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Lights and Electronics

A ready made 10' electroluminescent bike kit, made by burners, improved over the years by burners, to withstand the playa while keeping your bike lit at night. We judge that lighting your bike at night on the playa is VERY important, as such, we gift as much as we can to burners by giving you the code "burningman2012" to get you the whole kit delivered at cost for $14. That includes delivery. We've stocked up for another burn so get as many as you would like. Use the code at at checkout. We do this with Love to help you all have a durable, yet cooliostio bike light all week. See you out at Fertility...
chris (at) bikeglow (dot) com

Acme Playa Supply
Decorate your body, your bike and your camp. Look Fabulous on the Playa! Glowing Flowers, Body art, Crystal Eye Makeup strips, Tutus, Bike decorations, Night glowing decorations, Leg warmers, Clothes, EL Wire, Fiber Optic hair and bike decorations. Burner owned business. Playa tested gear.
patti (at) acmeplaya (dot) com

Digital Dome Design
We build things with LEDs, particularly smart LED strips. We also manufacture controllers and program them to do neat things. Linear or matrix designs, mobile or fixed, indoor or outside, we take ideas and make them come alive! Most of our past work has been custom work for clients, but right now we are developing an interactive Dome for PDF Fall12. Music, Moving waves of light, no instructions -YOU decide what it does!
BM-listing2012 (at) DigiDome (dot) ME

Extreme Glow NA Corp
No lights on a dark desert night? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Come over to for a Burner-friendly experience. We offer a one-stop shop for most light-up needs. Find great prices, friendly service, and FAST shipping on:

- Glow necklaces and bracelets
- Reusable LED light sticks
- EL Wire in new lengths - Brilliant tent markers, bike
accents, and so much more…

New for 2012!:

- Powerful portable LED strips and plug-n-play EL Wire lengths
- Various hats and headwear
- Light up fuzzy leg warmers
- Novelty flashing Spiral glasses
- Huge flashing bubble guns

Use our JRS exclusive Burning Man coupon code and get 10% off of all of our merchandise. Simply enter BMNEG12 in our “coupon code” field before check out and save. is proud to have served the Burning Man community since our inception in 1999!
max (at) extremeglow (dot) com

Erogear produces the world's only line of high-resolution, durable and truly video-capable wearable LED displays. Import your own video content and change video loops on the fly to suit your mood on The Playa. 64,000+ shades of brightness per pixel, and the displays are available in five different colors. Create a display as small or as large as you wish and apply visuals, text and any combination of the two however you want. Experience the ultimate in visibility, creativity and reactivity with Erogear wearable LED displays.
info (at) erogear (dot) com

Light 'N Wire Productions
LIGHT 'N WIRE PRODUCTIONS is an art-technology Lightwire (el-wire) resource center that provides Lightwire materials and free consulting for the custom design and decor of illuminated costumes, masks, art sculptures, signage, theme camp markers, bicycles, art cars and theater props. (limited only by your imagination). We offer custom cut STICKMAN costumes, art car design kits, and sequencer experiment kits. We will also pre-solder connectors to your el-wire providing a plug & play solution for your Lightwire needs.

CHALLENGE US with your custom Lightwire designs:
louisbrill (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

The Portable Playa Power Package is designed for Burners who want green electricity, and who do not want the generator noise. If it can be re-charged or plugged in, Solar P4 can provide the energy. SOLAR P4 is a complete portable solar package that includes: 1 - 90 watt solar panel, 1 - 12 volt battery, 1 charge controller, 1 - 110 volt inverter, all wiring, and full instructions. One package can power your camp of 6-8 people and run the coffee maker in the morning. Contact T.C Petersen at 775-217-0762 or at suntricitysolar(at)gmail(dot)com for further info, orders, and retail locations in the Reno or Wadsworth area.

The LightCap300 seems made for Burning Man, and indeed we've taken hundreds and given them away to burners in past years. The LightCap300 is a one liter water bottle (BPA-Free) with a SOLAR POWERED LED LIGHT in the cap, so it turns your water bottle into a lantern at night. There are both white and red LEDs. If you already have a favorite water bottle, you can get the LightCap200 which is just a solar cap with lights that will fit any 'standard' Nalgene type water bottle. We also offer several other unique solar-powered lights and chargers for your camp and vehicle.
buenavista45 (at) gmail (dot) com

Hokey Spokes
The original LED Wireless Hokey Spoke light! Colorful pre-programmed images to enhance visibility and bicycle safety. Can be seen from both right and left of the bicycle.

We now have additional bicycle lights: a 900 Lumin Headlight (best of the best!), Hokey Spokettes (little guys - Tire Flies on Steroids!), Red LED Tail Lights, and now Hokey Wheel Lights that attach to your spokes, too!

Be sure to see our complete line of bicycle safety lights.

For a great time at Burning-Man and enhanced bicycle safety at home!

Be Safe - Be Seen .... with Hokey Spokes!

Have a great time, everyone!
hokeyspokes (at) gmail (dot) com

Burner Prep
Look cool and stand out at Burning Man while keeping yourself safe and visible! Burner Prep is a site that sells lights that are both essential and fun for the Playa. There are several videos explaining the products and how they help in Black Rock City. There is also a Survival Guide that has general advice on preparing for Burning Man and a Resources page that has links to other sites to help you get ready for one of the greatest adventures you'll ever have.
rishirmalhotra (at) gmail (dot) com

Winjoco LLC is your source for decorative, battery-operated string lights. All of our string lights have built-in timers that operate with the flip of one switch. Just set them one time, and they will come on at the same time every night. Use them for decoration on the playa and take them home afterwards to spice up your home or office. Our LS48 warm white lights will run for over 1000 hours on one set of D-cell batteries.

We ship all orders the same day they are placed. Give us a call at 662.322.6529.
onesteptimer (at) gmail (dot) com

Imaginary Colours
Imaginary Colours has been a longtime supplier of LED lights in general and has a large selection of Burner-friendly lights such as portable battery-powered (e.g. AA batteries) light sets and 12 Volt DC-powered light strings and snowfall/meteor lights which will connect to a car or marine battery, or plug into your 120 volt generator, too!

Imaginary Colours has been in the LED lighting business since 2002; longer than the vast majority of other shops, and *all* big box stores.

Still privately owned and operated by an active CouchSurfer and future Burner (crosses fingers), and located in Belleville, KS, right on the town square. Stop in and see us on your way to or from the Playa. Belleville offers free tent-camping and also has RV slots for a fee.

10% Discount for Burners with only a $25 minimum (that's $75 less than the Public is offered!). Use code: Burn2012 at checkout. Be sure to press the Redeem button. To stay connected with our Burner site year-round, bookmark:

Enjoy the burn, and be sure to send us pics!
Thank you!

Tom & Bobbie
tom (at) ledblimp (dot) com

Custom illuminated clothing for rock stars (actual or aspiring), and anyone who seeks increased visibility at night (for fun, fashion, safety, etc...). We offer a few ready-made designs, including lighted scarves, vests, and shrugs, but are mostly focused on custom creations, which can require a lead time of 4-6 weeks or longer. Please don't wait too long to ask, we're usually fully booked for the season by early August!

Enlighted is owned and operated by Janet Hansen, fashion engineer since '98, burner since '99 ... we understand what works out there, and no request is too strange.
inquiry (at) enlighted (dot) com

GEN-TECH OF NEVADA- Power/Generator supplies and support>

We provide rental generators and all necessary power equipment to support camps and art projects. Our depot in Reno has generators from 20Kilowatts to 2000Kilowats and we can assist you in determining your needs. Delivery and pickup can be at our depot or we can provide it on-site. We make providing power in the desert easy and cost effective. My contact information is below. Please call and I can quickly provide a quote. Enjoy the BURN.

Paul B. Perry

Rental Account Manager

GEN-TECH of Nevada

Phone: (702) 633-6400 ext.1204

Fax: (702) 633-5960

Mobile: (702) 499-9247


24hr Emergency Service (866) 6
pperry (at) gentechus (dot) com

Rebel Hooper
Power Generator Rental

Cashman Equipment
We rent power generators of all sizes from 15KW to 2000kw, including distribution boxes and cables. We can do delivery on-site to Burningman and after event pick-up, OR equipment can be picked up in Sparks. Other construction equipment can also be rented for large art projects. We have been providing generators to Burningman since the beginning.

600 Glendale Ave; Sparks, NV 89431

Contact is Rebel Hooper or Sarah Shields at 775-332-2438 800-937-2326
Rebel_Hooper (at) cashmanequipment (dot) com
I will again be selling lights. I have a lot of lights in my garage and will take lights for the playa, bikes, and costumes to this fantastic sales event. I will turn my easy up into a dark cave again. Michael
mikem3535 (at) yahoo (dot) com
We burners like to have our bikes seen at night. We've compiled a useful website showing you the options out there, what they look like on your bike, and we're giving the burner discount to you lovelies so that everyone is seen in style at Fertility 2012. Use the discount code "IAmFertility" at checkout at
tara (at) bikesbeseen (dot) com

Funhouse Productions
Cool Neon has been lighting the Playa’s coolest projects longer than any other company. Whether you’re creating a cutting edge light art installation or just looking for enough light to keep from getting run over in deep Playa, we are the company you can depend on. If you've shopped with us before, please tell your friends who to shop with; if you haven't please ask your friends about us.

We have a variety of beautiful and energy-efficient LED products manufactured exclusively for us. Last year we introduced our Total Control Lighting line: limitless RGB LED control. We’ll eagerly take on the most tech-advanced projects. All of our lighting is Arduino controllable.

Free Soldering Party dates will be announced at; we’re conveniently located near the base of the Bay Bridge in Oakland for your shopping pleasure. While here, you can test ride our Social Revolution, the 2-3 person Playa tricycle.
Burners’ online specials: 20% off in July, 10% off year-round (type ‘playa’ in coupon field during online checkout). Most orders go out the same day.
Call us, Benny and Karen, anytime with questions.
We can't wait to see you and your projects glowing on the Playa!
bennyinhongkong (at) yahoo (dot) com

Mark Garbarini Illuminated Jewelry
An unparalleled view of the Sierra Nevada Mountains is what inspires Mark Garbarini to create his captivating jewelry designs. An accomplished outdoorsman, Mark is a former member of the Yosemite Search and Rescue Team and a recipient of the Department of the Interior Citizen’s Award for Bravery. Mark studied art at the University of Oregon and jewelry design at the Revere School of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco, California. After years of training and experience, Mark has combined the ancient art of silversmithing with contemporary lighting design to create this heady sterling silver illuminated jewelry collection featuring all-natural stones hand picked by the Mark throughout the world. Current designs include: pendants, lockets, hat pins, rings and earrings. Many are next level, designed to light up with LED lights, perfect for playa wear! His handmade jewelry uses light to reveal the intricacy and natural beauty of the stones much like the dynamic relationship between light and landscape that he has observed throughout his years in the wilderness. Tourmalines, Tourliminated and Rutilated Quartz, Epidote, Agates, Dendritic Quartz, and Super Seven are some of our favorite materials.
For more information please visit: or .
markgarbarini (at) gmail (dot) com

Playa Cracks
Beautiful Glowing decorations for your Hair, Body, Clothing or camp.
Ready to wear EL Wire at Low prices.
Burning Man specific Costume pieces for day or night.
Burner owned company. All products tested at Burning Man.
patti (at) divabelladesigns (dot) com

Allsop Home and Gatden
Beautiful Solar powered lights for your shade structure, tent or camp. Many artistic designs. Add some colorful glow to your camp. Use the code BURNER10 to get 10 percent off.
smoffett (at) mindspring (dot) com

Bootstrapsolar LLC
BootstrapSolar is a crowd-funded company that designs, manufactures and sells Open Source DIY solar charger kits for powering small devices like phones and tablets, as well as Arduino projects and EL-wire. The prototype of our first product was field tested at Burning Man in 2011, and was used to keep our phones charged, and EL-wire lit bright at night.
If you're tired of recharging AA batteries and seeing your EL-wire fade as you enjoy the night, consider picking up one of our kits. The 5W solar panel generates ample power under the strong desert sun, while the 22Wh battery pack stores enough energy to keep your EL-wire lit up all night. The power packs can also recharge phones, for when you're regretfully forced to re-connect with the outside world upon Exodus. Our kits are also Open Source, and unlike many electronics these days, you can assemble, disassemble, repair and upgrade it yourself.
info (at) bootstrapsolar (dot) com

Miscellaneous BRC Gear

EarBuddies earplugs.

