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Reno - Reno-Tahoe Int'l Airport and Plumb Lane

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US-395 Exit #65: Reno-Tahoe International Airport and Plumb Lane

If you’re flying into Reno scroll down a little further for further information on the Reno Airport, and on what resources and travel options await you upon landing…

If you’re driving into Reno you get to the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, and to most of the shopping areas along Plumb Lane, via US-395 exit #65. Once at the exit, the airport will be on the eastern side of US-395. Nearly everything else in terms of shopping begins immediately on the other, western side of the freeway. Here are directions to and from this hub and, further down, are the resources that await you…

Plumb Lane to Virginia Street

One of the four Water stations in Reno, Simply Water is nearby here. To get there:  If you are leaving the airport, turn left on Terminal Way. Traveling past the rental car agencies, and then an airstrip (with the freeway on your right), you will run right into it at Gentry Way. If you are traveling southbound on US-395, turn left onto Plumb Lane, and then right onto Terminal Way, following the above directions.

For most of your other shopping needs, you will need to travel west of the airport on Plumb Lane.

Beyond US-395 there is a large shopping area on your left beginning at Harvard Way. This is where to find Costco, Sak n Save, and REI, along with some gas and food options.

Other businesses of interest will be found by staying west down Plumb Lane.  Past Kietzke you will find RESCO Restaurant Equipment, and then further along, past the very busy intersection of Virginia Street, Save Mart with lots of goods for life in BRC and post-event recycling and trash disposal will soon be on your right (see below for details).

North of Plumb Lane, Wells Avenue

From the intersection of Plumb and Virginia, right on Virginia, and then right on the turnoff to Wells Avenue, up about 1/4 mile is a local favorite restaurant, the Dandelion Deli. Further down Wells about 3/4 mile you will find the infamous Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor!

North of Plumb Lane, Virginia Street

Staying on Virginia, past the Wells turnoff, you’ll find Everlasting Health Center, Wig World, the quality restaurants Indian Garden and Bangkok Cuisine, all on your left. Continuing north, you enter the Midtowne and Downtown districts, with VERY MANY shopping options ideal for you and your life in BRC.

South of Plumb Lane, Virginia Street

South of Plumb Lane along Virginia Street, most notably you will find Menagerie Costumes with the largest selection of costumes in Reno.  Further south, the Peppermill Hotel-Casino, a local favorite Naan & Kabab Mediterranean Cuisine, and El Monte RV and Truck Rentals.

Further south on Virginia, check out the Moana hub.


Reno-Tahoe International Airport
2001 East Plumb Lane – 775-328-6468 – map

Upon landing and leaving the airplane, there a few things to check out regarding the airport, resources, and the various means (air, bus, rideshare, rental car) of to getting to the playa — please read about them here.  You can also check on flights to and from the Reno airport here.

Groceries & Water

Save Mart Supermarket
195 West Plumb Lane – 775-786-0138 / 775-786-2970 – map
Open 24/7. This Save Mart is a favorite among many local burners, has seen a steadily increasing stream of burner business for some time during the event, and accordingly plans for our numbers by ordering certain novelty items and large quantities of water for the event.

An area of the Save Mart parking lot will be set aside to display LOTS AND LOTS of bulk-water that may be picked up after being purchased inside. They will also be carrying 15 and 55-gallong barrels, spigots and pumps.

Other specialty products will be located inside of the store, including Black Rock Bicycles accessories, Cool Neon el-wire ready-kits, various glow toys, fun hats, masks, goggles and fun glasses, headlamps, solar chargers, tiki torches, medium and small  propane tanks and propane stoves, bicycle tubes and lighting, dry ice,vegetarian and vegan sandwich fillers, various energy bars and powders, freeze-dried backpacking foods, sushi, reusable cups and other kitchenware and storage containers, lots of canned beer and other booze, and coolers.

And like some other Save Marts and stores in the region, they also will again be part of the Exodus Trash and Recycling Network following Burning Man, having a convenient center to dispose of all of your recyclables and trash. Recycling is free and trash disposal is available at $5 per 35-gallon trash bag.  Recyclables should be clean, sorted, and debagged before depositing in the appropriate containers. Bicycles, plastics (SPI 1,2,3,4&5), plastic bags, glass, all metals, paper, cardboard, household batteries, and non-perishable food and water are all welcome. Human and other hazardous waste is absolutely prohibited!  And PLEASE be polite and respectful, as they are providing a TREMENDOUS service to our community, one we should not take for granted. All proceeds raised from recyclables will be donated to support new local Black Rock Solar installations, and food and water will be donated to local food banks. The center will be open 24/7 from Aug. 31 to September 4. NOTE THAT THE RECYCLING AND TRASH CENTER WILL BE IN BACK OF THE STORE.

