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A Lion in Heat
When you tire of the water... Jungle Oasis... but just 'cause you're "hot" for action is no excuse not to wear your raincoat... stop by and pick up spares if you need.

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Contact: bman(at)megalion(dot)org

AAA Fantastic Flight School ZZZ
At our school you will become a bird by growing giant wings, float a new piece of art high above the playa with our kite workshops and earn your degree in fantastical, funky, freaky flight. Visit us at Snowflake Village.

Hometown: Madison, WI
Contact: marijka(at)marijka(dot)com

Age of Aquarium
The Age of Aquarium will be hosting flying fish and flying people. Come check out our cirque disarray style trapeze acts. We will have a chilled out relaxarium aquarium filled with all kinds of eye candy and crazy sea creatures from beneath the playa. We will also be featuring the chaos bar car and Monkey-C, a fully functioning Indonesian gamelan band. If looking for music, art, truth and beauty or the playa gets too murky come find us.

Hometown: Ventura, CA
Contact: akmammoth(at)yahoo(dot)com

Alice in Wonderlounge
"Curiouser and curiouser" whispered Alice as she pet her smiling cat. Then she melted like ice cream through the looking glass into the luxury of the Wonderlounge's lubricous dream. Come experience the luscious environment as Japan's seductive floating world whispers sweet nothings into Alice's fantasy world. Seek Zen wisdom from the Caterpillar or sip on alcoholic delights with Geisha from the NeverKnoW bar. Receive Kanji from the Mad Hatter or Dance into a trance while being caressed into enlightenment by our sweet conscious expanding beats. Once illuminated you too will slide into a smile and say with us, "We are all MAD here."

Hometown: San Jose, CA
Contact: warrior(at)hardwarrior(dot)com

Alternative Energy Zone
The AEZ (Alternative Energy Zone) LIVES! Once again we are using Alternative Energy to power our camps and projects at Burning Man. We are a village of camps that are committed to being Generator Free. Join us!

Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA
URL: www.ae-zone.org
Contact: roger(at)saltydog(dot)com

Amazon Shaman

Hometown: Tempe, AZ
Contact: dallasthomason(at)msn(dot)com

Ambient Collage Project
Enter an ambient water environment of aural and visual creation where your voice becomes your world.

Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA
Contact: thomas(at)runestonestudios(dot)com

Amoeba Village
Amoeba Village is the home of the original and latter-day Amoebas, the Sparkle Motion dancers, and the rapidly-growing Frozen Robot Collective.

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: louiseceleste(at)hotmail(dot)com

Oceana Amusarama... Ride the Abyss under cool mist. Shoot the Moon. See Mount Nuevo erupt as robotic sea animals scurry about the ocean floor. Survive the Shipwreck.

Hometown: Sausalito, CA
Contact: admin(at)musitek(dot)com

A-Muse-Meant Zone
Come join us in the A-Muse-Meant Zone and discover what the Goddesses know! Partake of aromatic tobaccos in our Hookah Room! Find pleasure and healing in the Priestess' touch or watch a ritualistic erotic dance performed by the Dervish known as the Cosmic Dancer! Come exchange vows before our sacred altar or sit and chill while listening to the trancelike sounds of the Anubian Lights. Satisfy your every desire in our Nookey-Nook, where all persuasions are welcome as long as you "play safe!" Located in the Spherocity Village-Orange Kids Camp. Look for the Domes and the Giant Pirate. Belly Dancers, Priestesses, and wandering Nomads are especially welcome!

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: bbdancetat(at)yahoo(dot)com

Afloat the seas in a bubble of air ambient light and sound everywhere, breaks fill the slience and sirens call to the playa. Brought to you by Animastik and dj80bug.

Hometown: Marina Del Rey, CA
URL: www.animastik.com
Contact: 80(at)dj80(dot)com

ANIMISTICA- Heed the call of the ancestors and animals from the fire coral and walk through the fire to death and rebirth of spirit.