Foam earplugs are for sleeping, EarBuddies are for partying.

When you're in a loud environment and need to protect your hearing without compromising on sound quality, you need these earplugs.

Reusable: Durable high-quality comfortable silicone earbuds that last for years.
Effective: Sound is 'turned down' to a safe volume, but still comes through clearly (unlike foam earplugs).
Handy: Easy to clean and hard to lose with their included keyring case.
Affordable: Similar technology as custom molded earplugs, but a fraction of the price. Different models priced from $33 - $50 US.

Delivery to USA/Canada takes 10 - 12 working days.
Get 20% off by using the special Burning Man discount code on our website: "BM"
deb (at) earbuddies (dot) co (dot) nz

Sacramento HoopDance
We offer custom and pre-designed TRAVEL hoops for all sizes of bodies and all levels of hoopers <3 travel hoops twist down to two coils or use a push button to disconnect and coil to two small coils - excellent choice for the playa when you're scooting around on your bike!
ALLisONE360 (at) gmail (dot) com

Infinite Works
Manufacturers and purveyors of skill toys, performing props, and juggling props. Our products are engineered to be creative, useful, and FUN!
email (at) infiniteworks (dot) com

Sacred Flame
Bring your hoop dance to a higher state Sacred Flame combines the magic of modern hoop dance with ancient and visionary inspired designs. These hoops are as much a work of art as they are an excellent flow tool.

Each hoop is carefully handcrafted to ensure quality and durability. We strive to provide you with amazing, artful tools to uplift both your state of flow and your state of mind.
slang (at) sacred-flame (dot) com

western Events
Carpet, carpet & more carpet. Recycle this used trade show carpet to keep the dust down in camp. 9' wide rolls from 10' to 100' long. $0.50 per linear foot. Available in a variety of colors, but you must be happy with what color is on top of the storage racks when you come to pick it up. Contact us at for more information.
sales (at) WesternEventService (dot) com

We offer a variety of heavy-duty shock-absorbing tie down systems to keep your camp from blowing apart during the 'very occasional' wind storms that pop up. Use a MiniShockle to take the strain off your tarps and tent guys (they're basically a high-tech bungee cord on steroids). Use a Line Snubber to help hold down your bug tents and scaffolding. Use a ShockStrap - the ultimate adjustable tie-down - to snug up everything else. Our various products are rated from 300# to 3,000#, and we can even make custom shock-absorbing products for specific projects. We've used our SHOCKLES at BM for the past 6 years and never had a single tent, awning, line or stake come loose or break.
buenavista45 (at) gmail (dot) com was founded to bring together the work of the most talented artisans, crafters and vendors in the festival community. Our goal is to connect these talented, amazing individuals with the exploding festival scene and the world at large.

We carry the coolest festival gear we can find, from furry hoods to glowing umbrellas, bacon bandaids to steampunk leatherworks, its all here.

All burners get a %10 discount if they enter the coupon code "WELOVETOBURN"

Much love to you all!
derek (at) roachclip (dot) com

Southbay Canopy
We've been outfitting burners for years. Best prices on sunshades that will withstand playa conditions (We do custom sizes & configurations at no charge). Also sell bungees, tarps, shadecloth, rebar stakes, tools, camping gear, goggles -- all at GREAT prices!

647 Tully Rd # 8 San Jose, CA 95111
(408) 998-8280
Open M-F 9-5, Sat 10-4
southbaycanopy (at) yahoo (dot) com

MJ42 Glass
Unique Heirloom Glass:

Playa Toys, Pipes, Sex Toys, Dread Beads, Jars, Pendants, Hairsticks, Musical items, Sculptures, Costumes, Magic, Ornaments, Marbles, etc

My shops represent six glassblowers from across the nation. I personally create or hand pick every piece of glass I offer. Every piece I am willed to create is a perception of this journey in the now. I am always very happy to make you something that will enhance your life on this crazy little planet and is my portal for sharing this drive with you!

Peace, Love and Light
mindjunket (at) gmail (dot) com

whoop! dance hoops and particulate fun
Super Fun Quality Dance/Hula Hoops For Adults and Children
Handmade in Oakland, CA
Choose from what is already made or customize your own
Have fun getting fit!

Adult Hoops $20-$40
Kids Hoops $12-$25
Travel Hoops $25-$40
Specialty Costume Hoops $50+

workshops~private instruction~parties~rentals~events~performance~fire and fire safety
whoopkat (at) gmail (dot) com

ABC Laser Pendants
Born on the Playa in 2007, we create pendants, swag, pins or patches for our fellow Burners for "gifting" to Playa friends. Whether a camp or an individual, let us help you turn your design into that special "Playa Gift" or pick one of our designs and we will customize it for you. Made from acrylic, wood, leather, bone, metal or cloth using our high-tech laser engraver can make one or hundreds. Our kinetic designs make for those ultra gifts as well. Come see our art display at Center Camp. Visit us NOW at Thanks for thinking of us.
info (at) PlayaPendants (dot) com

Action Wipes
GET 10% OFF entire order PLUS FREE SHIPPING. Use code 'PLAYA' Action Wipes are a premoistened, all natural body wipes created specifically for when you can't shower. They're made with 100% natural ingredients that include tea tree and eucalyptus. Action Wipes clean sweaty pores and remove body odor and playa dust safely, gently and effectively. And yes, they're safe for "down there"! Get 10% off your entire order, plus free shipping - simply enter code 'PLAYA' at checkout. Or you can find us at Prepare for the Playa events this summer on July 15th and August 5th. The event will be filled with other BurnerPreneurs with playa specific desert gear, How to Clinics and demonstrations on thriving on the playa, Burner Fashion shows and some awesome live performances by hoopers, poi spinners and more, so come by and get all your gear.
martha (at) lifeelements (dot) com

Scentsual Eye Pillows
Eye pillows help block out light and dust and relax muscles around and behind the eyes to facilitate relaxation, sleep, naps, meditation. Our products are COMPLETELY SUSTAINABLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY. All of our products are made from high quality materials and are designed to be used and reused. 15% discounts are offered on select specials through August 20th, 2012.
eyepillows (at) me (dot) com

A solid lotion bar (that has been burn tested NOT to melt) to keep your skin nice and moisturizer. This solid bar goes with you, great for healing skin owies, dry lips, sun-burn, bug bites, etc. Made of the finest, mostly organic ingredients, essential oils, and love. Remember how dry your skin can get? This product is what you need! Can be used on skin, lips, even hair, to moisturize, heal, and combat dryness! Does not melt, even in heat at Burning Man. And because it's is a solid, no leaking, great for travel!
info (at) myronaturals (dot) com


JADED MINX is the pioneer creator of cutting edge, avante garde, steampunk, apocalyptic, and futuristic, trend-setting GOGGLES, GAS MASKS, RESPIRATORS and related ‘ARTWEAR’.

We specialize in pushing the envelope and breaking boundary restraints in industrial and urban SURVIVAL fashion.

Our goggles have shatterproof UV-400 lenses and adjustable elastic straps. We also offer several styles of ‘OVER-SIZED’ GOGGLES that fit over prescription glasses.

Our fully functional ‘EDGY’ RESPIRATORS and GAS MASKS aid in eliminating symptoms of toxic exposure, hazardous chemicals, and pollutants, which include coughing, irritation of the eyes and lungs, rashes, headaches and nausea. They are perfect for protection from the Playa’s ‘at times’ unpredictable conditions. We also make gas masks that are strictly a ‘fashion statement’.

We’ve been supplying ‘BURNERS’ with affordable SURVIVAL GEAR for a number of years now, going out of our way to make your BURNING MAN experience both pleasant and safe.

So if you're looking for originality and edge...look no further, you've come to the right place.

info (at) jadedminx (dot) com

Ola Loa Products
Enjoy the Burn and stay hydrated. Ola Loa has been supplying Center Camp with its advanced supplement drink mix for 10 years helping people stay hydrated and in great health to enjoy the fun. Numerous burners tell us Ola Loa makes a huge difference in their lives. Ola Loa's methylation support not only keeps you hydrated but is the key to circulation, digestion, detoxification, antioxidants and immunity. Enjoy the Ola Loa feeling.
greg (at) olaloa (dot) com

Playatech is the planet’s most fertile virtual furniture factory, and one of the most popular burner art projects in the world since BM05. If you need a bench, bar, bed, table, couch, closet, or just about anything furniture in your camp, join hundreds or thousands of us and be a maker not a consumer!

Our designs kick butt on IKEA, ship flat, install instantly with no fasteners, and prove that your garage can out produce China - while participating in Playatech embodies all 10 Burning Man principles. It just works great. Except the spoof items. What more could you want? Just pay the required royalty to BRAF or eat splinters!!!

While we spawned a seating revolution on the playa, it is way past time to re-fertilize our web site, so whoever makes us a new one can have ALL our plans and a super-cheap ticket to BRC – get in touch!

Playatech – Furniture To Fertilize Your Body, Mind & Spirit - Not A Landfill!
sunshine (at) playatech (dot) com

Dr. Cory's Party Pax
Cory Reddish, ND aka Dr Cory is a purveyor of all things Good, Healthy and Fun. Her signature Party Pax- Virtuous Nutrients for your Vices- have been preventing party burnout for 10 years! Stay healthy, rock the Playa and re-enter the "real" world with energy and zest. Choose from three convenient Pax: the Daily Maintenance Pax- everything you need to stay healthy on the Playa on a daily basis, Extreme Pax to help balance neurotransmitters and recover from more extreme substances, and Booze Pax to prevent and minimize hangovers.

She also has a host of other great high quality natural remedies to treat and prevent common ailments, like Throat Mist, Herbal Cough Elixir and Extatic Energy Elixir.

Party Pax make great Burning Man gifts or order in bulk for your whole camp and save some dough.

For more details, order on-line at or purchase in person Prepare for the Playa and Beyond the Fence events this summer where she will be giving talks on preventing and treating Common Playa Ailments with Natural Remedies. Mention the Burning Man resource guide with your order and she'll include a Playa Natural Health Survival Guide! Field tested, doctor approved!
info (at) drcory (dot) com

Sprout San Francisco
For all the Burner Families, Sprout San Francisco offers all natural and organic products for your little ones! Stock up on natural sunscreens, soaps, clothing, and toys to bring with you to Burning Man this year.
staci (at) sproutsanfrancisco (dot) com

Spice Pharm

Playa-ready powder mixes with "just add water" convenience, made from spices, botanicals & coconut milk powder. Innovative superfood beverage mixes are a treat for your taste buds, a boost for your body. CREATED BY 20-YEAR BURNER VETERANS - THE PERFECT PLAYA PICK-ME-UP! Delicious hot, cold, or mixed with rum! Recipes at

TOTAL TONIC CHAI: For Full-Spectrum Bioprotection -- this new taste sensation is energizing, super-healthy, and won’t spike your blood sugar or give you the jitters! A tasty superfood brew of organic spices and botanicals containing a wealth of phytonutrients that enhance energy and slow the biomarkers of aging. Regular price $20 for 20 servings, use Burner discount code YUMMY for $3 off. ORDER NOW

STRESS-LESS CHOCOLATE: Calms Stress & Increases Stamina -- When stress and fatigue wear you down, reach for the chocolate! Organic raw cacao and spices enhanced with Ayurvedic herb ashwaganda -- clinically proven to support the body's resistance to stress of all kinds; strengthen immune system; improve vitality and stamina; promote peace of mind and positive mood. Regular price $20 for 15 servings, use Burner discount code YUMMY for $3 off. ORDER NOW

kitty (at) spicepharm (dot) com

VW Vanagon Westy Cozy - Stay Cool on the Playa!
Love taking your VW Vanagon Westy to Burning Man? Hate how hot it gets early in the morning? There's a solution: the Westy Cozy! Made of reflective bubblewrap, it covers your Westy completely (with pop-top open!) and allows you to stay cool until around 1p in the afternoon -- plenty of time to recover from an epic night of dancing! And since the material is flexible and lightweights, it wraps your van well and barely moves in the wind. And it packs in three small bundles along with a few extra bits. Taking pre-orders now. Limited run. Or come and take all the measurements (for a small fee) and make your own! Email for pricing information.
fuzzmeister (at) gmail (dot) com

Real Paper Books
Tired of sleeping in your dusty car, missing your blown away tent? Maybe this year it’s time to settle down and participate in the fabric of BRC by creating your own landmark.