Simply Water
1070 Gentry Way – 775-337-8111 – map
Open Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-3pm, but will have special (8am-8pm) hours for Burning Man – call ahead for possible after-hours appointments. Located near Reno-Tahoe International Airport off US-395. Simply Water's purified water is 40 cents per gallon, and they are able to fill any-sized container – including RV’s. They also stock a wide variety of bottles and jugs in sizes ranging from 1/2 liter to 5-gallon.

Costco Wholesale
2200 Harvard Way – 775-689-2200 – map
Open Mon-Fri 11am-8:30pm, Sat 9:30am-6pm, Sun 10am-6pm. A big warehouse store for Costco members with bulk water and a wide variety of food, booze, and merchandize at great prices.

Sak ‘n Save
1000 East Plumb Lane – 775-826-6404 – map
Open 24/7. A large, basic bulk foods grocery store with some great prices, carrying most notably 5-gallon water containers and dispenser, dry ice, some camping supplies, and lots of beer and booze.

Everlasting Health Center
1515 South Virginia Street – 775-324-7382 – map
Open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 12pm-4pm. Natural foods, vitamins, supplements, and healing solutions, but no fresh foods.

Random Curiosities

Menagerie Costumes
1999 South Virginia Street, Suite B – 775-322-5427 – map
Right on Hillcrest off of Virginia Street, Menagerie is located then immediately on your right in the strip mall.  Open Wed-Sat 11am-6pm, Sun 2pm-6pm. Hours during Burning Man 11am-8pm. Call ahead for possible after-hours appointment. The Menagerie is burners-owned and operated, providing THE LARGEST selection and variety of costumes for purchase and rental in Northern Nevada. Focusing primarily on very good quality, custom-made costumes, hats, masks, wigs, and many other accessories formerly used in movie or stage sets, there’s just about everything for everyone … and at pretty good prices. If you want to be an alien, cowboy, renaissance princess, prom queen, roman legionary, clown, movie diva, monster, star trekkie, gangster, rabbit, alligator, loonie tunes cartoon character, … you just about name it, they probably have it!  Note: some items not rentable for going to Burning Man — they have to be cleanable. They also carry el-wire and el-wired clothing, playa-ideal makeups and body paints, wigs, masks, tutus, corsets, faux fur vests, booties, leggings, and hats, and various accessories. Anything not fitting? Alterations possible. Call for custom orders and questions.

Paper Moon
550 West Plumb Lane – 775-827-9933 – map
Open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 11am-5pm. Owned by burners Laura and Philip, having El-wire, utilikilts, hats, sarongs, gifts, and all sorts of mementos on-hand.

Wig World
1503 South Virginia Street – 775-329-2711  – map
Open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm. Large selection of women’s regular and fun wigs.


Carter Bros. Ace Hardware
1215 South Virginia Street – 775-337-1200 – map
Open Mon-Sat 8am-6:30pm, Sun 11am-5pm. Call ahead for later hours during Burning Man. Owned and operated by burners, one of the few hardware stores in town that is independently seeking to meet the shade and camping needs of the burning man participant.  Stocking up on a wide variety of playa-specific hardware, camping, and lighting needs. Tents, sleeping bags, tarps, conduit, pvc, wood, tools, solar showers, solar pathway lights, headlamps, water jugs, coolers, and crank flashlights are just some of the items to be found here.

REI (Recreational Equipment Incorporated)
2225 Harvard Way – 775-828-9090 -  map
Open Mon-Fri 10am-8:30pm, Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 11am-6pm.

RESCO Restaurant Equipment
401 East Plumb Lane – 775-786-6565  – map
Open Mon-Sat 8am-5pm. For your camp kitchen needs.

Liquor Stores

Ben’s Fine Wine and Spirits
3480 Lakeside Drive – 775-825-0244 – 775-829-2367 - map
Open daily 7am-10pm, Fri-Sat 7am-11pm. Good wine, spirits, and beer selection with some of the best sales in town.  Ben’s can special order anything you want for you to pick up on your way to the playa — call to find out more.


