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ThemeCamps in 1998
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New Games Gathering
From good-spirited competition to gentle ritual, make contact with your fellow playful citizens at the New Games Gathering, for about an hour each day starting at 6:00 PM. Contact Ironwolf if you would like to help coordinate the games!

No Tanline Camp
What would happen if Star Trek's transporter were to send only your flesh to the planet surface, and your clothes were left behind? Would you be able to conduct yourself with decorum?

"Where your participation is essential in the transformation of Time and Space into Art." NooSphere facilitates the creation of community through the inter-tainment of art, science, and spirituality. A microcosm of dynamic art and community within the macrocosm of Burning Man.

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Nub Circus
May the weight of all thundering sunbeams be alleviated and guidancedelivered in the dark upon entering theden of collective hospitality.


Oceania Nebulia
A Trivial Speck in the Infinite Celestial Ocean

One Tree
Raining down water at night, flaming branches of fire at night.

Ool Ram Sha
The ool ram sha presents FREAK PLANET with tea, live music, performances, and stories of space gypsies.

Outstanding Respiration
We are a neoteric cynosure engaging in paroxysms of intermental communication anent sesqipedalians. We also feast like vikings on sockdolager 'reverse burritos'.


Pagan Science Reading Room

Palookaville Institute

Panhandle Gallery
The Panhandle will serve as a "homeless shelter" of the playa, and a gallery of the practical folk art created by Bay area homeless artists. The commercialization of art will be explored with panhandler's signs displayed with written artistic criticism, descriptions of the artists, and an opportunity for visitors to create original works on cardboard.

Paradox Park
Outta this world, paradoxes abound in life and in Paradox park. Parodox Park will also have an added feature of a "True Mirror- See yourself as you actually are"... not your mirror image... a very cool addition. Please stop by if you get the chance to experience seeing yourself in a real way!

Path of Enlightenment: East and West
A meditative installation of light and shadow that seeks to offer the secrets of all things while serving as a reminder of the transience of nature.

PENFOLD: Postman Of The Playa
Black Rock City's Gruntled Postal Worker returns, providing off-playa outgoing mail service.

Alien Landing Site of 1996 was a covert success. Bathe in the nocturnal emissions of an intelligence other than our own, buried deep beneath the playa.

Phurst Church of Phun
The Phurst Church of Phun keeps alive the spirit of crazy wisdom by practicing the art of courting divine creativity and humor from out of chaos. We help people find and commune with their very own sacred Holy Phool archetype.

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Picasso Camp
Picasso Camp is an interactive art camp inviting all participants to paint a portion of a large canvas reflecting the Burning Man 98 Experience.

Pinata Camp
Last September Bay Area artist Anthony Campanale put together a team of 15 artists to create a site specific self portrait for the Burning man project in the black rock desert of nevada. The massive work loomed 25 feet above the barren playa. It consisted of 25 5 by 5 foot panels. 625 Square feet of canvas and paint was displayed and then burned at the now legendary festival. This september, with the help of fellow artist Brettt Roncelli, Anthony has set his sites even higher. A three and a half story painting created on site by volunteers will be painted and then destroyed by fire. 1225 square feet of canvas and paint will meet there fate on the ancient sea bed that is the black rock desert playa. Meet us there to experience this work for its short stay on the ephemeral plain. Anthony and Brett are looking for volunteers to help with the design and execution of this project.

Pinata Fuckers Camp
At the Pinata Fuckers Camp, attractions include a Heavy Petting Zoo where caged pinatas can be had like little whores, and a Live Pinata Peep booth featuring the hottest, horniest little critters this side of Times Square.

Planet 9
A place to relax and enjoy the pleasures of the desert. A place to sweat out civilization and arrive on Planet 9. It is a palce for people to gather collectively in the pursuit of community, fun and relaxation.

Planet Bruka
Planet Bruka is an interactive theatrical group of artists, actors, and technicians. Sharing love.

Planet Crayola
Planet Crayola's colorful aliens will show you the intergalactic pleasures of drawing and sculpting with multihued wax sticks.