BLACK ROCK CITY, NV the first book about the ephemeral architecture of Burning Man presents hundreds of solutions for living in style (or not) on the Playa.

Complete with a satellite image of the city and its map (2010) showing the basic layout of the streets, it will help you navigate and (re)discover BRC.

It goes deep into a broad typology of shelters, camps, solutions and one-of -a-kind creations made of camouflage nets, tarps, fabric, metal or pvc tubing, insulation board, plywood, even parachutes (if you choose the right one, see page 51).

Four pages of resources will help you find sturdy tent poles, heavy duty tarps, shade cloth, domes info, hexayurts blueprints, teepees, metal frames, tents for extreme conditions, bikes and lightings info, bricks & mortar and online camping stores: 115 reliable web sites ending with some Playa fashion addresses, hey! it’s Burning Man after all.

A must-have with your first-aid kit.

BLACK ROCK CITY, NV, from 1996 to 2010, 196 photos, 112 pages, $29.

Visit here:
contact (at) realpaperbooks (dot) com

Playa Bike Transport
PLAYA BIKE TRANSPORT is both a service, and a theme camp.

• Lightly used Hybrid Bikes are $175. It's your bike! You own it! Not a rental! (MSRP $550!)
• Bike Rentals are $100.
• Bike Transport is $50 from SF to BRC, round trip. Open to everyone.

• We run a "Bike Lounge," with a bar, mist, music, shade, and tools.
• Mechanics drop in. Friendly, nurturing, and supportive, they will help anyone fix any bike, free.
• Last year, our first, we fixed over 1,000 bikes!

• Bike Transport to SF.
• Bike cleaning, maintenance, and/or 12 months storage.
• Bike Transport to Burning Man 2013!

YOUR SUPPORT enables us to offer free bike repair on the playa.
Great video here:
PlayaBikeTransport (at) gmail (dot) com

Black Rock City Gear
Water bottles, cups for gifted drinks, and other playa essentials hand-painted with the Burning Man logo and other relevant designs. Perfect for first-time burners needing to complete their kit or veterans who want something new and shiny. All proceeds directly support the artist's quest to return to Black Rock City.
brcgear2012 (at) gmail (dot) com

** BURNER DISCOUNT: 10%-20% off belts, pods and sets!

We make the modular cargo-belt system designed specifically for the playa: by burners, for burners, since 2002. Mix-n-match pouches and utilities to keep survival needs secure, accessible, and without weight on your shoulders. Discount set prices start under $50.

** NEW PODS NOW ONLINE: New pouches and functional utilities, all rigorously playa-tested and declared reasonably burner-proof!

Until July 15: Your choice of "Early Bird" gift
Until August 5: Burner discount prices + guarantee pre-BM delivery
August 5-26: LAST CALL: no discount + may require rush shipping

Click the flame icon at the bottom
Password: blackrockbelt
You MUST order from this BRC page. Retroactive discounts cannot be given.

** IN LA OR SF:  Try out our latest limited-edition prototypes: SlingPods, blacklight patterned belts, and soft fabric earth-tone belts and pouches... Plus RubberWear, ReclaimationWear and other unusual handmade costumes and accessories:
SF: Gypsy Street Wear, 1474 Haight @ Ashbury
Prepare for the Playa, 7/15 and 8/5 @ Cafe Cocomo
LA: make an appointment to visit us @ the Brewery Arts Complex
email or instant callback via click-to-call:

Thanks for your continued support!
Pod (at) PodBelt (dot) com

Holistic Hooping
Holistic Hooping offers a variety of hand-made in the USA (by hoopers), quality flow tool products; including practice hoops, LED hoops, fire hoops, collapsible hoops, fire wick covers and bags, other tools and accessories. Sharing the art of hoop dance with the community through retreats, workshops, classes and trainings world-wide, we aim to spread the HOOP LOVE!
kandice (at) holistichooping (dot) com

Iron Monkey Arts
Playa Staples are hand-forged square stock steel tapered to points at each end and bent into a 'candy cane' shape. When hammered into the ground they lay flush and will not trip or skewer people like that unsafe rebar stuff. They enter the ground easily and stay secure until it's time to go. Playa Staples are removed quickly by simply levering them straight up. They've been around since 2003; are time tested, and burner approved (over 9,000 sold, almost 2,000 made and sold in 2011 alone!).

Playa Staples are available in two sizes:

Regular Playa Staples are roughly 10" on one side and 6" on the other, with 1-1/2" spacing in the center, and are made with 3/8" square stock. These are best for tents, carports and smaller structures.

Large Playa Staples are roughly 15" on one side and 8" on the other, with 2" spacing in the center, made with 1/2" square stock. These staples are designed for use on large structures (domes or tie downs for things that require a more solid anchor).

Special orders (sizes/styles) available upon request.

info (at) ironmonkeys (dot) org

Premium Cheesecloth
100% cotton cheesecloth yardage. Soft and cool fabric available in loose to dense weave. Fabulous for costumes, and camp decor. Terrific for dyeing. Comes in 36" widths and approximately 60 yard boxes. Lots of fun and great pricing. Ask for Burner discount.
Premiumcheesecloth (at) comcast (dot) net

Blackrock Hardware
Shade! After years of travel in the Black Rock Desert for Burning Man and other events, my friends and I have come up with this great sun shade system to keep us and our kids out of the hot sun. This shade canopy completely gets rid of those tie wires everyone runs into, holds up great in strong winds and is expandable so you and your camp mates can build one big structure out of everyone’s structures or add-on as your camp grows. We've eliminated the dangerous tie wires and stakes with a unique staking system that places the stake inside the leg pole.

All of the proceeds go to the honorarium art cars The Serpent Twins ( No fundraising this year, we're only selling shade!
michelle (at) formandreform (dot) com

Playa Preparation Events

Host a fundraiser at our burner owned and operated bar. Wednesdays and Thursdays we will host guest bartender nights. Up through burning man one camp per night can have a guest bartender and that bartenders tips can go to their camp. A great chance to invite all of your campmates and friends to see you slinging drinks. Asiento is a neighborhood bar with yummy tapas and delicious cocktails with a warm welcoming vibe. Featuring an entertainment license and a sound system by JK Sound, you can also have your friend/campmate DJ for the night.
info (at) asientosf (dot) com

Prepare for the Playa
Prepare for the Playa Events happen just 2x a year! Connecting you to everything you need for a great burn from BurnerPrenuers in your community! Faux Fur creations, el wire and lights, dust masks, goggles, funky desert gear and costumes, tribal, steampunk and more!

July 15th and August 5th with a full street festival
Free entry

Funky Burner Fashion Shows, Playa University How to Clinics and Demonstrations on thriving on the playa, live performances, Virgin burner makeovers, Be the Art Max Koo Photobooth, Playa art preview and installations and much more!

pARTicipate: Want to teach a Playa University How to Clinic? Strut your stuff on the catwalk? Perform on stage?

Then contact us to get involved!
preparefortheplaya (at) gmail (dot) com

The Crucible
The Crucible will host a Playa Bound Open House and vendor sale at our 50K sq ft warehouse in West Oakland on July 14 from 11-6pm. We will feature vendors selling clothing and accessories, bicycles, arts and crafts, glowing LED toys and tools, as well as offering live demonstrations in all of our industrial art studios.
andrea (at) thecrucible (dot) org

Beyond The Fence!
We will kick off the season on Sunday, July 8th and will finish it off on Saturday, August 11th! Our 6th annual trunk show highlights over 30 local independent designers showcasing designs for both on and off the playa. We are very excited about the summer season and have some amazing and unique fashions coming your way! Enjoy an intimate shopping environment while listening to some of SF's finest DJ's!

Sunday July 8th & Saturday, August 11th!
@ Mighty - 119 Utah St., San Francisco, CA 94103

Vendor inquiries please email:
styledivisionsf (at) gmail (dot) com

Coyote Counter Collective
July 7 th, Coyote Counter Collective is hosting a double header event. CRAFTERNOONS is happening from 1-4pm, where people from the community can drop in with sewing or craft projects to get help, use our tools, or just hang out while working on stuff. Then from 5-9pm, the Lilypad Collective will bring it correct with live & electronic music, a chilled-out fashion showcase where YOU can play dress-up, and more. All of this will be in the roughcut jewelbox backdrop of Coyote's reconstructed shop and gallery space.

Saturday July 7
5-9pm Lilypad party
Coyote Counter Collective
423 40 th St @ Webster
Telegraph / Temescal / Macarthur
Regular Hours Thurs-Sun 12-6 & by appointment
info (at) coyotecounter (dot) com

Temple of Poi
On July 15 and August 5 join GlitterGirl of Temple of Poi ( and many other burners for this years edition of the Prepare for the Playa event (http://preparefortheplaya) where we will be doing a performance as well as showing off our custom designs made especially for burners looking for one of a kind original designs that are fire safe! This is an awesome opportunity to see tons of amazing playa gear and clothing so check it out at Cafe Cocomo. Event details can be found here:
GlitterGirl (at) templeofpoi (dot) com

Playa Wear

Beebo Originals
From luscious faux fur vests and hoods to leather utility belts, Beebo Originals strives to create that one piece that will make your ordinary outfit extraordinary! Inspired by texture, fun, and her love of creating, Danielle makes all of her fashions in her studio in San Diego, CA :)
BeeboOriginals (at) gmail (dot) com

Tricky Vikki
Tricky Vikki is a one-woman-burner-operated lingerie and costume design studio in Oakland, California. Originally a line of locally produced bamboo undies, it has grown alongside her experiences at Burning Man to include dancewear, coats, and coverups.

*** The original Tricky Vikki bamboo viscose undies are a perfect bottom layer on the playa because they wick moisture away 3-5 times faster than cotton, keeping you fresh and happy! Both the panties and bras provide coverage without chafing tight elastic or underwires.

*** Dancewear! Teeny tiny bikinis, built to last and available in many styles/fabrics. Throw on your belt pouch and go.

*** Playa coats and vests for guys and gals, from the signature calf-length fur-trimmed duster to inexpensive upcycled jackets each piece is one of a kind.

And more! Check back often for sample sales, one-of-a-kind pieces, masks, and vintage items.

Private showings and custom orders available.
becky (at) trickyvikki (dot) com

OffBeatWEAR is a small burner owned business located in the Nevada desert. We specialize in fabulous faux fur coats in both short and long lengths for men and women, but we also have other fun garments to accessorize your furry frock! All of our coats are custom made with high quality faux fur, fabulous colored bridal satin, and hand made UV reactive buttons! Our coats are also machine washable so they clean up beautifully after the burn! We offer low UPS shipping or FREE Playa Pickup and we have a 5% website wide sale that will only last through July so get your order placed early to take advantage of it! OffBeatWEAR coats and accessories are also available in Prism Magic on Pyramid Hwy on the way to Burning Man, but supplies are limited at that location.
sunkist (at) offbeatwear (dot) com

Handmade faux fur hats, ears, tails and accessories. We use high quality faux fur that will keep you warm on those cold nights! Many items in the store can be made in a range of colors and combinations. Just send me a message and we can discuss the customization of your order if desired.

