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1998 Villages (north)

1998 Villages (south)

ThemeCamps in 1998
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Aeolus Cacophonium
The aeolus cacophonium is a wind driven percussion machine. It will reflect the many choatic facets of nature in an ongoing aural and visual performance. Passers by are encouraged to complement the performance with provided devices.

Aesthetic Meat Foundation - United Darkness of BM
The Aesthetic Meat Foundation is Back! Come and Discover the Darker side of BM with us and be "baptised" in Blood - Fulfill your Deep Desire!

Aether Camp
Aether Camp: Pierce the Heavens, Ride the Winds and Dance on the Clouds. While you're here, confront and incorporate that silly acrophobia thing.

Air Reef Lounge
Come all ye sleepless participants, take the dive and lay your reeling head atop the healing reef! The Air Reef Lounge promises a refreshing and relaxing retreat from the endless hustle and bustle of the surface world.

Alien Abduction Camp
Watch out for visitors from above... you may be abducted and experience "alien technology".

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Alien Chess Camp
Come play a friendly game of chess, Alien chess that is, on a huge florescent board. This camp provides the higher thinking that any community needs.

Alien Pez Camp
The Pez Is Out There.

Alien Sheep Love Vibrations Camp
The residents of the Alien Sheep Love Vibration Camp have come to share the rituals of Planet Ovinovenus. Come experience universal harmony through electro-stimulation and alien sheep love.

Alien Spore Hell Spa
The Alien Spore Hell Spa brings infernal, alien-friendly R&R to Black Rock. Get your naked self painted and massaged at the Fleshdip Body Color Wash, and play Flaming Croquet, in drag by day or at night by the light of the flaming wickets.

Amazonia - Rainforest Bio-Energetics
Rainforest Bio-Energetics products support the sustainable and ecological future of the Rainforest and its Inhabitants. Promote Self-healing, clarity of mind, a vibrant spirit, a renewed energy, & greater well being.

Anal Retention Camp
Everything you need for a PERFECT playa experience, providing you simply do EVERYTHING right!!! Marvel at the DUST-FREE coffee mug while you appreciate our neatly manicured lawn!


Arcosanti/King Tater's Palace
Urbanize Black Rock City while rediscovering the advantages of unenlightened monarchy. A King is just a pawn with more options.

Arena Ballroom
Lookout Fillmore! We've got the ARENA BALLROOM!!!

Arthur Murray School of Trance
The Arthur Murray school of Trance will teach the uninitiated the finer points of formal playa dancing in a soothing, sentimental atmosphere that reeks of Louise Brooks.

Artists' Republic of Fremont
An independent country within Black Rock City. Apply for a passport or certificate of insanity; visit the Temple of Ganzir; get your body painted.

Ass-O-Rama is a camp designed to demonstrate the commonality of all peoples by virtue of the fact that our butts are all pretty much alike.

Aunty Gravity's Galactic Gazebo of GODZILLA
An oasis of adoration for the mighty smiling king of Atomic Mutation, marvel at the examples of his super stompy squishing power, and eat of his blazing bbq. For ALL!


B.E.H.O.P. (The Barter Exchange Hut O' Pancakes)
We got a few more 'cakes to fry, some coffee to pour, and community to make. Again, we will be serving breakfast every morning for barter/exchange from when we get our asses out of bed until it gets too hot.

Bamboo Family Presents Zagbot's Rest Stop
The verdant bamboo garden at Zagbot's is just the place to rest burning feet and enjoy none too refreshing refreshments. It is rumored that the arson insurance policy at Zagbot's is a high one and he may cash in late Sunday night.

Barbarella's Forbidden City
This theme camp is modeled after the movie BARBARELLA, and will include her spaceship, Alpha 7, inside which will be chill space and various activities hosted by Barbarella herself. Some of the attractions will include: showings of the Barbarella movie, smoking from the essence of man hookah, mass distribution of the exhaltation transferrence pill, rolling in matmos, piloting the alpha-one spacecraft, and aerobicizing to Jane Fonda's workout videos.

Beamers at BM
A camp for motorcyclists.

BEAREA 51 and 89.5 KBHR
TOP SECRET! NO SPECTATORS! The gang from "Bears Lair" back. And this time they have a space ship, radio station, 4,000 records, and that stupid bear. God help us all!

Bestial Fears Vaporize Upon Tongues Galvanic
A two person performance.

Beth and Jen's Rockabilly Camp
Beth and Jen's Rockabilly camp has been a project in progress for a year now. We brought only the best Rockabilly music and the cheapest beer we could find.

This is a chance to clean yourself up, dress formally, and experience elegant dining in the desert (an excellent photo opportunity). Reserve the usage of our white linen clad tables addorned in fine china, crystalware, silverware, candle-lighting, and classical-baroque mood music (food and beverage not provided).

bianca loves you. No, she never writes or calls you, but bianca has other ways of articulating her love. bianca's love is expressed by the great parties she throws. And at Burning Man bianca's party *never* stops: pink lights in the nitetime desert, couches to be lounged on, the finest groovin' tunes, and never-ending food happiness, including bianca's famous grilled-cheese sandwiches. bianca is a lover of extraordinary grace and liberty. She asks you to have fun in your heart, to be real and respectful of others, to relax, and feel and enjoy the greater party that we are all sharing.