Planet Fandango
Spacecraft Fandango has crashed and we are seeking parts to rebuild it, but we may be forced to remain here on Earth should the spacecraft be deemed unfixable. While on Earth we have assumed the shape and mannerisms of humans so that we may interact more effectively with you.

Planet Nevada (A Village)
Planet Nevada will be hosting Camp Sunscreen, the Nap Dome, a Sacred Laundromat, etc. Come give a little love and get a little love.

Planet Play-Doh
Planet Play-Doh abounds with a plethora of plump and squishy sculpting clay for your pleasure. Sit and meditate as you create or gather around to idley gab...

Playa Flower
An homage to the olfactory arts. Your nose knows!

Ever notice how adults can get really silly and happy when they happen upon a playground and let go of their seriousness for a while? Why not an adult size playground at Burning Man?

PlayaVision by Here Are The Facts You Requested
Here Are The Facts You Requested invite all aspiring actors and TV producers to put your bodies in front of PlayaVision's bright lights and cast your shadows onto its huge screen, bringing to life the magic of interactive electronic entertainment. Plus, enjoy the beautiful, confusing music of Burning Man's original trip-pop quintet, Here Are The Facts You Requested. Nightly performances.

Under the spinning tassle NIPPLEODEON will be rocking in the bosom of Burningman for a martini/dance party on Friday night (dare they hold an old fashioned bra-burning?)...On Saturday night, NEBULARIUM...bathe in ambient grooves as ever changing Northern lights and constellations transport you to a special SPACE...see center camp bulletin board for details!

Pleiades Mission Research "B" Mission GK98
Pleiades Mission Research, cooperating with the responsible agencies of Max Q. Projects, Carl Ten Industries, and the California Republic of 2017, will be conducting their second, "B", mission in the Nevada desert. Mission objectives include deployment and operation of quarter-scale test vehicles and practicing forced landing and recontact scenarios in preparation for the first manned interstellar space flights. Primary mission operations will be filmed.

Polka Dot Camp
I see spots before my eyes...

Pope Unpious The 13th
"The Pope, Unpious the 13th, High Priestess of the Temple of Love!"

Portland Cacophony Society: Disgruntled Postal Workers/Little Marcy Shrine
The Disgruntled Postal Workers, your civil servants with a sneer since 1995, delivering mail to the citizens of Black Rock. And The Little Marcy Shrine, the puppet who sings for Jesus, making her first post-retirement appearance for the souls on the play a... Listen, watch, worship and be touched by the magic of Marcy.

Post-World Outpost/ ¡TCHKUNG! Division
The temporary physical home of Post- World Industries and ¡TCHKUNG!, where you can learn new skills in nomadic urban resistance! Information warfare, trance music, rioting techniques, propaganda broadcasts and more.

Preaching Poetic Prostitutes
The Preaching Poetic Prostitutes sell themselves in order to corrupt their lives through insanity, choas, & bliss. Making up our souls as we go along thru music, poetry, and visual art.

Primordial Fleshtoonery Camp
Skin-rumptious Come and enjoy having your bodies beautified here, with public displays of primal body painting and adorning, available to everyone.

Psychedelic Playpen
Release your inner child, and play with the other playalings. Toys, games, and good company, leave your age at the door.

Purple Forest
Come to the Purple Atmostpheric Funky Forest, where you can get your nails (or any other body part) painted purple.

Purple People Eaters
A camp to celebrate the glory of purple people from all over the universe. Eating people, being purple and celebrating are voluntary.

PV - a LitCity
The Shroom Room at PV City- Where it's ALL good!

Pyramid of the Robot God
ambiant noise rock and ritual sacrifice of televisions and computers on an aztec pyramid

Pyro Optic Creative Intelligence Network
Reckless Ballet Innovation, Nation Design laboratory, Haunted Intermission Inferno, Atomic Fusion, Welcome home to crossroads of creation & destruction - heaven and hell.


R. Shadow
Nothing if optional, if not than the below: Lanterns in the night, creating a lovely sight.

Radio Control Demolition Derby
Bring your radio controlled vehicles, store-bought or custom-modified, and prepare to fight to the death. Win fabulous prizes!