Disclaimer: Items may cause spontaneous bouts of climbing structures, chasing bunnies, or chewing on sticks.
Morphe4 (at) gmail (dot) com

Kats Jungle Treasures
Every fuzzy, furry, or zany creature needs a tail! Something durable, easy to de-dust (once off playa), and something that will swish around your legs while you go crazy on the dance floor. Try a yarn tail today!

(Note: Kat's Jungle Treasures is not responsible for apprehension by Animal Control. Guard your fuzzy butt wisely)
kat.leopardessofzion (at) gmail (dot) com

Propville Directory
First hatched for Commercial Production crews in Nor Cal; we've been loving & serving burners; first on our staff, then in the burnosphere since 2001. Propville is Bay Area resources, organized in a nifty "Keyword" situation.

If you don’t find it here, give us call. Camping to candelabras; we are live and helpful humans with fertile, creative minds, like yours. Love and support at 415.454.1260 or

Sandala Moon
Handmade clothing and accessories inspired by Full moon gatherings, and the Burning Man festival. I love funky upcycled clothing, steampunk and neo-tribal fashions. I specialize in one-of-a-kind fabric pocket belts. My belts are made from Vegan faux-leather vinyls and beautiful upholstery fabrics. I keep my shop "green" by using reclaimed waste upholstery scraps in my belts and making patchwork and shabby-scrap style clothing from "upcycled" pre-loved garments. Clothing and accessories for dancing under the moon!
sandalamoon (at) yahoo (dot) com

JypsieDesigns is a burner-owned business inspired by a love of fabric and fiber media, and a desire to live sustainably. I offer custom made and ready to wear playawear, hair accessories, hats, moop bags, playa-proof pillows, bikesaddle covers, and much more. My studio is a part of, a burner-owned community maker-space in Seattle. Materials are sourced from remnants, thrift stores, and swaps wherever possible. Some scraps even come from professional theatrical costume shops, where these textiles were seen on stage! Beautiful fabrics and fibers that would otherwise be thrown away are washed and rebuilt into clothing, accessories, housewares, and unique gifts. This is done not only to eliminate waste, but also to stand against human exploitation in sweatshops around the world. I love fabric, and I love to spread that love by teaching people all that this wonderful medium can do.
julia.logan (at) gmail (dot) com

Acme Playa Supply
..Fabulous TUTUs,
..Leg warmers
..Self adhesive body art
..Booty shorts
..Night glowing flowers and body art.
..Tutus that glow at night, battery powered
..Glowing fiber optics to add sparkle to your hair and outfits
..Sparkling streamers for your bike
...Make yourself look FABULOUS on the playa!
Burner owned business, some products made by Burners
keira (at) acmeplaya (dot) com

Black Rock Threads
Adjustable kilts, furry vests, furry boot covers, furry bikinis and furry skirts

The highest quality products at the non break the bank Haight Street prices.

Adjustable kilts are great for keeping your cool on the playa in those hot days, furry outfits keep you warm in the cold nights.

Plenty of pictures to check out, plenty of colors to choose from!

Thanks for supporting us!
gil.liebrecht (at) gmail (dot) com

Perfect playa leg wear and more. Sexy stockings & accessories, fishnet pantyhose, thigh hi stockings, leggings, gloves, tutus. Solids, sheer, striped! Everything to dress up your legs and arms and more with the newest and hottest fashions. Use coupon code BRC for a 10% discount.
info (at) treat4you (dot) com

Wowee, a full decade of making Playa Coats! Many thanks to my hundreds of happy clients, and warm fuzzy welcomes to my new ones! See my old website for my high line custom apparel; for my newest things go to and for all my Lulie Pants go to Order early for custom pieces, or buy off the rack. See me at camp trunk shows too! Mention this listing for 10% off my big ticket items! ( Glow Coats, Playa Coats, lined vests)....
See you as the sun comes up on Playa, all furry and warm!
Love Lulie
lulievision (at) gmail (dot) com

The ultimate night gear. Get it. Wear it. Experience ElectroFur....A must for the Playa at night... Imagine the seductive light of glowing fur that brings strangers and friends together, new connections are created, not to mention being a homing beacon to keep the group together This year, order your first hood online at and receive 20% off. use code BURNER at the check out. We'll see you on the Playa....
info (at) electrofur (dot) com

Playa Outfitters
A delightful and funky source for a variety of unusual items for your wardrobe. We scour the local resale sources and find the best deals for the weird, unusual, funky, retro, and oddly plain items that will start off, enhance, or complete your Playa wardrobe collection.
dennis (at) playaoutfitters (dot) com

StumpTown Kilts
Made of a 65% polyester 35% cotton blend, providing a pressed, wrinkle free and crisp looking kilt that is both durable and soft on the skin. 5 adjustable waist sizes, allowing the kilt wearer to adjust the kilt to accommodate for any weight fluctuation. Careful consideration went into the design of the StumpTown Kilt to prevent the pleats of the kilt from curling or becoming puffy. This provides a sharp and slimming kilt each and every time you wear your kilt. A deep internal pocket located in the front apron of the kilt and provide plenty of storage. Attachable pocket slots are positioned along the waistline of the kilt allowing for easy on and off attachment of pockets onto the Kilt. Attachable Pockets are sold separately. The StumpTown Mini (STM) is a mini version of our StumpTown Ladies Kilt, with a sexier touch. The STM has all of the quality and much loved facets of the STL, but brings on the sexy with a pleat length of 13.5 inches., info (at) stumptownkilts (dot) com

Farout Furrier
With 2 fashion lines Farout Furrier is available to offer affordable fury attire for ALL!

Farout Furrier specializes in Fleece meets Fur in their Creative Creation Line, or 100% faux fur. Most these pieces are made custom for individual clients, we discuss your needs, order your fur and take your measurements- BAM custom faux fur apparel based on your specifications. Whether you have body parts you want to extenuate or you get colder than most people or you want LED accents Farout Furrier can make it happen!

Our company prides itself on customer satisfaction- besides providing made-to-order pieces, we stand by our products and will fix/repair any damages done to an original Farout Furrier Creative Creation piece.

Farout Furrier enjoys bringing light to the people through fashion- most of our pieces are bright, colorful, soft and inviting.

Farout Furrier presents re-FUR-bished, a line of recycled clothing with a touch of fur and style. Each piece is Dry Cleaned, then fur'd -to specifications if custom, and some stylista touch to finish it off. Before you know it the garment has undergone transformation from an average piece to a furry, classy, stylish, fashionable one-of-a kind that is affordable!

Please contact if you are looking for something special for someone special- this includes yourself :D

Products include:
Hood-Scarves (spirit scarves)
Bra Tops
Furry Boot Coovers
Hair accessories
Fur Boa
Burning Man Day decor/outfits
Burning Man Evening attire: jackets, vests, 3/4 sleeve jackets etc.
businesssavvy (at) charter (dot) net

Blue Moon Designs
Blue Moon Designs by Katherine the Great specializes in fashionable utility accessories and illuminated clothing. I make all of my products by hand, in my Oakland studio, out of recycled and reclaimed materials. Nearly a decade of Burning Man has taught me a thing or two about creating lovely and useful accessories for the Burn!

My Fancy Pocketed Toolbelt for Ladies & Gentlemen will complement your outfit with glamorous yet functional pockets, with a fit that flatters any waistline. Snap on a utility bustle to add that extra swish and flip to your hustle! My line of illuminated LED accessories (high-quality handmade light up jewelry, hair ornaments, headpieces, and bustles) will help you look great AND stay safe at night.

You can find my wares in person at Prepare for the Playa on July 15th and August 5th at Café Cocomo in San Francisco; or online through the Etsy Black Rock City Team - find all member artisans by searching "etsybrc" on

~ Proud member and outfitter to the crew of the Neverwas Haul ~
katherine (at) blue-moon-designs (dot) com

Style Caravan
Style Caravan is an eclectic collection of clothing, jewelry and accessories for both men and women. Timeless treasures that exude a sense of adventure and sophistication!

Popular amongst the yoga and dance community, we hope to inspire people to feel good about themselves and what they are performing in.

We will be presenting our collection at the Prepare for the Playa event this summer on August 5th with a host of other BurnerPreneurs with playa specific desert gear.

Burner Discount Code: Save on Shipping! Use this code: NIAJ4P82XXPT
cara (at) caraucci (dot) com

SuperSugarRayRay creates fun and unique clothing and accessories for men and women. Specializing in bold and colorful handwarmers, tutus, booty shaking ruffle skirts, men’s dance pants and hoodies. Created with a conscience and locally made in the Bay Area, designed to keep you cool in the daytime, warm at night and comfortable on the dance floor anytime.

Available online or visit our booth in San Francisco at Beyond the Fence Trunk Show on August 11th or Prepare for the Playa on July 15th and August 6th.

SuperSugarRayRay – not for the faint of heart.
supersugarayray (at) yahoo (dot) com

Asli Designs
I make hand crafted one of a kind leather wear and accessories. I use highest quality leather and sheep fur and adorn each piece hand made brass work, buffalo horns, stones. I shape cow hide and color them and make belts and corsets and vests for men and women. They're elegant but also have strong feelings about them. Each piece made with so much love and intention. I will be showing my creations at the Prepare for the Playa events this summer on July 15th and August 5th with an entire event filled with other BurnerPreneurs with playa specific desert gear, How to Clinics and demonstrations on thriving on the playa, Burner Fashion shows and some awesome live performances by hoopers, poi spinners and more.
asli (at) aslidesigns (dot) com

RocknSocks, Earth Friendly Foot Fashion provides sexy over the knee socks to rock in your playa boots. Treat your feet to soft American Made regenerated cotton socks in both women's and men's sizes. Check out our line of Accessories For Extremities, including up-cycled hats, arm warmers, wrist cuffs, and scarves. Online at or in person this summer at various Burning Man focused events, including Prepare for the Playa, on July 15th and August 5th with an entire day filled with other BurnerPreneurs, live peformances, and fashion shows. As well as the Crucible's Playa Bound 7/14, and Beyond the Fence 8/12.
misty (at) rocknsocks (dot) com

Berkeley Hat Company
Welcome to Berkeley Hat Company, the largest selection of men’s and women’s hats in California. We have a HUGE variety of hats, goggles, fur vests, fur leggings, claws, tutus, masks, wigs, wings, gloves, top hats, mini top hats, bowlers, wide brim sun hats, sunglasses, fascinators, Tilleys, animal hats, dress hats, clown hats, Egyptian hats, Kentucky Derby hats, fuzzy hats, leather hats, pirate hats, pimp hats, propeller hats, steampunk hats, sequin hats, straw hats, rice patty hats, western hats, berets, fedoras, turbans, kufis, light-up gloves, spirit hoods, crowns, bow ties, pith helmets, mustaches, eyelashes, beards, ears, noses, whiskers, tails, makeup, Pink Fuzzy Gorilla Suits, and much more!

We sold Burning Man tickets for over 10 years, and Burners have faithfully been coming to our store for twenty-five years. Check out our website at, give us a call at 510-549-2955, or come into our store, 2510 Telegraph Avenue, four blocks south of the UC Berkeley campus! We are open seven days a week, and we are really cool!
berkeleyhat (at) gmail (dot) com

BeastWares is a tiny, independent clothing line out of San Francisco. We believe in abject silliness and looking dang good while doing it. We also dearly love shiny things. We design and produce furry beast hats, shiny, spanky Glitter Britches rockstar pants, and truly wicked utility-bustles, among other things. Basically, we live to make you look awesome.

We sell online and at select retailers, and also at several shows a year; this year you can find us at:

-Chillin' Productions Anniversary Event--June 23 at Mezzanine, SF.
Awesome selection of designers and local artists.

-Renegade LA--July 28/29
Renegade Craft Madness

-Prepare for the Playa--July 15 and August 5
Truly epic event, completely playa-centric... the most comprehensive Burner event out there.

