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Getting ready for Burning Man is half the fun. Planning a camp, creating art projects, and getting funky gear together is a blast, as we all know. The more logistical side of preparing for the event can be just as creative, but there's a lot of information to familiarize yourself with first.

Our Survival Guide is new each year, and is mandatory reading for every Burning Man participant. We also have a world of recommended reading that will help make your Burning Man experience the best it can be.    Make like a Scout ... be prepared!

Burning Man is an exercise in radical self-reliance.

Don't ruin your experience, and that of others, by making yourself a burden on our community due to lack of planning. A little forethought goes a long way! Radical Self-Reliance

Travel Info

When prepping for Burning Man, it's about the destination and the journey. Find out the best road routes, the best rest spots, and how to connect for ride-sharing, among other things. Travel Info

Heloise of the Playa

So many things to remember, purchase and bring. Here are some handy-dandy tips gleaned from the wisdom of seasoned Burners, compiled by Miz Jewelz. Heloise of the Playa


Whether you're a newbie or an old-timer, our Survival Guide is new each year and mandatory reading for every Burning Man participant.

The recommended reading list takes you beyond the Survival Guide, giving in depth details needed to prepare for and fully enjoy your time on the playa.

All the info you need about Burning Man tickets, including price structure, how to buy, timing, and FAQs.

These videos are designed to entertain, enlighten and educate about our culture!! Watch them AND make your own.