the size of a pumpkin's wet dream. We set them to sail, across the desert floor - wind witches and dust devils support the launching of this mission. A ball comes sailing in the direction of a wide eyed human being made ready to engage in the essence of play with first sight of a huge red ball. Contact with one of these red balls creates the feeling of being childlike again. The ball becomes the bridge between the one who holds the ball and the one who is about to receive it. But these balls take people beyond the standard constructs of catch; they roll over them, they are stretched and opened physically and emotionally, which in turn gets them to dance, to move, to breath and to make contact with others. The ball gives reason to play; it gives permission for people to interact on a level that they would not have otherwise. It gives permission for people to touch, roll, rock, contact, dance, play catch, to move onto each other - to test each other's boundaries. It unifies people who may not have allowed themselves to connect with others because of their own fears, judgments, or inhibitions... when you see a ball we inherently know it's time to PLAY, to PLAY ON THE PLAYA!

Contact: consciousactionyoga (at) gmail (dot) com

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11:11 Diamond Portal & Quasar Wave Transducer
by Harlan Emil Gruber
The Diamond Portal is a means of shifting the earth to the next vibrational dimension that we are moving towards. It is a visually striking monument based on sacred geometry and the heart chakra. Being located at 11:11 on the Burning Man layout is an integral part of its geometry. The Quasar Wave Transducer housed inside is a solar powered subsonic nonlinear dynamic analog feedback device that generates healing frequencies that resonate with the Earth, the Portal and the people in and around it, to activate the dimensional shift. It is an interactive sculpture that to fully experience requires participation by leaning against or climbing up into it.

Contact: h (at) harlanemil (dot) com

by Joels Kollin
This large scale strobing anamorphic projection onto playa measures 30 X 50 feet.

Contact: jskollin (at) yahoo (dot) com

Art Camp
by Merrilee Proffitt
Art Camp is a circular space enclosed by orange vinyl fencing, which contains a tribe of Barbie and Ken dolls, engaged in playa fun. The dolls are rearranged on a daily basis.

Contact: mproffit (at) nyx (dot) net

by Rob Baseel and Erik Poulson
From off in the distance comes a strange, beckoning light.... as you approach through the dust strange audio waves reach your ears. Before you rises an eight foot tall illuminated obelisk, emitting bizarre sounds from an unknown place and time.

Contact: klaodna (at) yahoo (dot) com

Beast of Black Rock Granite Skunk Power Plant
by Mathew Ebert
The Granite Skunk coal power plant serves the growing consumptive needs of an ever-expanding industrialized society. Whether the power is actually needed in Black Rock City or not, here is an opportunity to expand the portfolio of the parent company, renewable energy development be damned. Stop by for a toxic cocktail and learn more about how coal is the new alternative energy.

URL: http://metric.cc/Sempra
Contact: metric (at) burningman (dot) com

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Beksinski Cross
by Todd Lovering
One of Zdzislaw Beksinski's paintings is recreated three-dimensionally as a memorial to the Polish artist who passed earlier this year.

URL: www.beksinski.pl
Contact: Tlovering (at) comcast (dot) net

Big Brother
by Dan Lockwood
Big Brother is an interactive kinetic sculpture comprised of a cyborg head mounted on a pole at standing height. Big Brother can sense playa goers at a distance of up to twenty feet. When sensed, Big Brother locks onto the passerby and can rotate 360 degrees in either direction to maintain its hold. As the passerby approaches, Big Brother's eyes, nose, mouth, and brain alter in color and intensity. Get too close and Big Brother will let you know. Big Brother is designed to evoke sensations of amusement, fear, surprise, and curiosity

Contact: dcl (at) dezela (dot) com

Blue Brains
by Beth
Six chairs with a base color of bright, metallic blue are decorated to represent a wonderful friend who has inspired, amused, and supported me.

Contact: Morganbeth (at) morgbert (dot) com

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Book of Days/Book of Nights
by Glenn Stowe and Pamela Feeny

In the deep playa a lectern contains two huge, ornate, leather-bound books filled with blank pages, one locked and one open. One is styled with a night theme, one with a day theme. The lectern is stocked with art supplies. Participants create the book of day and the book of night. At dusk and dawn a procession of robed figures locks one book and opens the other.

