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There are no trash cans at Burning Man. All participants are required to remove their own trash and garbage from the playa. Except for tire tracks and footprints, our policy is to leave the desert as the profoundly barren and empty corner of the world that it is. All Black Rock City citizens are expected to participate in our clean-up effort. Moreover, Leave No Trace should extend beyond the playa, all the way to your home.

Recycling On Playa

Recycling is cheap, and it is easy, and the benefits of recycling are immeasurable. Citizens of Black Rock City are encouraged to separate and recycle their garbage as much as possible, and to dispose of the trash and recyclable material appropriately.

You can drop off your aluminum cans at Recycle Camp located on the Center Camp circle, or look out for one of their funky collection mobiles (shopping carts towed by bikes) wending their way throughout the city.

Recycling and Garbage Disposal After the Event

Do NOT discard refuse along the highway or in neighboring towns. Not only is litter irresponsible and costly in terms of energy, time, and money for others, it is also illegal and reflects very badly on Burning Man. If you have to portage garbage on top of your vehicle, make sure it is double-bagged and strapped down securely.

A number of convenient recycling centers and trash disposal locations are located in nearby communities along all routes from Black Rock City, and many are open 24 hours. You can find a list of them in the Pack It Out section of the Survival Guide.