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Burning Man's Art Theme for 2007 is "The Green Man" what does that mean?

Pretending that environmental problems don't exist, or just running away from them, won't solve them, but we think turning potential solutions into mind-blowing art has a chance to make an impact. This doesn't mean we won't be burning our Man (it's "Burning Man", after all, not "Composting Dude") but we are going to pay much closer attention to the materials used on the sculpture, and we will examine our organization and the entirety of Black Rock City to analyze every opportunity to improve our approach and lessen our impact.

This theme also provides us the opportunity to bring these issues into the limelight, making them a part of our community's ongoing dialog, and fostering environmental awareness in our day-to-day thinking, decisions and actions. And, very simply, artistic expression is a powerful way to communicate, to share, and to inspire - and it would be irresponsible to waste an opportunity to bring focus to one of the most critical issues we face.

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