Hometown: Las Trampas, NM
Contact: mudboy(at)laplaza(dot)org

Anonymous Camp
12-step meetings of any type held here, scheduled and impromptu.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: anonymouscamp(at)p90(dot)net

Antarctica is a refrigerated cave of ice where you can find refuge from the heat all week.

Hometown: Sausalito, CA
Contact: zander(at)longnow(dot)org

A place to chill, play, and rediscover your lost childhood with games and karaoke. Don't forget to join in on the playa wide Treasure hunt hosted by the Temple Of Prometheus fire troupe.

Hometown: Portland, OR
Contact: FyreKat666(at)aol(dot)com

Arena Aquarium
As you descend below sea level you will see famous buildings submerged as sea level rises to the Black Rock Desert. Once you are underwater you will get an up close view of all kinds of funky undersea life at the Arena Aquarium. This enclosed club provides protection from the elements and a seven year tradition of live music at Burning Man.

Hometown: Emeryville, CA
Contact: tricksta(at)earthlink(dot)net

Arson Island Resort
Visit Arson Island Resort, a Floating World Pirate Villiage for Burning Man 2002. Come inside to find booty, treasure, gambling, debauchery and a neverending bevy of music and performance. Come get your pendant from Alien Love Nest, dance under the sails of our sunken ship, get yourself some schooner and swill. Get angry, get surly, grunt and get down.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact: darwinman1(at)yahoo(dot)com

Art Car Garage
Stop by our docks to see the latest in art car madness.

Hometown: Nashville, TN
Contact: speakerdoctor(at)hotmail(dot)com

Astral Headwash
Bring your tired dusty playa heads to Astral Headwash and leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. We ask only for your peaceful presence and patience and as always water donations are greatly appreciated in order for us to wash and massage as many heads as possible.

Hometown: Boulder, CO
Contact: tara(at)coburnhouse(dot)com

Astropups: Happy Dolphin Lounge
Chilled Atmosphere. Chilled Drinks. Chilled Music. Hot Boys. Float with us in our Happy Dolphin Lounge in the early evenings in a relaxed and playful setting as only those Pups of the Playa can provide.

Hometown: San Jose, CA
Contact: astropups2002(at)yahoo(dot)com

Asylum is the sanctuary for Theme Camps from around the country. From New York to San Jose, from Boston to San Francisco — they include New Day's Eve, Enchanted Forest, Playa Potions & Potable, The Society of the Spectacles, Kustom Kult, Puddin' Tang, The Department of Just Us, K-SVERT, Bunny Bunny Bicycle Repair Camp, NewbieVille and of course Asylum HQ — the home of Mayor Ratti. Look for the big "A" on the playa; that's where you'll find us.

Hometown: New York, NY
URL: www.asylumvillage.com
Contact: sratti(at)nyc.rr(dot)com

A glimmering oasis for skywalkers of all realms. a junction of light for relating, receiving, conceiving, or just passing through.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact: rainbow-sprite(at)wildmail(dot)com

Aurora's Island
Providing all who have been swimming through the depths for far too long a sanctuary and refuge for re-building strength, personality, or whatever one needs to re-build. Music as our inspiration, dj's will be spinning breakbeat, hip-hop and soul.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact: aurora(at)inspiremediaproductions(dot)com

Axis of Weebles
Come to our camp for all your paramilitary training needs — tactical explorations for the dictator child in all of us. Take the toys into your own hands — sniper training on innocent weebles with semi automatic water guns. Learn the art of stoning cute little weebles until they have wobbled their last wobble, make your own dictator weeble to burn in effigy, complete the training course and your mission and be rewarded with a tent full of 70 chaste weebles awaiting to pleasure you and a massage from our resident professional massage therapist Dr. Joseph.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: lana_r75(at)hotmail(dot)com


Bad Idea Theater
Welcome to Bad Idea Theater, Your port of call for Libations, Vibrations, and Conversations. Get your Mizzenmast battened and your Timbers shivered with us.

Hometown: Garden Grove, CA
Contact: mjsandell(at)netscape(dot)net

Baked Alaska
Baked Alaska will explore the floating world on a barge called Le Canal De Bourgonge. Sante!

