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Click an area of Black Rock City to see the theme art installations which existed in that space.

The Great Temple - The Keyhole - The Plazas - The Odd, The Strange, and The Weird - The Realm of the Wholly Other - Mobile Art - Center Camp


Real (9:00) Monks and Mandala
by Gregg Chadwick and the Monks & Mandala team
Thirty foot tall images of saffron robed monks painted on sails are arrayed around a mandala/labyrinth. The beauty of pilgrimage is to create one's own journey through a process of slowing down, lingering, savoring and absorbing. Monks & Mandala will provide a place of spiritual respite and encourage the participants of Burning Man to consider their relationship to and interactions with the desert landscape of sky and sand.

Contact: nicoledemeo (at) yahoo (dot) com

Absurd (3:00) Egeria
by Kiki Pettit
A firefall is a water fountain on fire; the water protects you so you can hold the flames in your bare hands. Egeria was the Roman goddess of fountains, who cried so long after her lover died that she turned into a fountain.

URL: burningideas.com/firefall/egeria
Contact: kiki (at) kiki (dot) org

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