Rancho 54
We want to harken back to a time whether in Grecian times or NYC in 1980, where free spirited fun was in vogue.

Razor's Edge
Along one of the edge's of the Temple of Attonement District. An area to experiment with variety. At Razors Edge the punished/cleansed are invited to have a seat and lick their wounds.

Red Soffah Camp
From the Red Soffah to the Web - document your trip to burning man with a picture on the Red Soffah. Also see more clearly - 3rd eye installation - quick and painless.

Reflective Skin
A southern Californian industrial noise band.

Relic Vessels
These are ancient vessels, sent by aliens in our far distant future. Blackrock folklore has it that they once contained information, now vanished, critical to the survival of mankind.

Reno Housewives
Reno Housewives: come sit by the trailer & chat with the reno village locals! Bring a fridge magnet from your hometown & trade them while hearing stories of our alien encounters.

Rhythm Society

Rhythmic Noise Camp
Create a noisemaker and bring your drumsticks to our stage of instruments seeking a cure for rhythmitis at RHYTHMIC NOISE CAMP. PREPARE TO GROOVE!

Richard the Grapes' Atelier

Road Warblers
Continuous open interactive experimental musical jam.

Roadwarblers - The Dopamine Project
Continuous Performance Stage with PA, Stage Lighting and Performance Light Show.

Royal Genitalia Theatre Company
Behold, the Royal Genitalia Theatre Company! Regal and anatomical enactments of daytime soaps, and Shakesperean classics bring you, the theatre-goers of the playa, "Body-part-icipation" at it's finest!

Rubiks Revenge
Einstein proclaimed space to be curved-I beleive that space is cubed. Visit Rubik's Revenge at Burningman 98 and decide for yourself!

Rucky Kat Kocktales
Rucky Kat Kocktales: Divey-Chinese-Style Bar - Cocktails served in heavily (oriental) ornamented ambiance. Open whenever I feel like it. Will barter stiff drinks, homemade postcards, stickers, various oriental crap for same - or just good entertainment! Ah-So!

Run Away Choo Choo
The minds behind last years enchanted fauxest now bring you "THE RUN AWAY CHOO-CHOO."


S.C.U.G. (Society for Cutting Up Gnomes)
Militant cult of anti-gnome desert faeries smashing gnomecentrism by any means necessary (but usually through propaganda, random acts of verbal abuse and worship of a missing baby doll). Hosting Dry Hump Hour, the Ex-Boyfriend Confessional, Daniel Pinkwa ter Lunchtime Stories, Happy Baby prayer groups and gnome "re-education" (i.e. beatings). --sponsored by the snatches of 1997's Vulva-Matic Camp.

Sacred Dance Society Camp
The Sacred Dance Society is a non-profit religious organization dedicated to the practice of community dance. We intend to assist other dance groups in creating musical events.

Sacred Shrine of the Space Virgin

San Francisco Sex Information Camp
If its consensual, its good! Get yer free sex information from the experts at the SF Sex Information Camp, and listen to their live show on Radio Free Burning Man.

URL: www.sfsi.org


Sculpture Garden #243
Enjoy the art in our sculpture garden: The Interterrestrials, Fruitlandia, and "As Yet Unnamed". Space out in our Space Nest. Make a plaster cast of your face while supplies last.

Senor Spanky's Tijuana Tequila Nightmare
'Senor Spanky's Tijuana Tequila Nightmare' caters to those who appreciate cavorting with women of questionable reputation, drinking with men who claim to have fished with Hemmingway, and enjoy the distinction of waking up in one's own filth without the fear of the Federales! Don't have a passport? Who cares!! What do I look like anyway?! The border patrol!?!

Shadow Word
As images fade one into another, so to do our words mesh and interlace. We combine both in the hope of creating spontaneity and meaning, and we encourage our bodies to become 'shadow words' as we dance.

Shakedown Street
Shakedown Street is a chance toexperience the parking lot scene at Grateful Dead shows. Bluegrass band, poetry, Tie Dying, (veg)cookout.

