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If You Have an Emergency

If someone is injured, a tent catches on fire, or there is a potential threat to someone's well being, contact an Emergency Services Department(ESD) volunteer or Black Rock Ranger immediately. ESD is located on both 3:00 and 9:00 just one short block behind the plaza, and at Center Camp.

For more information, please email 911(at)burningman(dot)com or see the Health and Safety page.

In the event of a large emergency such as a flash flood or large dust storm, you should tune to Burning Man's official radio station, Burning Man Information Radio at 94.5 for instructions and information.

If somebody you know is attending Burning Man and there is a death in the family, or similar circumstance that necessitates contact, please call information in Northern Nevada and get the phone number for the Burning Man office in Gerlach. We will use our resources to find the needed party. If you know the name of the camp or group the person is with, that is helpful information.

Similarly, if you know you might have an emergency situation arise while attending the event, please let the Directory at the Greeter's station know your whereabouts, or leave a message with Burning Bell in Center Camp.