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Use the following tasks to help you plan your trip to Burning Man:


  • Register for tickets via the Burning Man Tickets Page. Many changes to the ticket process have been instituted in 2013. More detailed information is found on the Tickets Page. Check back frequently for updates.

February - July

  • Submit your project proposal to your supervisor or editor. Request budget for travel, equipment, and ticket expenses.
  • Submit your project proposal to Burning Man using the online Media Registration Form. Only limited crews are allowed in Black Rock City, and proposals are reviewing on a rolling basis. It is better to get your application to us sooner rather than later.
  • If you are flying, make your plane and rental car reservations. Tip: make RV reservations early if you don't plan to stay in your tent! Most RVs rentals in Northern California and Nevada are reserved by May. No joke.


  • The deadline to register all film, video, and still photography projects is the second Thursday in July. If you wait until the deadline is near, there is a very real chance you will be turned away. Our experience has shown us that if you don't have a proposal to us by late spring, you probably are not fully prepared for the event.
  • Read the Burning Man website and contact Press(at)BurningMan(dot)com regarding artists or participants you want to interview.
  • Begin reviewing the Survival Guide, compiling lists of necessary camping gear, and gathering items in preparation for your trip to one of the harshest natural environments in North America, the Black Rock Desert.
  • Coordinate with friends a time/place to meet up at Burning Man. Find out which camp they will be staying at and when they plan to arrive. Remember that there is no cell phone service in Black Rock City, and the participant-provided Internet is spotty at best. Making arrangements before you get to playa is extremely necessary.
  • Connect with your local Burning Man community to plug into experienced burners and/or to get a bead on the local angle.

August - September

  • Make sure the details of your site license and contract have been settled with Burning Man.
  • Make final travel and camping preparations with your team.
  • Begin regular monitoring of the weather on the playa. Try for up-to-date information on whether you will need a parka or bikini ó usually, youíll want them both.
  • As soon as you arrive onsite, come to Media Mecca and check in.
  • Enjoy the event! (This should be the easy part.)

Within 90 Days of the Event:

  • Video, Photo, and Film projects: be sure to follow up on your raw footage requirements for Burning Man's archive. Read your Use Agreement for detailed information.

When Your Project Is Completed:

  • Submit your finished piece to Burning Manís cultural archive. For video and still photo projects, it is extremely important that you check in for final review before distribution. Contact Press(at)BurningMan(dot)com for more information.
  • Consider submitting your images to the Burning Man Image Gallery. This curated site is a great way to showcase your work to the larger Burner community. Also, the Media Team frequently directs media outlets seeking images from the event to the Image Gallery as a way to initiate contact with photographers and videographers. Who knows? Your work may make the cover of an internationally distributed publication.