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BRC DPW Spring Playa Clean Up Work Weekends

The Black Rock City Department of Public Works not only sets up the public infrastructure of BRC, we also clean it up. It's a monumental task and we can always use helping hands. Clean up primarily takes place throughout September into early October. When we wrap it up, the BLM inspects the event site to make sure that we're doing a thorough job. Not only is passing the BLM Inspection necessary for our continued existence, it's quite simply the right thing to do. Black Rock City should leave no trace!

In the Spring, the BLM does a second site inspection as the winter rains tend to bring that which was buried to the surface. So once again, the DPW shakes off the winter cobwebs, does some stretches and goes out to the playa to pick up whatever MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) we can find.

This year, with this heavy and long winter out there, Lake Lahonton has appeared and has been roaming the playa bringing up buried MOOP. Old rusty nails have been found rising perpendicular up out of the playa. So we're scheduling a few extra DPW Spring/Summer Playa Clean Up Work Weekends and we'd love it if you could come on out and join us by lending a hand.

The first two Work Weekends were a blast and we got alot done. The schedule for the remaining work weekends is:

  • May 27 - 30 Memorial Day Weekend.
  • June 10 - 12 Signs, Moop, other misc.
  • July 8 - 10 Camping with the Rangers
  • Aug 12 - 14 FENCE!
  • Sept 5 - Oct 6 2005 DPW Clean Up Crew
  • Sept 23 - 25 Clean Up Work Weekend
  • Sept 30 - Oct 2 Clean Up Work Weekend

Typically, folks arrive throughout the night on Friday evening and make camp at our 'to be disclosed' on playa location. We rise early, eat breakfast, have the morning meeting and head out to our various projects and Git 'er DONE! We take a lunch break and then pull on through until everyone's satisfied that they got enough done for the day and then head back to camp for a 6:30 dinner with all sorts of diversions and entertainment throughout the evening.

It's a good time and a great way to experience the playa outside of the event. On Sunday, we work as long as we can and head back home when we need to. Some DPW just can't get enough of the playa though, and stay until Monday evening and certainly dojn't mind company - well as long as your not totally socially inept or bum stuff and don't bring anything to contribute. It is the Desert after all and we value hard work and self sufficiency.

If you would like to participate, email dpw-volunteers(at)burningman(dot)com and the DPW Volunteer Coordinator will get back to you.

Hope to see you out there!