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by Marlene Kryza
Center Camp Cafe's front portal 2005 welcomes all with these steel dust devils and on Thursday night of the event they will breathe flames!

URL: www.marlenekryza.com
Contact: olmar44 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Cafe de Muse
by Susan Wotan
Place of contemplation by oneself with one small table & one chair; table top will have colored xeroxes of some drawings made during a trip to Paris by the artist & her friend Natasha who died this year.

Contact: upstid (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

Community Art Card Mini-Studio
by Seabrook
Community Art Card mini-studio on a table for participants to make and decor their own cards. Nearby will be a small display of completed art cards of the partici-passion in the Art Card Mini-Studio for all to enjoy.

Contact: seabrook (at) frogwood (dot) org

Exercise For The Clairsentient Empath
by GhostGirl
Collage 'wall' transfixing viewers into 100s of lives through images on lightweight canvas frames covered in clear vinyl.

Contact: akasha (at) venustribeadorned (dot) com

Forced Perspective Bronze Sculptures
by Todd Kurtzman and Ben Pink
Six forced perspective bronze sculptures, representing subjects as if they were 100s of feet high or of normal height as viewed by a tiny observer.

Contact: toddk (at) toddkurtzman (dot) com

Geometricks Aluminum Construct
by Bob Burnside
Once again this artist brings geometricks to the playa but this time in a construct of aluminum weighing 40 pounds and 4 feet in diameter.

URL: http://www.geometricks.com
Contact: bob (at) bobburnside (dot) com

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Glassblown Lamps
by Adam Mostow, Midtz, Ravi Das and Hippie Mike
Mesmorizing glass lamps hanging over the heads of the Cafe's working coffee counter crew as they work to get the java to the masses. Each lamp is very unique, the colors coming through differently with the twists and temperatures varying by the moment's touch of the glassblower.

Contact: alchemist (at) epicadventure (dot) com and adammostow (at) yahoo (dot) com

Glassblowing in Action
by Adam Mostow, Midtz, Ravi Das and Hippie Mike
Turns and tricks to the art of glassblowing in motion and instructed to willing participants just outside the Center Camp Cafe, across from the ARTery. The crew created all the mesmorizing glass lamps hanging over the heads of the Cafe's working coffee counter crew inside the Cafe itself.

Contact: alchemist (at) epicadventure (dot) com and adammostow (at) yahoo (dot) com

Hands-on Exhibits
by Aaron Harrington
Tabletop exhibits w/cabinetry made of blacksmithed ironwork & birch plywood exhibiting magnetwork, a sand pendulum, a wave table and spin drawings upon the table tops of Center Camp Cafe.

Contact: aharring2n (at) hotmail (dot) com

Intersection Project - The All Seeing Eye
by Tim Brown and Neal Kearns
During the day, the All Seeing Eye will provide a downtempo chill space for all who visit. At night it will transformed by the appearance of two live audio/video portals, connecting the All Seeing Eye to other mysterious locations in Space and Time.

Through its first portal, it will take you back through time and out through space to Christmas Eve, somewhere in Middle-America. With a fire crackling on the artificial hearth, Christmas tunes playing on the old radio, and a plate of cookies waiting for Santa, you will know you have come home for the holidays. If you dare return at night, a sinister yet fabulously entertaining change will take place giving you a glimpse into the darker, more dangerous, sexier side of the Christmas spirit.

The second portal will transport you into a deep cave somewhere on the playa. Instead of dirt and stone you will be surrounded by fuzzy, furriness more cozy than you ever imagined.

You will laugh, you will cry, you might shake in your boots but the All Seeing Eye will always entertain you.

Contact: brown (at) biology (dot) utah (dot) edu and doktorandom (at) yahoo (dot) com

Labyrinth of the Psyche
by Grey Cat
A shadowbox shrine piece made from bones and sculpted plaster with other relics and ornaments hanging on it. The skull is of a bull and the piece is that of a crucified Minotaur.This relates to the center of the Labyrinth of the Psyche and with Archtypes as well. It is intended to be a community piece in that anyone who desires is welcome to add stuff and hang small items on it.

Contact: grey_cat333 (at) yahoo (dot) com

La Siren
by Steve Hartbauer
Human scale mixed media mosaic sculpture of a four armed goddess/mermaid. The tail is covered with patina'ed pennies and green glitter. The base has symbols and spiritual relics on a series of 12 panels. It is covered with broken plates, glitter, and tiles.

Contact: stevehartbauer (at) yahoo (dot) com

LBC Lego Block City
by Beenjammin'
An interactive Lego installation in which people build a city out of Legos and then destroy it, all in one day.

Contact: beenjamminj (at) yahoo (dot) com

by Elizabeth Mallory
One winged, one adult female and a child mannequin grace the stage of Center Camp Cafe in a glorious glow.

Contact: kat (at) mikellmail (dot) zzn (dot) com

No Borders Bookstore
by Raymond Soulard, Jr. and Kassandra Kramer
A place for gifting out books in the Center Camp Cafe, carrying on the tradition No Borders Bookstore of BRC has had on playa for many years.

URL: http://www.geocities.com/scriptorpress/nobordersbookstore.html
Contact: Contact: cenacle (at) mindspring (dot) com

Old School Paintings of the New Consciousness
by Kenny Harris
Active canvas paintings of participants in the landscape of the Center Camp Cafe for models to later take home or to be shared in Cafes to come (model's choice on end use).

Contact: Contact: ken (at) littlejohngallery (dot) com

Performance Stage Backdrop
by Michael R Brown
Center Camp Cafe's Performance stage backdrop of painted spirals with the silhouette of a face on them getting smaller and smaller. The spirals are in accordance to the golden mean (the path of least resistance!) and in the middle will be a heart and cloud opening.

Contact: godfathersoul (at) hotmail (dot) com

Psyche Linear Notes
by Karen Zethmayr
Shadowbox bird's eye view of a 4-season landscape, mixed media, with figures of Zephyr & Psyche; Binders w/background info on Psyche fastened to table by chains; Liner Notes to Share interactive element where participants can post their thoughts.

Contact: grandma (at) grandmaskite (dot) com

Ten Guiding Principles
by Black Swan aka Alexandria Volk
Banners of the ten principles of Burning Man ethos in Chinese calligraphy characters with gold flecking. English poetically written descriptions accompany each banner and will be posted beside each one to enlighten all participants to the acculturation involved in the Burning Man community.

Contact: blackswan (at) ghostmail (dot) net

The YOUniversal Mirror of the Collective
by Naomi Bock
Interactive video installation for participants to see themselves individually within the context of the collective dream. Goal is to fuse You with the Universal, revealing a YOUniversal reality. Non-toxic art supplies provided to draw/paint their dreams & symbols on the housing walls.

URL: http://www.microchunk.com
Contact: naomi (at) microchunk (dot) com

Tsukubai Zen Center
by John Barry
Center Camp Cafe is blessed with this Tsukubai Zen Center in its own heart of heart.

Contact: John_Barry (at) paramount (dot) com

Words of Wisdom
by Jennifer Schaub
Ten tables made of steel with the ten principles of Burning Man ethos addressed through poetic quotes on the table tops. These are designed to enlighten all participants to the acculturation involved in the Burning Man community.

Contact: fishee2 (at) hotmail (dot) com