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Welcome to the Burning Man Ride Share. Carpooling is an ideal way for getting to the playa with friends - or for meeting a new friend on the way. Also with so many vehicles on the roads you'll help to reduce traffic, air pollution, and limit our over-use of fossil fuels. Ride share is a great way to share on travel costs too.

Go to:
From there you can search listings or add your own.

Ride Share is also a feature of our Year Round Calendar of events. All listed events have their own ride share feature. For example:if you need a ride to Burning Flipside, just follow these instructions:

1. Start in the Year Round Calendar.
2. Click on any event (flame) you are interested in.
3. Within the event details, click on the 'Ride Share' link.

It's that simple. Now, stop worrying about how you're gonna get to all those fun events and get your costume ready!

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