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Art, Decor & Lighting

It's Burning Man's biggest theme camp and shaded gallery. Every year the Center Camp Café gets reinvented via art, décor and lighting elements to provide performance venues and interactive experiences in a community setting. Many talents and able hands are needed.

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Artists: The Café space, structure, portals, and surrounding areas are a showcase for interactive art installations and thematic expression. Your art is guaranteed to be seen, interacted with, and enjoyed by a large number of Black Rock City citizens. We are looking for thematic art pieces and interactive installations for the Café interior, main and side entry portals, back fence, and exterior locations. In addition, more gallery-like spaces are being incorporated to provide new arenas for artists and visitors. Furniture art bloomed in the café 2003 and this year we are pursuing expansion of the art and furniture fusion. Interested artists should review the art submission guidelines. Pay a visit the to the theme art archives to view more information about previous Café art installations.

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about this photo
Décor: It takes a lot of ideas and energy to transform the 38,000 square foot Café structure into a radiant and lively community center with a coffee shop, stages, seating, and gathering areas. Your creativity is needed year-round for pre-fabrication work parties, planning and research, materials acquisition, and dreaming. On the playa, we need assistance with the creation and placement of décor items before the event begins. Afterwards, we need help in dismantling and storing furniture, art, and structures for the following year. It takes many kinds of contributions to pull off this transformation from truck driving and furniture building to painting and fabric draping. We have a project for you, whether you're a wizard with wire, can make something from nothing, or can operate a staple gun.

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Lighting: Located at the heart of the city, the Café is a dramatic navigational landmark, especially at night. To fill the Café with beautiful lighting elements and give it the visual pop to make it recognizable from anywhere on the playa, we need your electrical imaginations. If you have experience with general lighting elements, gels, stage effects, light bulbs, extension cords or flashlights, we need your help before the event.

The Café art, décor, and lighting teams always need contributions of various materials and hidden treasures. Look at our wish list to give new life to items that might otherwise end up in a dumpster. Or if you have some gem that we haven't thought of, contact cafe-decor(at)burningman(dot)com. We love donations!!

An enormous community travels to the Black Rock Desert every year to create the Center Camp Café. To join the Café community by helping with art, décor, or lighting, go to the Volunteer Questionnaire or contact cafe-volunteers(at)burningman(dot)com. We offer contacts for camping, performance and everything under the hot desert sun. If you have specific questions concerning your Burning Man experience, please feel free to contact us.

If you haven't found what you're looking for, return to Café volunteer opportunities to see other ways to get involved.