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Reno - Gas, Biofuel, and EV Stations

Gas Stations

All over the place. Gas, on the other hand, is damn expensive, and always seems to be higher priced around holidays like Labor Day. In general, truck stops, independents, Arco, and Winner’s Corner gas stations tend to have lowest prices, as do Costco and Sam’s Club if you’re a member. Safeway also offers discounts with a Safeway or Vons card, and sometimes the discount goes up if you also buy groceries with that card.

Here however are a few gas stations that stand out, being right next to regular burner migrations to the playa, and which have additional amenities such as water-on-hand, showers, or RV Greywater disposal. Check out the Auto Repairs and Parts page though for anything really beyond gas.

Alamo Travel Center
1950 East Greg Street – 775-355-8888 – (Vista)
Open 24/7.  Also offers hotel, casino and showers.

Fox Peak Station Fernley
1200 Nevada Pacific Parkway – 775-575-3520 – (Fernley)
Open 24/7. Fallon Tribal Development Corporation-run gas station with the cheapest gas in Fernley.  Also a convenience store, and smoke shop, carrying bulk water, booze, canned beer, assorted snacks, a wide variety of tobacco including organic, hookahs, portable ashtrays, sunglasses,  and propane, with local hospitality to boot!

Howard's Chevron
2799 East 4th Street – 775-786-2159 – (Grand Sierra Resort)
Open Mon-Fri 7am-8pm, Sat 8am-7pm, Sun 8am-6pm. Gas pumps available 24/7. Call ahead for possible after-hours. Just off I-80 at exit #16, right next to the I-80 and US-395 interchange, Howard’s carries a few extra things like ice and bulk water, hats, bandanas, gas cans, first aid kits, and sunglasses. You can even fill up with tap water, such as your RV.  They also offer car-repair services, and recycling DURING BUSINESS HOURS (plastics, glass, metals, cardboard, tires, motor oil, antifreeze, and car batteries).

1-80 Smokeshop, Market, & Campground
1000 Smoke Shop Circle, Wadsworth – 775-575-2181 – (Wadsworth)
Open 6am-8pm daily, but Aug 21-23 6am-10pm, Aug 24-26 6am-midnight, Aug 27-29 6am-10pm, and open 24 hours from Aug 30-Sept 5 . If you are traveling from the west to Burning Man, I-80 Smoke Shop & Market is right off I-80 as you enter Wadsworth. A gas station and convenience store flush with hospitality and having among many things, lots of water, smokes, dry ice and ice, tarps, goggles, hats, booze, and canned beer on-hand – one of the last for about 100 miles to stock up. See below also for camping details. RV greywater and trash disposal will also be available.

Love’s Truck Stop
825 Commerce Center Drive – 775-575-2200 – (Fernley)
Open 24/7. Offers food, booze, auto supplies, RV Greywater Disposal.

Pilot Truck Stop
465 US Highway 95A N – 775-575-5115 – (Fernley)
Open 24/7. Offers food, booze, auto supplies, and showers.

TA Travel Center – Western Village
815 Nichols Blvd. – 775-359-0550 – (East McCarran & Prater Way)
Open 24/7. Also offers showers and RV Greywater Disposal.

The Nixon Store
50 Highway 447 – 775-574-0467 – (Nixon)
Open daily 7am-6pm.  Hours during Burning Man are Aug 21-22 7am-10pm, Aug 23-26 7am-midnight, Aug 27-31 7am-10pm, and open 24 hours Sept 1-5. Gas, food, ice, ATM, lake permits and other supplies. Also providing trash disposal service.

Biofuel Stations

There are two places in the region to look to for B20 and B99.

Allied Washoe Petroleum
2500 E. 4th Street – 775-323-3146 – (Grand Sierra Resort)
The place in Reno-Sparks to purchase biodiesel in addition to regular fuel. B-20 and B-100 from Bently Biofuels.

Bently Biofuels Outpost and Convenience Store
1350 Buckeye Road, Minden – 775-720-0754 - 775-783-8038 – (Carson City – Minden)
Open 8am to 6pm, Fueling Hours 24/7 with Credit/Debit

Bently has been very supportive of burners both off and on playa, providing E10, E85, B5, B20, and B99.9 fuels from recycled cooking oils at their store, as well as making pre-arranged deliveries of B99.9 to locations in Black Rock City during the event. Wait? Bulk Deliveries to the playa?!  Yes, they can arrange delivery of biodiesel to you on the playa.  But — IMPORTANT: Please call Carlo directly at 775-720-0754 as early as possible to arrange fuel deliveries. They will also need important information like accurate fuel needs, off-road or on-road fuel, camp location, and contact person.  They will not however be providing fuel storage containers for the event but can be contacted for guidance as to safe and appropriate, Leave-No-Trace storage on-playa.  All deliveries are pre-pay. Weather can sometimes make delays for fuel deliveries, so please plan accordingly, and make sure you have enough fuel on hand to get you through a few days.

EV Stations

Currently one place to get your EV charged.

Einstein Brothers Bagels
5050 Kietzke Lane, Reno,NV 89511 – 775-825-1045 – (South Virginia and Kietzke Lane)
Open Mon-Fri 5:30am-5pm, Sat-Sun 6:30am-4pm.  240V. Free charging for customers during business hours, or 24 hour accessible with an account/card. Oh, and bagels and coffee and tea too!

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