Hometown: Rockridge, CA
Contact: cosmicplaya(at)hotmail(dot)com

Barbershop Roulette Camp
Take a chance on a new look! Spinning the wheel determines what style of haircut you will receive from our professional barber. Not for the faint of heart!

Hometown: Emeryville, CA
Contact: cowper(at)attglobal(dot)net

Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro
Come by and visit The Friendliest Concentration Camp On The Playa: Barbie Death Camp and Wine Bistro, where we put the Barbie into bar-be-que. Stop by and have a glass of vintage cabernet sauvignon while we help you dispose of any unwanted Barbies at one of Black Rock City's most popular concentration camps!

Hometown: Newcastle, CA
Contact: james.jacoby(at)agedwards(dot)com

BassWave Marina
Feel the floating world around you via FM broadcast or swim through the sound of BassWave Marina. Whale calls, dolphins, waves crashing and other theme sounds played on regular intervals in between international talent & music variety.

Hometown: Sparks, NV
Contact: kwmr(at)hotmail(dot)com

Beaches of Grandure
The Beaches of Grandure: your solid ground in this floating world.

Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: fire000283(at)hotmail(dot)com

Bear Posse
The Bear Posse is coming! The Bear Posse is coming! Your favorite debaucherous furry leg humpers are comin to town to rid Black Rock City of all those pesky Playa Salmon! Lock your coolers! Hide your women! Huntin' season's about to begin... Free gift for every belly rub.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Contact: pippi(at)sealspace(dot)org

Beneath the Floating World
Join us on the set of a Disaster Movie that is itself a disaster! Barter your homebrewed beer for ours in Barnacle Bill's Barter Bar! Dance the night away as The Atomiks perform twisted apocalyptic music! Confess your sins in the Church of RocknRoll Redemption!

Hometown: Sparks, NV
Contact: jerryesmith(at)gbis(dot)com

bianca loves you!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.bianca.org
Contact: laurie(at)potf(dot)com

Bicycle Soccer Camp
Come join us for a great time at this wacky game. Game time is every day at dusk.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: turo(at)earthlink(dot)net

Big Bang Island
Big Bang takes you back to the time of the Big Bang and back up through the ages, where you can blast through our time tunnel of lights, RIDE the dinosaur slide, soak up some jazz in our cave, table joust at our renaissance tent, enjoy a cold beverage at our 1800s saloon, enjoy a massage or Reiki at our meditation tent, catch a flick in our 20s theater, rock & roll in our 50s diner dome, entertain or be entertained via our open mic. format in our groovy 60s "Big Chill Dome," boogie oogie oogie in our dance courtyard, or sign up for our "Big Games" competitions. Don't miss our Thursday night (8/29th) "Party of The Centuries."... where you can eat, drink, dress up in costume, and dance to music of many special era's in time.

Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA
Contact: StevieCapone(at)aol(dot)com

Big Puffy Yellow Camp
We welcome all to come and relive the yellow and puffy side of life. Experience all that is big, puffy and yellow. Let your inner child become the puffy yellow.

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Contact: mcfall(at)mgallis(dot)com

We put the GLO back into GLObal Domination!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.sulli.org/bm_2002/
Contact: andrew(at)sulli(dot)org

Birds of a Feather
Regular flights, flocking, mating and pecking order rituals on the playa and at unlikely perches and scavenger sites around the city.

Hometown: Portland, OR
Contact: lyn.blackshaw(at)state.or(dot)us

Biscuit Lounge
Don't believe the hype! Come relax at Biscuit.

Hometown: Scotts Valley, CA
Contact: hyperelf2(at)hotmail(dot)com



Black Rock Bookmobile
The Black Rock Bookmobile, Your Friendly Neighborhood Bookies. "Burn The Man Not The Books!!!"

Hometown: Washoe Valley, NV
Contact: TriaxRolin777(at)aol(dot)com

Black Rock City Booty Hunters

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: karim(at)riseup(dot)net

Black Rock City Coast Guard
The Black Rock City Coast Guard promotes water and boating safety, offers assistance to watercraft in distress, and protects Black Rock City against malicious pirate activity.

