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Burning Man is an Experiment in Temporary Community.

Because many people only know a world shaped by institutions, service workers and commercial transactions, they may not even recognize the signs of a community. Here are a few of its indicators:


Communities are built on the recognition of the unique abilities of every member. Commerce and the public service sector outside of BRC define us on the basis of deficiency and need.


Community activities incorporate celebration, parties, and other social events. The line between work and play becomes blurred. The human nature of everyday life becomes part of the way you work. You will know that you are in a community if you often hear laughter and singing.

Collective Effort

Community is cooperative uniting us as varied members of one body. By contrast, when we consume a service, we’re made passive. Fifty million people may view a television program or consume a beverage in complete isolation from one another.


In the community, transactions of value take place without money, advertising, or hype. Care emerges in place of structural service.


In universities, people know through studies. In businesses and bureaucracies, people know by reports. In communities, people know by stories.

Children, Families and YOU

We are a family friendly event.
We encourage everyone to know where the kids camp, named “Kidsville”, is located on the map. If you are not a family friendly camp, please place yourself far away from it. If you are a family camp yourself, consider camping between 5:00 and 5:30. For more info, contact kids (at) burningman (dot) com

All parents should attend to their children and are responsible for their safety and well being at all times. Parents not behaving responsibly with regard to their children may be asked to leave the event.

If you encounter a lost child, alert a Black Rock Ranger immediately. Always be respectful and aware of the presence of children in Black Rock City, and be considerate of their needs.

Commerce and Concessions

The sale of products and services is prohibited within our community. Bring what you need. The display of commercial logos and banners, or distribution of commercial promotional items or materials is prohibited. Sales of handmade items and food items “in order to cover costs of the trip” are not allowed. There is NO participant vending. Ask your neighbors if you need a specific item. Confront your own survival. This is not a consumer event. Although ice will be available for purchase on-site (in Center Camp and the 3 and 9 o’clock plazas), proceeds are used to support Gerlach, Empire, and Lovelock community groups.

Gifting food or fresh juices to the public, requires a permit from the Nevada State Health Division. Any kitchen serving 125 or more persons at a time, whether public OR private, requires a health permit. Go to, and scroll down to the flame icon for specific "Temporary Food Information for Burning Man". You don't need a permit for bar ice, but your ice must come from a commercial source approved by the Health Division, like local stores or our own ice sales.


Bikes are not merely a convenience; they are part of our culture. Our city was designed for pedestrians and bikes. There may not be bike repair service available, so be sure your bike is in good working order BEFORE the event, and bring a wire brush, chain lube, and extra tire tubes.

LOCK YOUR BIKE! It is recommended you lock your bike at all times when not in use. NEVER ever lock your bike to guy wires on the Café or any other structures. This can pose a safety hazard. Also, do not lock your bike to artwork as this may hamper performances and scheduled burns. No bike is considered stolen unless the lock was cut, and no bike is considered lost until the event is over on Monday. You can file a lost bike report at Playa Info on Monday.

DECORATE YOUR BIKE - It is much less likely your bike will be borrowed without permission if it looks unique.

MARK YOUR BIKE - and ALL of your significant processions (backpack, camera, etc.) with your name, phone number or email address, and camp location.

LIGHT UP YOU BIKE - All participants are asked to light their bike to avoid injury and damage.

Leave no trace: DO NOT ditch your bike at Burning Man! Dealing with abandoned bikes stretches our already over-taxed resources. Please read the web site page about Bicycles at Burning Man. Any further questions about bike issues can be asked of bikes (at) burningman (dot) com

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