Come and erect your low shade structure out on the playa with the sheikdom. This will be a place for active desert gazing and drumming and dancing as the sun sets.

Shrine of Deceit, Betrayal, and Bitterness
Just about everyone has been through a painful break-up of a love relationship before (just ask Larry Harvey!). This display addresses those human emotions that come into play when a breakup is caused by deceit, lies, and betrayal. May be quite cathrtic for anyone going thru this kind of emotional pain when it burns sunday night, just after the man falls in flames.

Sick and Wrong
Club Sick and Wrong is home for the wayword head. Cerebral mind candy will be available for all.

Silkscreen your Hmm...
Bring your shirt, pants, banners, panties, *whatever*, to the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Camp and PoGo will silkscreen the design and colors of your choice. No charge.

Silver Pyramyds

Sirius DnA Sis.t.Hyms
Sirius DnA Sis.t.Hyms offers an oasis of artistic, social, and spiritual Awareness, Action, and Pleasure -- featuring a peace of mind and earth, a mini pool o' plenty, bouncing beauties, and more. Nourishment for the mind, soul, and senses awaits anyone willing to ACT for personal and collective consciousness transformation.

Sneezing Lizards Productions Presents
Aztec Family Values in the tub Sneezing Lizards Productions is dedicated to Dreams and Creative expression. We honor the Man through interactive ritual, folly and good clean living.

Solaria: A scale model of the solar system 1 km across. Visit the planets by bike or foot!

The Soup Adivisory Board
Soup is All. We come from Soup, and we shall return to Soup.

Solid Gold DeathStar
Technologies darkest yearnings and the spawn of bad early eighties pop culture conspire to bring you the hottest shows in Black Rock City! An open forum for poetry and performance -- Poetry Slam on Friday Night -- DeathStar A Go-Go Talent Show on Saturday Night -- Feel the Force sign up now.

Space Cowboy Camp/Star Whores

Space Cowgirls Fashion Bureau of Investigations - FBI
Fashion Bureau of Investigation AKA Space Cowgirls with be enforcing the strict playa dress code. There will be a patrol force ticketing dress code law breakers, a happy hour Fashion Inspection Team, nightly Secret Police raids on camps, Undercover Agents, Informants and a MOST WANTED bulletin board to inform the public of all illegal fashion activity in the Black Rock Area.

Space Pod

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Space Station Zebra
The lang range five point where alien and earth cultures meet. Ambient audio, water simulations...

Spaced Science Camp
Real NASA rocket scientists and engineers will be on hand to demonstrate Alternative Methods of Space Exploration and render expert advice on such topics as UFO's, Space Travel, the Nature of the Universe and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Imagine George Jetson crashing his hovercar onto the set of Barbarella as Napoleon Solo saunters past and Emma Peal stands on the sidelines tossing off witty one-liners. Imagine a world of endless TANG and robot weavers that churn out limitless bolts of Sabre-tooth cat fur to tinny lounge muzac piped through cheeep speakers It's Spacelounge!!!

Spiral Oasis
Amongst the chaos of the desert, everyone needs an oasis of repose. We offer a large open circle of space where you can relax, listen to ambient music, bring your cool drinks and just lounge around.

Spoogedust Ballroom
Ballroom on the playa. Complete with music, costumes, dance floor and bubble machine. Come and dance with us!

SPURT Radio, 102.5 FM
Tune in to SPURT radio on 102.5 FM. The solar powered mobile radio station with the word on the playa!

Stage Camp
Open Stage Dusk to Dawn to any and all performances. Monitary and equipment donations welcome. We plan to provide a PA and 3 color stage wash and specials for fashion shows.

StarLust Lounge
The StarLust Lounge, an Alien BYOB/Barter bar dedicated to fun and the comingling of all species. Ask A Rocket Ranger for a VIP invite or info on unaccountable memory lapses, puberty inversion experiences or fertility goddess abductions.

Stegasaurus Footprint
Recently paleontologist L. Bee unearthed a rare stegasaurus footprint in the Black Rock desert. Located near the site of Burning Man 1998, it will be accesible to participants.