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: jdfalk(at)cybernothing(dot)org

Black Rock City Fashion Police
Good costume, bad costume, no costume? BUSTED!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: myss_terry(at)hotmail(dot)com

Black Rock City Hardware
We are the Black Rock City Hardwdare shoppe and we'll have tools and materials to help you repair things that break and build things the need to be built.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
URL: www.invisiblecollege.net/volis/
Contact: marc17(at)painandgreed(dot)com

Black Rock City Naval Reserve
Military not up to snuff lately. Want to start a revolution... while drunk on cheap wine. Come by our recruiting office and see if you pass muster to join the Black Rock City Naval Reserve.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact: Dave_Stern(at)hotmail(dot)com

Black Rock City Wildlife Preserve
We here at the Black Rock City Wildlife Preserve want to create an environment where humans can learn about animal behavior in a safe and fun way. And we want to hunt those animals, and bring them here by force if necessary.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: fe7er(at)hotmail(dot)com

Black Rock Expedition of 2002
The well-oiled machine which is the Black Rock Expedition research team will return to the alkali wasteland in August of 2002 to continue their study of the wildlife in and around Black Rock City. Professionals will again observe, interview, and interact with the wild inhabitants of this barren landscape, continuing our dogged pursuit of hard scientific data.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
Contact: crow(at)rangers(dot)org

Black Rock Gazette
The Black Rock Gazette, located at Media Mecca, is in its 10th year of publication. It is the only newspaper at Burning Man, produced at Burning Man. Read all about it in the Gate Edition and 5 on-playa editions!

Hometown: San Jose, CA
Contact: durgy(at)burningman(dot)com

Black Rock Industrial Arts

Hometown: Hillsboro, OR
Contact: aseaton(at)mindspring(dot)com

Black Rock Real Estate & Mortgage
Come to the Black Rock City REAM/MAX office to attain your title and deed for your property. We have the best Mortgage rates in town - as low as 5 minutes on the saw horse!! Thinking about a playa career change? Tired of thanklessly lighting and hauling lanterns day in and day out? Well, we're always looking for assessors, agents and mortgage officers! Just drop us a note and you'll be on your way into the exciting world of generating pieces of paper that say someone owns a particular piece of dirt!

Hometown: San Jose, CA
URL: blackRockRealEstate.tripod.com
Contact: dapete(at)best(dot)com

Black Rock Refinery
Serving the energy needs of Black Rock City since 17TYOOM. The Black Rock Refinery has something for everyone: relaxation, lubrication, distillation and inebriation — stop by anytime and see what we're up to. (Art vessel captains always welcome for refueling!)

Hometown: Somerville, MA
Contact: major(at)genome.wi.mit(dot)edu

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Black Rock Spatial Delivery
The Black Rock Spatial Delivery uniformed bike messengers will carry your postcard or package to anyone else in the city — your missive is our mission! If we can carry it, we'll deliver it!

Hometown: Portland, OR
Contact: wolfhound3(at)earthlink(dot)net




Blacklight Aquarium
Tired? Sore? Thirsty? Stop by Inky's Bar and Lounge, get a massage by Dr. Algae and crew, rest in the Uyiko-e lounge, have a beverage, and be entertained by the playa's only known giant squid, Architeuthis Plagiae (aka "Inky").

Hometown: Sacramento, CA
URL: www.blaqua.com/projects/inkys.htm
Contact: mykel(at)blaqua(dot)com

Blackrock Boutique
This year the Blackrock Boutique will be adding mobile foot-washing, seany tea house, daily fashion shows (strut your stuff!), and a new Floating World look. So come on by and say hello.

Hometown: Eugene, OR
Contact: mikejbuckley(at)hotmail(dot)com

Black Rock Travel Agency
The Black Rock Travel Agency has been making love to the world for so long it no longer knows what love is, or what is is; and we find ourselves in a quandry, wondering how love will flourish in a post-Bushian world. But this much is true: if you are good and true, if your vision creates love and beauty, it has the automatic Black Rock Travel Agency seal of approval, so come show us what you have that is truthful, beautiful, and full of love.

