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Click an area of Black Rock City to see the theme art installations which existed in that space.

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Alpha Omega Temple
by Lisa McClanahan
A temple made of Rastafarian-themed batiks contains an altar.

Contact: sistamonalisa (at) hotmail (dot) com

Anti-Social Cult
by Derick Buckely
A small paradox in social behaviour.
Follow the signs from center camp into the void. As you get further from the center of social activity look into your heart and focus on the "I" within. Follow the rituals on the signs to find the next and join the cult nobody is a member of.

Contact: hylo (at) wormhole (dot) org

Appeal to Heaven
by Bryan Burke
If someone is watching, what would we like to show them?

Contact: bryantburke (at) hotmail (dot) com

photo by djsonic
Beyond Fear
by djsonic & the fearless team
Come to the Fear Tree to get rid of all your fears.
Write or draw them on one of the several thousand post-it notes. The fearless team will exorcise your fears with a daily ritual, and on Saturday night the Fear Tree will be burned, and all the fears will be released in the desert wind. The fearless team will keep chasing the evil spirit of fears through the western American deserts, and with help and inspiration from the Navajo Nation, other rituals will be set, in order to seal the fears away forever.

Contact: djsonic (at) email (dot) it

Burning Bush
by Jeremiah Supertramp
A 6' copper rose bush bears hand-blown glass flowers, which put forth soft, licking flames. Its thorns produce sharp blue pencil flames.

Contact: jeremiahsupertramp (at) hotmail (dot) com

Burning GreyMen
by Dadara
An army of small papier mache GreyMen surrounds an altar, where one can rid oneself of the burdens and rules imposed by society by customizing and burning one's own personal GreyMan.

URL: www.dadara.com
Contact: dadara (at) xs4all (dot) nl

Carousel Numinous
by Jenny Bird and Mosbaugh
Carousel Numinous invites you, with three carousels interconnected to a flaming tower, to take part in the circular motion of life and belief systems. Settle into any deity that beckons to you, give it your energy and it will give you a swirling cacophony of sound, light and motion. Interact through ritual with a sense of awe, ecstasy or dread that is the Numinous.

URL: www.jennybirdart.com
Contact: jennybrd (at) yahoo (dot) com

Circle Of Infinity
by Mathew Reoch
A three-sided circular pattern of hundreds of mosaic eyes peers back at the viewer, who becomes the center of a mirrored pupil. The warped, mirrored interior warps all cognitive boundaries and gives viewers the ability to see infinitely. At night one can see an endless cellular environment.

Contact: mreoch (at) yahoo (dot) com

Confessional Peepshow
by Jon Cid
Participants are welcome to sit in this confessional and confess their sins. A non-judgemental someone, or something, will be listening to you through a screened portal.

Contact: j.cid (at) worldnet.att (dot) net

Cross Dress
by David McParland
A 14' cross, covered in broken mirror mosaic, represents our perceptions about our reflections, and more. While standing on a platform opposite the cross, we see ourselves and the playa beyond. Not just a religious icon, the cross also acts as a window. We all have our own crosses to bear; this is an equal opportunity self-crucifixion station.

Contact: dmcparland95008 (at) yahoo (dot) com

by Daniel Dunkle
What is your personal relationship to this symbol, inherent in so much of Western culture? Feelings associated with the act of crucifixion are powerful and multifaceted. Here is an opportunity for the contemplation and physical exploration of three life-sized crosses, configured as depicted in early Christian art portraying the execution of Jesus of Nazareth on the hill of Golgotha. On these crosses, the willing can temporarily mount themselves to experience some of the physical, emotional, and spiritual sensations involved.

Contact: djdunkle (at) aol (dot) com

Cult of St.Elmo
by Austin Richards
The Cult of St. Elmo combines high voltage technology, antiquated maritime superstition, and 80's pop culture. It offers a hands-on, interactive experience with high voltage that will help people overcome their fear of electricity. Selected participants will be placed in a cage with Dr. MegaVolt. The cage will be struck by artificial lightning and will emit St. Elmo's Fire, an electrical phenomenon. The machine that will make St. Elmo's Fire is a Van De Graaf Generator, originally built to accelerate electrons for nuclear physics experiments. The electricity that it produces is direct current (as opposed to the high frequency current from a Tesla Coil). This current will make hair stand on end, makes St. Elmo's Fire jump from objects, and will produce loud electrical discharges preceded by the hissing sound of electrons jumping into the air.

URL: www.drmegavolt.com
Contact: austin (at) drmegavolt (dot) com

Dead Letter Office
by Alexandria Volk
A portal of communication between the living and the dead, or those dead to you, where you can send letters to heaven, hell, the void or the vasty deep. Writing desks are provided; no postage necessary.