Come say hello! We don’t bite. Much.
beastwares (at) gmail (dot) com

Intergalactic Hobo
Leather hip bags, leather and feather accessories and clothing! Custom work requests are welcome!

I make quality leather hip bags, utility belts, and holster bags made with passion and love from mostly up-cycled materials.
Everything is hand sewn with durability and long life in mind.
I also feature jewelery, leather accessories and clothing.

Need something you don't see here? Want something for a special event or costume? See something you like but want a different color or size? Just ask! I love custom work, just drop me a line and tell me what your needs are!
intergalactichobo (at) gmail (dot) com

Sefirah Fierce Designs
Sefirah Fierce Designs creates fearless men’s and women’s attire with a flamenco twist, victorian elegance, and gothic edge. Featuring a collection of exquisitely tailored jackets, leather tops, and long dancing skirts and pants, Sefirah brings you elegant, edgy clothing for the dance floor and beyond. I will also be showing my fashions at the Prepare for the Playa events this summer on July 15th and August 5th in San Francisco. Check out my web store or try things on in person at one of the SF events.
sefirahfierce (at) gmail (dot) com
Fashionable, fun and flattering women's clothing & costume essentials that are perfect for the Playa and beyond. Many items incorporate unique details like ruffles, sparkles, laces, chains, and shamanic patterns, transforming beautiful festival clothing (and you) into a work of visionary art. Feel gorgeous and playa-ready all year round with our skirts, shorts, pants, coats and glittery body decor. Friendly return policy and fast & affordable shipping within the USA.
sales (at) playaclothing (dot) com

Frenzy Universe
Frenzy Universe offers affordable apparel, accessories, and supplies for misfits of time and space, including steampunks, dieselpunks, and other retro-futurists, as well as circus freaks, faeries, pirates, burlesque performers, and dancers, musicians, and revelers of every ilk. We offer costume foundation items for men and women, accessories from hats to spats, and supplies, such as vacuum tubes, gears, watch parts, and Russian veiling. We want to help you express yourself freely through art and fashion!

Thank you to the many Burners who supported us last year! To get 15% off your order in 2012, enter the code BURN12 in the shopping cart or on the payment page at checkout!
info (at) frenzyuniverse (dot) com

Fox Treasures
By burners, for burners! We offer competitive pricing and a lot of custom work. We specialize in Playa Wear, Hair Accessories, and much more.
Whether you're looking for warm and cuddly playa coat or sexy tribal bra or flowy pair of pants - we got it all to dress you up and down!

All purchases will include a surprise present!

We've been providing custom clothing for burner community since 2009. We have plenty of domestic and international happy customers. We currently sell through Etsy and our website is coming very soon!
foxtreasure (at) gmail (dot) com

Ragged Imaginings
One of a kind leather wearable wonders. Built for romping and playing on the playa and beyond. Everything is handmade and built last.

I work primarily with buckskin, the softest thing against your skin, and make a range of beautiful and utilitarian pieces. From bottle holsters and belt bags, to wrap skirts and headdresses all made with love and attention to detail.
Raggedimaginings (at) gmail (dot) com

Lone Wolf
Sexy, empowering chain jewelry for the whole body! Some can be worn up to 10 ways, so your creativity never stops. They go with all your burner outfits and look hot on default world clothes, too.

Head chains, foot chains, hand chains, and our favorite: body chains, to help you express anything you want, from Roman Goddess to Warrior Princess, to wood nymph or a well accessorized bunny rabbit.

They're all handmade in California by two burner babes.
themollypearsonproject (at) gmail (dot) com


While we understand and utilize the healing benefits of playa dust, we also acknowledge its harm when one is exposed to it in excess. We are here to help you on your journey by providing you with the best lung protection for your earthly endeavors. Specifically aimed at the elements of the Black Rock desert (not only playa dust, but also Actively Burning Toxic Material Smoke! Yuk!), the masks we carry are the best choice in filtration effectiveness, breathing ease, and appearance.

Workin' on getting PINK this year...

info (at) playalung (dot) com

Big Love to everyone who supported in 2011!

Dr. Alex Meu
info (at) playalung (dot) com

Hipstarr Designs
From everyday ware to festival flare! Handmade one-of-kind clothes from sustainable sources, stretchy soft cozy pants dresses tops and hoodies you can move in, feel sexy in, for a full range of dancing fun possibilities....
Listentothehorse (at) yahoo (dot) com

InVisions by Crystal Tara
We offer high Quality Visionary Apparel and Accessories, using Eco friendly inks and exclusively Licensed Art, by world renowned Artist’s including; Alex Grey, Michael Dubois, Carey Thompson and many more. In addition, we are offering an edgy and exciting Line of Leather Apparel and Accessories that will make the Playa Jump for Joy. This Line is pure Art; from cutting edge Vests, Gun Belts, Hip Belts and Skirts that are as ornate and intricately detailed as the Temples on the Playa, yet gorgeous, supple, and edgy. We are confident that our community of Burners, Artists, Dreamers and Thinkers, will want to indulge their senses with the sumptuous palette of colors, studs, hand made casts and appliqué on this exceptional line of Leather Artwear.

We will be showing our apparel this summer in San Francisco at these great Burner inspired events: Beyond the Fence (July 8 & Aug 12) and Prepare for the Playa (July 15 & Aug 5). If you can’t make it to any of these events, you can always visit our webstore at any time:
info (at) crystaltara (dot) com

Organic Armor
Organic Armor sculpts costumes that look like ancient metal or leather, but they are lightweight and flexible. You can be a celestial warrior or burlesque fairy queen all night AND be comfortable! We make playa cowboy hats, horns of many sizes, steampunk top hats, bustier sets, belly dance wear, circlets, and all sorts of accessories. Order online or find us at Prepare for the Playa on 8/5 along with many other wonderful BurnerPreneurs. All our work is one of a kind and handmade with love in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC.
jennifer (at) organicarmor (dot) com

Wild on the Inside Faux Fur Coats
Wild on the Inside Faux Fur Coats

Its been 8 years that I have been designing and creating faux fur coats for Burners and quit my day job after being inspired to create after my first Burning Man experience in 2004. I’m still thrilled to be able to do what I love for my community and create a business around it! So with much gratitude, Thank you!

I creating the largest selection of Faux Fur Coats ready to ship available today! Handmade and full of utility like double zipper inside pockets, hydration packs, reversible, durable and soft fur lining - everything you need for your night time adventures on the playa!

Available ready to ship in my online store or see me in my SF shows Prepare for the Playa on July 15th and August 5th to try them on in person! I will also have a set in the Fashion Shows and teaching a how to clinic in the Playa University so hope to see you and get you prepped in SF this summer!

If it can be made in faux fur... then I make it! Hoodie Vests, Chaps, Hats, Shrugs, Furkini’s, Boot Covers and more!
wildfauxfur (at) gmail (dot) com

Miss G Designs

Miss G Designs is a one woman show based in Los Angeles. Caley is the sole designer of her one-of-a-kind, handmade creations. She can make you the perfect custom headdress for the playa!
Please check out the archive gallery on her website if you are interested in ordering a custom piece.
You can also see her complete collections at Pretty much everything you see can be made in any color, size and style to match your fabulous imagination!
Caley takes extra care to make sure her pieces are playa friendly! :)

Miss G Designs will be vending at the Prepare for the Playa event at Cafe Cocomo on July 15th in SF!

Miss G
missgdesigns (at) gmail (dot) com

Gypsy Streetwear Firefly Style
Firefly Style clothing line opened a boutique in the heart of 1474 haight ashbury! 415-349-7725 We are a USA made clothing company with men and women's gear. Also at 2002 S Congress Austin TX. We will be at Prepare for the Playa events July 15th and August 5th with other BurnerPreneurs carrying playa specific desert gear, How to Clinics, Burner Fashion in San Francisco at Cafe Cocomo!
gypsystreetwear (at) gmail (dot) com

IRON & FIRE ritual adornment
IRON & FIRE's unique and one-of-a-kind offerings include: talisman necklaces, leather macrame and fringe accessories, leather and chain body harnesses, belts, hair adornments, breastplates, feather and bone totem jewelry, and unisex leather wrist-armor.

IRON & FIRE adornment pieces are handcrafted for fellow urban mystics, seekers, and nomads. Each piece is inspired by the sublime beauty of nature, the wisdom and traditions of indigenous cultures, and a vision of the future world we are capable of creating through conscious evolution. Each unique adornment is created using a combination of salvaged leathers, found treasures from Mama Gaia, repurposed materials, vintage tribal components, semi-precious stones, and oxidized metals. My design materials, like my jewels, are unique and often one-of-a-kind. To create pieces of the most potent magic, it's important to me to know where my design materials come from, and that my animal components have been acquired as ethically as possible. With the sale of each piece, I pass along this knowledge to my customers, and they take with them the intrinsic medicine, energy, and love, that make each one so special!
morgenlove (at) gmail (dot) com

Festooned Butterfly
Festooned Butterfly specializes in unique vintage clothing, and custom costumes.

Custom costuming created from your vision, and handcrafted to fit you! I make costumes for all sizes & ages.

Festooned Butterfly also carries custom crafted high quality steel-boned corsets (made here in the USA by Festooned Butterfly), ready to wear and custom pieces available.
fstned.butterfly (at) gmail (dot) com

Vesica Piscis Hoops
My shop consists of three main components: Hula Hoops (fire and day hoops), Festival clothing (crazy hats skirts etc) and artwork. All clothing an hula hoops are designed with travel in mind. Most of the hoops break down or collapse into convenient traveling sizes so that you don't have to be inhibited about where you go just because you brought your hoop with you. All hats and clothes have hidden pockets, perfect for your wallet, ID, or bag of pixie dust. All items in my shop are completely handmade with passion and love.
vesicapiscishoops (at) gmail (dot) com


JADED MINX is the pioneer creator of cutting edge, avante garde, steampunk, apocalyptic, and futuristic, trend-setting GOGGLES, GAS MASKS, RESPIRATORS and related ‘ARTWEAR’.

We specialize in pushing the envelope and breaking boundary restraints in industrial and urban SURVIVAL fashion. Our goggles have shatterproof UV-400 lenses and adjustable elastic straps. We also offer several styles of ‘OVER-SIZED’ GOGGLES that fit over prescription glasses.
Our fully functional ‘EDGY’ RESPIRATORS and GAS MASKS aid in eliminating symptoms of toxic exposure, hazardous chemicals, and pollutants, which include coughing, irritation of the eyes and lungs, rashes, headaches and nausea. They are perfect for protection from the Playa’s ‘at times’ unpredictable conditions. We also make gas masks that are strictly a ‘fashion statement’.

We’ve been supplying ‘BURNERS’ with affordable SURVIVAL GEAR for a number of years now, going out of our way to make your BURNING MAN experience both pleasant and safe.

So if you're looking for originality and edge...look no further, you've come to the right place.

info (at) jadedminx (dot) com

Trixy Xchange

Trixy is rockin' world domination in stilettos and short dresses, paired with exotic european hosiery and hand made gloves that reach to the sky. She doesn't follow the trends, she IS the trend.