Bicycle Rodeo/Pedal Camp
Bicycle lunacy: a carnival with choppers,tall bikes, long bikes, bike roller-coaster & merry-go-round, bicycle rodeo, repair shop, & general stupidity.

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus

BioHazard 2000
Have you ever considered how deadly and damaging Earth's nOzone environment really is? We have, compulsively... over, and over, and over again.


Birthday Camp
Is your birthday during the event? Come celebrate in Birthday Camp!

Biscuit Lounge
The Biscuit Lounge is a lauch\landing zone for all extraterestrial, hyperdelic multidimensional excursions. A place for biscuits to wallow in the gravy. "Come melt with us."

Black Rock City Aikidojo
Daily classes offered in aikido, a martial art concerned with transforming conflict into peace. No experience or clothing necessary; all ranks are welcome.

Black Rock City College
Classes now forming at Black Rock City College. Come see what there is to learn, come teach what you have to teach!

Black Rock Electrical Parade
Those corporate fucks at Disneyland thought they could kill the Main Street Electrical Parade. They were wrong -- dead wrong. For on Friday night at 8:00 p.m., we will exhume its shriveled, twinkling corpse and ignite it with 10,000 collective volts of coppertop-powered fury, raising our hands to the heavens, shouting, "it's alive! ALIVE!" Our creation will break its bonds and run amuck through the town, starting at The Man, and proceeding down the main corridor and through the camps until our batteries die or a mob of angry villagers puts us down, whichever comes first. This event is a salute and farewell to electric light -- the light bulb's last hurrah as it yields way to fire as our primary source of illumination during the remainder of the festival. Moveable electric light displays of any kind are encouraged to participate.

Black Rock Mystery Dome

Black Rock Playa Zendo
Black Rock Playa Zendo -- as seen Burning (or its altar, at least) in last year's video by Chuck Cirino; but then all image is illusory, eh? Come and get your Prawna Deep Fried! -- at the Giant Yin/Yang in the Playa, we will be leading a Zazen sitting every evening at approximately Sundown, and there will be a "how-to" sit/meditate lecture one-half hour before. Possible morning sittings also. Bring "Burning Chachkis" -- items you think represent your inner self, or something you'd like to lose from your inner self, to be glued to our altar and then Burned with The Man.

Black Rock Yacht Club

Blackrock Artglass and Recyclery (BAG)
The Blackrock Artglass and Recyclery will help keep the Playa clean by converting your glass waste into works of art. Look for jumpsuited BAG People making collections then come by camp later to see skilled craft workers transform your old Bud 40 oz. into something special.

Blind Site
Want to escape City Life for awhile, meditate on the Man, find a little shade? Follow the Japanese banners on the Playa to Blind Site, one of Black Rock city's first unnoffical Parks.

Blinking Man Camp
Thanks, but not necessary.

Blue Hell of Neptune
When man first lifted his gaze to the heavens in raw wonder and speculation - could there be life in the Great Void? And what form might it take - he could only have the dimmest apprehension of the soul-wrenching horror waiting his arrival with open, blissful limbs. Sin is not exclusive to our green planet... and neither is redemption.

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Blue Light District 2.0 & Camp Camp
Village Quarter The Blue Light District 2.0 and Camp Camp Village Quarter are those laid back people you were warned about.

Boing! is an anomaly in the space-time continuum where all objects, including the humanoids, are propelled toward each other like bumper cars. Come and evolve by bouncing around in one of our "bumper car suits," and if that doesn't get you smashed perhaps a visit to our adjoining cocktail lounge will.

Burning Band Camp
Bring your isntrument and uniform (what ever that is!) and join our spontanious band. Get ready for the major parade event of your life!

Burning Dreams Fantasy Playhouse
Burning Dreams Fantasy Playhouse - Privately reveal your most compelling fantasy, dream, or experience to a video camera - then relax in the Naked Eye Lounge and be treated to screenings from the evolving collection of clips.

Burning Ham Camp
23 Burning Hams! 23 songs about The Playa! "I mean, who *am* us anyway?"

Burning Man : Inside Out (An Electronic & Mystic Journal)
This project is dedicated to capturing the spirit, images and events which define Burning Man 1998. The "Inside Out" is a Non-Mass Media entity, designed to symbiotically exist within The Burning Man, the camps and it's legions. All documentation and soul -snatching will be performed by The ZenMasters.

Burning Man Travel Center '98
Don't miss out on all the things to see and do at Burning Man! At our Tour Service Center, you'll find a listing of when/what events are happening, find narrated tours of all the theme camps and transportation (human powered carriages, motorized couches, etc) to all major events, and you'll have found a really cool place to party.

