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The playa is a tabula rasa, a blank canvas upon which many a fantastic vision has been realized. Submarines, gigantic ducks, monkeys, fire-breathing thistles, serpents, chandeliers, grandfather clocks and balsa wood temples have emerged from the playa. We would like to see your vision! We welcome all participants to create art at Burning Man. You can place your artwork in your camp, but if you want it to live on the open playa, we require you register it with us.

"There is a yet unnamed art movement that may prove to be of some significance, and Burning Man is close to its center.

It often manifests itself as circus, ritual, and spectacle. It is a movement away from a dialogue between an individual artist and a sophisticated audience, and towards collaboration amongst a big, wild, free and diverse community. ... It is a rejection of spoon-fed corporate culture and an affirmation of the homemade, the idiosyncratic, the personal. It is profoundly democratic. It is radically inclusive, it is a difficult challenge, and it is beckoning."

Larnie Fox, 1997


Your 2014 Art Installations, starting with the Honoraria continuing through the Art of Black Rock City, the Cafe and Audio Tours.

Thinking of creating art to bring out to Black Rock City? Everything you need to know is here.

Fire Art can be serious business. If you are creating art that involves fire, read everything in this section first.

Want to hook up with other artists, performers and musicians? We have resources for that.