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The Wheel of Time


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2 (Two)
by Steve Heck
2 is a sundial consisting of two 25' high towers containing lenses and mirrors which reflect and focus the sun's rays to tell the time. The towers will be built of English ivy, styrofoam, piano parts, televisions, colored glass, mirrors,and scrap materials. Tea time will be at two o'clock in the afternoon and at 2 am it will be tango time. There will be many performers and refreshments as well as experiments and magic. The number two will be discussed at great length, the song of two will be sung, the dance of two will be danced and we will have too much fun.

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: bigfun(at)fatnet(dot)net

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The Battle of the Millennium - David vs. Goliath
The Battle of the Millenium will be a combination of a fixed piece, a replica of Michelangelo's "David", and a mobile piece represented by "Goliath" the Dragon. The David will be nearly 20 feet high. Goliath will be a dragon approx. 60 feet in length that will be mounted on wheels and have various fire effects such as a flame projector and other items that will bristle with flames. David will be placed on the playa with a safety zone approx. 100 yards in diameter. The Dragon will be wheeled in from the Primordium, through two large fireballs nearly 25-40 ft in diameter along with other pyrotechnic effects, snorting fire and smoke and when it reaches the safety zone the battle will begin. Cheering sections and symbolic wagering are encouraged. And as always no human sacrifices please.

Hometown: Citrus Heights, CA
Contact: Mrbear(at)Ulink(dot)net

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The Chaotick
by Larry Breed
The Chaotick is a medieval clock escapement shaped like a gallows, with a wildly swinging pendulum bob that is aflame at night. It is 13' high and functions by perpetual motion.

Hometown: Palo Alto, CA
Contact: bar_lmb(at)earthlink(dot)net

Flaming Labyrinth
by Mathew Coda
This is a 50 foot diameter labyrinth, of classical design, inscribed in the playa. The lines of the labyrinth will be shallow troughs, possibly filled with ash. At night the trough will be filled with a paraffin wax/oil mixture and lit on fire. These labyrinths were used during pagan solstice and equinox rituals in pre-historic and pre-Christian Europe and the Americas.

Hometown: Petaluma, CA
Contact: coda(at)goplay(dot)com

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Flying Dinosaurs
by Bob Stahl
Trapped in a World they never made... the land that Time forgot! The Playa is the Playground of The Giants! Giant Pterosaurs patrol the seas of the Primordium!

Flying Dinosaurs! represents the world of the first vertebrates to achieve flight. Pterosaurs (Greek for Winged Lizards) evolved contemporaneously with the Dinosaurs in the late Triassic era, 225 million years ago, and thrived for 140 million years. Pterosaurs patrolled the ancient seas of Nevada in search of aquatic food, much as the pelicans of Pyramid Lake in the present day.

The primary installation is a Pteranodon with a 30-foot wingspan. Pivoting about a central support, like a weather vane, it will swing around to face the wind direction, beating its wings over the primordial sea. Participants can climb aboard and operate the articulated wings of the Pteranodon, beating them up and down as if to rise from the playa.

The installation also pays tribute to Leonardo da Vinci's attempts to conceptualize mechanical flight in his sketches and writings, ideas which lay dormant for 400 years until flight became a reality.

The installation is planned for the Primordium sector of the Wheel of Time. Roving Pterosaur kites and a sail-driven dinosaur on wheels may also appear.

Hometown: Pt. Reyes Station, CA
Contact: bobstahl(at)sirius(dot)com

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The all-seeing pyramid on the back of the US one dollar bill is a focus of much speculation, suspicion and rumor. Many believe it is the symbol of an ancient global conspiracy. The symbol supposedly originated in ancient Egypt, symbolizing the social structure of the era: society is divided into classes, symbolized by the different layers of bricks. The lowest classes, slaves, are the most populous, the upper classes most exclusive. FNORD is a fifteen-foot tall replica of the all-seeing pyramid, but instead of the Roman numerals for 1776 on the bottom level of bricks, there is the word FNORD. At night, the all-seeing eye will glow with divine light. FNORD will burn an hour or two after the crowd around the freshly burned Man dissolves on Saturday night. This symbol of hierarchical social structure has been a means to justify the exploitation of the weak and poor by the elite for millenia. It burdens us even as we enter the 21st century, as the ruling elite continue to be born aloft by the weak and poor. Join us on Saturday night as we reduce this ancient symbol of tyranny and oppression to ashes.

Hometown: Austin, Texas
Contact: 655321(at)disinfo(dot)net

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by Eric Alschuler
Large sculptural work representing Janus, god of beginnings and endings, guardian of portals. Janus traditionally has two faces, one looking forward to the future, and one backward to the past. There will be two large faces about 4' high set about 8' above the play surface, made of expanded metal mesh with playa mud plaster. Participants will be able to look through the eye sockets at the past and the future.

Hometown: Orinda, CA
Contact: ealschuler(at)mwmarchitechts(dot)com

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The Pyramid Camera Obscura
by Chris de Monterey
In a pyramid-shaped building lies the magnificent lens which will refocus the festive scenes of Burning Man inside a small theatre which is the inner sanctum of the Pyramid.

The building has an internal labyrinth-like passage with no doors. The passage leads to the inner sanctum, free of noise and light, where visitors may observe images projected onto a large white focusing table, accompanied by ambient sound. Visitors may rotate the lens and mirror on top of the pyramid which pan along the playa bringing the festival scenes into view.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: cdemon(at)sirius(dot)com

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Rome Built-In-A-Day - the Eternal City Prefabricated
by Mark McGothigan
Friends, Romans, Burningmen!!! Lend me your eyes for a beautiful wheel of time installation.