Contact: blackswan (at) ghostmail (dot) net

Dodecashrine: The Neutrality Of Mathematics
by Scott Van Note
The dodecahedron, five pointed star and pentagon are simple mathematical forms. In engineering they provide little benefit for structural stability, efficient use of materials, ease of calculation and construction, or modularity (dodecahedrons don't stack, pentagons do not tile a flat plane). Because of this they are not usual shapes to be encountered in day to day life. They are orphan shapes - outside of the norm. The unusual is sometimes shunned, sometimes piques curiosity and sometimes grasped as symbols. The purpose of this shrine is to explore people's seeming need to associate geometric symbols with belief systems. The texture of cast iron, the mystic draw of fire and the combination of five pointed stars and pentagons surrounded by a structure whose method of construction is indecipherable by most belies the title. Mathematics is not always viewed as neutral and pure.

URL: dodeca.prism.asu.edu/DodecaShrine.html
Contact: scottv (at) asu (dot) edu

Elemental Shrine
by Will Cunningham and crew
In the turbulent ocean that is Burning Man, islands of calm are needed. These locations of sacred tranquility offer their own experience in addition to punctuating the volatility surrounding them. Elemental Shrine was designed as a joining of minds and hearts. It was designed as an homage to love, as the ground where I became engaged and promised to the heart of another, as a space where any could venture and find similar meaning.

The torii is the gateway to an ethereal plane, a symbolic reminder that one is leaving behind the everyday and exploring the vibration of the eternal. The twin flames alight at night call citizens of Black Rock through the experience. Guarding the central doorway on either side are the Fu Guardian statues. These statues serve to protect the shrine from all those of bad intention. Entering the shrine is an embrace of the five elemental altars (metal, earth, water, air, and fire). Centrally located and binding these together is the prayer wheel spinning holy thought through the open roof and into the heavens.

Surrounding the rear of the shrine are the peace bells, offering the opportunity to manifest through sound the dreams and desires of many people from around the world. Fourteen words and symbols of hope, desire, and beauty are cut into fourteen large steel bells — each cut uniquely coloring the quality of the sound. And like a tibetan prayer flag that sends out its prayer with each gust of wind, so too do the bells physically resonate the intention of the person who created each symbol. At night the shrine, prayer wheel and bells are illuminated with the stored energy of the sun, providing a soft, constant, grounded counterpoint to the beautiful chaos swirling around.

Contact: wileo (at) yahoo (dot) com

Everything In Turn
by Levi Brewster
For thousands of years people have been turning inward in search of spiritual enlightenment; the labyrinth is a physical manifestation of this journey. Unlike a maze, its geographic center is not elusive. By making the pilgrimage to the center of the labyrinth and out again, one returns to one's own spiritual center.

Contact: leviab (at) netzero (dot) net

Exclusive Blessing
by Teresa Gibson
"God Bless America!" What about the rest of the world? We are all inextricably interconnected. Let's evolve beyond "us vs. them" to the unity of one human family. If you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all.

Contact: TeresaSwingCat (at) cs (dot) com

Five Doors
by Christopher Caparro, John Davis & Kevin Raich
The five doors are physical manifestations of universal conditioned beliefs we experience while visiting Black Rock City. The project is a series of doors leading up to the man, each labeled with a word that addresses each of these beliefs. Each door is a an opportunity for visitors to move beyond their conditioned beliefs in order reach a higher level of consciousness. Upon passing through the final door visitors find themselves face to face with the "Man" himself; the ultimate truth that is... beyond belief.

Contact: chris (at) creativeblock (dot) org

Flags of Prayer
by Sylvette
Flags with printed text or images of prayer represent the inner element of enlightenment and peace, and can be used as a tool for educating people about various expressions of religion and faith.

Contact: sylvette33a (at) hotmail (dot) com

Forty Names
by Sparky Campanella
Forty people the artist loves say their names in these large scale black and white photographs. The photographs are a visual manifestation of their life energy and three things that make them human - appearance, language and self-awareness. Their spirituality does not require belief; its existence is self-evident and sacred.

Contact: sparky (at) campanella (dot) com

GENESA Labyrinth
by Ansula Press
A 39' diameter labyrinth contains a Genesa crystal, an archetypal structure of light and consciousness that expresses an ongoing expansion or flow of life without a point of separation, creating the experience of unlimitedness. Walk the labyrinth to the 7' crystal in its center, step into the Genesa and free your consciousness to probe the known and the unknown.

Contact: ansula (at) lycos (dot) com

God Gives Up
by Terry Shreck
A robed metal figure, hands held high, functions as a container for fire.

Contact: coyote (at) swcp (dot) com

Got a Cleu?
by the Conscious Life Ecumenical Union
A free-standing 6 ft. diameter copper symbol, lit by el-wire, contains four circles in a ratio of 1:2:3:5, each within another circle. The circles represent, in descending order of size, the universe, the earth, life and consciousness. Each depends upon the one before and together the circles represent the state of oneness.

