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Rack The Masses

"Bikes are not merely a convenience, they are part of our culture. Our city was designed for pedestrians and bikes ...." ( - the Burning Man Survival Guide)

As important as bikes are to Burning Man, large clutters of bikes haphazardly strewn about on Black Rock City's roads and access paths are not only a nuisance, but also a public safety issue. In the worst of cases, deep thickets of bikes can impede Black Rock Rangers, ambulances and fire trucks from responding quickly to emergency calls.

We therefore encourage camps to build their own bike racks -- especially those camps who pull in the big crowds. To help, we are providing two different bike rack construction plans here for download:

1) Our reigning Duke of Construction for the Center Camp Cafe Racks provides this Bike Rack Construction Manual, featuring drawings, material list, and a step-by-step assembly procedure.

2) The good folks over at Playa Tech ("providing the most advanced state-of-the-art, low-tech, planet-friendly camp furnishings for the radically self-reliant") are gifting you the Bike Jack. Requested donation for downloading a Playa Tech plan is $5 per sheet of plywood used to either Black Rock Arts Foundation (, or your favorite radical non-profit art organization.

It's amazing how well these can work: even when the Cafe racks are full, folks just continue to extend the neat rows of parked bikes besides the racks, rather than drop them, creating an obstacle course.

So please do your part to ease parked bike congestion, and happy building!