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Burning Man's position towards the environment is not one of politics, it's one of survival. As we have been since 2000 and are assured through 2005, the city will be built in exactly the same location. It's important that citizens of Black Rock City be aware of our potential impact on the environment and our very short cleanup time. We are creating a city and adopting and modifying Leave No Trace techniques on a massive urban scale. The best way to enjoy the Black Rock Desert is to pick a spot that looks as if no one has been there before you. It enhances your sense of adventure and uniqueness of experience. We will each be able to feel as if we're the first one in our spot year after year if we all take a part in restoring the playa surface to the condition in which we found it. This goes for your enjoyment in the Black Rock during Burning Man or on your own.

The group of participants who've made it their job to keep us all informed are the Burning Man Earth Guardians. Read what they're doing and join in their efforts before, during and after the playa event. We must all be Earth Guardians.

The group of individuals dedicated to recycling aluminum run the Recycle Camp. There are no garbage cans at Burning Man, you must pack it in and pack it out. To find out where to take your refuse and how to reduce and recycle your trash visit the Garbage and Recycle section.

The principles Burning Man encourages participants to adopt are modified from the Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethic and Tread Lightly!organizations. The Bureau of Land Management has worked with us to organize Leave No Trace trainings.

Everyone who attends Burning Man should be aware of the uniqueness of the environment we have chosen to build our city in. We ask that each person contribute two or more hours of time on the day of departure to "detail" your camp and boundaries.

This will make it that much faster for the next person who comes along also checking the area for stray boa feathers. If you plan to burn art of any kind you'll need to keep the burn off the surface and you'll need to read the Playa Preservation Policy.

Be conscious of everything you bring to Burning Man, and don't let it hit the ground.