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Click an area of Black Rock City to see the theme art installations which existed in that space.

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Eyes of Gawd
by Jim Bowers
Don't think anyone is keeping an eye on you at Burning Man? Think again! The Eyes of Gawd will appear nightly (weather permitting) floating high over the playa, over 30' wide and 10' tall. You can't run; you can't hide; Gawd (Gawddess?) is watching.

URL: www.eyesofgawd.com
Contact: Jimbowers (at) mindspring (dot) com

by Cassandra Marshall
Heart-a-tac-a-lac, Cadillac cum religious relic and the sacred heart of Black Rock City is a mobile sanctuary and pavilion. Ultimate devotion is often expressed through the icon of the sacred heart. The image represents absolute love; our Heart-a-tac-a-lac ritual is one of cultural reappropriation of symbolic imagery. We intend to bring full circle the lineage of the sacred heart by returning the icon to its historical root - the god Bel of Babylonia.

Built by a community who believes in its cause, the car is crowned by a baroque mural of 500 anodized aluminum plates. While the mural depicting a Burning Man goddess and the god Bel of Babylonia is a single work, each plate is uniquely textured with symbols of hearts and other orphaned icons created by the East Coast Burning Man Community. The mural houses a sanctum with an interactive flame which senses the participants pulse and translates it into the flame of the sacred heart sculpture, creating two hearts that beat as one.

Contact: cassandra (at) cyberspacegypsy (dot) com

Jabberwock — A Meme Dreamery
by Glenn Grillo
The Jabberwock is a mobile multi-sensory fully immersive environment created from the depths of our collective psyche, a mutating art car with 3 projectors and advanced real-time 3-D animation software designed to create an ever-shifting constantly evolving metamorphic world. The Jabberwock is the darkness that comes in the dead of night to steal that which moves behind your eyes, the spectral fibers of your imaginings that shine like rainbows within the night of your soul. The Jabberwock comes to collect these silver crustaceans of mortality, these transcendent memes of your desires. The Jabberwock siphons them from your unprotected unconsciousness, merging them with the raging dreams of a world gone mad.

Contact: Arcane29 (at) aol (dot) com

by Syd Klinge
Watch the blinding candlepower pour from the 12" diameter reflector dish as it scans the heavens searching for the next star to step into the "limelight". Cut metal slides placed in the lights path will turn it into the world's largest magic lantern.

By day see the sacred parabolic geometry focus the wrath of our local sun onto any object with a melting point. Turn those worn out relics, charms, and talismans into the humble puddles from whence they came. Cast a new idol from the molten sands of an ancient lake bed.

URL: www.playahearth.com
Contact: syd (at) playahearth (dot) com

Moving Hand of God
by Mark Davis
Unlike a human hand, the Moving Hand of God, a 15-foot tall, wooden, lighted, mobile hand glows red at night and has the ability to shoot fire from its fingertips. The Mission of the Hand is twofold: 1) To lead our people out of darkness and into the light of participation, and 2) To allow participants to ascend the ranks of religious experience and attain the status of Messiah. Look for the Hand wondering the playa and let it guide you to areas of interest and participation.

Contact: Mark (at) redhorse (dot) com

Pillar of Fire
by Nathan Smith
Did god really speak from a pillar of fire? Does human consciousness travel through vortexes in interdimensional space? Is it possible to communicate through these vortexes? Is it possible to interact directly with nature by capturing the bases of dust devils? By night, 200' fire vortexes will roam across the playa, and groups of people massed around smaller, faster vortexes will draw in their combined and individual human energy and send it, via the vortex, into the cosmos. By day, the bases of naturally occurring dust devils will be captured and moved independently to their tops, their speed, form, and color altered - a breakthrough in art and science.

URL: www.fire-arts.com
Contact: Nate (at) fire-arts (dot) com

Rime of the Ancient Mariner
by the La Contessa Crew
The great Spanish galleon, La Contessa, returns to the playa as a moving venue for the recitation of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's epic poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Dr. Hal Robbins recites the poem and images of Gustave Dore are projected on the sails as the Xtra Action Marching Band plays.

Contact: anna (at) dammit (dot) org

Satyrs' Bacchanal
by Mystick Krewe of Satyrs
Evohe!!! Rolling to you in Black Rock City since 1997, from the home of Mardi Gras in New Orleans, The Mystick Krewe of Satyrs present our Satyrs' Bacchanal, a tribute to the ancient rites associated with Dionysus and Bacchus. Our float features a giant Golden Ram to be sacrificed by entranced Maenads on Friday at Midnight; we invite everyone to witness the spectacle and drink of the blood to feel the empowerment of Dionysus. Join us on parade with vintage 1800's Flambeaux torches, fire breathers, the Extra Action Marching Band of Oakland and the March Forth 3/4 Marching Band of Portland.

Contact: satyrs (at) cox (dot) net

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