Hometown: Nevada City, CA
Contact: mikea(at)nevadacityfreepress(dot)com

Blind Sensorium Funhouse
Visual deprivation becomes sensory excitation! Come and enjoy all your senses except the one you've become ALL too accustomed. Touch, smell, lick, lavish, listen to the ordinary become extra-ordinary. Tickle your grey matter as well as your nerve endings as you unlock portals into a world of playful delights.

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: mvw(at)eecs.berkeley(dot)edu


Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact: mauck(at)bluehouse(dot)org

Blue Planet
Our camp will bring the cool blue energy of the uncharted oceans and empty tropical sky to burners across the playa. Interactive lighting fixtures, a bubble bar and a giant jellyfish fan sculpture will adorn the central area of the blue planet. The warm creatures that inhabit our little world will make all denizens welcome in their voyages of discovery.

Hometown: Arlington, VA
Contact: GNLMNO(at)hotmail(dot)com

Blyss Abyss: Temple of the Deep

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: pkingbm(at)neotera(dot)com

Bob Barker's Blvd of Broken Games

Hometown: Portland, OR
Contact: mitchoff(at)yahoo(dot)com

Borrachos Y Bicicletas
Bicycle repair and sculpture garden... look for the flag of Mexico, you can't miss us!!!

Hometown: Concord, CA
URL: www.ctpdesign.com/ByB/
Contact: ctp(at)ctpdesign(dot)com


Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: xingudave(at)hotmail(dot)com

BRC Animal Control
We will make daily collections of pesky playa creatures who are running free causing disturbances to the camps and/or streets of the City. Our trained staff will use the latest in animal reform practices to allow these potentially dangerous animals the chance to be reintroduced to life on the playa. They will be tagged and have the opportunity to be adopted/auctioned to a responsible Black Rock City citizen.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
URL: www.brcac.freeservers.com
Contact: xgyrl(at)yahoo(dot)com

BRC Bike Repair and Bait Shop
We fear no bike! Only soft fleshy units!

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Contact: hal1(at)visi(dot)com

BRC Volunteer Pyro Department
Get your Fire Hos wet! Get your Otter to Pop on at the VPD! Witness fantastic feats of fire dancing, (or perform your own) and other pyromaniac delights at the Volunteer Pyro Department! (Guerilla Theatre Improv included)

Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Contact: karb0n(at)yahoo(dot)com

BRCPO: Black Rock City Post Office
Once again, the Black Rock City Post Office (BRCPO), Playa Express Delivery (PedEx), and Immigrations, Naturalizations and Socializations Services (INSS) will be fulfilling your every delivery, communication, and participation need or fantasy. To join our ranks by volunteering, make an inquiry or file a complaint, please contact us.

Hometown: Cupertino, CA
Contact: brcpomanagers(at)yahoo(dot)com

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BRCVFD Fire Camp
Fire Camp, Home of the Black rock City Volunteer Fire Department.

Hometown: Deming, WA
Contact: ben(at)nas(dot)com

Bubble Drum Drum Bubble
The Bubble Drum Drum Bubble, A place to chill and space in the shade. Low level melodic hand drumming encouraged and facilitated, Electronic percussion via Roland Handsonic HD15.

Hometown: Springfield, OR
Contact: mike71945(at)aol(dot)com

Bubble Lounge
Slip into the Bubble Dome and relax in a Day-Glo underwater world (performance party Wednesday night). Get your free bubble generator to blow your own... and remember, the softer you blow, the bigger the bubble!

Hometown: Venice, CA
Contact: BubbleLounge99(at)aol(dot)com

Label your personal Bullshit at BULLshitDOZER Camp (find us at SoloCollective) or on the BULLshitDOZER. We will burn your Bullshit at the end of the week, ridding you of it.