Contact: ottawa (at) burningman (dot) com

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Branch Library
by Al Fink
A relatively small (3'X5.5') bookcase contains a random collection of hardbacks and paperbacks of various sizes. Screwed diagonally to the back of the bookcase is a 5-6' long aspen branch.

Contact: afink (at) rmi (dot) net

Breath of Fire
by Skot Croshere
The breath of fire is similar to the standard breathalyzer but with a different output: fire. Participants breathe into the machine and see their BAC displayed in a whole new way.

URL: http://www.skot9000.com/bof/
Contact: skot (at) bitnet (dot) cx

Change of State
by Nicholas Cain and Max Cain
During the heat of the day, participants will find a cool, shaded bench on which to sit and to take in a view of Black Rock City. At night, the bench will be warm to the touch and protected from the wind. The bench is cooled and heated by thermoelectric heat pumps powered by solar cells. We hope this project will provide a comfortable place to sit while it draws attention to one of our most basic human concerns — keeping cool and warm — and its attendant ecological and social issues.

URL: http://pufendorf.org/art/change_state/index.html
Contact: burningman (at) pufendorf (dot) org

by Larry Breed
A reliably erratic timekeeping beacon, the flaming tetherball swoops and spirals through the Black Rock night: tick... tick... keeping exact playa time, more or less.

Contact: livember (at) earthlink (dot) net

by Jon Syder
Salmon arriving at the rivers of Alaska from the ocean are bright shining silver in color. We fishermen call them Chromers. This art installation is an homage to these beautiful fish.I have 600 (perhaps 1000) 15 inch silver mylar fish mounted on 18/24 inch wire survey flags.My Chromers sparkle and flash in the wind much as a school of fish does moving in the ocean. The fish will be arranged on the playa in a different pattern, or school, every morning and participants are encouraged to rearrange the installation. A smaller school of Chromers will be sparkling in and around Camp Nose Fish where the artist, Jon Syder, is based. Participation is encouraged, art theft diminishes the experience for others.

Contact: scintilla_22 (at) yahoo (dot) com

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Cirque du Flambe
by Maque Da Vis
This circus show of fire and pyro utilizes fire tools, clowning, spectacle, and fireworks to humor the great gods of the realm. They mesmerize the unfamiliar and bring participants from the audience to dance in the show.

Contact: maque (at) drizzle (dot) com

by Clayton Lantz
Two trees, shady and misty by day and flaming by night, provide a sheltered, comforting environment.

Contact: clayton.h.lantz (at) intel (dot) com

Colossal Croquet
by Sean Smith and Kate Randolph
Inspired by the dapper midgets who ruled the British Empire, Colossal Croquet is exactly what it sounds like: a croquet set that just so happens to be colossal. The wickets stand 10 feet tall, the mallets are 8 feet long, and the croquet balls 4 feet in diameter. The set also includes a cage to protect the croquet balls from the playa wind. Sometimes, the wickets, end posts, and croquet balls even glow at night. To be enjoyed by those wanting to actually play something like croquet, or those who have the desire to feel very, very small.

Contact: thinkkate (at) gmail (dot) com or protanope (at) hotmail (dot) com

Dance Dance Immolation
by Mathew Blackwell
An adaptation of the popular arcade video game, Dance Dance Revolution, DDI features a special bonus for bad performers. Those who perform accurately on the dance pads will activate automated flame effects behind a video screen.

Those who score poorly will receive a quick burst of flame directed straight at them. Fortunately players will wear a full aluminized proximity suit, with a forced-air respirator and temperature monitor.

Contact: mattpb (at) sonic (dot) net

Diamond Mind
by Jennifer Evonne
We come to the playa to pursue our vision or find inspiration to catalyze our creative potential. As the community comes together to explore many facets of artistic expression the ARTery's Diamond Mind offers a clear focal point for the visionary psyche. Artists come to the heart of the diamond to register their manifest dreams. Playa tours begin outside the jewel and all citizens can sign up and participate on our volunteer boards. Information on art installations throughout Black Rock City is spotlighted and material culture artifacts can be deposited into our memory bank. The focal point of the diamond is the jewel within the jewel, a glass and light chandelier in the shape of the man's head with light and music effects for late-night enjoyment. Look inside the diamond mind to see the spark of creativity that shines throughout our city and out into our world.