URL: www.angelfire.com/nv/bmtours

Burning Man TV
Pull up a couch and watch... or better yet, participate in or host... adulterated versions of your favorite game shows, talk shows, dance parties, sit-coms and more. You're invited to help us take back the airwaves, from our colossal TV home, Thursday-Saturday evenings.

Burning Maus Amusment Camp
The Burning Maus Amusement Camp is a revoloution in amusement technologies. Through the use of multi-million dollar amusement contraptions your paradigms will be shifted, your inner psyche offended, your physical appearance altered, your future foretold and your well-being protected from potential "cosmic" invaders. ENJOY. DO NOT THINK.

Burning Questions
Does absolutely NO ONE at Burning Man understand you? Don't keep your problems bottled up! Look for the roving advice booth as it wheels across the playa, dispensing words of wisdom to all tortured souls. But at what price...?

Burning Love - the Romantic Gameshow Experience
Black Rock City singles! Come meet Mr. or Mrs. Right! Experience BurningLove Connection! The dating contest where everyone gets lucky! Post personal Ads! Weddings! Divorces!


C.C.C./ Alien Crash Site
We use music and movement as a tools for exploring other worlds. We are comming to Burning man this year to share this experience with a broader spectrum of people.


Camp is plain and simply generic. Come be generic and get your barcode.

Ixstasia calls! Camp ADRV will provide a space wherein you can connect to your Divine Primitive Nature ó come to the Forest Primal!

Asteroids, Breakout, Space Invaders- Twenty-nothing childhood memories relived at !Camp Atari! Retro-gaming featuring Atari 2600's, old-school Nintendo, *the shiny-silver Odyssey^2*, stand-up coin-op vids, BASIC program-offs on the Timex Sinclair (more K than a watch).

Camp Catharsis
Join us in cathartic euphoria as our witch doctors shrink your heads, only to later re-expand them in sync with our burning away of emotional baggage. The psycho-therapy session will include a nightly barrell burn as well as various other forms of exorcism...

Camp Danceface U.S.A.
Camp Danceface U.S.A. is devoted to showing that dance is a language, but what you are saying is probably real goofy. Please come by and witness our headlining event "Rave Lake", a cross between Swan Lake and a Rave (picture a tutu with a mini backpack.)

Camp Dominoasis (Subject to change)

Camp Don't Think

Camp Fink
"The Happiest Place on Earth", where everything you say and do can and WILL be held against you. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Inform on a friend or loved one at our conveniently located Automated Tribunal Machine. In return, receive a complimentary cocktail with other notorious Fink luminaries at the luxurious Apocalypso Lounge, rated by the Michelin guide as one of the top 100 bars in Black Rock City! But be forewarned: Happy hour IS enforced by law, and violators WILL be subject to prosecution.

Camp FUCK: Dedicated to the adoration, proliferation, and liberation of the absolute "King of American cuss words"! Once condemned as merely part of the adolescent vernacular, we proclaim FUCK unchained and that it be enjoyed by everyone without hesitation! So stop on by, don't be afraid! Release your frustrations, just say FUUUUUCK! And say it loud.

Camp Havoc
Camp Havoc featuring The Human Bowling Ball Slip-N-Slide Bowling Alley -Wet fun in the desert sun-

Camp Indulgence
dCamp Indulgence is making it' s 3rd appearance with the Sister's Indulgence Cross, Brides of Christ Make-overs and Oh! Communion.

Camp Nest of Saws

Camp of the Chromatic Orb, a.k.a. Balls Camp
A Pagan temple of Rainbows and Orbs. Come have your balls blessed and flesh pressed.

Camp Salsipuedes
Camp Salsipuedes; relax on our fine trimmed lawn and stop in at Cafe Schroedinger, where we may have refreshments(sic)! "Improperly" dressed people, beware the Pa.F.S.T!

Camp Smart Ass
If you're gonna make an Ass of yourself tonight, make it a Smart Ass.

Camp Strip Poker
You've been lured to Nevada where gambling is legal, you don't have anything but the shirt on your back. Anti-up, because at our card tables that is all you need!!!

Camp Sunscreen
Come join us at Camp Sunscreen for a relaxing sunscreen massage--then stay on to give one! We'll once again gather under our beautiful, open, airy shade structure and prepare for that intense sun shining over Black Rock City.

Camp Volleyball

Capitalist Pig Camp


Celestial Garden Saloon

Chapel Lounge
A gathering place for pilgrims to the Chapel of the Burning Book. Come lounge with us, resonate to the activities on the Chapel Stage, and launch yourself into the heart of the Burning Book.

Chapel of the Burning Book
A place for poetry & performance art. Check event schedule on the camp marquee.

Chez Newts
Chez Newts Barter Bar, bring booze, ice, mixers and get cocktails, blender drinks, and homebrew. Swap tall tails with shady characters about subverting the paridigm in an alchoolic haze.

Childhood Reclamation Center
Do you remember when you were five, the simple joy you derived from play? Come and recreate that joy at the Childhood Reclamation Center.

Church of St John the Baptist of the Alien Artichoke
Help us save the world from simulated wood grain vinyl and prepare yourself for the new millenium. Visit the church of St. John the Baptist of the Alien Artichoke.