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URL: www.consciouslife.org
Contact: emma (at) consciouslife (dot) org

Hand of God
by the Flaming Lotus Girls
The Hand of God will rise from the playa with all five fingers reaching for the sky, threatening as well as beckoning the barren world that surrounds her. The Hand will cast fiery judgment and blessings upon all that make the pilgrimage.

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URL: www.flaminglotus.com
Contact: mizpoon (at) burningart (dot) com

Head Temple
by Ted Windsor
HeadTemple brings forth two inspirations literal and spiritual. On one side, fantasy and whimsical adornment cross over into discovery and the exploration of sacred places. Defining what is sacred and how we choose to respond to deities is the gateway HeadTemple attempts to open. Only by hearing tyrants and humanitarians can HeadTemple's inner sanctum be reached. Beneath a canopy the Great Head watches, waiting to judge those who enter. Anonymous faces with piercing eyes ring the temple and stand witness. The Great Head speaks, but who will listen? His wisdom contradicts forces outside temple boundaries. Pilgrims must decide which voice, which path, to follow.

URL: www.headtemple.com
Contact: ted (at) teddywindsor (dot) com

Heretic's Revenge
by Dan Webster
For hundreds of years religious zealots burned people alive for nothing less than what they thought or were merely accused of thinking, or for what they may have confessed to while being tortured. Heretic's Revenge will feature a daily mock "revenge burning" of a zealot conspicuous in history for supporting this barbaric atrocity.

photo by Dan Webster

Contact: danbwebster (at) cox (dot) net

High on God
by Nathan Germick
This shrine contains three recycled and re-purposed art-televisions, one of which plays an inspirational video.

Contact: nathan (at) kookenhoomen (dot) com

House Of Godzilla
by Mark Grieve
A miniature Japanese temple with incense and offerings is intended to make the viewer feel like a huge Godzilla.

Contact: cjs6719 (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

Idle Worship
by Alex Raymond
Idle Worship marries the spirituality of Buddhism with the energy and passion of Burning Man, featuring a horizontal Burning Man in the posture of a reclining Buddha, just before achieving the state of Nirvana. One can make offerings, burn incense, and engage in peaceful reflection and meditation.

Contact: raymonda (at) georgetown (dot)edu

Jupiter Fone
by Richard Kendrick
The Jupiter Fone is a radio telescope that is tuned to receive the prominent radio signal from the planet Jupiter. The origin of the signal is not completely understood but it is very large and is most likely the first signal that would be investigated by "someone" observing our solar system from another galaxy. Included in the installation is a means of transmitting signals back to Jupiter.

Contact: hawi2koa (at) aol (dot) com

by Santiago Rodriguez
A chess king whose cross is broken in half is surrounded by glowing hands emerging from the earth around him. His broken cross is symbolic of lost faith; nevertheless, he's still a king. The supplicant's hands are symbolic of rooted faiths that they can't let go of so easily.

Contact: santiago (at) frjtzfries (dot) com

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Lady Liberty Shrine To Freedom
by Chaz Peling, Kashia, and Diane Darling
As an American icon, the image of the goddess Liberty has served as a symbol of belief in the mythology of freedom, justice and democracy in this country. Considering the current tension between the ideals and myths of the United States and reality, the shrine illuminates the dichotomy between freedom and control.

Contact: bmarena2001 (at) earthlink (dot) net

Missing Seed Crystal of Thought
by Mark Conner
We are the life on the surface of the Earth. The roots of our ancestors below rise up from beneath the playa, creating the six vertices which direct the Life-Force into the center void. As the stars overhead are the roots of the next world above, we will concentrate our positive loving thought energy into the crystal seed to transform it into the spiritual roots of what is to come.

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Contact: emtece (at) yahoo (dot) com

No Diving
by Linda Graveline
Underneath an open pyramid structure a swimming pool beckons. Participants can relax in deck chairs and watch the swimmers frolic.

Contact: linda (at) orange22 (dot) com

by Just Costello
Gothic altars surrounded by eight columns support strobing white orbs that mark the presence of the portapotties in the art area. Remember, Spirituality (Belief) is not inherent in any religon, idol, scripture or anything worshipped. It is created by intention, sacredness and inner-stillness.

Contact: costello (at) monkey2000 (dot) com

Omphalos Lantern
by Annie Hallatt
Inspired by the Delphic Oracle of ancient Greece, Omphalos is a 70-foot diameter sacred space for dialogue between an individual and the universe/god with music, improvised spoken word and trance dance as the vehicle for the interaction. The central altar is dominated by a huge face (Inanna) of openwork steel animated by the flickering fire which casts shadows of ritual dancers and singers on the 8-foot white fabric walls like Greek black figure pottery, creating the overall effect of a giant lantern. The spinning Omphalos above the fire will welcome you to the sacred space, where through ritual preparation you may be chosen to approach the oracle with your question.

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URL: Burningmanopera.org
Contact: Masques (at) mindspring (dot) com

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