I make almost everything that I sell by hand. I specialize in UV reactive (blacklight-reactive) furry hats, leg warmers, arm warmers, dreadfalls and clothing. Check it out...I think you'll like it. :)

trixyxchange (at) gmail (dot) com

A Wild Thang!
Playa wear designed by a Burner for Burners. Inspired and tested over many years on the Playa. Clothes that dress your passionate, beautiful and wild side, Wild Thang Festive Apparel items are unique, fine-crafted, practical and stunning. Many one-of-a-kind options to choose from including:
Lace and mesh pants and dresses, loose and light comfy playa shirts with hoods, faux-fur coats, vests, hoods, hats, chaps and colorful spandex pants and hot shorts. I have specialty items designed just for the Playa such as “Elegant Arms”, “Scoods”, pieces that defy description and more. Custom orders are available.
Wild Thang Festive Apparel is an independent, locally owned business. Pieces are designed individually and made here in my studio to be enjoyed for many burns to come. WTFA is committed to your pleasure. Start your burn now and call for showroom hours or an appointment.
Wild thang Festive Apparel
1406 2nd St. Suite 3
San Rafael CA (across from Arco)
(415) 482-7640.
festiveapparel (at) gmail (dot) com

Frock You Vintage Clothing
Attention Fellow Burners ~ We, at Frock You Vintage Clothing, Feature Hand Picked (with Love) Vintage Burning Man Costumes. Vintage furs, neon, fun and fabulousness at great prices. The Burning Man Themed 'Huge Frocking Sale' is August 10,11&12th in the Heart of San Diego. 4121 Park Blvd. about a mile north of Balboa Park and the Zoo. We have fantastic outfits all of the time, year round for your (and our) Burning Man Experience. We are so excited to see you all this year on The Playa! Let's Get Dusty!
Info (at) frockyouvintage (dot) com

Wear With Attitude
*Funky Faux Fur Hats and Men's Dance Pants for Booty Shakin' FUN *

You pick the fur, lining and fabrics and I make the hat or the pants.

Outfitting burners in yummy fuzzy style since 2006.

Would you like to know how to make your own hat? check out the link on my site for a 'how to' video for the famous 'Ears' style hat.

Use coupon code 'jackrabbit' upon checkout and receive an additional 15% off until July 20th.
mspresto (at) wearwithattitude (dot) com

Rimmon Fabrics
Rimmon Fabrics-Burner owned and run!


The Secret Source and Wholesaler to designers and fabrics stores nationwide,

Rimmon Fabrics on Pico just east of Sepulveda in West LA has a wide selection of unusual fabrics, leather, new and vintage buttons.

Come on down and check out your costume source.
Burners get a special gift with purchase !

Rimmon Fabrics
11054 West Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064

(310) 478-1105

Call to make sure we are in. Usually in 8am-5pm weekdays, but you never know so call on the way.
danrimmon (at) aol (dot) com

Love Of Rama
Ello, My name is Monique: I'm a small town girl from Wyoming who dreamt of the West coast, and finally made it! I now live in the Santa Cruz mountains, where I'm surrounded by beauty and inspiration. I love to create anything and everything: clothing, feather earrings, feather accessories, wire wraps, beaded and hemp jewelry, and even paintings and photographs. I pour love and positive intention into everything I create. Also, most of the clothing I make is from recycled material that I either sew, serge, or tie back together. I love to give new life to forgotten or cast aside objects- it's good for the soul and Mother Earth. Infinite love to all of you!
moniqueshernandez (at) gmail (dot) com

Dragon Nymph Magical Accessories
Dragon Nymph Magical Accessories is the creation of Ticah and Jewel, a mother and daughter team. The business grew out Ticah's desire for elf ears.
Finding none that were awesome enough, we decided to make our own!
They are completely hand made from copper/silver plated copper wire and leather and gemstones. They are fully adjustable/comfortable and don't require any piercings to wear!
We have many more colors/styles than are listed on our website....Including Black light/ and glow elf ears!
mothra (at) sopris (dot) net

Bustle Packs
Bustle Packs are form-flattering hip purses that free your hands for all the fun in life. The lined purse wraps around the hips on an adjustable belt.
No two are alike. All have recycled elements, like zippers and linings from clean, gently worn clothes. They are all machine washable and have a lifetime guarantee.
Bustle Packs are handmade by Kimberly in Central Virginia and Lillian in Denver, Colorado. Please visit our shop at
bustlepacks (at) gmail (dot) com

Box 185
Box 185 is a New York City-based fashion design company specializing in one-of-a-kind apparel and accessories. Designing with the confident, independent, and risk-taking woman in mind, the success of Box 185 can also be attributed to her own personal philosophy: “Nothing comes out of my studio unless it’s something that I love and would definitely wear. All items are one of a kind, special occasion!
srkeiser (at) yahoo (dot) com

LEATHER UTILITY BELTS, bags, HOLSTERS, ONE OF A KIND jewelry and clothing for men and women. Our belts with convenient pockets are the perfect accessory for the playa!

To use please enter discount code: FERTILITY
You can use your discount on all items at:
ellkosales (at) gmail (dot) com

Clothing and Accessories - For When You Want To Walk On The FurrSide!

Your affordable alternative for Fantastic, Faux-Furr Shrugs, Hats, Loin Cloths (with tails); Halter Tops and Skirts. I sew them all myself! My shrugs and hats are a lot of fun and they keep me nice and warm on those cool playa evenings, and they can keep you warm too!

All purchases include a FREE furr Bracelet. However, if you purchase a hat and shrug in the same order, you get a set of furr cuffs for FREE!

I will be one of the vendors at the Prepare for the Playa event on Sunday, July 15th, at Club Cocomo, 650 Indiana Street, San Francisco. This is a By-Burner, For-Burner event (all the vendors are Burners) and they know first-hand what you need for the desert. If you are in the Bay Area, do come by. There is NO admission fee! And there is PLENTY of FREE PARKING! For more info, please visit -

Wishing you warm, fuzzy hugs!

aka: JustGwen
(Burning since 2000)
furrplay123 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Happy Hatz
Faux fur and ethnic textile hats and bags.
tzippp (at) gmail (dot) com

Diva Dreads
Diva Dreads is a small business located in the heart of Southern California. We specialize in dread-falls and custom hair pieces for people of all walks of life.

All of our dreads are thoroughly hand back-combed and tightly sealed to ensure they are hard-wearing and will last a long time. Our style of dreads, standard or skinny, taper dramatically at the ends which gives length without the added weight.

Our dreads can be customized in many different ways. The styles we currently offer are solid, blended, swirled, transitional and curled.
divadreads2009 (at) gmail (dot) com

Hipstirrbelts are a Playa Essential!
I have an amazing collection of leather belts and clothes this year, accented with beautiful colors and gorgeous designs.
There are many new styles full of pockets and pouches and secret compartments ...with a Hipstirr belt there is a place for everything...
You can carry all of your gear with you AND know where it is at all times... maximizing your Playa play time.

Visit us on line or stop by the Prepare for the Playa events this summer on July 15th and August 5th entire event filled with playa specific desert gear, How to Clinics and demonstrations on thriving on the playa.

Where is your HIPSTIRR?
ruby (at) hipstirrbelts (dot) com

Promise's Parasols
Sexy, Sassy and Unusual Parasols for events, festivals, vacation, Burning Man, lazy days at the beach, or as an awesome gift. Nothing Ordinary! You've never been shaded like this. Promise!
redkarryn (at) gmail (dot) com

Fire Grog Studio
Psychedelic accessories - handmade fractal, rainbow, and kaleidoscopic jewelry. Vamp and Kitsch. Burlesque and Showgirls. Glam, playa-worthy wearables, both vintage and handmade. Fab vintage shoes, coats, accessories. Captain of the Etsy Black Rock City Crew (EtsyBRC), a collective of burner-centrique shops offering special pre- and post-playa discounts.
firegrog (at) gmail (dot) com

My-Burning-Desires.Com is an Extremely Unique store…for Uniquely Extreme People! is not just a store, it’s a community project and we welcome you to become a part of it.

What we are trying to accomplish is to connect talented people and artists with a craft or art they wish to sell, with people who are looking to own and appreciate it. The artisan gets paid what they wanted for the item and any additional profit from the sale goes back to help the site grow, fund our Non-Profit Luminous Arts Foundation, The Nautibus project, and other great artistic and social endeavors.

We are creating a winning synergy for all that’s involved-

-The artisan that sold their item and is supporting their craft.
-The purchaser that bought that unique item that they now love.
-The website that has provided the forum to sell the item is able to grow.
-The burner community that gets additional funds to support their local projects.

Our aspirations and wishes for the site are for it to grow and evolve into a philanthropic business that is able to seek out and support many artists, Burning Man events and other great causes beyond our local community.
info (at) My-Burning-Desires (dot) com

Made by Julianne
Don't just wear your heart on your sleeve--wear it all over your body!

I specialize in the fabulous and colorful, particularly zipper dust masks, funky leggings, and snuggly coats and hoods for chilly nights on the playa.

Each item in my shop is handmade, often using recycled materials. You can be sure that your piece will last for many burns without a single MOOP incident! I also love collaborating on custom designs, so let's make your fantasy wardrobe a reality.
juliannemd (at) gmail (dot) com

Fabric Planet
Fabric Planet is your best source for playa-worthy textiles on LA's Westside! We carry a large selection of faux furs, stretchy neons, sparkles and sequins, as well as a huge selection of trims. You'll find exactly what you need to make your playa outfit, art piece, or theme camp stand out from the dusty crowd!

We also have a full-service sewing department that can help make your visions come to life. Our fabulous staff will do their best to answer any questions and help brainstorm new ideas.

Come visit us in Venice at 423 Lincoln Blvd, or give us a call at (310)310-3049.
fabricplanet (at) hotmail (dot) com

Earth Cultured
UTILITY BELTS made of one-of-a-kind, up-cycled camel leather!! Burners get 10% OFF with code "WELCOMEHOME". :)
earthcultured (at) yahoo (dot) com

Fun with purpose. Hand embellished and Burning Man inspired, each item in my shop is unique and has a story all its own. I've traveled far and wide to bring together a vast array of charming notions and nonsense. You're bound to find some fine thread or sweet lid to add to your Black Rock City ensemble. Not just for the playa, I breathe a new life of fun and function into each of my pieces of art. Where and how you wear my work is up to you. Be bold. Be you. Have fun...Burning Man Style!
rhondamail (at) aol (dot) com

The Melting Pot World Emporium
Serving the Burning Man community for over 16 years. The Melting Pot World Emporium, Reno's Coolest Store, is the Granddaddy of Burner Boutiques. Voted best place to shop for Playa garb consecutive years running in the Reno News & Review. Owned & operated by veteran burners and home of The Midnite Popcorn Palace. "Popcorn to the People". We feature cutting edge couture clothing from extreme tribal to sexy diva with a bit of Sparkle Pony sprinkled on top. We specialize in unique items from fair trade manufacturers as well as small indie designers. Some of the products we carry include goggles, bandanas, body paint, tights, tutus, bindis, nippies, corsets, lingerie, belly dance apparel, party wear, more goggles, amazing men's wear, hats, crazy hats, faux fur fashion, hip belts, bad a** boots, pipe room, prayer flags, tapestries, jewelry, and a superb steampunk selection. Oh, and did we mention goggles? Thank You for supporting local businesses which helps to keep our community strong,
moniquebaron3 (at) me (dot) com

Bandit Mask Fashions
Fashion & costumes for Burners, Ravers, Club Kids, Fairies, and fans of the Whimsical, Unique and Colorful.
info (at) djevenflo (dot) com

She's So Pretty
Ok, so what you really need to be asking yourself is.... Who doesn’t need a monster bra?! My fluffy, furry bras are ridiculously fun to wear! Don't see what you are looking for? I welcome custom orders!
My creations are one of a kind and my inventory is always changing. Please be sure to revisit my Etsy storefront often!
mindy (at) shessopretty (dot) com

Desert Rogue Designs
Desert Rogue Designs offers unique handcrafted leather designs such as utility burner belts, funky skirts, vests, bags, fanny packs, holsters, etc. Also available are tribal earrings handcarved from wood, camel bone, and cow horn. Awesome gear and practical too!! We will be at Prepare for the Playa August 5th and everything is under $100!! :) Check out our photos for some great ideas!
doriancados (at) gmail (dot) com

Coyote Counter Collective
Coyote Counter Collective is a cooperatively run boutique & art gallery in North Oakland that offers awesome reconstructed garments, amazing jewelry, custom and ready to wear leather work, fresh fine art on the walls, and a unique reconstruction service where customers can bring in garments and have them altered, mutated, and evolved to fit any desire.