Church of the Eternal Mez
The Church of Mez is dedicated to liberation for all in this lifetime. Join us for an ecstatic explororation of personal freedom and the path of Mez.

Church of the Orbital Orgy
The Church of the Orbital Orgy Presents: The Sphere Of Influence - an Indoctrination Machine. The Temple of the Orbital Orgy - A sacred space.

Cirque de Flambe' with the Artist's Republic of Fremont
From an opening turn, the surreal will prance and preen, the grotesque will mimic and mine, and the clowns will strive and stumble, as Flames lick the desires of laughter and delight. A circus on fire breathes smoke and flames unto the psychic of the players. Feel the heat among the gifts of fire, and then taste the smoke in your face.

Civilized Explorer
Achieve shade and civilized living in the desert with Phil and Louise.

Clean & Sober Camp
12-step meetings of any type held here, scheduled & impromptu. Come by for a meeting or start one of your own!

Clevian Circularity Camp
Thirty thousand years ago the Clevians ruled the earth, and things just havn't been the same since then. So tune in to TV channel 3 in the playa for Clevian news, weather, and intimate glimpses from the HOLY INTERACTION CIRCLE...

Cloud Nine

Cock and Bowl
This ain't no Cock & Bull, it's "COCK & BOWL." Strike your masculinity once and for all! Smack the giant dildo's with your Big Black Ball!

Comfort Camp
Comfort Camp - the ultimate place to chill out. Massages, martinis at sunset on the playa, and Burning Man's first gated community.

sinners confess your sins! participate in our multifaceted confession booth!

Cosmic Sensory Communion Camp
The Cosmic Sensory Communion Camp is a place where your senses meet nature, technology and the cosmos. Vivid imagery and sounds will be combined with other senses in a cosmic link.

Costco Soulmate Outlet Store
Come on down to the Costco Soulmate Outlet Store where we'll set you up with your soulmate who very well might be roaming the playa.

Critical Tits
CRITICAL TITS BICYCLE RIDE -- All gals are invited to celebrate the feminine spirit in this topless ride across the playa. Just decorate your chest and meet at the Man, 5 pm on Sunday.

Crush Yer' Vibe
At camp Crush Yer'Vibe you can barter, trade or steal (if you're crafty)for insults, heckles or good solid kicks in the ass.

Cult of Distraction
Come distract yourself for a while, all the comforts of home. Bring found letters and poetry for the English Tea Time and Reading. Mud wrestle your friend and win a free shower. Get a COD card by participating and get goodies at the Lava Lounge.

Cult of the Magnificent Living Head
The Magnificent Living Head will continue long after our brief and futile lives have faded into the mists of eternity. Join in our celebratory procession and supplicate yourself to the beauty of the eternal living Head.

Cultural Workers' Union Camp!

The CYBERBUSS travels over land and through C y b e r space into a new cultural existence. At Burning Man we create a playa playground. We are a group of adventure seekers that posts our expeiences online in the form of a virtual trip.



Dancing with Lights Photography
Dancing with light photography is a free-form expression which involves the conscious participation of the curious and expressive people it encounters.

Deadly Dante's Sin-o-Plex and Family Funstop
Picking up where the Soul Emporium left off, Deadly Dante's Sin-o-Plex and Family Funstop assures all customers a fiery and eternal damnation in the deepest crock-pot in Hell. Come by for the Eight Deadly Sins, but stay for the Sulphurous Slurpee Machine!

Deadly Sunshine Cleaning Service


Delightful Paint Brush
Delightful pleasures of a wet brush on a hot day. Come have your body painted the right way!

Desert Planet Surf Safari

Deuce of Clubs
Deuce of Clubs: Foolishness of Wagnerian Proportions; a Demonstrated Aptitude for Reasonable Mayhem.

Devil's Dozen Recycle Camp
The Devil's Dozen Recyclers will ride around atop giant insects collecting aluminum cans from you for the city. At their camp they willl inform, process, create, destroy, recycle and host the Garbage Theater presenting the Aluminum Communion and Mega Can stomp.

Dionysian Grotto
A small, moist area of relaxation and story telling.

Disco Headhunters
The Disco Headhunters are an extended family of musicians, writers, artists, food service professionals, and other creative free spirits who are committed to a better world through; expansion of the psychic web, building a stronger and saner community for the future, exploring and expanding our minds to reach total self-realization and fulfillment, and boogie-ing to a good groove! Our family comes from the whole country, and we believe in equality and fairness for everyone.

Distributed Interactive Republic of Texas (Di3500RT)
Distributed Republic of Texas, passport photo's passports issued, and tourist visa's stamped. Additionaly,we will burn the Holy Fire at the Temple of the Midnight sun.

Denver Cacophony Society in association with CaTaClYsMiC MeGaShEaR RaNcH brings you the Village of Disturbia, where ancient astronauts have prophesied the establishment of an advanced culture capable of satisfying your need for critical overstimulation wh ile maintaining Order and protecting the Status Quo.