Hometown: West Linn, OR
Contact: Kirknpdx(at)yahoo(dot)com

Bureau of Artistic Licensing
Don't get caught with your artistic guard down, or you just may have to work off your crime! The B.A.L. serves and protects the artist. All others must prove their artistic intent through an elaborate penal system. Parole is granted only after serving time creating art at the B.A.L. camp while promoting the BM theme. Your artistic license will be issued upon parole!

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: hocuspocus(at)msn(dot)com

Burning Art Gallery
The Burning Art Gallery is an opportunity to exibit & sacrifice paintings & other simular works, in our gallery on the playa. (no toxics please) Bring out your old drawings & stuff and help refresh the cosmos by recycling all that creative energy. Space may be limited, you can contact us to reserve space.We will need help cleaning up.

Hometown: Nevada City, CA
Contact: blidreamers(at)earthlink(dot)net

BuRNinG EyEs & EaRs
Passionate People of the photographic — Visionaries of the visual — Aural luminaries and the simply curious — BuRNinG EyEs & EaRs invites everyone interested to come and explore all experiences visual and aural. Come discover, explore and stretch your creativity by bringing, installing, or creating visual or aural experiments in our camp.

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA
Contact: la_beachrose(at)yahoo(dot)com

The BurningBand welcomes all musicians and paraders to come and join us as we parade nightly along the esplanade in our traditionally fun and comical fashion! Meet us in the ConGLOMerate Village on the esplanade for a most outrageous time @ 7:00 P.M. nightly and join us during the day for our stationary performances as well!

Hometown: Mountain View, CA
Contact: akadweeb(at)aol(dot)com

Butch Patch
BUTCH!!! BUTCH!!! LAAATCH AAAAAAGHCT-CH!!! Open Stage for all comers, coupled with pre-criddled performances by the BUTCH PATCH parade, and unpredictable appearances of rat-beasts (rat-goats, rat-fish, etc.), and live gong-fu BUUUUUUUUTCH!!! LAATCH. LAAATCH. BUTCH BUTCH BUTCH BUTCH.

Hometown: Eugene, OR
Contact: bweetfoo(at)hotmail(dot)com


Cactus Ranch
Cacus Ranch. Home of the Prickly Pear Margarita. Live cactus for you to pet. And big titties everywhere!

Hometown: Kurtistown, HI
Contact: xtinemac(at)yahoo(dot)com

Camp Adan Rome
Feel like a quick round of miniature golf, being a DJ for a few hours, or perhaps trying to communicate with extraterestrials (outside of Burning Man)? Stop on by, there is always room for one more...

Hometown: San Diego, CA
Contact: subgenius(at)sdmedia(dot)net

Camp Appleatcha
Come join Camp Appleatcha for a nourishing experience of fun and games where you will be rewarded for your efforts with delicious preparations of our regional fruit of abundance.

Hometown: Roanoke, VA
Contact: saucekiss(at)yahoo(dot)com

Camp Arachnid
Enter the web of Camp Arachnid. Contribute to our sculpture web and learn rope tricks to use on your loved ones.

Hometown: South San Francisco, CA
URL: www.camparachnid.com
Contact: lievenleroy(at)yahoo(dot)com

Camp Bayou
The Bayou in a Dome. Complete with Plants, Water, A Dock, Fishies, and a Louisianna Atmosphere!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: vennp(at)hotmail(dot)com

Camp Cherry
Camp Cherry will be back for '02! Stop by, say hi, and chill out for a while under our misting system. We may even have a little somethin' special for ya!

Hometown: Crystal, MN
Contact: pgutoski(at)attbi(dot)com

Camp DeNile
Camp DeNile promotes health and sexual potency with Pharoah's Love Potion: Gin and Tonic! Come visit Camp DeNile to experience this rejuvanitive elixer! We promote wisdom as we celebrate the all-seeing Eye of Ra!