Coyote Counter Collective
423 40 th St @ Webster
Telegraph / Temescal / Macarthur Thurs-Sun 12-6 & by appointment
info (at) coyotecounter (dot) com

Medium Reality
Medium Reality is sustainable as hell! This line of reconstructed clothing fits in perfectly on or off the playa! Button down shirts, jackets, and pants round out a wardrobe that fits in on the dance floor, at the office, or covered in dust in Bruno's while you desperately try to remember how to work that whole "money" thing. Laser cut applique shapes and added pockets make it all ok. Find us: Wonderland SF (MR menswear only) Coyote Counter Collective Oakland Prepare for the Playa special events July 15 & August 5
web (at) mediumreality (dot) com

KILTS & SLIPS: SILLIKILTS (TM) & SLASHED SLIPS We all love a Man in a Kilt, y'know? but those Utilikilts are so...UTILITARIAN! Boys, git yer Kilt attitude on with a silly one from I create unique ones -- brocade, cowboys, polka dots, stripes+plaid, little fruits... Mostly One of a Kind. Add a cargo pocket, and you can still wear your podbelt! I'm a 12-year burner, and as much as I love those khaki thingies, when I look at them I just want to see Color! Dots! Bright! Stripes! These are designed just for you, and for Burning Man. Each will be unique. They take a while, so a month lead time is the best. While you're there, take a look at my Reconstructed Lingerie -- dyed, slashed, embellished -- Furry Hats, and Arm Wear perfect for playa prancing at Free shipping to Burners! (message code JRSspeaks) Proud member of the Etsy Burner Team (search tag "etsybrc team"). Hope to recognize you on the playa! Ass^trid
aolafsen (at) cox (dot) net

SAFETY THIRD tees for big girls and boys Custom and OOAK work shirts, tshirts & shorts celebrating explosions, amputations, radioactivity, fire, smoke & effluvia, and running with scissors. Enjoy the hand-screened, handmade charm of Burners' favorite phrase! And if you have a safety-related suggestion, I might just make that one, too. A Burner since 2000, with scars to prove it! Hope to recognize you on the playa. Proud member of the Etsy Burner Team Etsy Black Rock City Crew (search tag "etsybrc team"). =>> Free shipping to Burners! (message code JRSspeaks) <== Ass^trid
safetythird (at) cox (dot) net

Radical Curve
Radical Curve is the brainchild of Alex Nayberg, a twelve year Burning Man veteran. During his 359 days a year away from Home, Alex is focused on creating pieces that work on the playa and also in the default world. Firmly planted in its roots, Radical Curve painstakingly gives birth to a unique combination of apparel: fashionable but also practical, comfortable and customizable.

Alex's background in choreography lends itself nicely to designing for the dance floor. You may not notice the small details until you're out on the playa but you'll be pleasantly surprised when you do. Each Radical Curve piece is crafted with a careful eye for customizations for active dancers. Customizations that allow Burners to quickly zip/unzip/unlatch a piece to quickly cool down, warm up. And, of course, every piece comes with a couple of secret pockets.
anayberg (at) yahoo (dot) com

Spineret Boutique
Spineret is a collective boutique of emerging SF Bay Area designers and artists. Our summer collection is focused on an affordable and unique women's clothing line inspired by global culture. Spineret marries daintiness and durability; most of our garments are one of a kind appealing to the desire to stand out in a crowd and invite conversation. Our main inspiration is the radical artistic community, which gives us a chance to fully express our creativity within designs. Look for us vending and teaching a class at the Prepare for the Playa events on July 15th and August 5th.

We are also hosting The Absinthe Ball on August 10th, an event focused on expanding our inspiring community, with a burner prep marketplace, fine art and music. Please join us if you are in the Bay Area!
info (at) spineretboutique (dot) com

We specialize in creating one of a kind jewelry, accessories and headwear using materials such as bones, teeth, stones of all kinds, Lots of Brass, shells, feathers, leathers of all kinds, using as much as possible recycled materials, and unique finds from different places around the world.
melannyc (at) hotmail (dot) com

KrakenWhip makes upcycled and organic fabric clothing and accessories for all sorts of Playa folk--bustle skirts, bike inner tube pocket belts, funky shirts, Jellyfish dresses, stripey pants and more! I've got creations for goths, steampunks, fairies, druids, ravers, and tribal folk. Everything is handmade in my Oakland apartment while dreaming of the desert splendor of Burning Man. You can find find me on Etsy and at the Oakland First Friday Art Murmurs along Telegraph, Beyond the Fence Trunk Show on July 8, the Prepare for the Playa events this summer on July 15th and August 5th, and the Retox Rumble July 21. The Prepare for the Playa events will have fashion shows, How-To demonstrations for making playa life especially awesome, tons of vendors with unique wares, hooping, dancing, and awesome music--and it's free!
cyberkristin (at) gmail (dot) com

Ethereal Elements
‘Ethereal elements’ is a creative collaboration to provide unique, cutting edge, high quality fashion for men and women equally. Our designs are practical and innovative… we use the best hand picked fabrics and original design techniques. We keep full spectrum living in mind, so that one can travel light... as we travel into the ethers while living on earth... We will also be showing my creations at the Prepare for the Playa events this summer on July 15th with an entire event filled with other BurnerPreneurs with playa specific desert gear, How to Clinics and demonstrations on thriving on the playa, Burner Fashion shows and some awesome live performances by hoopers, poi spinners and more.
etherealelemental (at) hotmail (dot) com

Foxy Monster
Reversible fake fur Bear Hoods for adults & children. Foxy Monster is dedicated to the mission of spreading love, smiles, & goofiness, while keeping heads and necks warm. Handmade original hats since 2005. Increasing cuteness by 400%
smashleywyatt (at) gmail (dot) com

Spring Carver Designs
I will be showing my funky and fantastic playa inspired jewelry at the Prepare for the Playa events this year on July 15th and August 5th. The event will be filled with other burner inspired clothing and accessories and it will sure to be a great time! Come by my booth UPSTAIRS at Cafe Cocomo and check out my handmade rings, chain necklaces, and leather earrings. Take a look at my Etsy as well for year round access to my store!
springcarver (at) gmail (dot) com

This is my second year with my online clothing business. I make handmade clothing, jewelry, hats, belts and bags etc. I use the finest fabrics as well as other materials to make my products. I'm available for special orders, one of a kind outfits/costumes. I've incorporated other garments and accessories that are made right here in the USA that I feel are of quaility and that my customers will enjoy as well. I now live here in Gardnerville,right outside Reno,NV and getting to know everyone here has been a blast. Last year I helped with the Temple, which was a total blast and look forward to contribute to Burning Man on the next level. Thank you for this opportunity to participate in the resource list, have a beautiful day.
mbarbara37 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Tamo Design
Tamo Design produces a wide range of innovative creations men & women, many of which cater to the Burning Man and nightlife communities. Designing since 2004, Tamo's styles focus on functional urban chic, while still being elegant and versatile. In addtion to her regular men's and women's lines, Tamo also specializes in custom and one-of-a-kind items that helps the wearer extend their creative edges and express themselves.

Tamo is well known for her high quality custom men's and women's faux fur jackets, vests, and the original Playa "hoodie" which has become a Burning Man staple. Tamo's men's tops & pants have also become a big hit on the playa for their comfort and unique style.

Special 10% discount given to orders placed by July 30th! Use the code: tamodesign
tamo (at) tamodesign (dot) com

Silver Lucy Design
Dedicated to helping women look and feel amazing, our original designs challenge the fashion mainstream by approaching each piece from an architectural and personal perspective. Each design is hand-cut to ensure quality, keeping the integrity of the individual style intact. Infused with healthy doses of color, detail and texture, you're sure to turn heads - looking and feeling amazing!
silverlucy (at) silverlucydesign (dot) com

Feral Neon
Feral Wear is all about the neon! In Feral's opinion there is not nearly enough blacklight at the burn, or actually, in the default world. Feral Wear sells Fur Codpieces, Muff Packs, Scapes, Capes, and Playa Pants, all in the most intense neon colors!
Feralneon (at) yahoo (dot) com

A perspective changing, totally legal drug that sits on the end of your nose! We have a wide range of spectacles that will transform your vision, without giving you any problems with the law... Not safe for driving though!
itchybiscuit (at) gmail (dot) com

Phoenix Rising Designs
Burner Fashion for Men, Women, and Babies...inspired by 15 years on the Playa and our beloved Burner community. We create clothing to catalyze self expression. All of our clothing is guaranteed to be Playa sturdy and dancefloor comfortable...You can purchase directly from our website or come find us in SF. We will be showing at the Prepare for the Playa events this summer on July 15th and August 5th with an entire event filled with other BurnerPreneurs with playa specific desert gear, How to Clinics and demonstrations on thriving on the playa, Burner Fashion shows and some awesome live performances by hoopers, poi spinners and more.
isaacrappaport (at) gmail (dot) com

Faabrika Creations
"If you can hallucinate it, I can create it...'

Custom: Costumes, Coats, Ritual wear.
From the 8-armed light-up Popedopus
to an 8 foot Caterpillar complete with mushroom skirt.
A glowing Rose Petal Playa Wedding Dress to a Snorkle hooded leather sleeved Playa Coat.
I can help bring whatever is within you--- to the outside world of the Playa and beyond.

Starting to book up, but my dance card has a few special spots left...

I look forward to hearing from you and creating something fantastical!
yours Costumerrily,
faabrikacreations (at) yahoo (dot) com

Primal earthtone fashion magic, for journeying, dancing, exploring, surviving or performing on the playa. Utility belts, made to last from canvas, dustmasks, tapestries to decorate and give shade to your camp. natural texture prints on cotton hoodies and jackets, including a cracked earth pattern, helps you blend in. I will also be showing my creations at the Prepare for the Playa events this summer on July 15th and August 5th with an entire event filled with other BurnerPreneurs with playa specific desert gear, How to Clinics and demonstrations on thriving on the playa, Burner Fashion shows and some awesome live performances by hoopers, poi spinners and more.
dreamtime2013 (at) gmail (dot) com

Bamboo Couture
Bamboo Couture brings you cutting edge organic bamboo apparel & functional elegant accessories. At Bamboo Couture all garments are designed and made with love, sweatshop free in Los Angeles, CA. The "Ruffle Collection" was inspired by our love for music, passion for burlesque & belly dancing and enthusiasm for the Circus and performing arts.
BambooCouture (at) gmail (dot) com

The Menagerie Costumes
The Menagerie Costumes
1999 S. Virginia St.
Reno, NV 89502

Need body paint that will hold up to the harsh playa conditions? We are the Reno/Sparks area distributor for Ben Nye makeup. We also have playa fur, goggles, and other accessories for sale. What about renting a costume? Wait...renting something that's going to the playa... are you crazy? Well, if it's something that can go into the washing machine, yes, we'll rent it to you. There are thousands of costumes and accessories in our store and we are a burner-owned business.
menageriecostumes (at) gmail (dot) com

Retro City Fashions
Verner the burner has been providing playa wear in San Francisco and Berkeley since 1980 something . . .
SIX great shopping locations from Vintage to Used Clothing to Thrift . . .
$ "Clothes Contact" the whole store "Fashions and Fabrics by the Pound"
$ "Mission Thrift" Thrift Store Glam, Popa Usada
$ "Haight Ashbury Vintage" now Pop Up Vintage Thrift
$$ "Held Over" from fine to funky
$$ "Mars" invaders of closet space
$$$ R"La Rosa Vintage Boutique" la creme de la creme
retrocity (at) retrocity (dot) com

Nectar Creations
Combining natural and eco friendly fibers into something easily dressed up or down NECTAR strives to provide the essentials!! That favorite pair of gaucho pants that you can wear with almost anything or a simple cute dress that becomes one of the only things you take with you on that surf trip to the tropics..........It's about comfort that is not only flattering but tastefully sexy and extremely practical after all how many articles of clothing do we really need as long as we have a few that make us feel really good when we wear them.
amy (at) nectarcreations (dot) com

Playa Cracks
Fabulous costume components specifically for Burning Man.
--- Playa tested outfits that are sexy and easy.
--- Night glowing accessories to keep you safely visible at night while looking great.
--- Ready to use EL Wire for you body, clothes, bike or camp.