Divided by Zero [A Visionary Village]

Dorian Trance

Dr. Gaetan Trebill's Mind Travel Agency
Dr. Gaetan Trebill's Mind Travel Agency wishes to embody the interactive, mind-expanding spirit of the Burning Man Festival by providing participants with an opportunity to tap into the vast power of their own imaginations. Dr. Gaetan Trebill, M.D., will conduct sessions in which individual Travelers will journey to a destination of their choosing, whether it be physical (e.g. Piazza San Marco in Venice), temporal (e.g. early childhood), or mental (e.g. a state of confidence and relaxation).

The Biggest Little Shitty in the World
Our mini village is a parody of life in our fair city of Reno, NV. As visitors pass thru town, they will have the opportunity. to partake of all of the sins that Nevada has to offer, and expose themselves to the risks (pawnshops, impromptu marriages and divorce, jail when you least expect it) that are the price we pay for living here.


Ecclectic Enclave of Fermented Beverage Worship

EGGCHAIR CAMP (Home of the Penis Toss)
"Powerful the Eggchair is; transform you it will" - Yoda Jedi Knight "If you can't find the meaning of existence in something as simple as sitting in an Eggchair, where the fuck else you gonna find it?" - Zen Master Po

Electronic Parlor Trick
Electronic noise experiments on stage and in special "Audium" nocturnal environment. Audio-visual trickery.

Environmental Disaster Camp
Environmental Disaster Camp brings a nuclear reactor to the desert again this year, providing cheap power with complete safety. Visit our reactor, operate the controls, and let our friendly employees tell you about our environmental program to save the endangered 4-eyed-frog.

Estate Cellars of Bigrig Industries
Bigrig Industries has spent months creating fine wines for the most discriminating palates. Enjoy the multi-cultured ambiance while sipping some of the playa's finest wines. Tip your concierge.

Exit Wound's Mutatronic Manipulations(lo-fi)


Fantasy Camp
The Fantasy Camp invites you to live out all your fantasies. Join us in the tent of multiple O's for our enchanted evening events: Bubble Wrap Wars (W-10pm), The Masked Ball (F-Midnight; Mask Making: 9-11:30), as well as Body Painting, Massage, and Shadow Dancing upon request. Have a fantastic time at Bman everybody, we hope to see you by the fire.

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Fern Grotto
A tropical jungle of LIVE plants await your visit. Waterfalls, fountains, and a cool mist rejuvenate all who enter.

Flaming Faggot
Bring a stick, branch, or pole to place upon The Flaming Faggot in remembrance of someone you have lost to AIDS. On Friday night, as the energy of these staves is released as fire, we will destroy the power of all the hateful words that have been used against those who are different. Remember your loved ones, free yourself from hatred.

Flaming Slanted Pussy Teahouse Salon
EXPLORE THE UNCONQUERABLE FINAL FRONTIER OF VAGINAL SPACE..space...space... Mystery Tea(se), Rude Rune Readings, Misogamist Massage and Womanicures. COME... EAT OUT... INNER SPACE...

Flesh Labratory (FLESH LAB)
The Flesh Lab is an exploration in touch, sight, and sound of fleshly delights, horrors and experiments. All things involved in the investigation of the flesh and things contained within are welcomed and coaxed from you. Stretch your flesh.

Florendipity's Flower Pad
Put 'Florendipity' into the serendipity of Burning Man and what do you have? a desert flowering blooming center of senses through sight, sound, scent, taste and touch. Come nuture your creative seed and pollenate your sensations inside Florendipity's Flower Pad.

Flower Children
Fire thistle - It uses 3 of the 4 known elements (earth, wind, and fire) to draw you like a moth to the flame. Aliens of all kinds welcome - come and see the fire breathing flower, by day just another big weed, by night you will wish to pay it homage - who knows you might even see the Anarchs of some distant worlds there.

Forest of the Day Before
"The Forest of the Day Before," where there are no regrets, only a chance to do it over...

Forest Primal
The Camp Forest Primal: Come — Celebrate the Aeternal, the Primal, the Gods of all Kosmos! Reconnect with your Primal Nature, take repose from the blast of the desert heat and cold in our sacred Grove of the Satyrs and our glittering Dionysian Shrine — come explore (and dare!) the Forest Primal.

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Forge Camp
Come cast your favorite body part from your own recycled aluminium cans. Pleasantly dangerous.

40 Dancing Phildos Cantina and Dance Club
Swing, disco, and boogy under the stars to the finest tunes this side of St. Louis.

420 INC.

Fray Camp
The fray is a place for personal storytelling - come join in the story!

Free Martian Xenologists
We are the Free Martians of 2337. We will be traveling back to B.M. to share Xenocultural knowledge with any who desire.

Free Mass Shower
The Free Mass Shower is back -- get your daily roll in the mud and a good hosing-off. Mud sliding, mud fashions, mud sculptures, mud wrestling, and mud wedding services available.

Free Photography Zone
Have yourfree formal portrait taken at Burning man this year. Wear your favorite attitude. Speacial pomp and cerimony for newly or temporary-weds!