Metro "Rome" by Bev Reiser. A metronome to mark the passage of time ticking between two grand columns. Fountain Tres Scalini with spouting statue by Carol. Loggia: lounge & vomitorium. Forum:performance space with video projector; Nero fiddles here while Rome burns. Murals: 7 hills of Rome O AD; Rome 2000 AD.

Thursday: Rome is built in a day
Friday: 11 PM Rome burns while Nero fiddles & Diorama with caryatids & Slave auction
Saturday: Saturnalia & Vandals sack and tag

Hometown: Dillon Beach, CA
Contact: mcgmgb(at)erols(dot)com

The Temple of the Spider
A pyramid made of spider webs containing a plumber's bob which may actually tell the time! The temple will be surrounded by a large spider made of colored river stones. Other spiders will be around...

Hometown: Eureka, CA
Contact: cheshire(at)northcoast(dot)com

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Time Chime
by Michael Zelner and Suki O'Kane
TimeChime is a lonely sound emanating from the horizon. Follow your ear and discover the monumental source. Once you have found the Time Chime, drift among the twelve notes of the clock face, sounding your personal hour.

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: chimes(at)zoka(dot)com

Trebuchets (catapults)
by Ron Crepeau
The Trebuchet has a trebucket (combination catapult and sling used for throwing objects up to 50 lb in weight up to 500 feet) as its core/skeleton. The trebuchet is 16 feet long, 11 feet wide and 22 feet high. Other sculptual components will surround it. People will be asked to provide objects to to toss (away) that reflect their perceptions of today's cultural flaws/problems/evils.

photo by Ron Crepeau

U-HURL/Ingenium Diaballein is a trebuchet, one of the more elegant and rhythmic of the medieval siege engines. It uses a pivoting beam, driven by participants, which rotates and releases a projectile (please bring your contributions), releasing it of the bonds of gravity (at least temporarily) and sending it across the playa.

Safety is one of our primary concerns. Some observations: There are some sentences in the English language that just get people to sit up and pay attention, like "I might be pregnant" or "Aren't those your lottery numbers on the TV?" Fortunately, "Hey, you're down range" is one of those sentences, and people are pretty quick to get out of the way.

Hometown: San Diego, CA
Contact: crepeau(at)nosc(dot)mil


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Fertility Sundial
by Lisa Nigro
Playa and sand will be made into colored bricks which will form the mosaic base and gnomon (figure which casts the shadow of time) of a monumental sundial. Ritual and performance will center around the piece. The performance will be an expression of Diana of Ephesus who represents fertility and is also associated with the hunt. Diana stood for the source of that imperishable doctrine which, flowing from the bosom of the Great Multimammia, is the spiritual food of those aspiring men and women who have consecrated their lives to the contemplation of reality. As the physical body of man and woman receives its nutriment form the Great Earth Mother, so the spiritual nature of man is fed from the never-failing fountains of Truth pouring outward from the invisible worlds.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: freekmagneta(at)hotmail(dot)com

photo by Kiki Pettit
by Kiki Pettit
Firefall is a waterfall or fountain of fire. A small amount of fuel is spread across the surface and is set on fire.

The water protects your hands, so the flames can be scooped out and held in your hands for a brief moment. (Firefall will be installed on the esplanade at 5:00)

Hometown: Pt. Richmond, CA
Contact: firefall(at)kiki(dot)org

by Jay Kravitz
The Fireraven is a fire-breathing sculpture/fountain made from found metal objects welded and pieced together to form a bird-like skeleton. It has a length of approximately 7 feet and a wing span of 7 feet. Water and fuel are combined to flow from it's mouth breathing fire into a basin.

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: jay.kravitz(at)ucop(dot)edu

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Orbit One
by Michael Christian
ORBIT (ïr'b”t)

  1. The path of a celestial body or manmade satellite as it revolves around another body.
  2. One complete revolution of such a body.
  3. The path of a body in a field of force surrounding another body; for example, the movement of an atomic electron in relation to a nucleus
  4. The range of activity, experience or knowledge: ones social orbit.
  5. A range of control or influence "What magnetism drew these quaking ruined creatures into this orbit?"
  6. To put into or case to move in an orbit.
  7. To revolve around (a center of attraction).

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.michaelchristian.com
Contact: mc(at)michaelchristian(dot)com

...and in the Central Cafe:

by Mr. Lucky
Mr. Lucky, painter, lounge singer, and man about town will show several watercolors painted on site at Burning Man, as well as a painting depicting the theme of Time.

"Never intimidated by the nihilism of the era, Lucky continued towards a personal formula, not succumbing to the vogue of the ironic age" -- excerpt from Mr. Lucky the Painter.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: luck(at)sirius(dot)com

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The Shrine of the Dessicated Rats
by LadyBee
The RatShrine, originally debuted at Burning Man '97, will rise again in the central cafe. It is a monument not only to rodents but also to dessication, which can only be accomplished by Time. All will have an opportunity to be absolved of their crimes against furry creatures and to receive the blessings of the Infant Rat of Prague. Bring precious offerings and sign the GuestBook.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: ladybee(at)ix.netcom(dot)com


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Sands of Time
by Antenna Theater
The meaning of the approaching Millenium is examined in this 30-minute journey through the 15-billion year history of the universe. Participants wear headphones and listen to music, spoken word and sound effects as they walk past 800 objects sculpted from playa mud in this interactive performance/sculpture.

URL: www.antenna-theater.org

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Deep Ends and MegaHz
by KunstStoff Dance Theater
Performed on the KunstStoff stage at the 10:00 position on the Wheel of Time, with its curtain of falling rain, are Deep Ends, an evolutionary journey through earth, fire, air and water, and MegaHz, an exploration of sexual isolation in the digital age. The performances end with dancers and audience walking together through Mathew Coda's Flaming Labyrinth.

URL: www.kunst-stoff.org