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact: howardg(at)com2020(dot)com

Camp Dickelodian
Come Laugh 'Til Your Ass Falls Off, Constant Improv Comedy, Dicktricks, Friendliest Camp Around

Hometown: Wasilla, AK
Contact: deezeldgs(at)yahoo(dot)com

Camp Dickface
Hey guys, stop by Camp Dickface and lend your dick to a worthy cause! Located in Fandango Village, Camp Dickface is the place for guys, "chicks with dicks" or "chicks with strap-ons" to pose for photos replacing the noses of almost 100 different celebrities and politicians with totally anonymous dick-shots. Girls, don't have your own strap-on? No problem! One will be provided.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: campdickface(at)dickface(dot)net

Where else but Black Rock City can you build a giant monument to your favorite swear word? Jeez...somebody had to do it! Camp FUCK... spread the word.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: patthegiant(at)earthlink(dot)net

Camp Juicy

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: terverte(at)yahoo(dot)com

Camp New Days Eve
Why do we only celebrate January 1st? Every day should be celebrated! Usher in the new day at Playa Times Square! See the ball drop at midnight and watch our fireworks display! Come early to grab a party hat, noise maker and glass of champagne (limited champagne is available, so please bring your own). Make your 24 hour resolution for the new day and post it on our board! Sing Auld Lang Syne with your arm around your neighbor! Watch MCs Father Time and Baby New Day put Dick Clark to shame! Hey, tomorrow might be the greatest day of your life. Ring it in with a bang!

Hometown: Belmar, NJ
Contact: Burningbus2001(at)yahoo(dot)com

Camp Pretty Shinee
Camp Pretty Shinee loves you! Stop by to tell us stories, try your hand at fishing from our island, bowling on the ship deck or just generally engaging in silliness.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: vlgreen(at)pacbell(dot)net

Camp PeePot
The Floating World inside you deserves a custom designed peepot from Camp PeePot, especially at 4am in your tent. When you return home, it makes for an excellent chip/cookie saver as well as a reminder of those special times in Black Rock City!

Hometown: Portland, OR
Contact: sfritz2994(at)aol(dot)com

Camp Proteus

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: skysquid(at)roundupproductions(dot)com

Camp Pump
Everyone interested in body modifications as a form of art and self-expression (male or female) to either watch and learn or to participate in modifying their genitals -- vacuum pumping, saline injection and urethral sounds. This is an adult camp and you must be 18 years or older to visit.

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Contact: andrew(at)camppump(dot)com

Camp Repression
We're repressing with our full capabilities and now we're running a correctional facility.

Hometown: London, NA
Contact: jennymadden(at)hushmail(dot)com

Camp Short Fuse/ Pusbar
We love our neighbors!-friday night party with camp short fuse--video feedback wall and sounds of the electronic variety--every other night be subjected to the finest dj'd and live band garage-to-trash-rock on earth with camp pusbar//short fuse-look for the roving bar giveaways!

Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: d6(at)retropolis(dot)org

Camp Spot

Hometown: Los Gatos, CA
Contact: jmiller(at)finnav(dot)com

Camp Stimulation
Come by and join us for caffiene stimulation before heading out to the playa! Camp Stimulation returns for a second year.

Hometown: Santa Clara, CA
Contact: jersey_jeff(at)yahoo(dot)com

Camp Sunk

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: christian(at)onicemusic(dot)com

Camp Sunscreen
Welcome back Burners! So good to see so many shining faces! Come by and rub for rubs before that glow peels. Please bring good vibes and your sunscreen. Sunscreen donations needed and appreciated. Thanx.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Contact: a_harth(at)yahoo(dot)com

Camp Videogasm
Camp Videogasm... A Multimedia Explosion... featuring independent / experimental video, liquid light art, interactive computer graphics, and live video feedback on our two screens, nightly at Snowflake Village.

