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The Wheel of Time


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Big Fire Cannons around the Man (a.k.a. Impotence Compensation Project)
by Jim Mason
Once again on the night of the burn the Man will be saluted by Jim Mason's fire cannons. Four cannons will circle the Man, shooting out flames to a height of 120 feet. In front of the Man another cannon will blast out a tower of fire 160 feet in the air. The Fire Cannons will perform for us a very high-altitude pyrotechnic ballet, monumental, overwhelming, and curiously intimate.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: jimmason(at)sirius(dot)com

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The Circumference Project
by Tim Black
There are three parts of this years project: The High Energy Magick Camp, containing the Pattern Buffer Lounge controlling the L2K light ring.

In keeping with the wheel of time theme, we are building a circle of 2000 lights, 636 feet in diameter. Surrounding the man and buried in the playa, patterns will move around the circle with great speed. The patterns will change with the time of night, making a kind of clock surrounding the Man. In our Pattern Buffer Lounge there will be the indoor ring of 2000 pushbuttons and lights that can program patterns for the big ring. There will be a "real time" events at night where the rings are linked and whatever happens in the lounge will be matched in the big ring. During the day, people can play with patterns and store them for playback later. There will be some mist coolers and a good sound system. View the L2K Layout.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.quantalink.com/artindex.html
Contact: tblack(at)quantalink(dot)com

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Orbicular Affect
by Chris Campbell
This year the Man will again be encompassed by four large wooden spheres atop log tripods. They are designed as a specific medium for fire and can create swirling jets of flame as long as 30 feet. Made from salvaged 2x lumber, old fence planks and pallets, the orbs have an organic quality. As fire consumes them they roar with life, inevitably breaking apart like a dandelion sheds its seeds.

Hometown: South San Francisco, CA
Contact: keeper(at)burningman(dot)com


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La Mystere de Papa Loko
by Pepe Ozan
After having been indoctrinated into the Secrets of Vodou in Haiti, the creators of the traditional BM Opera (Pepe, Christipher and Twan) present "LE MYSTERE DE PAPA LOKO", a ritual of Initiation and Transformation.

Through music, art and dance from the collective creation of Burning Man participants and under the guidance of Vodou Priests from Haiti and opera singers from Europe, this ensemble of hundreds of nymphs and satyrs, sculptors, fire artists, mask-makers, musicians, choreographers, demons and angels, will be unleashed at midnight to metamorphose and reveal the primal being deep within ourselves.

Carrying their altars, standards, and ceremonial objects of adoration, the five sects devoted to the Playa Spirits - the green-mudded snake-people of Damballah; the red, fire wielding knights of Ogoun; the white-veiled, erotic Ezilis; the black-draped, morbidly obscene, yet capricious Guede; and the energetic drummers and builders of Couzin Azaka - invade the flaming Sacrosanct Pentagon and the Totems of Life and Death in a ceremony of Mystery and Sacralization.

At the climax of the rite, the altars, stages and giant totems are set ablaze. Frenetically dancing to the fire, the Children of the Spirits, followed by the audience, shall pierce the flaming Portal of Life and Death in an Initiation by Fire into the New Era.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: www.burningmanopera.com
Contact: twann(at)earthlink(dot)net


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The Funeral of the 20th Century
by Dana Albany
Here we will find all the makings of a grand funeral for our nearly expired century, and we will hold it on Friday night at dusk. Dana Albany's Tree of Time, covered with the bones of the deceased, will lead us around the Wheel of Time, back through the Primordial past and into the Future. Father Time and grieving mourners will push the tree, from which we will hang the villains of the 20th century, accompanied by much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. The Tree will emerge from the past, where it will lose its bones, and proceed into the future, where it will blosssom with fruits and flowers.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Contact: dana(at)burningman(dot)com

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The Hall of Possible Selves
by Stephanie Andrews
The Hall of Possible Selves is a portal to the people we could be. In this sculpture of light, look through the images of captured time to find yourself a living part of the installation.

Take a moment to get lost in the possibilites of existence - merge with the spectacle and enjoy the night. The Hall is also the meeting place for the Possible Selves Conglomerate - part of the Friday night procession.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: members.tripod.com/~bm_squirrel/possibleselves.html
Contact: bm_squirrel(at)yahoo(dot)com


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Kal Spelletich and Seemen
by Kal Spelletich
Kal will execute an interactive mechanical installation in the form of a strip mall containing several machines which the audience will operate, including:

The shark cage, fire shower, 16' robotic arm, golf cart art car with water cannon and BB-Q, waterfall and pond with machines, courtship machine #3, bicycle powered Sisyphus, bicycle powered flamethrower, the born-again booth, the fiery smokestack and the Disassembly Line, where a trolley track will convey your 20th century detritus through a bear trap, compactor, bed of nails, and Flamethrower.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
URL: seemen.org
Contact: kal(at)seemen(dot)org

The Industrial Zone
Several other machine artists will join SEEMEN at the 9:00 position, which will be known as The Industrial Zone.

Electrobot, Prophet of the Millenial Apocalypse
by Austin Richards
Burning Man's first mobile Tesla coil will move through the Wheel of Time in the evenings and will join the Industrial Zone at the 9:00 position during Friday's Grand Procession around the Wheel. Austin will ride on top of a truck with his Tesla coil and make proclamations about the Millenium, underscoring his words with long blasts of 12 foot lightning bolts that will strike him in his protective suit. He will light torches off the arcs and hand them to fire dancers.

photo by Jeff Clark

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
Contact: electrobot(at)earthlink(dot)net

The Firefall
by Dave Caulkins
Duplicating some of the ambience of an industrial smelting operation, the FireFall will produce a rain of incandescent material from a height of about thirty feet. Simulating oil refinery problems, fireballs will be generated at ground level. As they did in 1998, the Energetic Alchemists expect to provide a "sunset gun" each evening as the shadow of the hills crosses the Man.

Hometown: Los Altos, CA
Contact: dcaulkins(at)igc(dot)org

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Christian Ristow's Machines
by Christian Ristow
This year I will bring out to Black Rock City a small army of highly destructive, radio-controlled robots. Among them will be everyone's favorite, "The Subjugator", "The Drunken Master", "Mexican Chainwalla", new machines "Spiderbot", and the "Hungry Tank", which will be rideable and hence controllable by anyone. They will work loosely with the SEEMEN to effect the "Disassembly Line" concept, putting to rest (through massively destructive crushing, tearing, ripping, and burning forces) all the icons and detritus of the twentieth which we all know we'd simply be better off without.

Sacrificial representatives of the Human Race will be on hand (in effigy form, mind you) in order to wage an End of the Millennium battle with the emerging threat of technology. The outcome of this battle could have grave consequences for all of us, so it seems clear that anyone who has a vested interest in power and self-determination watch closely, and "root for the home team."

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: zimbonet(at)earthlink(dot)net

Tesla Coil
by Bill Fuller
A medium-sized Tesla coil capable of generating 3' to 5' electric arcs.

Hometown: San Ramon, CA
Contact: wfuller(at)home(dot)com


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The Big Bang
by Kimric Smythe
On the 12:00 spot a 40' high Byzantine clocktower will rise, containing several elements found in buildings from the Ottoman Empire. The ground floor interior will be tiled with replicas of Turkish tiles, and the building will be equipped with a lightning rod in the hopes of attracting lightning.

On Friday night during the procession around the Wheel of Time, a performance involving the desctruction of the clocktower will take place.

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Contact: smythek(at)ix.netcom(dot)com

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