We are all multi year Burners at Playa Cracks!
patti (at) divabelladesigns (dot) com

Wild Ponies
Its that time of year again where we all are scrambling to get ready for another epic burn! Look no further and join us for our 6th year of prepare for the playa. How to clinics and fashion shows and everything else you will need. New burner we got you covered! Any outfit you have can be spruced up with our one of a kind hand made Wild Ponies. Clip in yarn hair extensions. Any color you desire to match any outfit. Rainbow or just red and black. We look forward to sharing this experience with you. Mention this ad and you will receive ten dollars off a set of ponies! Love and Light
mywildponies (at) gmail (dot) com


Jason Allen Carpentry
We can build you a 12-sheet Hexayurt out of 1" Double Foil-Sided Rmax Poly Foam Board which folds up for easy assembly/dissassembly in four sections using the camp Danger design for a folding hexayurt, We use galvanized U-channel around the hinged door opening and reinforce the door panel in key areas, the entire hexayurt is made with 3" wide Gorilla Tape, The anchoring method is 8 one-foot-long rebar "L-shaped" stakes and a rope halo for the top with six 1/2" rope adjustable anchor lines for the stakes. An extra two rolls of 3" tape are included for onsite assembly on playa and the hexayurt is delivered to you within Portland City Limits wrapped tightly in a tarp which can be used as the floor covering once assembled. Delivery outside this area or to the playa is negotiated on a case-by-case basis. $1000 with a downpayment of $600 at the time of ordering and the balance upon delivery. Please order early as our roster will fill up quickly. Call Jason at 503-756-2813 or email at
jason (at) jasonallencarpentry (dot) com

Alberts RV Rental
RV & Motorhome Rentals
alex (at) albertsrvrental (dot) com
Provides links to resources that may help in planning for your trip to the playa.
penguin (at) playafire (dot) com

Advantage Flight Solutions LLC
YOUR SKYWAY TO THE BURN – WE'LL FLY YA TO THE PLAYA! In 2011 we celebrated our seventh successful year and our 500th playa flight serving the Black Rock International Spaceport! We offer daily nonstop services to the playa from Reno, the Bay Area, Northern California, Southern California, the Pacific Northwest, and Utah. Our Reno-BRC Air Shuttle offers up to 12 daily flights from Reno alone. We save you hours of time each way by avoiding the lines at Gate and Exodus. Our goal: remove at least 800 cars from Exodus in 2012! We offer more than safe, dependable passenger service. As the only Burner-owned, Burner-operated air charter company serving Black Rock City, we contribute and participate. For the past seven years, we've transported crews and construction materials as the City was built. During the event, we've accommodated supply requests, bringing in everything from airline-delayed baggage to tools to aircraft tires. We've built and donated the first BRC Airport Terminal, worked on safety improvement, and even created two theme camps. We look forward to welcoming you aboard! Contact information: Advantage Flight 775-852-3512 Advantage Flight Solutions LLC is an FAA Part 135 air service based at Reno-Tahoe International Airport.
burners (at) advantageflight (dot) com

Linden Mini Storage
Got Gear? Got Art? Got pop-up camper? Need storage until next year? Linden Mini Storage welcomes Burners!! We are centrally located, minutes from Reno airport. We have an on-site manager, who enjoys keeping a watchful eye out for your stuff! We offer a variety of different sized units and we have parking spaces available for cars, trucks and RVs. A family-owned business that loves Burners and their stuff!
reno_storage (at) yahoo (dot) com

Nevada Generator Systems
on-site power generator and motor home pre/post service generator fueling emergency on-site service
nevgen (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

SEA Crew
The SEA Crew is comprised of sailors, engineers, and architects collaborating to engineer shade structures that repurpose sails and other marine surplus. Repurposed sails are ideal for the Playa. They are designed to resist the sun's harsh radiation, precipitation, and prevailing winds. We continue to innovate to riff off of designs that have proven viable against the harsh conditions of the Playa. We continue to explore innovative modes of repurposing/recycling Marine Ware for the Playa. This will be our first year of collaborating with Playa Bike Transport ( They will deliver your structures to the Playa for convenient pick up. Plus they will store your shade structures for next year, so that the convenience is perpetuated indefinitely. Structures' prices vary depending on the materials required. Prices tend to vary between 200 and 500 US dollars. We are certainly open to fun barter alternatives.
The SEA Crew is redefining Playa Shade one structure at a time until we realize our dream of a shade corridor across the Playa!! All proceeds go toward realizing the Shade Corridor.
All inquiries can be addressed to
Derrick Michael Hensman (Coordinator)

On behalf of the SEA Crew, thanks you for your time and consideration.
derrickhensman (at) gmail (dot) com

OmniStar Logistics LLC
OmniStar Logistics is proud to support Burning Man and Burners by helping them ship their unique art projects, and resources needed for Burning Man direct to the Playa.

We leverage our relationships with carriers to get you the best rate so that you can ensure your supplies, art, or project arrives on time, safely and efficiently and cost effectively, regardless of what you are shipping or where you are shipping it from.

You can count on us for your logistics and shipping needs so you can focus on the fun stuff…

Visit our website for more information at or call us at 801-878-7441 or toll free at 1-855-261-2275 ask for Eddie
eddie (at) omnistarlogistics (dot) com

A Sign of Success
Hello Fellow Burners. I can provide all of your vinyl sign needs. If you need to create camp signs, give your art car spots like a lady bug, make a camp banner, have a vinyl decal for your camp to raise funds on kickstarter, create camp buttons or a million other things then contact me so we can work on your project together. I cut vinyl in various shapes and colors that will stick on any smooth surface. Glad to work with burners for their off playa projects as well. Located in Los Angeles but ship anywhere in the world. I hope to see you at Burning Man for my 8th year of amazingness.
asignofsuccess (at) gmail (dot) com

Castaway Trash Hauling Inc.
Help the team at Playa Restoration! You pack it in and we will pack it out (your garbage that is).... Playa Friendly and Familiar. Family Owned and Operated. We provide garbage containers ranging in size from 3 to 30 yards. Make this burn the cleanest burn yet! -- No more MOOP!!! --
steve (at) castawaytrashhauling (dot) com

Airport Van Rental
Last year AVR had over 75 of our Passenger vans attend Burning Man. We are a women owned small business with several locations throughout California. We have a current special that burners can choose to take advantage of "post a picture of you and your van on our facebook page" and receive 10% off your rental. We are not doing this as a marketing gimic to infiltrate BM, but as a way to promote the use of our vans for many different activities through our FB page (group activities, family vacations, etc..) We also partner with a local car wash and negotiate a discount for Burners when returning their vans. We would love to be featured in the Burning Man Issue to reach more of the BM community :) We are also open to any other suggestions you have to work together, if any. I look forward to your response.
alex (at) airportvanrental (dot) com

Missaiyas New World Water world
Bulk purified water, jugs, bottles, dust scarfs, Bike Glow wire, Art and other fun nonsense. Portable water filters as well. We Burn at New World Water.
jtobin6921 (at) aol (dot) com

Disco Dog Ranch
While you are getting down on the Playa, your dog will be digging it at our free-range (no kennels) dog boarding ranch in the Seattle area. It's like summer camp for dogs - they're out playing on securely fenced acreage and sleep in our home at night. They will have as much fun as you, and that's valuable peace of mind!!!
discodogranch (at) gmail (dot) com

I'm LA based EDM photographer who has made a really good name for myself and I'm continue to grow. I'd love to contribute and document for Burning Man
alex.volchek (at) gmail (dot) com

Strahan Ins Svcs Inc
Providing insurance in CA and NV
sweetthang (at) strahaninsurance (dot) com

Event Productions, Inc.
We provide trucking services, 28', 48' , 53' trailers, or 20' containers. Load here in Alameda, we ship round-trip your location in BRC. We can handle smaller shipments as well, accept prepaid shipments. Acquiring Vendor-Pass/Outside Services credentials. Call or see our website for more details. Burner owned company. 2011 Clients included Lost Penguin, AstroCats, OTIC Oasis & The Trojan Horse.
jelk (at) eventproductions (dot) com

Power your camp or art project with the sun!

Playa Tested, Personal Portable Plug & Play Green Power.

The SolMan mobile solar generator.

Built by burners in northern Cali, using top quality components. Used year around for point of use and off-grid living.

Withstands searing heat, winds and dust. Easy to transport.

No noise, fumes, gas can, refilling or expensive fuel!

Or supplement your gas generator, as the SolMan will interconnect, and create a hybrid system.

SolMan Lithum -- 2000watt – advanced battery storage. Enough power for a small sound stage!

SolMan Classic - 1500watt -- RV, lighting and powering kitchens, refrigerators, camp pods, creativity.

SolMan ActionPacker -- 1000watt - great for art projects, personal power, fits in trunk of a car.

New high power, super efficient LED work lights available.

We are now doing complete solar power managed rental services, including a 25 ft solar/bio-diesel hybrid that will put out 7kW electric 24/7, and smaller solar/LED light tower trailers, for all night light + power.

We do consulting, custom designs, and source anything you need for solar power and LED lighting.

Special Burner pricing: 10% off any order now until Augest 15th., Playa delivery and setup can be arranged..
sales (at) sol-solutions (dot) com

Bently Biofuels Company
For 2012 We will be back for our 7th year on the playa. Simply, we supply biodiesel (B20 and B100) to eco-conscious burners primarily for diesel powered vehicles (on road and mutant) and diesel powered generators. Please contact us early as fuel logistics need to be pre-arranged.

Carlo (775) 720-0754 mobile/SMS
carlo.luri (at) bentlybiofuels (dot) com

Playa Bike Transport
PLAYA BIKE TRANSPORT is both a service, and a theme camp.

We collectively buy and transport bikes for burners worldwide. On our website:
• Buy a lightly used hybrid bike for $175. It's your bike! You own it! (MSRP $550!)
• Rent a bike for $100.
• Bike Transport is $50 from SF to BRC, round trip. Open to everyone.

• We run a "Bike Lounge," with a bar, mist, music, shade, and tools.
• Mechanics drop in. Friendly, nurturing, and supportive, they will help anyone fix any bike, free.
• Last year, our first, we fixed over 1,000 bikes!

AFTER THE BURN, we offer:
• Bike transport to SF.
• Cleaning, maintenance, and 12 months storage.
• Bike transport to Burning Man 2013!

YOUR SUPPORT enables us to offer free bike repair on the playa.
Great video here:
PlayaBikeTransport (at) Gmail (dot) com

Temple of Poi
Looking to up your fire dancing skills before you hit the playa? Join us for our upcoming classes geared to beginners through advanced students. Even if you're new to fire, you can join us for our fire class starting July 18 in San Francisco where you will learn fire safety and actually play with the fire in a controlled and supervised setting so you can feel comfortable you know what you need to know to take care of yourself. Private lessons are available for those in need -- contact GlitterGirl directly at GlitterGirl <at> TempleOfPoi <daught> com or check out our website at
GlitterGirl (at) templeofpoi (dot) com

ArtCarSupport is dedicated to supporting the Burning

Remember, we are dedicated to the major, well organized ArtCars and ThemeCamps only. 775-557-2804 JB or Slipstream.
JB (at) ArtCarSupport (dot) com

BarSyl Bazaar (BigWhiteTent) in Gerlach is planning to support the event once again. Our 4th year! We are amazed at your support and thank you from the heart. We will be open again as your final stop before reaching BRC. BEER-ICE-WATER-GOGGLES-BLINK- BLINK & MORE BLINK-SUNSCREEN-HATS-CLOTHES-HOT FOOD-SEXY TOPS-ACCESSORIES-TIGHTS-SHIRTS-SEXY WOMEN SELLING ICE CREAM

Fill you RV or water tanks at the BigWhiteTent on Main Street in Gerlach odd hours, even 3AM!

Support the Wildlife Conservation Ranch and order beer and ice and water ahead of time by emailing JB (at) ArtCarSupport (dot) com
JB (at) ArtCarSupport (dot) com