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Freezing Man

Frequency Publica
Frequency Publica 91.5 and The Interstellar Driving Range - Attempt to perform mind control by beaming your thoughts into the heads of the BM masses using the latest advancements in RF technology, but beware of self immolation, or play a few rounds of playa golf on our 18 hole course (Sorry, due to FAA regultions, only putters are permitted). All interested Poets/DJs/Spoken Word Artists/whatever are invited to come by or contact us to sign up for airtime and a chance to unveil your own personal psychosis.

Friday Night Skate

Radical Punk International Psycho Psonic Noize Environments. Public art, happenings, and radical self expression within the context of a functional live/work space.


Gabakoo Project
Gabakoo?? What's that?? You tell us. Help us build it, and they will come.

Gambol Camp
The Brainwasher is like a drive-through car-wash; but for people, and without a conveyor belt, and dry. It is a very large tickler.

An installation of geodesic structures for residential desert living.

Gigsville, the Whirligig Village
Gigsville is the whirligig village at Burning Man '98 - full of windmills, pinwheels, and all things that spin. It will be designed and built by its residents, will have numerous things to do and see and be within it, and will bring a little small town atmosphere to the large city that is Black Rock City.

Gilligan's Voodoo Space Hut
Gilligan's Voodoo Space Hut offers a tropical paradise for extra-terrestrial refuge. Glimmer Land A Myriad of everything Glimmery and Glitzy- We create the Art, The desert Sun makes it shine.

A myriad of EVERYTHING, glittery, dazzling, glitz. Insanity at its best(or worst)bring your ABC gum and come visit us on your trip.

Glitter Camp!
GLITTER CAMP will be a place for the adornmentally-challenged to get gussied up with glitter. Visitors from the dusty whordes will be anointed with baby oil and bathed in brilliance to emerge glistening. Why stop at body paint?

Global Thermonuclear Armageddon
Worried about the coming Apocalypse in the new millenium? Don't be. Ground zero for Global Thermonuclear Armagedon is the Black Rock Desert, Sunday night.

Glow-in-the-dark Miniature Golf Camp
On a hot day, what's more fun than minigolf? On a warm night, what's more fun than glow-in-the-dark minigolf? We will hold a tournament, complete with hushed announcers, golf outfits, and polite clapping.

Glue Huffing Clowns
We are an open floating group cobinining the liberating power of the clown nose with carnival mob momentum. First, we will be seeking out new clowns to inflate our numbers. Our ultimate goal is the world's largest clown mosh pit. Join us.

Gods Tripped Out Playground

Gonnnnnng Camp
Bring a gong and reverberate with us in the blue light district. Performances ongoinnnnnng.

Grand Pyramid of Nonsensical Phrases and Cryptic Inquiry
Paint on the pyramid, ask us dumb questions, an oracle of useless knowledge. Inscribe your nonsense phrase on the pyramid surface or on its dwellers.

Great American Weenie Roast
The Great American Weenie Roast will create a 12 foot high phallus, to be sacrificed to the Fire Goddess on Saturday night.

Green Door
Low down love in the funk shack!

Gringos en la Playa
"Gringos en la Playa" presents a beach party for vagabond artists (the ocean is in our minds). "A motley crewe of players, dancers, bards, and dabblers too / Gringos greet and merge to see what magic we can brewe."

Gumby's Garden & Eve's Den
Come sculpt a "little green slab of clay", create, and get your hands dirty planting in Gumby's garden; get your body painted by the master artiste, the great Gumbah (Gumby green, or as Eve prefers, with trees, apples, serpents and the like), cool yourself and bob for apples. There will be apple cider for all, couches to relax upon, and the Healin' Heathen herself as Eve, the sinner's masseuse, relaxing all who come to her, green or multicolored, full of sin or inno-sinned, muddied or not...


Hammock Hangout
Hammock Hangout... come, nap, talk, sing, be cool (occasional misting), listen to tunes, be funky, be wild, bring things to share, bring your guitar, bring your poems, bring a friend, make a friend... mostly just come and "hang"-out. Come hang out at the Hammock Hangout.


Healing the Earth -- a Light Mural
This mural is intended to spark the interest in all who see it to take action and do something for Mother Earth. It doesn't matter what... just do something!

Heavy Silver Rocks Black Rock
San Francisco's Heavy Silver rocks Black Rock with its unique flute-fronted rock originals. Come meld with Johnny Lamana's screaming flute, heard by many at last years drum circles. Johnny lost his flute last year at the silly experiment camp, returned to him by the efforts of radio BM and the community. Many thanks for helping in the return of Heavy Silver!

Here There Be Roving Marauders
Arrrrrrgh! Scoundrels and riff-raff sought to join the crew of the mightiest ship to sail playa in search of booty.

The Hive is a honeycomb melding sounds and visuals of an insectuous nature designed to attract the interconnected visionary insects among us.

Ho-Scouts of Nevada
Not the boy-scouts, not the girl-scouts, not even quite brownies, we are the all-inclusive Ho-scouts! Come and earn your badges!

