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Environmental Statement

Members of the Burning Man community are no strangers to self-reliance and personal responsibility, and now we have committed ourselves to spreading the Leave No Trace ethos beyond the boundaries of the trash fence. By embracing alternative energy and earth-friendly technologies, we will create a Black Rock City that leaves less of an impact on its environment--while also taking these principles out of the desert and back with us to our local communities.

Sounds pretty good, right? But what does it mean in real terms? The answer is, we'll figure it out together. To start the ball rolling, in the summer of 2006, Burning Man's board adopted the following as an environmental statement for the project, in recognition of our community's unique potential to help address the worldwide environmental crisis:

Black Rock City LLC is committed to utilizing environmentally favorable solutions as they become financially sound alternatives to the use of fossil fuels and non-renewable materials. We encourage our staff and participants to use these alternatives in their camps in Black Rock City, and further to promote and encourage environmental awareness and make use of emerging technologies. We are determined to promote and continue to support the Leave No Trace principles, the use of renewable energy, the use of non-fossil fuels, recycling valuable reusable materials, and composting organic waste materials when ever possible.

We are open to suggestions toward making the Burning Man experience environmentally sound and we will utilize new methods and technology as they become suitable to our needs. Help us make Black Rock City environmentally viable.


Board of Directors
Black Rock City LLC

For more information, and to take part in this ongoing effort and discussion, join our Green Working Group's announce list by emailing greeningman-announce-subscribe (at) burningman (dot) com, and join the discussion on the ePlaya. If you have any questions, please email environment (at) burningman (dot) com. We look forward to realizing the full force of our community's potential in taking on this serious problem that threatens us all. Understand that our email load is high and we will respond as quickly as possible.End of page


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