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Black Rock City, LLC Makes Charitable with Proceeds from 2004 Ice-Sales

February 16, 2005 San Francisco, California. – Black Rock City, LLC, the organization that hosts the annual Burning Man event, is pleased to announce that it is donating over $42,000 in proceeds from ice sales at the 2004 event to Bay Area and Northern Nevada art and community service organizations. Ice and coffee sales are the only form of commercial vending allowed in Black Rock City, and since 1998 Burning Man has donated approximately $220,000 to charities from the proceeds.

"Gift-giving is one of the major principles of Burning Man," said Larry Harvey, Founder and Executive Director of Burning Man. "Moreover, giving gifts is not confined within the borders of Black Rock City for the week of our event. It continues year-round to our extended community." Harvey continued, "Burning Man is about civic responsibility and the arts," said Harvey. "So, we have selected organizations that support these causes."

Marian Goodell, Director of Business & Communications said, "Ice sales are one of the only forms of commerce allowed in Black Rock City. We are pleased to be able to turn the proceeds into charitable gifts to our neighbors."

Bay Area gift recipients include the Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF), the Crucible, Epic Arts and 23five.

Northern Nevada recipients include: Nevada Museum of Art, Gerlach General Improvement District, Gerlach High School, Gerlach Volunteer Fire Department, Gerlach Medical Clinic, Leave No Trace, Friend's of the Black Rock, Nevada Outdoor School, Empire 4-H Club, Reno Crisis Call Center, Marzen House Museum, Pershing County Friends of the Library, Pershing County Senior Center, Pershing County School System, Lovelock Chamber of Commerce; Kid's, Horses & Rodeos; Pershing County Humane Society, Lovelock Boy Scouts Association and Student Ambassador Program. Burning Man has also pledged funds toward the repair of the antique Seth-Thomas clock in Lovelock's Courthouse Park.

In addition to financial contributions, Burning Man is providing other gifts as well. Burning Man will continue providing free wireless Internet access for Gerlach residents. Also, Burning Man has partnered with the Pershing County Chamber of Commerce to create an online resource guide on the official Burning Man website. The guide will encourage Burning Man participants coming from the East on Highway 80 to visit the inns, restaurants and shops of Pershing County on their way to and from Black Rock City.

For fifteen years, the Black Rock Desert North of Reno, Nevada, has been home to the increasingly popular and influential Burning Man event. The annual art event, which began on a beach in San Francisco in 1986, has grown to attract more than 35,000 participants annually, from every state of the Union and twenty-two countries worldwide.

For more information please contact:
Ray Allen, Executive Project Manager
Black Rock City, LLC
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