Contact: evonne (at) amoration (dot) org

Disgusting Spectacle
by Donald Bruce, Tracy Feldstein, Jen Giles, Crista Bray and Michael Perrick
The Disgusting Spectacle is an enlarged coin-op toy. The "coin" is a 10' human hamster wheel which will force a hand (with finger extended) into the nose of a 12' long steel face that has been raised up on 21' steel tower. Yep, it's a nose picking machine.

Contact: raven (at) dammit (dot) org

Due East
by Betsy Haggerty
This deserted beach shack is made from bleached and tumbled driftwood timbers collected on the coast of northern California.

Contact: betsybetsybetsy (at) mac (dot) com

by Felonious Asparagus
Yearning to be discovered during your deepest desert wanderings, the Eggs offer you a comfy haven for a nap, conversation, or other intimate interaction.

Contact: felasp (at) feloniary (dot) org

Err2 (air squared)
by Shawn Gibson
To err is human... the err2 is a box-shaped sign showing 4 different errors in an industrial setting. The graphics are on a blow-through vinyl screen mounted on a steel frame lit from external lights.

Contact: burninbroncos (at) prodigy (dot) net

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Euclid's Nightmare — The GaussaFluxaLupagus
by Chris Anderson
"The father of modern geometry had no idea that his imaginary friend would be so pliable. His structures were never intended to be so random in nature."

What does it look like? What will it become when you play? The tubes, magnets and balls that hold this piece together create a form that is intrinsically yours. Will you have a plan, an exacting plan, where every structural element is properly proportioned, where balance is just perfect, where you could climb stories into the desert air?

Contact: pugslymix (at) yahoo (dot) com

Flaming Simon
by Eric Singer
We place you inside this flamethrower version of the original electronic game. Your task: to follow the pattern of blasts emanating from the four corners surrounding you. Each time you are successful, the pattern length is extended by one. Can you beat the current record of 20? Or will you be toasted first?

Contact: borg2 (at) ericsinger (dot) com

Flaming Zen Garden
by Wally Glenn
Fire burns on top of sand...

Contact: wally (at) gwally (dot) com

Forest of Words: The Sentence
by Brooks Parker
An integration of nature and language, the tree branches from the original tree of knowledge to encompass the vast array of concepts, thoughts, philosophies, and literature that describe the human condition. Words, phrases, knowledge, and meaning are cross-referenced on various levels to encourage the flow, and the wandering, of the mind.

Dedicated to Samuel P. Bowen, 1975-2002 sambowen.com

Contact: alton (at) altonparker (dot) com

Gaslight & Monsters - The Automatic Slideshow
by Annetta Black
Kinetic sculptures and evil machines come to life at the twist of a knob or the pull of a lever in a penny arcade of the wrong, and an original lime-light ghost projection show populates the playa with specters and spooks. Yesterday's technology lives today in this post-apocalyptic, retro-tech mechanical sideshow.

Contact: eucryphia (at) yahoo (dot) com

by Mike Maung
Inside this bamboo geodesic sphere, participants can create their own Burning Man.

URL: http://www.AllAroundPainters.com/thegathering.html
Contact: mike (at) allaroundpainters (dot) com

Ghost Horse
by Michael Brown
This artwork is inspired by photographs created by Eadweard Muybridge in the late 1800's. Railroad tycoon Leland Stanford wanted to prove that when a horse is running, all four hooves are "simultaneously free from contact with the ground". Since motion picture technology didn't exist at the time, Muybridge created these images by placing a number of cameras along the path of a running horse. Delicate threads connected to the shutters of each camera were broken by the horse as it ran by, capturing each image of the galloping horse. Intrigued and inspired by Muybridge's technology (or lack thereof) my goal was to use his imagery to recreate the horses' movement without moving parts.

URL: www.exo.net/michaelb/artwork/mirrorhorse.mov
Contact: ghosthorse (at) onsights (dot) com

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