Holiest of Holy Poet's Watering Hole
Come make your poetry feelers vibrate vocal sense and nonsense. Bring your eyes,ears,tongue,naval and finger, yo!

Honeymoon Camp
Matthew Monks and Audrey McCullough invite you to witness their marriage vows an hour or two after dawn on Sunday.

Space is a wheel, at the centre is a hub, at the hub is a hubcap.

Humble Souls' Promethean Nightclub
For serious party people and performers looking for expression space, come share our covered stage, sound and lighting systems, and 1200 sq ft SHADED audience/dance area. Our DJs will fill the late evening air with high-energy dance music, and don't miss Gin'n'Tonic night, the lounge, or our spraypaint- and marker-art fence!

west coat hardcore HAPPY shopper

A multimedia ritual circus combining ancient and modern wisdom through dance, theater, poetry, live music, the visual arts and the sacred sciences.


I Just Want To Be A Cow For You Camp
I Just Want To Be A Cow For You camp invites you to join the herd and be milked for all you're worth. They say we've got to be exploited by somebody.

Icarus Camp
Icarus Camp is dedicated to alternative forms of flight.

Illumination Village
The Illumination Village - Dedicated to Art, Light and Fire. "NOT MY HOUSE: A village turned inside out and on fire" " The painting -How big can we go?" and more fun then you can shake a burning stick at.

Ingenium Diaballein
...in the medieval tradition, "an ingenious contribance to throw across", will feature a human- powered trebuchet (catapult). U-Hurl. Bring forth retrievable objects and targets and project them into Outer Space.

Institute of Humalientology

Intergalatic Domatic Space Refugees
Experience many spacious geodesic structures filled with impromptu laughter, comedy, music. Get involved under the exquisete lighting effects provided by the power of the sun.

Invisible Artifact
The invisible artifact remains a mystery to the scientific community. It's coincidental location with this year's Burning Man event and the 100th anniversary of it's discovery has statiticians... concerned.

Irrational Geographic
Irrational Geographic is an exploration and celebration of the fictional and the legendary, a safari through lands and beings existing only in the imagination. By lending a real prescence to the unreal, we hope make the real a bit more surreal.

It's Lusha... On the Playa
We are bringing together DJs from around the world to provide a week of every kind of electronic music for the good people of Black Rock City to shake & jiggle whatever they want, whenever they want...


Jack Ruby Lounge
The Jack Ruby Lounge in Dallas, Texas is shutting down and relocating to Burning Man '98 Festival for this years' incarnation... Yes, Freak shows, fire breathers and real artists are alive and well... The Jack Ruby Lounge will host performances from the next music wave to emerge out of Big D...

Jenni Board
The Jenni Board is a memorial to Jenni Lateiner and others who have inspired us and touched our lives.

Johnnyjetpack and Johnnyburnman
Johnnyjetpack is an 8ft tall puppet with a water rocket backpack that will make daily departures in attempt to reach his higher powers. Johnnyburnman with the spirit of fire will make a final attempt to transcend this earthy plane to a higher state of being. There are four sacred objects bestowed upon Johnnyburnman by the Artist Republic of Fremont: A passport, a certificate of insanity, a flag, and a rose. With these symbolic objects Johnny will unite the Artist Republic of Fremont, Burningman, The full moon, and the universe together as one for maximum global inpact.

Journey Into Another Dimension
I will have a hologram structure that will radiate rainbows in bright light. Bring your own flashlight at night for an incredible display of color, and light and journey into another dimension!

Contact: mikem3535(at)aol(dot)com

Junkmail Man
Junkmail Man, a flammable sculpture, is made out of the junk mail collected by the Burning Man community and brought with them to the desert. Mail can be dropped-off at the collection bin at the center of camp, or brought to the burning ceremony on saturday night after the opera.


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Kamp Satyrs
Mystik Krewe of Satyrs presents Le Boeuf Gras d'Or, an ancient symbol of carnival. The golden bull will be slaughtered under the shadow of eclipsed moon Monday morning.

Good vibes and good music. Let the good love of SFraves ingulf you. **PLUR**

Kandy Kamp
Candy is the crack which makes overprivileged suburban children all across the world smile with gently rotted teeth; why should we abandon our favorite indulgence for a week of B-Man revelry? Nay, come to Kandy Kamp and feast on our ever-stocked Kandy Tree or take your chances on licking away the chocolate which will cover one lucky Kamper.

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Keepers of the Mobile Mollusk
The Keepers are "collectors" and have been traveling the galaxy for the past Millenium and now bring their favorite pets to Earth. The keepers will ride the giant Mollusk they found at an Arconian Nuclear Dump and they will provide rides on their giant Ladybug.

Kimba's Spotlight! Interactive Instant Celebrity Camp
A glitzy, glammy, interactive tv studio for your inner celebrity. What sort of show is featured in the Kimba Spotlight? You Show Us!


La Iglesia del Santo Pollo
Come with stuffin in your ears and a thumb up your ass to praise the almighty chicken.

