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All The News That's Fit To Burn : 2004 Summer Newsletter

Community Notes

Pilots must familiarize themselves with new procedures implemented in 2004. Just like mutant vehicles, airplanes provide art resources (aerial photography is the major one), performance art (skydivers for one example), basic transportation, and a way to view BRC from an entirely different perspective. Also just like mutant vehicles, there are outside regulations and playa rules which MUST be followed by everyone to create a safe and considerate aviation community.

All pilots (including ultralight pilots) must receive an on-site briefing which covers overflight rules, areas that are off-limits (such as the local hot springs), general guidelines, and the most important item: safety. No briefing means no flying, and this will be stringently enforced. Ticket rules in effect at the main gate also apply to arrivals at the Port of Entry. Landing restrictions begin on Friday, August 27th. Contact Airport Inquiries or call (408) 297-9795 but the first stop for more information is www.burningman.com/on_the_playa/airport/.

Be prepared to drive your vehicle to the camp site and leave it there for the duration of the event. Vehicles caught driving without a prope permit may be fined, impounded, or disabled by law enforcement.

Department of Mutant Vehicles
All mutant vehicles must be pre-registered. All mutant vehicles must display their DMV placard. For information on what qualifies as an mutant vehicle and to register your work of art, contact DMV Inquiries and visit http://dmv.burningman.com.

If you use an amplified audio system at your camp, the volume must be held to reasonable levels. Speakers must be elevated off the playa surface, and backed by a truck, RV or anything large & solid enough to prevent the sound from traveling backwards. The maximum power amplification is 300 watts. If a problem with sound levels continues after sufficient requests and warning, the source of power for such device or system will be disabled. Art cars with sound systems are subject to the same standards, and must cut their sound when approaching art installations and performances.

Kids at Burning Man
We are a family friendly event. We encourage everyone to know where kids' camp, "Kidsville", is located on the map. If you are not a family friendly camp, please place yourself far away from it. If you are a family camp yourself, consider camping between streets 4:30 and 5:30 near Kidsville. For more info, contact Kids Inquiries. All parents should attend to their children and are responsible for their safety and well being at all times. Parents not behaving responsibly with regard to their children may be asked to leave the event. If you encounter a lost child, alert a Black Rock Ranger immediately. Always be respectful of children;s personal space and their needs.

Bike Guild
There will be no Bike Camp in Center Camp this year. We are encouraging all bike mechanics in Black Rock City to share resources and information among themselves to enable all pedal powered citizens to be self reliant with minimal needs. To this end we have created the Bike Mechanics' Guild; anyone with expertise on bike repair is automatically a part of an informal network. There will be a special meet and greet early in the event for all participating bike mechanics to help kick start the Guild. It will be announced in the WhatWhereWhen. If you are interested in being a part of the Guild, or would like to join our bike list, please contact Bike Inquiries.

Tickets are available for purchase on the Burning Man website by credit card (http://tickets.burningman.com/) and at the Walk In outlets listed below.

  • Burning Man is not responsible for tickets lost in the mail. We strongly encourage you have your ticket sent secure delivery.
  • All online tickets purchased after August 1 will be available at the Box Office at the Gate of Burning Man under Will Call.
  • All pre-sale tickets are $250 through Friday, August 27, 2004.
  • Tickets purchased at the gate will cost at least $300 and will increase in price over the course of the event. The Box Office accepts cash, money orders, cashier's checks and credit cards only - no personal or business checks. Due to our remote location, we cannot guarantee credit card sales.
  • Please plan ahead as there are no local cash machines.
  • NO tickets will be sold at the event after 11 PM on Thursday, September 2, 2004.
  • Walk-In Outlets accept Money Orders, Cashiers Checks or Cash ONLY. No credit cards, no personal or business checks will be accepted.
  • Hotline: 415 TO-FLAME (415-863-5263)

For questions about tickets ordered online, use the drop down menu on the tickets page:

For questions about tickets ordered via snail mail, email Ticket Inquiries


  • Reno Outlet: The Melting Pot, 888 S. Virginia St.
  • Sacramento Outlet: Cheap Thrills, 1217 21st St.
  • Berkeley Outlet: The Berkeley Hat Company, 2510 Telegraph Ave.
  • San Francisco Outlet: Distractions, 1552 Haight St.

Regional Contacts
If you would like to be a regional contact in an area not yet covered, have been to Burning Man at least once, and are interested in connecting people, please email Regionals Inquiries and indicate your interest. Please visit our website to see if a Burning Man regional is in your area, http://regionals.burningman.com.

If you haven't visited our incredible, newly designed website, you're missing out on the most valuable information resource the community has to offer. New pages are added frequently. You will information ranging from event preparation (what you need, your health & safety on the playa), volunteer opportunities, theme camp listings, ticket updates, and much, much more... Visit www.burningman.com.

If you would like to participate in the infrastructure that makes Burning Man happen every year, please fill out our questionnaire: http://www.burningman.com/participate/questionnaire.html/