Stinky's Clown Camp
Join Stinky's Clown Gang the Happiest Cult on the playa. Everyone loves a clown.

Strange Lights in the Sky Camp
Strange Lights in the Sky camp demands that you not be afraid - unless they are coming your way, not scream - unless you here their shriek, just Watch the skies for our attempts to reverse engineer alien technology. Tune to 95.5 KHAK FM and UHF TV ch. 60 for live sightings and emergency broadcasts.

Suburbia Hell (or the camp formerly known as Cacolympics)
Flinging flaming flying screaming sheep with your twisted neighbors down the street. Participate in warped lawn games in the splendor of peaceful suburban Black Rock City.

Super Villans Camp (spelled wrong on purpose)
The Super Villans Camp - Alternative goth punk ska indie swing rave girl power that will kick your ass!

Supersnail Web Portraits
Put on your best school clothes: photo portraits here! Your picture publicly or privately presented on our website. Body paints galore.

Free your sin, free your guilt, burn the goat! When you see the goat aproach, cast a token of your sin into it's maw, for at sunset, we sacrifice it by fire!

SynTonic V7.1


Tactile Tent
Close your eyes, and plunge in. The only thing that will help you here is your sense of touch.

Talk Show Camp Show
From the maker of 2 Burning Man Videos: Random Burning Man Participants will be paid no money to appear on local, playa-roving TV talk show. Later that evening, said talk show will be video projected on appropriate viewing surface for all to view.

TAZ Camp

Technic's Garden of Technology
Better living through mutation, bio-mechanical supplementation, and genetic alteration. Where technology grows.

Tee Pee Camp
Freaky psychedelic tee pee camp. Burnable art gallery for leaky brain, perma-mint breath visionaries.

Temple Glory Hole
As part of Camp Camp Village Quarter we have a new & improved way the public worshipers can donate - via our Temple Glory Hole - Let Jesus Come Inside You!!!

Temple Of Atonement District
An interactive look into the realms of opposing dualities, and the opportunity to explore them. An engaging camp, full of gallantry, gentility, and charm... and Mistresses and Masters.

Temple of Boobfoot
Temple of Boobfoot is a place to consider the relic of an alien culture. Come to write/draw your prayers, wishes on The Scroll, which will be burned with the Man.

Temple of the Attenuated
Sound and Light focused and manipulated to suit our whimsy. Come enjoy yummy dates and wine and Magic carpet rides, wheeeee.

Temple of the Big Ass SUV
Our camp will finally give people a chance to express their true feelings about Luxury SUV's. Visitors will be able to travel through Banana Republic jungles and dangerous junkie-infested city streets all from the comfort and safety of our SUV Temple. Bring your own Starbucks.

Temple of Idle Worship

Temple of the Moon Sculpture Garden & Public shower
Evolution and devolution of the human form via the playa mud.

Temple Of The Slide Rule
My purpose is to proliferate the use, understanding and recognition of the lost art of mathmatical calculating with the slide rule. The intellectually rich group making up Burning Man will find the slide rule to be funny, odd, awesome, intriguing or all of the above: peace.

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10,000 Wonderful Things -- Museum of
Excerpts (Working Title) Can I compose this later?

Tent of Yin
Come relax, cool off, and enjoy listening to ambient music while feeling the joy of yin.

Tie-Me-Up Tickle Camp

Tiki Fest Lounge
The Tiki bars of the 60s are being overrun by shopping malls and chain restaurants. The Tiki Fest Lounge is a haven for Tiki Gods, Tiki Torches, cool drinks with big mugs, volcanoes, and surfing videos.

URL: www.tikifest.com

Tool Camp
Tool Camp: The first Tool Lending Library at The Burning Man Event.

The Tower is a tangible representation of your "babble" of subconscious fears and blocks. Interact with The Tower, make a commitment to self-regeneration at the Ark of the Covenant, and be healed in the Garden of Babylon. Open 24 hours, in front of the Blue Light Village.

Tower of Power
The Tower of Power will give the weary traveler a pshycodelic view of the Burning Man Scene from our lofty heights.

