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All teams listed to the right have volunteer activities at the event, with the exception of the San Francisco Office Squad, Web/Tech Team (SF), and Air Playa Info (Reno). Many of these teams have meetings and trainings during the year to prepare volunteers for the event, and you may need to be available by phone or in some cases, in person. Be sure you find out what the expectations are for your particular volunteer role.

Please note that unlike other mainstream festivals and events, first-year Burning Man volunteers do not automatically get a ticket to the event.

Click on the department links to the right, explore the various opportunities, and pick one or more that best fit your interests. And to help ensure you have a great Burning Man volunteer experience, read our Burning Man Volunteer's Keys to Success.

If you're at the event, and you (or your friends) get the sudden urge to volunteer on the spot, visit the V-Spot in Center Camp (located at Playa Info). They'll hook you up with available volunteer opportunities.