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Q. What are the schedules and prices for flights to Burning Man?

A. Commercial aviation is not encouraged. The Airport is built for private pilots and their passengers to participate in the event. Occasionally a pilot has extra room in her plane and is willing to take passengers who are able to share the expenses of the flight. Try joining the Aviators mailing list and asking the list.

Q. Are tie-downs available?

A. No, you must bring your own stakes and rope and you must remove them and take them with you at the end. We can loan you a sledge hammer for installing rebar stakes, and a pair of vice grips for removing stakes. See the page on tie downs for more suggestions.

Q. Is the tie-down area secure?

A. The tie-down area is not locked. It's accessible through a pedestrian gate, and open to persons outside the event; however, pilots will be camping with their planes and adjacent to the tie-down area and that will deter vandalism. The area is as safe as the typical municipal airport.

Q. Is it "legal" to land on the playa?

A. For non-commercial aviation, it is almost always legal for individuals or small groups to land on the playa. The only time landings are prohibited is when the BLM publishes a special closure in the Federal Register. If you just want to fly up some weekend, land and camp, you are perfectly "legal" by the BLM and FAA. Large groups require permits from the BLM.

If you are renting an aircraft and the rules prohibit "off-airport landings", then you are ok, because paperwork is on-file with the Federal Aviation Administration for the Black Rock City Airport. If your club or FBO prohibits landing on dirt strips, try to get a one-time waiver. Sorry, we can't provide a paved runway.

Read your insurance policy to discover if dirt strip landings are prohibited.

Q. Is it safe to land my Beechna Pipermman Super-Duper-High-Flyer on the playa?

A. Usually the playa surface is suitable for anything from a tiny-wheeled Vari-eze to tail-draggers with tundra tires to brand new turbo-charged Mooneys to C-130s. Some years the surface is firm and perfectly smooth, and some years it's soft and dusty. In 2007, over 150 aircraft landed safely.

Q. Can I camp with my plane?

A. Yes, many pilots camp with their plane in the tie down area. You may also camp on the inside of the fence with folks who drove in.

Q. Is is ok to drop off passengers?

A. Yes, please let your passengers know there is an Airport Fee for new arrivals. Each burner must pay $20 at the Airport Box Office when they check in. The fee does not apply to passengers going up for a scenic flight.

Q. Why do I have to pay an extra Airport Fee for runway, windsock and stuff that I don't need and don't want?

A. Airport expenses have increased dramatically over the last few years, due to increased traffic and new safety requirements. If we don't satisfy the BLM requirements, we don't get an airport, and you have to drive from Reno or Winnemucca. Airport users should pay their share of the increased costs.

Many pilots generously donate additional funds to cover decorations and amenities. We have the Phoenix Bar & Lounge, tools for pilots to borrow, a burn barrel, lights, and more to make the Port of Entry a pleasant and welcoming village.

Q. What should I wear when I arrive?

A. Be advised that landings are "clothing optional...."


Q. Is it true that skydivers are allowed in for free?

A. No. All arrivals by air are subjected to the same requirements as arrivals by ground transportation. Ever vigilant Interceptors, Border Control, and Customs Inspectors monitor the Airport Gate to ensure that no one sneaks in for free.