Lady Bee's Beehive

Lake Lahontan Yacht Club
We may be thousands of years too late, but Lahontan deserves a Yacht Club.

Lawn Games Camp
Take a break from the rigors of desert survival by challenging a friend or stranger to a friendly(?) game from our selection of backyard favorites. Croquet is our speciality!

Lazy Camp
Lazy Camp is hosting the first true interactive radio on the Playa: Analog Diox. Find the juke box radio, talk... and you will get your 5 minutes of fame!

Le Lube Luge Lounge
A sleek slick slice of sexy suburbia: astrosodden,and slick on your bottom. Brought to you by the makers of speople.

Camp Legalize! is an Internet-based action forum for all people concerned about the harm currently being done by prohibitionist drug policies.

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Lego Camp
Did you stop playing with legos at 7, 6, or possibly even 9? Well we didn't. And on the playa you can get back to all those great kid years. Realize that with us, your legos are back, with a vengence. We got hundreds of pounds just waiting to be built up in the highest towers, the biggest houses, the goofiest toys. But size doesn't matter. In lego camp we will take play from legos and move them from your childhood to the nowhood. In lego camp, we will set you and your addled imagination free to do what ever you can with them. So play, cause there is only so much time on the playa.

Leopard Queen's Transient Body Adornments
Transient: a : passing especially quickly into and out of existence : TRANSITORY b : passing through or by a place with only a brief stay or sojourn c : affecting something or producing results beyond itself. I am the resident transient of Gigsville and will be offering Body Adornment from wherever you may find me. The above translation of the word transient sums up all that I am.

Lightning Air Lingam

Lunar Leisure Society
Join us for crater croquet and leisure games by day with groovus tunes by night in the venutian view lounge. Worship the moon goddesses and gods or partake in communal sacrament in our lunar chapel.

Lunar Limbo
Lay over in LIMBO, the oblivian before your final destination. The choice is yours... or is it?

Lunar Umbilica and Masquetorium
The Lunar Umbilica, a fantastic, fiery spectacle, terrifies all before it as it swims across the frozen desert sands. Behold the Umbilican slaves as they bear their towering, mysterious relics, and be delivered into the Light as the Umbilica is severed in a weird and incomprehensible ceremony! Make a mask in the Masquetorium and join the Lunar Umbilica!

Lurlene & Lester's Octogenarian Social Club

Feel the need to express your darker side? At camp Luxotica our purpose is to help you bring out the primal god/goddess within. To ensure you look your very best, we'll be bringing many mysterious treats and treasures from far off lands. Once you are properly adorned, you are invited to create a mystic lantern. which can be used to light your way to burning man and ceremoniously sacrificed on the flames.


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*M*A*S*H*scara The Ladies' Militia Forced Aid Camp (aka Drag Queen Petting Zoo). If you can't find someone to talk to, you'll be able to find someone to talk about. Emergency makeovers may be available. Prepare to be boarded.

Madagascar Institute
All are invited to study the secret history and hidden meanings of Burning Man. The Madagascar Institute will provide charts, table top diaromas, diagrams, a daily puppet show and a short play.

Madam Tang's Opium Den

Mama Lilith's Bitchin' Falafel Kitchen
Saturday, late afternoon. You're hungry. We'll feed you, if you help by picking up a few bits of trash now or later.

Mazdalicious, the Fully Mobile Bar-N-Grill
It's a big mean playa, and most folks are savvy enough to bring enough water, so we don't care about that. We can, however, mobilize the 'mazdalicious' bar-n-grill to adddress beer/hot dog crises as they arise anywhere in Black Rock City.


Mini-ramp Camp
Skaters and a mini-ramp = fun!

MIR is here! Stop by for Russian Tang.


Mission Horus
MISSION HORUS is a sci-fi hardcore band of the apocalypse with full-on theatrics and light show.They are soldiers of the Mother Earth brought in from different star systems to expose the tyranny that exists outside of and within the human Self.

Mister Magoo Goes Camping
A short sighted musical intrepretation of the local events and energy will be presented nightly. The experimental rock group, the Myopics will journey with guest musicians and industrial percussion for interested participants.

Mnemonic Sonic Histrionic Audio Project (MiSHAP)
The MiSHAP crew promises a 40-source recorded-sound sculpture. We invite you and a partner to match wits in a game of sonic Concentration.

Mobile Glamour Ant Camp
Mobile Glamour Ant brings civiliziation to the citizens of Black Rock City in the guise of glitter, sequins and accessories galour! Mobile Glamour Camp brings community together through a shared fashion experience.

Thing Out Of Place: Montauk, the desert lighthouse. It functions as a landmark in an evolving city. Follow its beam at night to a light/movement/sound pattern experience. Bring your dancin' feet.

MoonBase 2000
We have been sent by Zor to share the secrets of the 'Awareness'. We have the protoculture.

Mooncalf's Casio Camp
Mooncalf's Casio Camp is an aural playground for electronic music fans and Luddites. You are invited to participate in improvised music using primitive keyboards and to make live noise with an amplified and manipulated Atari 2600.

Motel 666