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December 13, 2005 to January 13, 2006

How do you feel about the 2006 Art Theme "Hope and Fear: The Future"?
Hopeful 68.8%
Who the $%*# cares? 18.1%
Fearful 13.1%

Total votes: 1112

October 26 to November 26, 2005

What did you think of Burning Man 2005?
It was easily the best Burning Man ever. 58.4%
Eh ... it was OK. 23.8%
I don't know. I took a wrong turn and ended up at Bunring Man! 15.8%
Lame lame lame. 1.9%

Total votes: 462

September 22 to October 22, 2005

How do you connect with fellow Burners after the event?
I hang out with my close Burner friends. 46.4%
I sniff the playa on my tent. 18.8%
I head to the nearest Decompression event. 18.5%
I jump on the ePlaya and connect with them virtually. 11.0%
I contact the Burning Man regional representative in my area, of course! 5.2%

Total votes: 362

July 14 to August 14, 2005

What do you do with the Survival Guide?
I read it cover-to-cover, and make sure all my campmates do, too. 52.2%
I just scan it for the new information. 36.0%
I never read it ... I know my stuff. And I like to suffer. 5.9%
What's a Survival Guide? 5.9%

Total votes: 802

May 6 to June 6, 2005

What do you think of the new Black Rock City Plan?
Love it! 41.4%
Itís cool Ö but it makes no difference to me, really. 35.2%
I donít really care; itís still Black Rock City. 13.9%
Iím not really happy about it, but Iíll deal. 7.5%
Hate it. 2.1%

Total votes: 532

April 5 to May 5, 2005

When do you visit theme camps?
Any time of day, it doesnít matter. 60.2%
I hit Ďem at night Ö thatís when the party happens! 13.8%
I donít really go into a theme camp unless I know somebody there. 9.6%
I camp in a theme camp, so I'm too busy to go anywhere else. 8.1%
I go during the day to meet new people and hang out. 6.3%
I never visit them Ö I get my playa experience elsewhere. 2.1%

Total votes: 334

February 16 to March 16, 2005

How do you read the JRS?
I set it aside for the weekend, or whenever I have some extra time. 38.4%
I devour it word-for-word as soon as it hits my inbox...and I don't care what my boss thinks! 35.7%
I scan the headlines, and only read the stuff marked "important". 17.2%
I like and appreciate the JRS, but never seem to have time to read it. 3.7%
Huh? What's the JRS? 3.3%
Dude, I've been burning for years; I don't need to read that stuff. 1.3%
I'm not even subscribed. Sheesh, it's just a week in the desert! 0.3%
I unsubscribe in September and resubscribe the next July. Why bother, until it's time to plan? 0.0%

Total votes: 778

December 29, 2004 to January 31, 2005

What day of the year do you consider the beginning of your "new year"?
Burn night is my annual reboot 33.3%
New Year's Day ... what's not *hic* to love? 25.1%
It's all one year to me 21.8%
I turn it over on the solstice 10.7%
My birthday is when I get to start again 9.1%

Total votes: 514