Toxixity Saucer
The Toxixity Saucer is landing and the Mighty Electrobot will be communing with million volt arcs from the Saucer's 15' tesla coil. Come and bear witness to knowledge and technologies beyond human ken.

Trebuchet Camp
Trebuchet Camp will be tossing things with your help. Other large projectile siege engines are werlcome to camp near us.

Troy Town Maze Installation
The Troy Town Rope Maze will recreate a design found in ancient rock carvings in a size big enough for people to walk around. It will exist at ground level, and thus hardly exist at all.

Our camp is a giant twister hut which will host ongoing group twister games. All are welcome.


Unusual Interplanetary Adventures


Very Large Array
Frequency and amplitude strive for modulation in the Very Large Array; UFOs may land; your aural fovea will reveal unsuspected competencies.

Imagine pudin' wrestling with Satan or Evil Spock! Videogasm will document this and the rest of the Burning Man experience for display on our internet site. If you have an unusual skill or talent that you'd like to display to the world, stop by Camp Videogasm and, "Show us... Baby!"

URL: www.videogasm.com

Vogon Poetry Camp
Sometime during the weekend before the burn, playa inhabitants who wish to participate will perform the absolute worst poetry in the known universe from within the largest television on the playa. Be a vogon poet (or risk partaking of a slow and agonizing death as a spectator).

VW Bus Camp
The Bus spiral will become a growing mechanical crop circle, alive with its inhabitants and aircooled engines.


Warm Fuzzy / Glow Man
Warm Fuzzie/Glow Man camp is back and will give you warm fuzzies by day and allow you to glow by night. Come join us dancing and glowing under the black lights to the rhythms of Burning Man.

Wet Paint Camp aka Pablo's Pleasure Palace
To provide the medium for every man woman and child to be as creative as they wish for own pleasure.

Wheel of Faith and Sacred Grove
An interactive installation exploring the overlap among various popular vehicles for faith. Part of a continuing project designed to create an opportunity for participants to examine where they place their faith and to provide an opportunity for them to hope, pray, wish, and dream.

Wood Henge
Back before human kind thought they could control the powers of nature, Druids led the people in worship of the earth and all nature. This year at Burning Man, archologists have discovered a modern-day WOOD HENGE, that seems to serve some strange pagan society as a cosmic bullseye, a place to make offerings to four elements, a really big-ass compass, and a cirlce they ride their bikes around clockwise to raise psycic energy.

Coinciding with the opening day of Burning Man 1998, the science team at WOODPUSSY INC. plans to begin erecting a thirty foot oil derrick on the Black Rock playa and should be prepared to drill for petrolium shortly thereafter. While this may inconvenience some festival participants, we believe the majority of attendees will realize the necessity for such progress and will be content in knowing that with their share of "free" Burning Man gasoline, these young people can fire up Mom's motor home and flo or it all the way back to Walnut Creek with a care free "more where that came from" attitude.

WWF* Main Event '98: Morricone vs. Esquivel
Ennio Morricone and Juan Garcia Esquivel put their reputations on the line and duke it out on the playa to see who can choreograph fire to their music better. Taking place Friday night at 11:00pm, out on the playa. See Camp Smart Ass for more details!!!


X-mas 2012 A. D.
Collaborative recording project documenting the sights and sounds that we create within the harsh, post-apocalyptic environment of the Disturbia village at Burning Man 1998.


Zen Masters (Musicical Experience)
The Zen Masters aka The Directors: An eclectic band, comprised of artists from the worlds of Filmmaking to Experimental. This group brings to The Burning Man a thunderous wall of music, ranging in a spirited blend of Hard-edge, Tribal and Mystical (Sounds, sure to wake the dead as well as the living.)

Zen of Fnord
The Zen of Fnord -- A Zen of Iniquity hosted by Fnord, a soft, cuddly toy, thinking in the desert. Fnord is a greater agenda, known only to its fiendish creators, but all are welcome to unravel in the mystery.

Zyrmpo Temple
The Old Religion is dead. Prepare the meet the Zyrmpo, well-meaning (though not all-powerful) gods.