Hometown: Woodhaven, MI
URL: www.videogasm.com/burningman/
Contact: epoppycock(at)comcast(dot)net

Camp What

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: snack(at)whiskeytango(dot)net

Camp WorldPool
Come join the Sea Creatures of the World and Participate in Camp WorldPool's version of the popular game of Twister! School up like sardines in our Grotto, it's Yoga with a twist! Clothing Optional! Caravan, yurt and sewing circle.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
Contact: firewater9(at)hotmail(dot)com

Camp Wrong
Camp Wrong it's so wrong it's right! Spacious sunshade, plenty of ice cold beverages, warm smiles and down-home hospitality abound. This year Camp Wrong will be adding an FM stereo radio station with hip tracks and commentary by DJ Bruno and DJ Nutsack.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact: BrunoTVC15(at)aol(dot)com

Cap'n Jack's Smile Isle
An island of fun and relaxation during any journey across the ocean of the playa. Stay a little, play a little, smile a lot!

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact: tak(at)u.washington(dot)edu

CAtAclysMic MegAsheAr RANCH
Home of the warm glow of the playa's better, fire barrels, bullhorns, and Ed the Clown. The sound and the soul of Burning Man since 1895.

Contact: chiefmegashear(at)yahoo(dot)com

Catatonic State Recreation Area

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: kathy(at)ithus(dot)com

Chez Coust'eau
Where pigs swim, fish drink and and all say, "bon appetit." Come by our camp for bacon in the morning, drinks during the day's heat, and a ghetto bistro offering in the eve.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Contact: mseth(at)earthlink(dot)net

Chillage: the coolest place on the playa. Love Slav: Czech it out!

Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Contact: shinybootsofleather(at)sexynerds(dot)com

We're trapped inside the belly of a giant sea turtle!

Hometown: Jamaica Plain, MA
Contact: achilles(at)eskimo(dot)com

Chlorophyll Lounge
The Chlorophyll Lounge, Live music, Female dancers, a barter bar, and the hardest Drum n Bass at Burning Man. Come over to the Clorophyyl Lounge and chill, have a beer and dance your ass off.

Hometown: Layton, UT
Contact: pinkpantherproductions(at)yahoo(dot)com

Chocolate Gypsies
Come and discover the divine god and goddess within you... readings, dancing, chocolate chakras - and more!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: caitlin(at)theresultancy(dot)com

Chronic Utopia
Chronic Utopia is commited to examining how Burning Man has affected your creativity and self-expression. Come by to participate in our study and check out fire performances and photographic exhibit.

Hometown: Minturn, CO
Contact: linkannie(at)hotmail(dot)com

Cirque de Flambe, a Sea of Fire

Hometown: Seattle, WA
URL: www.cirquedeflambe.com
Contact: maque(at)drizzle(dot)com

Club Verboten
Kraftwerk, early (rhythmic) electronica and creature comforts await you nightly at Club Verboten.The place to be when you are going someplace else.

Hometown: Reno, NV
Contact: trentcolby22(at)aol(dot)com

Coast Is Clear
When you feel buffeted about in the vigorous waters of the Black Rock Ocean, find safe haven and calm at The Coast Is Clear. Come bask on our shore in the Dharma Kaya, the clear light of perfection in the formless void... Meditate in our Pyramid shelter, relax with healing massage in our Sea Turtle dome, and ride out again to the waves in our Sea Bed.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Contact: tuna4tina(at)yahoo(dot)com

THE CONGLOMERATE returns for 2002 featuring PleasureDome, Troll Town, Salon du Butt Crack, Burning Band, Kisses, Entomo, the Message in a Bottle Message/Massage center and Bar, Babaland by Boat aka The Island of Misconception, and Cake or Death. We will automatically spank you, feed you cake or launch you, and supply you with discipline on the wall. THE CONGLOMERATE will help you find pleasure on the playa...

Hometown: Boise, ID
Contact: pat_64(at)yahoo(dot)com

Conscious Life Community
Float away from it all and express your divine nature — join us, the Conscious Life Community, in celebrating our human rites — music, art, drum, dance, song, story, circle. Stop by and "Get a Cleu!"

Hometown: Lakeview, OR
Contact: consciouslife(at)pobox(dot)com

Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet
Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet is the leading provider of low-cost, high-quality soulmates since 1998. We offer quality name brand and private-label soulmates at substantially lower prices than can be found through conventional wholesale sources.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
URL: www.thespoon.com/costco
Contact: rico(at)thespoon(dot)com