Dandelion Deli
1170 South Wells, #2 – 775-322-6100  – map
Open Mon-Fri 7am-4pm, Sat 10am-4pm. A favorite deli among burners serving vegetarians as well as carnivores with a wide variety of very, VERY GOOD food at reasonable prices. We LOVE this place!

Naan and Kabab Mediterranean Cuisine
2740 South Virginia Street – 775-825-3113 – map
Open 11:30am-9:30pm daily. A local favorite for yummy eastern Mediterranean faire for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians at very good value.

Bangkok Cuisine
55 Mount Rose Street – 775-322-0299 – map
Open 11am-10pm, closed Sunday. Yummy, and also vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

PJ & Co.
1590 South Wells Avenue – 775-323-6366  – map
Open Mon-Sat 6:30am-9:30pm. Large plates of a variety of standard american faire.


Best Western Airport Plaza
1981 Terminal Way – 775- 348-6370 – map
Next to the Reno Airport with airport shuttle service, Best Western Airport Plaza is offering a 35% discount off the prevailing rate from Aug. 26-Sep. 5.  Call for reservations and use code “Burn the Man.”

Peppermill Hotel Casino
2707 South Virginia Street – 775-826-2121 / 800-648-6992 – map
One of Reno’s most luxurious hotel-casinos, and a favorite among many burners, the Peppermill offers many creature comforts, including top-notch rooms, restaurants, clubs, bars, and pools. Wifi and free parking available. Finally, they offer 20% off room rates for members of our community during Aug. 25-29 and Sep. 3-5. Reserve online or call and use code:  HBURN13.

Quality Inn
1885 South Virginia Street – 775-329-1001 - map
Offers discount rate of $69 Aug. 26-29 and $109 Aug. 30-Sep. 2. Free breakfast included. Each room has a refrigerator, free wifi, and other amenities. Pool and laundry onsite.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites
2375 Market Street – 775-229-7070 – map

Hyatt Place Reno Tahoe Airport
1790 East Plumb Lane – 775-826-2500 – map
Directly across from the Reno Airport with airport shuttle service. Offers rate of $134 plus 13% room tax. Comes with free breakfast and wifi. Has pool and fitness center onsite, and has healthy food options available 24/7. Reserve online or call, using code: G-BURN.


Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor
71 South Wells Avenue – 775-384-1652 – map
Open daily 2pm-whenever.  Look for the giant monkey and “FYD” on the side of the building — Jub Jub’s is located in the back.
Well, seeing how there may be some people who are eager for some local burner scenery mixed with firewater and grit, we just had to include Jub Jub’s here among the areas Hot Stops.  Owned and operated by Burners, and known as “The Fucking Classiest Dive Bar in Reno,” if you are wondering if there is any kind of affiliation between this place and the Jub Jub’s Theme Camp in Black Rock City, well, ehhhh…… ,  you’ll just have to come find out for yourself.  Regularly featuring great drink specials, live music, free bad advice, and cheesy jokes, this is the best place in town to stir with other bizarre and fun personalities, events, and games.  Oh, and Fuck Your Day.

Recycling and Garbage Disposal

Save Mart Supermarket
195 West Plumb Lane – 775-786-0138 / 775-786-2970 – map
See above listing for details.

RV/Truck Rentals

El Monte/Budget RV and Truck Rentals
85 Gentry Way – 775-825-8833 – map
One of the very few places in the region to rent an RV or truck for the playa. Burners are asked specifically to contact the owner Steve at 775-846-2725 or at renotruckrental(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Classic Adventures RV
2802 Kietzke Lane – 775-825-1200 – map
Advised to call well ahead for availability.


Linden Mini Storage
220 Linden Street – 775-400-1269 – map
Open Tues-Sat 9am-5pm, but call ahead for definite after-hours possibilities.  Some of the best rates in town, looking to take good care of Burners.

Wrondel Self-Storage
2790 Wrondel Way – 775-636-9717 – map
Open 6am-9pm daily.

Car Parts and Repair

Reno Vulcanizing Works Inc
450 East Plumb Lane – 775-826-0464  – map
Open Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 8am-5pm. Highly recommended and reputable general auto repairs service beyond tires.

1550 South Virginia Street – 775-323-4007  – map
Open Mon-Sat 8am-10pm, Sun 8am-9pm. Auto parts.

Please send your feedback and suggestions to renopages(at)burningman(dot)com.
Need more info? Try: Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority, Reno News and Review, Reno Gazette-Journal, Reno Magazine, Reno Tahoe Tonight, National Traffic and Road Closure Information, PlayReno, NevadaNet,,, paragraph end