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Reno - Transportation and Shipping

Several thousands of people fly into Reno every year on their journey to the playa. As a result, rental cars are in high demand as well as pricey – especially with cleaning fees.

But there have arisen other, innovative, and funner means for folks to make it from here to the playa. Whether jumping on a plane flying directly to Black Rock City Airport, taking  a bus, sharing a ride with other burners from the airport, or heading over to the rideshare base to hook up a ride, it can be easy and indeed fun to make your way to the playa, thanks to the creativity and generosity of fellow burners.

We've therefore included here on this Transportation page of the Reno Pages, our basic transportation portals, and the ways to get to the playa from Reno.

We’ve also included a few local trucking companies that come recommended for local transportation of major sizes/quantities to and from the playa, and a local UPS shipping location that is really accommodative of us burners.

International Air

Reno-Tahoe International Airport
2001 East Plumb Lane – 775-328-6468 – (Plumb Lane)

Upon landing, please be sure to check out Burning Man’s Air Playa Info table for questions, resources, transportation options, and some local burner hospitality.

Air To-and-From Black Rock City

There are various air charters that offer flights daily between Reno-Tahoe International Airport and Black Rock City Municipal Airport before, during, and after Burning Man.  Go here for the listing of approved air charters and other BRC flight information.

Busing To-and-From Black Rock City

Burner Express:  In an effort to reduce traffic and limit the environmental impact of the event, Burning Man has contracted with The BusBank to offer the Burner Express. This service offers speedier entrance, ticket pick up, reserved camping and quicker departures. Buses will depart twice daily from the airport to BRC from August 24-31. Return buses will also be available from August 30-September 2. One has the option of taking an express bus straight to Black Rock City, or one has the option of taking a bus that will make a pit-stop at the Save Mart Supermarket to get supplies. Go here for more info and here to reserve your seat.


Catching a ride from fellow burners to the playa.  It is recommended that you arrange for transportation to the playa before departing for Reno, but if you are unable, there are two methods of ridesharing from Reno to BRC in Reno.

One, particularly for air travelers, is to seek and possibly negotiate a ride among the many travelers coming through there that rent a car. Check in at Air Playa Info with the volunteers, as they may help point you in the right direction.

The second is a local Rideshare Base at the Save Mart on Keystone Avenue. This location is right next to I-80, is open 24 hours, and is the single-most populated store in Reno during Burning Man. Years of experience proves that obtaining a ride to Burning Man without much wait from this location is likely, as many burners before and during the event come to get supplies here, and you may soon find someone willing to accommodate you with a ride to the playa.  Offering to help with gas money helps, if you can! Please do try to remember though that the parking lot (the best place to negotiate a ride) is not just for burners, to Leave No Trace, that everyone in the vehicle must be wearing a seatbelt, and to be comfortable with those in the vehicle before hopping on-board.

Save Mart Supermarket
525 Keystone Avenue – 775-786-2150 – (Keystone Ave.)
Open 24/7.

Methods of getting from the airport to the Rideshare Base:

  • Rideshare –  Check in with Air Playa Info.  Most Burners will stop by here and many go to the Rideshare Base, and Air Playa Info volunteers can be of help in figuring out your options.
  • Taxi – A taxi should cost you around $10 to any of the Rideshare Bases. MAKE SURE you tell the taxi driver to use the freeway, as not using the freeway could cost you lots more money and time. You can check in with Air Playa Info to find people with whom to possibly share a taxi to the Rideshare Base.
  • Regional Transportation – Unfortunately, there are no direct bus routes from the airport to the Rideshare Base. If you don’t mind taking a few different buses via transfers, check out the RTC website for bus schedules here.

Rental Cars

There are innumerable rental car agencies in the area, each with their own particular programs, so we suggest you check out the yellow pages to see what will work for you – but reserve well ahead!

Yellow Pages – Reno – Rental Cars

Interstate Train and Bus

We include the the Amtrak Train and Greyhound bus station sfor means of getting to / from Reno to / from locations other than Black Rock City.

Amtrak Train Station – Reno
280 North Center Street – 775-329-8638 - (Downtown)
Reno’s only train service and station.

Greyhound Bus Station
135 Stevenson Lane – 775-322-2970 – (Downtown)
Located just on the edge of downtown Reno, the Greyhound bus station is less than a mile away from the most popular store in Reno during the burner migrations, Save Mart on Keystone Avenue, which also happens to be a Rideshare Base.

Local Bus

For transportation around the Reno area.

Regional Citifare Bus
Main Center at Fourth and Lake Street – 775-348-0400 – (Downtown)
Providing local bus transportation throughout Reno area.  Check website for routes, schedule, and rates.


Steve Kapner Trucking, Inc.
5475 Melarkey Way – 775-771-8613 / 775-849-3852 – (Damonte Ranch)
Comes highly recommended for transportation of large sizes and quantities to and from the playa.

Lakeside Transport
2855 Highway 40 West – 775-345-6900 – (Verdi)
Open 24/7. Can transport anything, anywhere. They specialize in big vehicles and non-vehicles.


UPS Store
561 Keystone Avenue – 775-322-5105 – (Keystone Ave.)
Open Mon-Fri 7:30am-6pm, Sat 9am-4pm, Sun 10am-3pm. Open special hours during Burning Man. If you’ve ever wanted to have some of your stuff shipped to Reno and stored there at no extra charge and just waiting for you to pick up on your way to the playa, this is THE place. VERY nice and accommodative owner and crew that really knows how to take care of people. Contact the store to make arrangements for shipping/storing details. but they will store items only for 2 weeks.  Did we say how totally cool these people are!

UPS Store
59 Damonte Ranch Parkway, Suite #B – 775-852-3777 – (Damonte Ranch)
Open Mon-Sat 8am-7pm, Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 10am-4pm. A popular place to ship stuff to to then pick up on your way to the playa. Call for further information.


Please send your feedback and suggestions to renopages(at)burningman(dot)com.
Need more info? Try: Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority, Reno News and Review, Reno Gazette-Journal, Reno Magazine, Reno Tahoe Tonight, National Traffic and Road Closure Information, PlayReno, NevadaNet,,, paragraph end