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What IS the Public Infrastructure?

What IS the Public Infrastructure? That's the collaboration between volunteers and staff which functions primarily to meet the needs of the citizens of Black Rock City during its existence. Your portal to the City is the Gate. You'll be given a map and sent along the road (drive 5 mph, please) to arrive next at the Greeter's station. There you'll be met by fellow citizens who will let you know about some of important issues to enhance your survival and that of the community. You'll find your camp and settle in.

If you need info or want to leave a message you might wander over to Playa Information, in Center Camp. While you're there you could meet up with friends at the Center Camp Café, or buy ice at Arctica. If you get lost on the way back to your camp, and can't recall the name of the street you live on, you might run into a Ranger who can give you the shortcut for remembering street names. If you fall off your bike and get hurt on your way back to your camp, you'll find professional volunteers of the Emergency Services Department ready to care for you. As the sun sets, you'll notice the Lamplighters appearing to illuminate the city.

If you need to travel to the small store in Empire the next day, you can ride the Empire-Gerlach bus. When you've finally had a chance to take it all in you can thank the Department of Public Works (DPW) for working four months a year in the desert to build the city.

You'll also notice that we work cooperatively with public agencies from the surrounding counties of Pershing and Washoe, and also with the state and federal branches of the Bureau of Land Management. You can read about them under Outside Service Providers. For those of you asking about toilets, yes, we have them and you'll find out more under Sanitation. Remember, though, there is NO garbage pickup at Burning Man.

And you wondered why it takes a year round staff and over 1200 volunteers to make this event happen? Now you'll KNOW!